Title: Nella Fantasia

Author: Gia

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Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Harry/Draco, Hermione/Ron

Time: 5th Year

Summary: During the first day of Potions Class, Draco refuses to take a Blinding Potion, insisting that Harry do it instead. For reasons of his own, Snape will not allow this and even threatens to take away house points. So, in retaliation, Draco improvised. He drank the potion but did not swallow. Instead, he kissed Harry Potter.

Disclaimer: I own not a thing.

Author Notes: How's everyone liking the story so far? I've been thinking nonstop about this story and how it will progress.. And I have to say, it'll start getting downright serious soon.. XD But don't worry, nothing you all can't handle. Heh.

Also, I notice that I sometimes have one or two slip-ups in regards to Harry being blind. Several reviewers have noted this and I'd like to thank them! XD I'll try to be more careful next time! Anyway, nothing else to mention so on with the chapter!

Guide to the story -

DAYS: The duration of Harry's blindness will be 44 days. Not every single day will be written out, instead, it may skip a week or a couple of days. All in consecutive order!

Day 20




Inside an underground structure were two stationary figures. It was dank, wet, and smelled strongly of stale water. There wasn't anything particularly beautiful about this grand room, save for a few pieces of furniture that stuck out horribly amongst the fallen stone. A table with a vase of fresh orchids, a large, oval mirror on one of the cracked walls, and even several wooden chairs whose backs were carved to form pictures of woodlands. These pieces of furniture weren't in abundance, but they were the only signs of this place having been used.

At this moment, one chair was being occupied by a man older than the youth who was standing in front of him.

"I've noticed something of interest… and I'd like for you to take care of it. I find it bothersome."

The boy tilted his head in curiosity and confusion. "I don't understand."

"I have kept watch. I believe they are still maintaining their charade."

"Really? That does surprise me." He stood up, startling the other with his abrupt action. With slow, firm steps he went over to the oval mirror that hung on the cracked wall. There was a steady trickle of water running down its side from the condensation, but it did little to divert anyone's attention from silver borders of the mirror.

The boy could only stare at the man in confusion, watching as the other traced the edges of the glass. "Father?"Drip…


The man stopped tracing, choosing instead to stare at his reflection. "Take care of it." he said after a lengthy pause.

"Father, I don't--"

The boy caught his father's eyes in the reflection cast on the mirror. They were unyielding in its gaze, causing the boy's protest to die down. Without a word, the boy knelt down on the ground and slowly sunk through. Only until there was no one there did the man turn around. He stared down at the place where his son left through and smiled.

With one last glance around the room, he turned back towards the mirror, held out his hand, and vanished.

The room was empty, but a few seconds after the man left, two heads slowly rose through the solid rock of the floor. They were both male, of equal height, and looked identical. One was the same boy who was speaking to the man, but the other was new. The first boy made a beeline for the chair he had sat down on previously when speaking to the man he called 'Father'. He was trembling with an unnamable emotion as he held his head in his hands and stared at the floor.

The other walked up to him slowly, staring down at the other.

"I will do it."

The one who was sitting looked up at the other with surprise. "No." His voice was horrified, as if such a thought was ludicrous. He made to stand but the other boy pushed him back down. "I'm--"

He was silenced when the other boy grasped his face and brought him closer. There was only the sound of dripping water as the two pairs of eyes stared into each other.Drip…

Both of the boys' eyes broke away from each other's gaze. The boy who was standing stepped back and gave what appeared to be an encouraging grin to the boy sitting. He stepped back to the center of the room, and slowly sunk and disappeared through the stone.

Across the room, a mirror flashed and a face appeared. The boy sitting down on the chair shot up and went over to the face shining on the mirror.

"Why are you still here?" the face demanded.

"I was just about to leave." The boy said after a pause.

Neville hurried along the hall, glad to have finally been allowed to go to the restroom. It was definitely frustrating for him to wait that extra fifteen minutes of note-taking before the teacher finally decided to let him go. Neville nearly cried in relief when he saw the boy's restroom in front of him until--

"Where do you think you're running too?"

Neville cried out in alarm when Argus Filch suddenly appeared. There was a mop in his hands, and now that Neville had taken notice, a rather large puddle of water that was spreading from under the door.

"The er… the restroom?"

Argus gave a nasty smile. "Not in this one, you won't. Flooded. All over. 'Fraid you'll have to use another."

'He couldn't mean… no…' Neville nearly groaned in frustration but he had to try and get the man to see reason. "But I really--"

"Don't matter. You won't be using this one, you hear?" Argus barked.

Neville's eyes widened at the rough tone and nodded reluctantly. It was pointless to argue but he didn't think he could bear to make the journey to the other bathroom. It was just too far. Argus watched Neville with suspicion, but finally decided that boy was no threat. He scowled with irritation when he turned back around to regard the spill and went back inside the boy's restroom.

Neville was left alone in the hallway with a rather full bladder. Quite involuntarily, Neville's eyes strayed to a particular door. A familiar door.

The girl's bathroom.

Neville gulped, eyes darting back and forth from both doors. Walking to the nearest boys' restroom would have… unpleasant consequences, to say the least. Neville also doubted he could actually get past Filch long enough to go. 'Not that it'd be comfortable anyway..' Neville thought with a shudder. 'The only way is.. No! What am I thinking!? I couldn't possibly… it's… it's--'

The girl's bathroom.

The word 'Forbidden' flashed through Neville's mind until a nasty feeling swept through his body and Neville knew he had to go.

Neville dashed for the door, barely glanced around him, and ran inside a stall. Not a zip and flush later did Neville come out feeling relieved. He calmly walked towards the sink, washing his hands and drying off. Fortunately, he hadn't encountered any problems. If he really thought about it, the girl's bathroom wasn't any different from the boys; minus the urinals and the unmerciful stench of… unmerciful things, then both would generally be the same.

Of course, such relief was short-lived when Neville noticed a very important thing in the reflection of his mirror.

He wasn't alone…

"AAAHH--!" Neville slapped a hand over his mouth, eyes checking the door to see if Filch would come barging in to see what caused the noise.

Seeing that no one was coming, Neville turned his attention to the girl in front of him. 'Moaning Myrtle…' he thought despairingly. Neville had heard many tales about this particular ghost, the primary bit being the fact that she was very, very sensitive about… everything.

"Er…" What could he say? 'Sorry for barging in?'

Moaning Myrtle just hovered in the air, a surprised look on her transparent face. "You're… you're that boy!"

Neville's eyebrows shot up and he looked at her with confusion. "I'm sorry?"

But Moaning Myrtle wasn't paying him too much attention. She was looking at him, but in a sort of 'staring off into space' kind of thing. Her eyes were narrowed behind her glasses as she regarded the boy in front of her.

It was several minutes later, and still Moaning Myrtle hadn't said anything, that Neville decided to speak up. "Um.. I have to get to class, so…" Neville inched towards the door.

"I've something to ask you." she spoke up suddenly.

Neville glanced at her uncomfortably but nodded reluctantly.

"Hermione and Ron. Do you know those two?"

Neville found himself wincing at the names, a lance of pain shooting through his head before abruptly disappearing. 'What was that?'

"Yes, I do. Why? How do you know them?"

Somehow, Neville couldn't picture Harry's friends spending time with Moaning Myrtle. Then again, with the situations the three found themselves in, Neville wouldn't be surprised. Stories of their adventures discussed a lot amongst the Gryffindors.

"Not important." Moaning Myrtle lazily floated higher, turning over twice before seating herself atop a stall door. "I wanted to see your reaction. Do you know them?"

Neville winced again and wondered at her strange tone. He was surprised another student wasn't sent to find him because he knew that he was terribly late for class… but then he remembered he was in a girl's restroom and most likely not thought to be found in one. Still, that was the last thing on his mind because for some reason, Moaning Myrtle's words were echoing and bouncing around his head. It was giving him quite a headache-- no, scratch that. A migraine.

"Yes, yes, I know them. What are you trying to say?" Neville raised his fingers and tried to ease the sudden pounding. What was going on?

"They're impersonators, aren't they?"

Neville dropped to the ground.

Harry felt concern rise in him when he heard Professor something tell a student to check on Neville. Harry hadn't spoken to the Gryffindor boy in what seemed like ages. Finally, when the accident-prone managed to get a seat near Harry, they couldn't really speak properly.

'I hope there's nothing wrong.'

Draco, who was sitting on Harry's other side, raised an eyebrow at the departing back of some nameless student. It piqued Draco's curiosity, but in his opinion, Neville was suffering constipation.

Draco curled his lip in disgust at the thought but he slowly sunk into stupor when class started. 'History of Magic… how I loathe this class.'

He managed a glance at Harry's seemingly alert posture before he looked down at his notes. His scribbled-onnotes. Draco pulled his arms behind himself, linking his fingers so he could stretch his back and pop out a few kinks. Sighing, he bent over his desk and tried to keep from falling asleep. To keep himself entertained, he cast a lazy eye around the room before landing on a certain person.

'Or in my case, a beast.' Draco frowned when his eyes came upon a large, black dog. 'What did he call him? S… snuffles? Horrible name.'

Draco remembered the day before, when the former DADA professor and his dog decided to pay the two boys a visit…

…Harry was lying down on the couch, arms crossed behind his head as he stared blindly into the ceiling. The fire crackled in the silence of the room, disturbing neither Harry nor Draco.

Actually, at that moment, Draco was enjoying a relaxing read by the fire, Shera Haubert's Runes and Symbols. Of course, the fact that Witch Weekly's newest edition of Saucy, Sassy, and not to mention Sexy Wizards was tucked in between that studious book, need not be mentioned.

After a particularly stimulating page turn, there was a polite knock to the door.

Draco didn't even blink.

Knock, knock.

Harry frowned and pushed himself off the couch when the knock came again. 'Has Draco left? No, I would've heard it. He's probably still reading that runes book. Almost like Hermione, he is.' Harry thought with a small smile. Any thoughts he had now that were associated with Hermione and Ron were always directed at the Hermione and Ron that Harry knew before he became blind.

It made Harry to think of otherwise--

Knock, knock..

"I guess I'll get it." Harry muttered.

As he was getting up, Harry could've sworn he heard the softest moan coming from Draco's area.

Harry shrugged and walked towards the portrait. Just as he pulled back the door, he was engulfed in a hug.

"Remus!" Harry exclaimed with a smile. "Long time no see!"

"Harry." Remus greeted warmly.Bark!

"Si--" BARK! "--snuffles!"

Remus gave a strained smile and gave another nod when Harry let the two in. He glanced at Draco's unmoving position in the chair, his face engrossed with a book in his lap.

Harry let out a laugh when Sirius got on his hind legs and licked Harry's face. "Snuffles! Come on, quit it!"

Remus glanced back at Draco when the boy cleared his throat loudly, gripping his book with white knuckles. "I am trying to read."

"Oh. Sorry."

Draco frowned when Harry didn't look in the least apologetic but didn't say anything, other than to merely send a glare in Harry's and Sirius' direction. Remus sighed and hoped their presence wouldn't cause too much hostility. He sat down easily on the couch, smiling widely when Harry flopped onto it with Sirius jumping onto both of their laps.

"Oomph!" they cried simultaneously, the wind knocked out of them.

Sirius gave a cheerful bark.

Draco sent a glare.

And… Remus and Harry tried to maintain consciousness.

All in all, it was a mild, mannered visit. That is to say, until Sirius showed a sudden keen interest in whatever Draco was reading.

Draco felt someone, or rather, something looking his way and he frowned. Raising his eyes from the page, he looked at the dog's grinning face. 'Could dogs grin?' Draco wondered, before said dog gave a resounding bark.

Draco jolted from his seat, and he brought both books close to his chest. For some inexplicable reason, Draco felt like that dog knew what he was reading.

But that couldn't be right…

Meanwhile, Sirius in his animagus form felt the stirrings of mischief. In all his pre-adolescent and adolescent years in Hogwarts, Sirius knew no one could pay that much attention to Shera Haubert's Runes and Symbols. Sirius himself couldn't, and he was reading that particular book in his sixth year… well, he was actually only using that book as a cover book for a magazine that James had slipped to him. Sirius didn't get a chance to actually look through it until Transfiguration class… needless to say, he got an earful from a seething Professor McGonagoll.

So, quite unthinkingly, Sirius left that particular magazine in the book and put it away in the farthest corner of some random bookshelf--

Only to be found in the hands of one Draco Malfoy.

…Could the day get any better? In Sirius' opinion, he thinks not. Tensing to spring, Sirius waited for the perfect moment to lunge and make Draco drop both books.

Remus, who was enjoying the silence between them, found himself looking back and forth from Sirius and Draco. The two obviously didn't get along, but for what reasons, Remus couldn't figure it out. It certainly gave a strange appearance.

Draco sitting in his chair, knees drawn up and his arms covering his books protectively. The glare he was sending Sirius was threatening, to say the least. On the other hand, Remus could feel Sirius preparing to do something. Call it mischief's intuition, but Remus could feel something about to happen. Remus felt the couch shift and he half expected to see Draco knocked to the ground until he felt a nudge to his elbow.

Glancing at Draco to make sure he wasn't looking, Remus glanced down at Sirius. He was no longer paying attention to Draco, but instead, he was making odd movements with his head to indicate the book Draco was reading.

'Eh?'was the predominant thought in his head.

Sirius' movements stalled when Harry shifted from his spot and stood up. "I'll be right back."

Remus gave him a questioning look, and Harry mouthed 'bathroom'. Remus chuckled lightly, making a shooing motion. Draco briefly looked up from his book to watch Harry disappear before he turned back to his book.

It was just the three of them…

And Sirius found his perfect chance.

Harry flushed the toilet and steadily walked towards the sink to wash his hands. Although he enjoyed their visit, Harry couldn't help but feel that the atmosphere was too awkward. Given the fact that both Remus and Sirius weren't used to being around Draco, Harry could understand that… still, he wished things would just… be. 'A dumb thought really..'


Harry dashed out the bathroom.

Draco hadn't been expecting it. He hadn't. But he should've. He really should've.


The large chair tumbled backwards, and both books flew from Draco's hands. Remus shot up from his seat.

Sirius quickly bounded off Draco when the boy drew his wand. There was a yelp before he dodged a hasty curse and flung his animal form behind the couch.

"Mr. Malfoy wait---!"


Remus was getting dizzy himself, trying to calm down both Sirius and Draco long enough to get the wand away from the boy before he decided to use it again.

He didn't need to, though, because the solution to the sudden pandemonium walked in. Harry.


Harry frowned, feeling something under his foot. With a sigh, he bent down and picked it up. 'Did Draco drop his things?'

"What's going on here? Why's Draco yelling? Where's.. where's snuffles?"

"That beast was-- Draco's eyes widened when he noticed what was in Harry's hands.

Remus shot Draco a look but when he noticed the pale boy go even paler, he followed his line of sight…

Oh… dear… is that…?

"What's going on?" Harry asked with confusion, not aware that a certain wizard in the moving picture was doing lewd things in the vicinity of his fingers which were holding the magazine.

Sirius, still in animagus form, peeked over the couch and gave what seemed like a horrified bark.

"Harry, drop that now!"

Harry froze and let go quickly. "Is something wrong?"

Remus, flushing with embarrassment, quickly strode forward and picked up the magazine. "No, Harry, nothing's wrong. Why don't we just sit down."

"Okay…" there was suspicion on his face --who wouldn't be?-- as he settled back on the couch.

In the meantime, Draco refused to meet the former professor of DADA's eyes throughout their visit…

It made Draco feel queasy every time he thought about that incident. Definitely not something he'd want to repeat.

There was a sudden tug on his sleeve. "Draco?"

He raised his head from his desk to stare into Harry's unseeing green eyes. "..yes?"

"Class is over."

"And Longbottom?" As soon as the words left his mouth, Draco frowned. 'Where had that come from?'

The surprise on Harry's face was evident but it was overlaid with concern. "He was brought to the infirmary."

Something akin to apprehension washed over him. "What for…?"

Harry bit his lip. "He was found unconscious. No one knows."

No one knows..

Draco shook his head, trying to clear the sudden echo in his head. "I'm sure he's fine. Probably slipped and fell."

Harry still didn't look too sure so Draco quickly grasped his wrist, "Don't think about it. We're late to our next class," and hauled him out the classroom.

"Nothing to worry about, Albus. Just a nasty bruise on his head. However, I did some scans and there are traces of a memory charm on him."

Albus stared down at the prone form of Neville Longbottom, the lines on his face deepening as he considered the reasons.

"And you are led to believe that…"

"Whatever Mr. Longbottom forgot, he remembers now."

"Hm… I will leave him in your able care, Poppy. Notify me when he awakes."

"I will do that."

"Good day…"

Poppy stared at his retreating back before glancing down at the unconsciousness Neville. "Good day, Headmaster." she returned softly.

"You seem preoccupied today, Harry."

Harry grinned sheepishly, accepting the hand that was pulling him up.

"Sorry, Jun. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just haven't been… in the mood."

Jun nodded. "I understand. We'll cut it short. Besides, it is a nice day."

There were the sounds of footsteps approaching before a voice spoke up. "Why'd you stop?"

Harry grinned without answering and patted the ground beside him to motion Draco into sitting. "It's too good a day to continue lessons."

"Tch. Right." Draco scoffed.

Harry ignored him, choosing instead to flop back down on the ground. The breeze felt nice, the chill hinting at the cold weather that would be arriving.

"I think it's strange." Harry said after a pause.

"What do you mean?"

Harry turned his head away, closing his eyes. "I don't know."

"…I think you've finally lost it, Potter."

Harry laughed in response.

Jun watched the two boys sitting near him. He found himself echoing Harry's words, but silently to himself. He understood what Harry was getting at, even if Harry himself wasn't completely aware of that fact.

Jun sighed and turned away, drawing his legs to himself as he stared ahead of himself, not really paying attention to his surroundings. The sound of their idle chatter was only heard in the back of his head.

How are you now?

I am… fine.

Is it strange?

It is strange, but…


I am not alone.

No. You aren't. You are me.

..it is strange.

Jun glanced down at his hands. 'Yes, it is strange.'

The fire crackled merrily from the fireplace, reminiscent of its earlier use the day before.

"You were quiet today at dinner. You aren't planning something, are you Potter?"

"No, not really."

"Not really? You either are or you aren't. Which is it?"



Draco looked at Harry, heat rising on his cheeks at the close proximity between their faces. Harry had wound his arms around Draco's neck, his body splayed over his. The side of Harry's face was leaning against his own, his breath lightly playing along his ear.

"You were civil to Professor Lupin, you know that?"

Draco could only nod, his eyes focused… elsewhere.

"And you were actually worried about Neville."

There was a rise of indignation but… they were just so close…

"You didn't even bait Jun at all."

'He wasn't worth it at the time, but now…' Draco narrowed his eyes, a grin beginning to form.

"I just wanted to say thanks. Or that I'm proud of… well, that didn't come out right." Draco could feel Harry's arms tighten slightly around his neck. "Oh.. This just isn't coming out right. Forget it. I'll just--"



Harry could feel Draco grinning through the kiss and pulled back. He hesitantly brought his hand closer and froze when his hand was captured by Draco's own.


Knock, knock..


Harry rubbed the back of his head from where it hit the ground. He wished he wasn't startled so easily but… Harry sighed.

"Coming!" Harry called half-heartedly, wishing he could just lie down there and pretend that whatever happened before the knocking didn't really happen.

Instead, he found himself squeaking in a decidedly unmanly way when he realized his body was covered by a specific warmth. Warmth that belonged to…

"Hmmm… quite a predicament we're in."

Knock, knock…

Harry turned his head toward the sound, black hair spread against the rug-covered floor. "I think that's--nnhh!"

Moist lips were fastened onto his neck, doing… doing something that made Harry want to just groan with--

Knock, knock… "Harry? Are you in there?"

Again, Harry could feel that smug grin against his neck but he couldn't bring himself to get annoyed when that tongue just--

Knock, knock, knock, knock!! "Harry? What's wrong?"

"Oh! Remus, I-- oh! Nnnnhh… mm…"

Draco let a small laugh escape, pulling back and kissing Harry fully on the lips. 'I think it's time I bring hands into play…'

Through Harry's fogged mind, he could feel that heated touch go lower--

"Gah! Wait!" Harry shot up--

"OW!" and banged heads with Draco.


The portrait door slammed open and a panicked Remus and Sirius burst through. At first, they didn't see anyone in the room until Remus made a sort of choked sound and pointed.

Sirius followed the direction of Remus' finger with his eyes and he found two pairs of legs… intertwined.

The sound that later followed this revelation was so inhuman --being from a dog, that is-- that mere words would pale in comparison to hearing the actual noise. However, it was effective enough to bring two heads shooting up. Not standing up properly, Remus only managed to see the tops of their heads from the couch.

This could only mean…

23 minutes later--

Harry fidgeted with his hands, his face ducked as he stared at his lap. Draco, who was sitting beside him, was slouched against the couch, arms crossed, and a frown on his face.

Standing, or rather sitting in front of the fire, was Snuffles. There was a particularly serious look on the dog's face that looked strangely human to Draco. He leaned forward and narrowed his eyes.

Immediately, a tongue lolled out the dog's mouth bringing along with it a long dribble of saliva.

Draco leaned back, still suspicious.

Remus cleared his throat uneasily. "I know I shouldn't have been the one to give you two this speech but it needed to be done." He glanced back and forth between the two boys, waiting to see what each had to say.


"There is something about that dog…" Draco said aloud, breaking the tense silence.

Remus froze.

Sirius froze.

Harry froze.

"Er… here Snuffles, here boy!" Remus clapped his hands, hoping his voice didn't crack and give away the dog's identity.

Draco turned a suspicious look towards Remus. "And you. You always… you always get that thing to come to you whenever…" Draco a finger, and tapped his chin thoughtfully.


Harry shot up from his seat, hand raised, and knowing full well that his face was red. He could feel three pairs of eyes were looking at him with shock and felt his hand going down. "Er… I think it's getting late."

Remus sent him a grateful look, even though Harry couldn't see it. He had to quickly school his features when Draco's face darted back to glance at him and Sirius.

"Yes, I think it's best. I don't want to keep you from your rest."

Remus kept a strained smile on his face as he watched Harry disappear into his room and Draco pause before going into his own room as well.

As soon as the coast was clear, Remus allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief. "That was close, eh Padfoot?"

A resounding bark was the only response.




"Wait, wait! I've changed my mind, I don't want you to. Let me."

Two boys, the same boys who were in the room earlier were now standing in front of each other. The one who yelled had his hands clenched, and if one were to look closely, they were trembling.

The other stepped forward, coming close, and he cradled the other's face in his hands. "It will be fine. Trust me."

"Don't be a fool!" The other yelled, pushing the boy away. "You could get hurt. Do you understand? Hurt."

"Yes, well," and he stepped close enough to sling an arm over the other's shoulders. "I have my brother to look out for me, don't I?"

He smiled.

A/N: It was a bit difficult doing this chapter because I had already written it out but I felt that the chapter would be better for another chapter, a much later one. I was suddenly hit with a few ideas about situations with Draco, Remus, and Sirius (in animagus form)… so I just had to save the chapter I originally wrote for this one for another day. Hence, the long wait.If you hadn't noticed, Ron and Hermione will most certainly be found soon. Perhaps.. XD And what do you think about these mysterious characters cropping up?This is random, but has anyone seen The Grudge yet? I was scared as hell, and couldn't sleep properly.. Although I was sad that the end didn't offer much closure for the viewers. And.. Right.. How this has anything to deal with Nella Fantasia… I don't know..