Son of Time

AN: it might look like some bashing of Ron and Hermione in this chapter, but one has a jealousy streak a mile wide, and is worshipful of Dumbledore, and the other respects authority way too much, which Dumbledore is nearly the highest authority in wiz world.

AN2: you might have noticed in other fics, but I don't really like Ron. It's because I had few friends growing up, and the fact the boy seemed to abandon Harry when he needs him most, twice, grates at me.

Chapter 4: All aboard the crazy train to year 2!

Harry, Marisa, Flandre, and Rose, arrived over an hour early to board the Hogwarts Express, which frustrated a house elf that had plans of his own, with a second reason that, unknown to the elf, would've prevented him from closing off just Harry.

The two girls had studied Harry's old books and were confident that they could attend his grade level.

One was that he was serving breakfast to his masters at that time so he couldn't close off the barrier to the platform, and two, with Harry's far longer, and now straight, hair, new eye and hair coloration, new, or recently new, clothing, and lack of scar, meant the elf wouldn't have recognized him in the first place.

On the train, Marisa pulled out a book she 'borrowed' from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and started reading, with her companions following suit.

Harry was quite amused to see Ron and Hermione pass by his compartment multiple times as if they were looking for someone. He would've called out to them, but the compartment was rather full with four people.

He was just as amused to see Draco and his thugs do the same, and unlike with his friends, he had no desire to call attention to himself.

In his trunk were Hogwarts uniforms for both genders, both fitted to him, and as a joke, Rose had added a bra with small fake breasts in them to complete the cross dress.

Harry personally think the girls have way too much fun dressing him up, but he likes them too much to put up too much of a fuss.

He had also turned the invisibility cloak over to its rightful owner.

It was in this manner that the trip passed quietly, and Harry made a note to give Trevor back to Neville when they get out of the train as the toad had wandered into their compartment during the trip.


At the school, Dumbledore had a sour look on his face. His lie about Harry had been exposed, and the charms he had placed on the staff who had knowledge of the Potter child had broken, making it so that they knew Harry wasn't a Potter.

He would have to make some sort of announcement for damage control.

He also needs to gain control over the Potter Heir, as she is the child of prophesy unless Harry's parents managed to escape the dark lord three times.

Professor Snape was happy, he didn't have to look at a Potter spawn in his class, and perhaps the daughter of his Lilly would be more pleasant to look at.

And perhaps he could convince her to marry him upon graduation. If he couldn't have the mother, he would try for her daughter.

He would be disappointed.


On their way out he heard Draco shouting insults at the 'four' new students, as he considered them to be mudbloods, not realizing that one was a halfblood. The fact that one was a vampire, whom could wipe out the last dark lord was unknown to the boy.

It was a good thing for Draco that Harry's mom had made him promise to only use his time abilities in combat, or to save someone's life, or else the other boy might have had a trip to the hospital wing.

At this point, it should be noted that the no killing rule only applies in Gensokyo, as Earth is out of the jurisdiction of those that enforce the rules, and so they can't be punished according to Gensokyo laws.

The four separated, with Harry heading towards the carriages, as new students, and staff assuming they didn't attend the school, are synchronized to the identification wards through the boat ride, and as such the three whom had never attended the school needed to take them.

Harry ended up in a carriage with Ron and Hermione, by coincidence.

"Hey Ron and Hermione, how was your summer?" he asked.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Ronald asked belligerently, wondering why a 'stranger' was acting so familiar to him.

"It's me, Harry, someone removed some heavy duty glamours on me during the summer, after I found out that I wasn't really a Potter," Harry explained.

"What do you mean you aren't really a Potter?" Hermione asked while Ron's eyes narrowed.

"My mother, who knew the secret to where the Potter's were hiding, left me there because she had some work to do for her boss that it was too dangerous to take me, and she though a Fidelius protected property would be safe enough for a few days. The Potter's daughter and I were there when the Dark Lord attacked, and her crib had been turned over hiding her. Hagrid took me to Dumbledore and he decided to run with it, renaming me Harry Potter, and placing me with the garbage known as the Dursleys, while calling them my family. My mother had found me after the last school year, and took me home. She already had rescued the Potter Heir, and was raising her," Harry explained.

"Let me get this Straight, you aren't a Potter or the boy who lived?" Ron asked lowly.

Oblivious to the attitude his now fourth best friend was putting out, he happily chirped, "Nope, and I couldn't be happier about it!"

"So you lied to us all last year? And why didn't you respond to our letters!" Ron snarled angrily.

Taken aback by the anger in Ron's voice he answered, "No I didn't lie, it's only a lie if you know the truth, then say something different, Dumbledore set up a lie and I was taken in by it, and I didn't get a single letter, but that might have been because I wasn't where owls could reach me."

Harry's words inflamed Ron's anger more, and he venomously shot back, "Don't blame your lies on Dumbledore. You deceived us! You knew you weren't a Potter, but you claimed to be one!"

"I just got done..." Harry started.

"Lying again about not knowing. Don't talk to me!" Ron snarled. It wasn't the fact that Harry claimed to be a Potter that pissed the boy off, it was the fact that with Harry's fame disappearing, he could no longer use the fame to gain him some for himself.

Harry was hurt that his friend didn't believe him, and it was about to get worse.

"Why are you lying, Harry? Dumbledore wouldn't lie about this. Whatever information you have must be wrong," Hermione chided Harry. "And you shouldn't argue with Ron.

Harry's voice grew cold, and he responded, "So the lineage test the goblins performed is false? Or the fact that I possess a skill my mother possesses, and only her, and the fact that the Potters did not have, isn't proof? I find it interesting, that for someone that is supposedly my friend, that you immediately call me a liar, without asking why I said something."

"Dumbledore wouldn't do that," the girl stubbornly insisted.

Harry rolled his eyes and responded, "but he did. You know, I don't care whether you believe me. I know the truth. Also, I was going to see if you two wanted to join in the lessons from my privet tutor, but your responses make me not want to spend time with you, I hope you enjoy your lonely, friendless, school life."

The girl reared back as if struck, the words that one of her very few friends said, implied that he was cutting ties with her, and was denying extra knowledge to her as well. All because it was obvious, to her, that all the proof was made up, or incorrect.

When they reached Hogwarts, Harry sat at the end of the table, away from his former friends. Most students were wondering who the 'new' student was, and where was Harry Potter.

The sorting started after a song, that Harry completely ignored. The first of his Gensokyo friends, was Rose, with the surname Potter that came before Scarlet.

There was a slight pause, that was filled with the mutterings of students, before the hat declared, "Gryffindor!"

Hermione's faith in authority figures made her believe that the girl wasn't really a Potter, although she looked a lot like what Lilly Potter was supposed to look like.

"Scarlet Flandre!"

The girl with the odd wings, that caused much muttering, stepped up and put the hat on her head.

Ten minutes later a very shaky hat declared "Gryffindor!"

Harry managed to find some empty seats where he could sit with his two friends and their tutor and waited for the food to be served. He had to ask though, "Flandre, how exactly did you get the hat to sort you here?"

"I threatened to introduce it to my sister," Flandre smugly replied.

Harry thought for a second, then nodded.

The feast was then served, and there wasn't much talking afterward.

When the food had been cleared, Dumbledore stood up, and said, "I have some announcements to make, and a mistake to admit to." there was some grumbling at the mistake part, that settled down when he started speaking again. "The mistake I made was in regards to Harry Potter. When Hagrid arrived at the Potter's, he found one child visible and brought him to me. As there were already celebrations breaking out for some reason, I placed powerful glamours on the boy, so that there would be a child-who-lived, since the Potter heir, who was missing at the time, was the one that was thought to be the child who did the deed. I did this solely so that there wouldn't be a panic at the thought of the savior being missing. I wish to offer my apologies to Vlad Izayoi, whom will be known as Harry Izayoi, and transition back to his full true name next year. He also has a Tutor for his homeland's magic, in Marisa Kirisame, please treat her with the respect due to an instructor at this institution.

My next announcement is that the DADA position has been filled by Gilderoy Lockhart.

Lastly, to students old and new, the forbidden forest is, as its name implies, forbidden.

Now as you've been fed and watered, off to bed you trot."

Harry walked to the dorms with the two new girls, while his tutor went to her own quarters, with only two in the group of students knowing that the 'new kid' is Harry.

This would change as one confronted him as soon as they were in the dorms, "Harry, how could you make the headmaster lie like that?"

"Leave me alone Hermione, I told you the truth. It's not my fault your too stupid to accept it," Harry responded as he headed to the dorms. Once he reached his bed, he started putting security charms up around his bed. Charms he studied from a book he found in the bookstore. His trunk obtained the same treatment. He didn't put it past Ronald to not try and steal the cloak, that was now in Rose's possession like it belongs, from his trunk.

He normally wouldn't suspect the redhead of trying something like that, but how he acted on the way up to the school made his suspicious.

The night passed without incident for Harry.

Ron, on the other hand, was cradling an aching and unresponsive hand from where he tried to get into Harry's trunk.

Harry smirked, as it looked like his paranoia was correct.

As he passed by the other boy he smirked and said, "You got hurt for nothing, I no longer have the cloak."

The redhead glared at the boy who met with two girls to head for breakfast. It was a too bad that it was a Wednesday for Ron, as he had to go through part of the day casting with his off hand. It was truly unfortunate that Potions was the first class of the day.


Harry was pleasantly surprised that Snape didn't single him out. It appears that not being a Potter helped defuse the hatred the man had for him.

It was a welcome change, to the point where Harry simply performed the assigned potion. He also backhanded a flying ingredient.

Said ingredient flew into the cauldron of the thrower, which caused it to erupt into a fountain of acid.

Snape really wanted to take points off, he really did, but two things stopped him.

One was the fact that there was no way the boy aimed the ingredient. As backhanding a flying ingredient in a vector that it would land in a cauldron is exceedingly hard.

The second reason? He owed the boy for not getting him covered in a toxic sludge. As that would be the reaction if that ingredient had gone in Izayoi's cauldron at that point in the potion.

So he simply said, Crabbe, Goyle, take Mr. Malfoy to the hospital wing, I will be by later to discuss why you don't throw random ingredients into cauldrons.

Harry simply nodded his thanks, for not punishing him, to the professor, before bottling the potion, and cleaning up.

The rest of the classes went without issue, although the Charms Professor expressed an interest, that was denied, in attending the day's tutoring session.

He saw the results anyway, as a four-way battle started to take place in the air. In which Harry was badly beaten, as he was the least experienced of the four. His battered body landed roughly, but without serious injury.

At the questions posed by some concerned students at whether he was okay, he simply gave a thumbs up.

Dumbledore witnessed the fight, and he also noticed that despite the fact that Harry was lying there, as a mass of bruises, he was alive, and it was nothing that wouldn't heal. Looking at the 'lesson plan' that was given to him, he noticed that today was a practical experience day, while the rest of the day was theory, practice, and tactics. It was also listed as a non-lethal combat art, both as a way of self-defense and as a way to resolve disputes.

He couldn't really argue that it was worth learning, as while it was rather violent, the fact that it was intended to not kill is something he heartily approved of.

To bad for him that he didn't know it could easily become lethal if they wanted it to be. And he wouldn't for quite some time.

End chapter.