Title: Nella Fantasia

Author: Gia


Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Time: 5th Year

Summary: During the first day of Potions Class, Draco refuses to take a Blinding Potion, insisting that Harry do it instead. For reasons of his own, Snape will not allow this and even threatens to take away house points. So, in retaliation, Draco improvised. He drank the potion but did not swallow. Instead, he kissed Harry Potter.

Disclaimer: I own not a thing.

Author Notes: I couldn't help it! I had watched "Daredevil" last night with one of my friends, and this just popped in my head! I'm still working on finishing Bless the Child, but in the mean time, I still wanted to post this one. I hope you all like this chapter!

Guide to the story -

DAYS: The duration of Harry's blindness will be 44 days. Not every single day will be written out, instead, it may skip a week or a couple of days. All in consecutive order!

Day 0

At last the final day had arrived. Harry would be going to Hogwarts in a few hours, although he was still seated in the fast moving car of Uncle Vernon. It was a quiet ride, since Vernon obviously had nothing to say to Harry, which left him in his own thoughts. Every now and then, more often than not, he would get intense pains in his scar. Each time, owling Albus Dumbledore. Harry's mentor.

Each searing pain was accompanied by an intense image of what Voldemort and his deatheaters would be doing to innocent families. It plagued Harry's mind, but he felt marginally better knowing he contacted Dumbledore to see if they could stop it from happening. Soon, this became a routine. Wake up. Eat. Pain and Vision. Owl Dumbledore. Work. Sleep. Wake Up. And on and on.

Harry was jolted from his thoughts when they reached the train station. Harry hauled his trunk and owl cage out, found a cart, and proceeded towards a certain wall. He had long ago tired of turning around and saying goodbye to his Uncle if he wouldn't get an answer back. The tired fifteen year old quickly found a seat and deposited his baggage after changing into his robes.

He lay his hand back against the seat, all intentions on taking a quick nap. He would be going to Hogwarts soon, and that was all that mattered. He would be with friends, classes would keep him busy, and Quidditch would get him going through the day. He would be going to Hogwarts. But better yet, his home.

"Goodbye Draco."

"Goodbye Father, Mother."

Keeping his posture straight, he carried his trunk and cage in and proceeded to look for an empty seat. Draco Malfoy had had enough of his parent's secrecy. He knew very well what his father was, and that his mother was not moved at all by this. He knew he would become just like his father, because it would always be like that. No ifs ands or buts about it. However, Draco also knew he never followed anyone.

He was his own person. If he was to follow certain orders, he would, if it were a means to an end. Always consider the consequences, weigh the pros and cons, et cetera. Draco Malfoy knew this all very well. He was an expert at it, and prided himself in that. Another thing he prided himself in, was his own defiance. He rather liked having someone to spar with, argue with, and most of all, prove wrong.

The fun of just warring with words was far more engaging than entering an all out brawl. Although, he had no qualms about beating the crap out of someone, he just preferred warring with words. It's as simple as that. And we all know whom he most liked to bait. Harry Potter. The-Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Keel-Over-And-Die. Or Draco's favorite, The-Boy-Who-Was-A-Pain-In-Draco's-Arse. It was far more entertaining seeing how Potter would sputter after a biting remark from his own mouth, and flush when Draco touched a nerve.

Speaking of which, Draco still had to find an empty place to seat, as he could already hear other students coming in through the barrier. He pulled open the door to one and jumped inside, just as Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger walked in. Taking a breath he turned around to sit down only to stop mid-way. There, Harry Potter lay curled in his seat sleeping, looking for all the world a small child.

"Do you see him?" Ron asked.

"No, you?"

"Maybe he'll turn up later, 'Mione. Come on, let's find a seat, and we'll save one for Harry."

The two best friends of the said Harry had immediately sought Harry out, ready to jump in and comfort and protect. No, they didn't plan on treating Harry like a 2 year old--

They planned on treating him like a 4 year old. Harry had sent them letters, constantly saying that he was alright, only admitting that he got pains in his scar when Hermione threatened to march over there and pluck him from the Dursley's, Dumbledore be damned. They knew Harry missed Hogwarts, the only real home he can remember, and they wanted to be their welcoming Harry with open arms.

Their open arms were currently empty, since they couldn't find Harry. Ron offered to play exploding snap with Hermione if only to get their minds off of worrying too much. Harry was a big boy, and he probably needed space. Not to be smothered by 'It'll be okay' and 'It wasn't your fault'. If Harry didn't turn up, they would probably meet up in the Great Hall. Hope for the best, and expect the worst-- and you'll never be disappointed.

Unfortunately, Ron didn't expect the worst when his cards exploded. He coughed slightly, discreetly ignoring Hermione who was on the floor laughing. At least someone was happy.

"Potter?" Came a half-whisper.

The boy in question stirred a moment, but fell back to sleep. This left Draco in a predicament. Normally he would take this opportunity to forcibly wake Potter up with a spell of some sort, but he also wanted peace and quiet. He reluctantly opted for the latter, and involuntarily tiptoed to his seat across from Harry and sat down.

If by some six sense, Harry was startled out of his seat. He took off his glasses, and rubbed his eyes, unaware that his archenemy in front of him seemed to be frozen in his spot. Sensing someone looking at him, Harry looked up. He could make out the Hogwarts robe, and knew instantly it was a guy. Since guys can just tell these things.

Frowning a bit, he slipped on his glasses and met the cool gray eyes of Draco Malfoy.


"Nice to see you to, Potter."

Harry flushed a bit, making Draco grin widely. Back to the old routine, how marvelous. "Catching up on your beauty sleep Potter? Sorry to say, but you'll need a lot more than 15 minutes to become anywhere near decent, much less handsome."

Awaiting a hot reply, he got nothing but a loud yawn, as Harry casually turned to the window to look at the passing scenes. Draco couldn't help but get cross, no one was allowed to ignore him. Especially Potter! "Listen hear Potter, or has you--"

He was cut off when the door opened to reveal Ginny Weasley. A scowl was on her face when she saw Draco, but she immediately turned her attention to Harry. "Harry? What are you doing here with Malfoy? Ron and Hermione have been looking for you."

Harry turned at the sound of her voice, and tiredly nodded. He stood up, and followed Ginny out the door.

How dare she-- I was talking to Potter first! Needless to say, Draco spent the rest of the train ride thinking up ways to get back at Harry for ignoring him.

"..May the feast begin!"

Hundreds of delicious odors wafted through the Great Hall as students piled food unto their plates. The trio, having been reunited with the help of Ginny, were happily eating and talking about the latest jokes the Fred and George were inventing. Harry's friends were glad to see him finally smiling, his green eyes alive with happiness. Being back in Hogwarts was exactly what Harry needed to cheer up, and his friends silently thought the same for themselves. No one really felt the same after the events last year, only safest at Hogwarts under the 'wing' of Albus Dumbledore and the competent staff.

As the last vestiges of the food disappeared, the prefects, Hermione Granger and Dean Thomas led them to the Gryffindor common rooms, and informed them of the new password: foris.

Harry and the other boys quietly trudged to their beds, full and sleepy from their dinner. One by one, each boy fell asleep, until only Harry was left. He listened to the sounds of the boys' sleep, before pulling out a small vial from under his pillow. It had been put there from his request to Albus. Swallowing a few drops, Harry laid back, the Dreamless Potion already at work.

The next day dawned bright and early. To most of the Gryffindor's great disappointment, Potions was first.

"Unbelievable! We have Potions first thing, with the Slytherins to boot," Ron groaned, eyes roaming the schedule that was handed out, "There's no way we'll make it into the afternoon with points, they'll be in negatives."

Harry had to grin at that, although he never heard of a house having points in the negatives. Grinning amusedly, he and Ron hurried up to Hermione's fast pace. They might as well get there early or Snape might deduct them for taking their time on their way.

The trio quickly entered and took a seat nearest to the right side of the wall, but in the front row to Hermione's insistence. With much trepidation, the boys sat down on either side of her and waited for the Potions Master to come. At precisely the time of class, he arrived, robes swirling and all.

"I will not waste my breath with any speeches on how I expect you all to work. I'm sure your minds have soaked up this much at least, so we will begin with a start off the year potion. The Caecusum Potion. Does anyone know of what this potion does?"

To the surprise of no one, Hermione's hand rose first. Snape coolly observed everyone else, as if he couldn't see Hermione's hand. His lips betrayed a small twitch as none of his Slytherins raised their hands. "Ms. Granger."

Glad to have been called on, she recited clearly. "The Caecusum Potion renders the drinker blind for a temporary range of time, depending on how much powdered bicorn horn you add. The antidote was quite simple to procure, but the main ingredient Ashwinder eggs, is not easily acquired as the Ashwinder Snakes are a near extinct race that has not been sighted in over than a century."

The scratching of quills on parchment was quickly heard, since by now they all knew they were expected to take notes. Snape grudgingly nodded to her but did not award points. Some were furious, but kept their mouths shut. They may not be awarded points in this class, but at least they won't be taken away either. They spent the next few minutes gathering their ingredients and copying down procedures. Upon finishing, Snape walked down the aisles of the seats to check their notes.

Satisfied, he addressed the class. "For this potion, you will need a partner. I, of course, will assign them from the opposite houses." There were many muted groans at this part. "Weasley and Zabini.. Granger and Bulstrode.. Potter and Malfoy.." the list went on and on until their partners seated everyone. Harry had to get up and move towards Draco's side since he wasn't about to move.

"You will have 30 minutes to complete the potion. You and your partner will decide whom to drink. You may whatever quantity of powdered bicorn horn that you want, but it may not exceed one cup. Begin."

Not wanting to mess up the potion on the first day, the two came up with a silent truce. Neither would speak, except for asking for an ingredient or asking what was the next procedure. When the potion was nearing completion, all they needed to decided was how much powdered bicorn horn to add. It couldn't be more than a cup, which was roughly estimated to four months. After some heated debating, Draco took it on himself to add as much as he wanted. Harry merely fumed in his seat, unable to voice aloud how angry he was at the situation because Snape would be on his back in a second. An altogether disturbing image.

Adding the last ingredient, they waited quietly for Snape to judge their potion early. Coming from behind, he tested the texture of the potion and gave them equal grades.

"Time's up. Set aside your ingredients, and I will call down the row to see who will drink the potion. I have already made the list, so I will keep track. When I call you or your partner's name, state the name of the drinker and how long the potion will last."

He went down the row, writing and checking. So for, all of the students had chosen a few hours of blindness, no one going more than 3 hours. When he stated 'Draco Malfoy' he heard him say "Harry Potter - Two Months." Harry's angry green eyes rounded on Draco, but Draco ignored him. Ron looked ready to protest, but Blaise had stepped on his foot to prevent him. Instead of moving onto the next person Snape paused.

All the teachers had prepared their classes over summer holidays, and discussed their plans with the Headmaster. Albus, having heard of the first potion Snape was planning for the 5th years promptly told him not to let Harry Potter drink it. It was dangerous times already, and it would not be wise to have the Wizarding World's hope blind for a duration of time.

Snape's lips quirked, but his face remained passive. He would have to follow Albus. "I think it wise that Mr. Malfoy drink it, we know how clumsy Mr. Potter is with his sight."

All of the Slytherins laughed a bit at this, but Harry almost looked ready to sigh loudly in relief. Draco, on the other hand was seething. Why? Is it because he's the bloody boy-who-lived?! "But Professor--I.."

"No, you will drink the potion and that is final."

Draco's eyes narrowed. "No."

There were audible gasps from the Gryffindor side. "No?" Snape questioned threateningly. "Mr. Malfoy, I suggest you follow my instructions or Slytherin will be the first house with negative points." At this, the Slytherins looked at their Head of House as if he was crazy. Draco's stomach churned uneasily, he couldn't lose points on the first day. He just couldn't--wait a minute.

Smiling smugly, he casually said 'fine'. There were quiet groans from the Gryffindor side, as they were hoping Snape would carry out his threat. Lifting the ladle, he poured it into a small cup and lifted it in mock toast. Bringing it to his lips, he tipped the cup and emptied the potion in his mouth.

The minute he did this, Snape knew there was something out of place. But, before anyone could stop, much less register what was happening Draco acted quickly. He stood up and grabbed Harry, one hand behind his head and another supporting his back, in a rather deep dip. Harry opened his mouth to ask what the hell was wrong with him, which was probably the most stupid thing to do.

This of course, was what Draco was anticipating. Bringing his head down, he locked lips with Harry, sending the potion down Harry's throat. Harry's eyes widened impossibly large, and stared at Draco's eyelids for he had closed his eyes some way between bending down to kiss him.

In slow motion, Draco opened his eyes. Evergreen locked with mercury, and it was Draco's eyes that Harry saw last before darkness overcame him.

Like calm before the storm, silence reigned in the Potions room. Small gasps were heard, as Draco drew back, Harry's limp body falling slowly to the floor. Of course, after the calm… comes the storm. A storm by the name of Ron Weasley.


Something larger, red, and angry charged at Draco, knocking him to the floor. He raised one arm in defense, but managed to roll them around so he had the upper hand. He got in a few good punches until Ron's temper added extra strength to him. Draco heard students cheering them on in the background, and vaguely noted Snape sending Hermione to get the nurse. He felt a bruise forming on his face, and tasted blood from his split lip.

"You bastard!--" punch "How could--" jab "you, you son of a" punch "bitch!"


Ron was suddenly thrown off by the Potions Master's spell. He slumped against the wall groaning a bit, but he still silently congratulated himself for getting Malfoy 'good'. Hermione, having reached the room with Madam Pomfrey, ran to his side to check up on him and then yelling at him for fighting. Madam Pomfrey immediately checked on Draco, admonishing him slightly. Draco got up rather easily, and sneered at Ron before turning to follow Madam Pomfrey out, as she strode off with Harry on a stretcher.

The students were talking loudly about the incident, pointing to the knocked over desks and their potions all over the floor. But no topic topped Draco's stunt.

"Well? What are all of you standing for? There is a big mess that isn't about to clean itself."

He looked at them all coldly as they began to clean, and grudgingly assigned Hermione to watch over them while he went to get the Headmaster. He had to tell Albus of what took place before his more cunning Slytherins thought of anything. Gossip died down for now, but when word got it, who knew what chaos this would start.

Madam Pomfrey gently set Harry down on one of the empty beds, tucking him under the covers. She laid his glasses on the side for him to get before addressing Draco who was wincing now and then from the yellow paste on the bruise under his eye. "Mr. Malfoy, would you kindly tell me what took place in the Potions room? I need to know what happened before attending to young Harry."

"You'll find out soon enough anyway." he muttered.

She put both hands on her hips, assuming a matronly pose. "I think you should tell me that." Draco signed resignedly, before telling her of what took place. When he got to the part of when he kis-- transferred the potion to Harry she gasped dramatically. She eyed Draco strangely, but otherwise kept her mouth shut. Not liking that look he abruptly cut off from the story. The Nurse made no move to tell him to continue so both lapsed into tense silence.

Only Harry's light breathing penetrated the silence, so Draco couldn't help but stare at his prone form. With glasses off, Harry didn't look too bad. Maybe if he cleaned up a bit, he'd be presentable. 'Sexy..'

This slapped Draco from his thoughts, and he proceeded to ignore where that train of thought was going. Fortune working at odd moments chose that time to act when the infirmary door opened, breaking Draco's intense observation of Harry's face. Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape strode in quickly, shutting the door quietly. 'Wonderful, just wonderful.' Draco thought sourly.

"Mr. Malfoy." a stern voice spoke. "I have been alerted to this incident and am most displeased. Normally actions such as these will be severely punished, but since your head of house has talked with me, I have reconsidered. You will be serving no detentions, nor will there be point deduction." A slight pause.

Draco's face betrayed no emotion, but inside he was thinking rapidly. 'What? Snape's good, but he isn't that good. I just rendered the wizarding world's hope blind and no punishment?' There came a sudden cough from Professor Snape, obviously urging Albus to continue. "There are, however, still consequences you must face Mr. Malfoy. You will have to take care of Young Harry for the duration of his… ailment. I trust you will be quite the caretaker."

Draco blanched. 'Was Dumbledore mad? Me? Take care of Potter?' Draco had the sudden urge to ask him 'What have you been smoking?' but didn't think that would bode well with his current punishment. Stiffly, he nodded.

"Your things have already been sent to the room for both you and Harry since Severus has kindly it himself. Once Harry has awoken from his state, we will inform him of what has taken place and will most likely be.. Guided to you later. Severus will lead you to the room. You may leave."

He inclined his head in acknowledgement, but otherwise kept his mouth shut. Who knew what he was going to say if he opened his mouth. He stepped behind Snape, as he walked out the Infirmary. Their footsteps echoed in the dank corridors, but no words passed between them until a few minutes later. "Quite the show, Draco. I must say, your move was most unexpected."

Draco frowned, detecting a hint of a smile in the sentence. He made no move to reply, but Snape took this as an answer and carried on the walking with silence. Finally, they reached a large portrait of a dainty little girl. She curtsied to them, and smiled prettily at them. "Good day!" she called, waving, as they got closer. Ignoring the cheerful call, Snape bit out the password. "Poises." Draco grinned behind the other's back, feeling marginally better.

They walked in to a furnished room, leading into an equally large bedroom with, thankfully two beds. Giving Draco time to look around, Snape chose this time to tell him if the rules. "Since there is a matter of different class schedules, you would have had to follow the Gryffindor's schedule for the duration of Potter's incapacitated state." Draco blanched yet again. All the Gryffindors for blinding their star seeker would have no doubt pummeled him.

"With slight intervention on my part, I discreetly pointed out certain hostility, so Potter will take the same classes with you. There is a catch, of course. If Potter seems to be mistreated in any way, there will be a vast quantity of point deduction from any Slytherin who uses his vulnerable state for their own personal gain." Surprisingly on Draco's part, he noticed that his Head of House was quite serious about the last part. Potter grudge or no Potter grudge, Snape just didn't like fighting someone who was incapable of retaliating. It was cowardly and pathetic, and Draco respected that.

"I understand, Sir."

Coal black eyes locked onto his, before Snape nodded to him. Without a word he strode out, calling out to Draco in the last minute, "Good luck."

It wasn't till several hours later than one Harry Potter woke up. To say he was articulate at the time, would be slightly off the mark.

A dull throb rested on his eyes, as if something was leaning on it, not too much to hurt but just enough to feel the pressure. Harry groaned, not raising his hands to his eyes. The events of what happened were swimming around his head, but all he could picture clearly were a pair of eyes that belonged to the person who put him in this position. Thankfully, his groan caught Madam Pomfrey's attention and she immediately went towards his bed. Noticing belatedly, there was a type of soft bandage wrapped around his head securely, mainly to cover his eyes. Madam Pomfrey carefully took it off and unwound it from his head. Feeling the cloth off, he opened his eyes.. And there was no change. It was dark all around him. 'Of course! The potion…'

"My eyes.." he trailed off.

He felt the nurse shift on his bed, and heard her gentle voice trying to soothe him. "Harry, don't panic."

'Why should I panic? I've only lost my bloody eyesight..'

"I've already applied some ointment on your eyes, so they'll look perfectly normal and students won't be squeamish when they see you, however, your vision.. Won't be back until the duration of the potion has been spent."

Perhaps the loss of sight gave him a type of sixth sense, but he could almost see the pitying look she was giving him. 'How was he going to do his work? Quidditch?! FOR TWO MONTHS!!?'

"But.. My schoolwork! Quidditch practice! How will I get around? I can't expect my friends to go around to help me when they're busy enough as it is… isn't there some type of antidote I could drink?"

"There is of course an antidote, but the ingredients are almost impossible to obtain. As I've said before, you will be blinded only for the duration of the potion, which I believe, was two months." She paused. Harry couldn't blame her. Saying two months aloud made it sound like an eternity.

"I'm sure you can last until then." she asserted after her lengthy break. "But.. there will be another thing. You're friends will not be assisting you. As you know, Mr. Malfoy has..er-- put you in this situation so his punishment was… to put it quite simply, to take care of you."


"I understand this may not be the most comfortable thing to do but--"

"Most comfortable thing!? I'm going to spend two months with that irritating git!"

"Oh suck it up boy!"

Snapping his neck towards the sound, he instantly knew that Snape had entered the room. "Professor?"

"Yes. I've come to lead you to your new room with Mr. Malfoy. The Headmaster advised that you spend the rest of the day to get more comfortable with the new setting." 'And to hopefully come up with a temporary truce with him.' Snape added in his head. "If Madam Pomfrey is done checking up on you, then perhaps we can go."

Awaiting the nurse's response, but not receiving one, Harry automatically reached for his glasses in their usual place. Belatedly, he realized he wouldn't need them. 'I've always wondered how I'd look without glasses on, but I guess now I can't find out at the moment.' Shrugging to himself, he slipped the glasses into his pocket and stood up unsteadily. Almost at the precise moment, Harry could guess Snape rolling his eyes before coming over to help him. A large hand wrapped around his wrist, and lightly tugged him towards the door.

"Good day Poppy."

Draco stared meditatively at the warm fire, while leaning against the wall. He didn't want to spend any time with Potter, and two months were overkill. They couldn't last long enough seeing each other for an hour in class, so what makes the Professors think they'll be alive by the end of two months? Draco had spent the last few minutes debating whether a small hex in Potter's bed would be pleasing, but given Harry's current state it would be pathetic.

Come to think of it, Draco had seen a blind person before. When he was walking through Knockturn Alley with his father, he saw a grimy old man leaning against the wall. Both of his eyes had a milky texture to them, as if his pupils were like paints mixed together. 'I don't think I could look at Potter if that was the case.'

A noise from the portrait opening roused him, and in walked his head of house who was tugging Harry. "One leg over first, Potter. Good, you can walk in."

Peeking around from Snape's form, Draco got a good look at Harry. He didn't expect to see Harry looking normal, but it was probably the nurse's intervention to make his eyes look normal. It was slightly unnerving to have Harry look at him, and not really see him. Speaking of see, Harry certainly looked better without his glasses. His eyes were much more accentuated by Harry's dark hair, and creamy complexion. With some cleaning up here and there, Harry might actually give Draco a run for his money.

Harry unsteadily walked with Snape, and was glad to find himself seated on a couch in front of a warming fireplace. "I'll leave you two to get more… acquainted. Both of you are excused from classes today but will continue regularly tomorrow. Mr. Malfoy will inform you of the rest." Harry only heard the sound of the portrait closing before silence.

His fingers tensely fingered his wand in his pocket, before resuming a semi-relaxed position. Normally, he would start talking first, but he waited in bated breath for his rival to speak first. "Potter."

"Malfoy." he returned without a moment's deliberation. "Care to explain on how I'm to take classes?"

"You'll be taking the same classes as me. So, don't worry your pretty little head over it."

"Oh." Pretty?

Both boys were put in silence again, both not knowing what to say. Draco suddenly felt conscious of what he had pulled in the Potions room, and found himself flushing when he turned to Harry. Of course, Harry couldn't see this but determinedly ignored the small part in his brain that was playing images back and forth in his mind. Suddenly getting an idea, Draco pushed off from the wall and approached Harry from behind.

"I think it wise you learn your way around this place at least. I can't keep leading you to everywhere."

Harry felt heat rising up his neck, the voice in close proximity to his ear. He swallowed a squeak, and nodded as casually as he could. Slowly, he stood nervously, one hand reaching out against the couch for a stable hold. Draco, by this time, came around and clasped Harry's wrist firmly. "Right now, you're about seven steps from the portrait. Got that?" A nod.

The two boys spent the rest of the time learning their way around. Draco leading and Harry following, both becoming more at ease with each other every step of the way.

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