It was an innocent question, at least in the minds of everyone save the one who asked it.

Sailor Moon asked about an amusement part she once visited when she was younger with her family that was on a moving island.

King Endymion thought nothing of giving her a straight answer.

"Mafia Land was wiped off the map by a tidal wave, taking with it most of the resistance to the laws against crime."

Endymion didn't really see it, but Sailor Moon stiffened almost immediately.

"And what of the survivors?"

"The last vestiges of those against our rule, the Vongola and the Varia, were either killed or sent to Nemesis. They, along with their allies were the last pockets of crime before our peaceful society came to be," he answered.

"And Neo Queen Serenity agreed with how you destroyed them," asked Sailor Moon in a flat voice.

Tuxedo Kamen might be in love with Sailor Moon, but even he could feel the rather massive outpouring of feminine fury coming off his girlfriend. Even Venus was discreetly getting out of range of Sailor Moon's anger.

She was pissed about something, but they couldn't think of what.

"Neo Queen Serenity was properly horrified by the loss of life, but eventually calmed down about the matter."

The fury turned positively glacial. She turned to look at Tuxedo Kamen, who narrowly avoided flinching at how furious she looked.

"So just to be clear, you honestly believe my future self accepted your open condemnation of the mafia and the Families, much less forgave you for destroying Mafia Land."

King Endymion either didn't notice or took the fury coming off her for granted... but Tuxedo Kamen could tell just by looking at her that there was no way Sailor Moon would have ever accepted his actions. He winced.

Somehow he had the feeling this was going to backfire on him long after they returned to their time. And it would be big.

When they returned to the past, his feeling remains as strong as ever. Even Venus was giving Sailor Moon a wide berth.

Unknown to them (and the two cats, who were staying with Minako until Usagi properly calmed down) Usagi did not let the news that the mafia was wiped off the map by her current boyfriend and future husband. In fact she was downright furious he dared to do something like that and expect her to be okay with it.

If Luna had seen what she pulled out from under her bed, she would have been shocked and very confused.

Two holsters were slipped onto her legs until they rested under her skirts. She opened them and slipped a pair of black and red guns into them, after making sure they were in proper working order and the safety was on.

It was weird, putting them on again after having Luna in her room for so long, but they gave her a sense of comfort she had forgotten about.

If marrying Mamoru was going to cause that much damage and lead to so much heartache when he didn't know the full story, then it was clear she needed to perform some long overdue damage control and fix his blatant error.

Starting with using a power she had almost forgotten about after becoming a literal magical girl. She was already making plans to get either an upgrade or at the very least reconnect with certain contacts overseas.

It was time she stopped playing the civilian and started acting like a proper daughter of that family.

Being kidnapped sucked, but at least Diamond missed the two guns strapped firmly under her Senshi outfit. For some reason they were unaffected by the transformation, unlike the rest of her clothes.

Likely because the holster and the guns themselves were made from specially treated material.

Once she broke free of his control, the first thing she did was open the holster on her right side and draw the gun. A bright crimson "X" on black metal shined in the limited light.

Diamond froze, his eyes staring at the weapon.

This was not some frilly magical girl wand that took forever to charge up and use. This was an honest-to-god weapon designed to kill, and he recognized this particular gun.

"Where did you obtain that?"

"I stole them from CEDEF shortly after their proper owner was iced," said Usagi crossly. "Iemitsu didn't deserve them."

Diamond's shock was palpable.

"You know the Vongola, the family that was once allied to ours?"

"Which Familigia do you hail from?" she replied in perfect Italian.

"Callavone," replied Diamond.

Usagi slowly lowered the gun.

"Use your Mist Flame against me again and next time I will shoot you, allied Familigia or not. You're not the first fool I've shot with these, and you won't be the last," said Usagi.

Diamond's once infatuated eyes grew hard.

"Prove it," he said in Japanese.

Usagi channeled her flames, which burned merrily on her forehead and turned her eyes an orange color for as long as they were active. Diamond looked ready to collapse in shock.

"A Sky flame... Why did you allow Endymion to cast us out?" he asked.

"Believe me, I intend to cut ties from that idiot the first chance I get once this mess is firmly settled. I refuse to marry someone stupid enough to destroy my family and expect me to forgive him for it. Which probably explains why I only had one child with him, instead of the large family I planned on," said Usagi frostily.

No way was she marrying Mamoru now, and since she found out he was stupid enough to kill her Family and destroy Mafia Land without even asking her opinion on the matter, she had reconsidered him as a 'husband' candidate.

Reincarnated true love or not, there were some things a girl simply couldn't forgive.

Besides, why would she marry a guy who's main ability in a pathetic battle like the almost weekly monster attacks was to throw roses and used a cane (without a sword, unfortunately) as a distraction?

Usagi found herself with a shell-shocked Diamond and a disbelieving Sapphire.

When Wiseman dared to show his 'face', she proved once and for all that she was not the same Queen they were used to dealing with.

Neo Queen Serenity was firmly a pacifist who didn't believe in killing unless there were no other options.

Usagi, now that she was warned of the dangers of keeping up her civilian facade would lead to, was firmly a believer of ending a threat with as much violence as possible.

Ironically, Dying Will Flames and whatever power Wise Man survived on did not agree with each other. Especially since hers seemed to be augmented with the purifying power of the Ginzuisho.

Diamond and Sapphire were the only survivors of the Black Moon clan. Chibiusa didn't know how to feel when she stumbled upon them later.

Usagi was not an idiot, nor did she allow people to walk all over her like King Endymion did with his wife.

If they were part of the last remaining Mafia of Crystal Tokyo, then she might as well use them to her advantage. Her contacts in that side of the world were unacceptably low. There was no reason not to use them as her main contacts and sources of information.

It certainly saved on her allowance, at least.

In the meantime, one of her contingency plans was finally put into action. It was one she had hoped not to use, at least not without several back ups in place.

She was going to try and contact the Varia, to see if Xanxus was out of the ice. She'd heard unconfirmed rumors that the "Varia Boss" was back.

If that was the case, he'd want his guns returned.

Usagi waited a week, before 'finding' something in the mail that made her squeal loudly and get the attention of her family.

"Kaa-san, I won the contest!"


Usagi brandished four tickets to Florence, Italy, explaining how she had 'entered' a random magazine contest and won the grand prize. Ikuko brightened at the idea of a two-week vacation in Italy.

And her 'father' was about due for some vacation time as well.

"EH?! You won a two-week vacation to Italy?!" was the outcry of the other Senshi.

"I entered a contest and they sent the tickets. Mama got our passports renewed, so we can go by next week at the earliest. It's going to be our family vacation for the year," said Usagi.

She made no sign that she was lying through her teeth about 'winning' some contest. Not that they'd figure it out, considering Minako had borrowed plenty of her manga magazines and there were some adverts carefully cut out for just this reason.

"Just make sure you get on the right plane. I won a trip to Hawaii once, and we accidentally ended up going to Greece instead," said Minako seriously.

Hadn't that been a mess and a half?

"Make sure to brush up on your Italian. Not very many people speak Japanese," said Ami.

Usagi grinned.

"Why would I need to brush up on it?" she asked in passable Italian. The girls stared at her in shock. "I've always wanted to go to Italy, and taking a course on how to speak the language kept Mama from cutting my allowance for a year since I got decent grades in the class."

"It sounds like fun," said Makoto, sighing.

"I'll be sure to bring plenty of treats for you to try and experiment with," said Usagi. A few Mist flames would keep the customs agents from banning them. "But I don't think we'll be able to find a hotel that allows pets, so it is okay if Luna stays with you?"

"Of course!" said Minako cheerfully.

"Be sure to take plenty of pictures!" said Makoto.

"It'll probably be mostly me and Shungo. I plan to give Mama and Papa an overdue second honeymoon for a few days. They could use it," said Usagi.

A few bribes in the form of some new video games and a new console would keep her brother preoccupied, and a Mist copy would deal with any awkward questions of where she was.

She picked the town closest to the Varia headquarters and she fully planned to force one of them to either send Xanxus or have them bring her to it personally.

They'd definitely hear her out when they found out she had his missing X-Guns. Or at the very least send someone that knew him personally enough to get a call to him.

Usagi took one breath of the air outside the plane and was immediately hit with a sense of nostalgia. Japan was great, but this felt exactly like home.

Now to arrange a meeting with the head of the Varia.

Her parents took the idea of a second honeymoon (with Usagi swearing on her allowance to keep an eye on Shungo for three days) as quickly as she had hoped, and Shungo wasn't really interested in seeing the sights right away after she handed him the latest portable game console and several games she knew would have his interest. It would keep him occupied for at least a few days, especially with room service and her ability to get past the block on the adult only channels.

Once everyone in her family was occupied and not really paying attention to her, Usagi put the rest of her plan into motion.

Namely the hazardous task of contacting the Varia directly. Thank the gods for Diamond somehow managing to get into the group and pay off the Mist Officer. Mammon Esper was extremely expensive, but at least held up their end of the agreement once paid.

Usagi took a deep breath, then dialed the number a safe distance from the hotel using a disposable cell phone.

"Who is this and how did you get this number?" demanded the other end in Italian.

She recognized the voice of Xanxus immediately. She could only hope he recognized her just as quick.

"If you want your X-Guns back, you'll agree to meet with me personally. Whether in your stronghold or in an open area is up to you, and don't even think of sending one of your goons to pick them up. I'll know the difference," she replied in the same language, her tone flat and allowing no room for argument.

If she wanted him to take her seriously, then she would have to treat this like any other deal with a fellow mafia family. She couldn't afford to keep her air-head disguise up around him.

"...Where do I send the car?" he asked.

So he was bringing her to Varia headquarters. It would make disposing of her simple.

She gave him an address at a cafe four blocks from where she was, and would wait for two hours before leaving a message for a second pick-up if it came to that.

Xanxus had little patience for games, so the odds of him not following through were unlikely. Especially since she did have his guns and wasn't afraid to use them.

An hour and a half later, a car drove up with a familiar face inside. They drove to the Varia HQ with him shooting her foul looks, likely because she was obscured in a Mist illusion of a white cloak that hid most of her face. The unintended resemblance to Mammon, the Varia Mist Officer, was very strong.

Squalo lead her to an elevator, ignoring the mooks around him. He kept his good hand on his sword, ready to kill her at the first sign of a problem. The only reason she wasn't dead was because she proved she had the genuine weapons that had gone missing shortly after Xanxus was sealed in ice.

There was a tense silence in the elevator, and it only grew worse as they drew nearer to the room where Xanxus was waiting.

The door opened and for a split second, the killing intent was so thick you could cut it with a knife...or a very large sword, in Squalo's case.

Usagi barely repressed a massive grin, and it took Squalo five seconds to realize there was a 'hole' where the girl he had been escorting was. And another two to realize his Boss was being hugged by a very enthusiastic blond teenager with the most bizarre cry he had ever heard.

"Hi Uncle Xanxus~!"

Dead silence. Killing intent was immediately replaced with shock and outright confusion from everyone save the blond girl.

Xanxus held her at arm's length, took a good long look at her face, before slowly asking in a voice Squalo had never heard from his Sky before in his life...

"Little Moon?"

She beamed at him.

"You remember me!" she said happily. If he wasn't holding her back she definitely would have hugged him again.

Xanxus shot his Rain a dirty look.

"I thought you told me she lost her memories."

Usagi scoffed.

"Like I wouldn't have the brains to fake an accident and 'lose' my memories to get away from the stupidity of Nono, my mother and that moron Iemitsu the first chance I had after your fake coup," she said flatly.


Xanxus did not look pleased.

"Mama kept pressuring me with these half-assed Guardians who belonged to her 'friends', all of whom were boys that were more interested in joining the family by any means possible. And you know Grandfather favors that idiot Iemitsu, who wouldn't have hesitated to throw me under the bus in regards to the candidacy of Decimo just to keep his son Tsunayoshi out of it. So I faked an accident, pretended to lose my memories and kept under the radar as a civilian to avoid the in-fighting."

Xanxus snorted, before patting Usagi on the head.

"That's my Little Moon."

Her mother had been a harpy of the highest order and wouldn't have thought twice about her daughter ending up pregnant from an early age by one of her "guardians". The idiot woman had no idea what the position actually meant and was only a member of the family because the idiot Enrico got her pregnant.

His daughter had clearly inherited the brains of her great grandmother Daniela, because the first chance she had at the boring parties the family hosted, she had attached herself to Xanxus who kept the worst of the idiots away. The idea of her faking an accident and the resulting amnesia wasn't that far fetched at all.

"And the guns?" he asked.

She reached under her skirt and pulled out two familiar guns from leg-holsters. He approved immediately, especially when he sensed a decent Mist illusion over them.

"That moron Iemitsu didn't deserve to keep them, never mind he was stupid enough to have these made along with keeping his check book in an unlocked drawer," said Usagi derisively. She pulled out a stamp with the "signature" of Iemitsu Sawada, along with his check book and an extra set of keys to CEDEF.

Xanxus had a vicious smirk on his face.

"That's my favorite niece. So why come back now?"

Usagi winced.

"I got a major wake up call of what would happen if I kept my civilian disguise, especially if I continued dating this one loser who thinks roses are an acceptable weapon in low-level fights and who's only decent weapon is a cane that doesn't even have a sword hidden inside."

"...Ten Year Bazooka?" he asked.

"Something close enough to it. I was not happy finding out that the idiot walked all over me and almost wiped the Family off the map because he didn't like the idea of a mafia."

Humanity couldn't gain anything without sacrifice, and that peaceful utopia came at a devastating cost. It wasn't a crime-free Utopian society as much as a tyranny hiding under the disguise of a monarchy kept in place by long term brainwashing.

"Boss, you actually believe her?" asked Squalo incredulous.

Xanxus fixed a glare at him, and he winced.

"I know my favorite niece anywhere, and only she would have the balls to completely ignore my killing intent long enough to actually hug me, never mind actually daring to blackmail me with my own weapons and allow me to pick where the exchange would go down."

That and he recognized her very distinct Flames the second she hugged him. It was hard to forget the rather strange feel of her Sky.