The banging of the hatch was loud and kept reverberating off the walls of the cabin. A young man of 16 stepped over to the well polished desk that stood along the apposing wall in front of him. Taking a few deep breaths he went to the desk and took his seat. Taking off his formal hat. 'That was scarier than anything I had ever faced.' He thought to himself putting his head in his hands. He lifted his head up to stare at a golden band that rapped around his right index finger. A small smile etched out 'Okay the second scariest I ever done.' The ring had five beautiful gems; the first one which was in the middle and stood slightly higher than the others was a stunning Blue Zircon stone shaped like a tear drop that seem to sparkle slightly in the light, second to the left was a flawless diamond cut in a perfect circle, to the right of the center was a brilliant ruby, next to that was a beautiful pearl, finally of the far left was a emerald equal in beauty and perfection as the others. That smile grew wider as he thought of the five women that he promised to spend the rest of his life with and they all agreed to be his wife. Each one perfect and beautiful in his eyes.

'My Mystic Mermaid' staring at the zircon, 'My Undefeated Champion' looking at the diamond, 'My Firry Protector' now a the ruby, 'My Angelic Witch' looking towards the pearl, finally looking over to the emerald 'And My Forever Faithful Warship.'

He looked up from his daydream and pulled out a large red book. Flipping to the first page he took a pen from the drawer.

" Date March 8th year XX01,

Today is the day we set off from Japan. Over four months of preparation and gathering supplies for this voyage it as come to this. A year ago if someone told me what my life would be like today I would have laughed in their face. Wow it's been over a year since the Event happened. So much as changed since that day. Some good he glanced at the ring again but lost his smile others not so much. So many good friends and family members lost forever. I can only pray to God that their in a better place now.

He dropped the pen and leaded back in his chair the memories of the past year replayed in his mind from the steps of Mount Corenet in Hokkaido to the base on Okinawa they were leaving forever. Picking up the pen again he continued to write.

I should have made a journal on my journeys. This makes it feel more real and actual. Icahn only hope we make it to these Hawaiian Islands and meet Monkey D. Luffy safely. Many of us are still scared of what as happened. My hope is that on the other side of that Red Line there is a better place for us.

A soft knock took his attention.

"Come in." He called the catch opened and a tall beautiful woman stepped in. She was maybe in her late teens and had wavy blue hair running down her back. She wore a knee-high dark dress coat which is adorned with four, symmetrically placed, light-colored buttons on the chest. The coat is garnished with fur trimmings around her sleeve cuffs and neck. Juvia wears a matching, dark, Russian-style hat, stylized with a light-colored butterfly clip, which, in itself, is attached to the fur trimming garnishing her hat.

"Fleet Admiral Ketchum" she saluted him was her dark midnight blue eyes in a stern fashion. "Everything is ready onboard and the rest fleet is signaling that they are ready as well."

"Are all of our reconnaissance planes and Pokemon returned?" He asked sternly.

The women nodded "Yes sir. The last Strike Witch group touched down before Juvia came to tell you."

"Thank you Juvia." He smiled at her which make her smile back but she grimiest holding tight to a locket that dangled around her neck. Sensing her sadness he rose up and took her into his embrace. She was shocked but tears pooled in her eyes and returned the embrace.

"We will find your guild and your friends Juvia. That I promise you."

She pulled back and gave a small smile "Thank you Ash."

They turned and made their way up to the bridge. Zooming out they were onboard the IJN Shinano from WW2 and surrounding it were hundreds of ships and sizes. From small private merchant ships to colossal sailing ships with pirate and crossed out marine symbols. Plus warships from the Second World War to modern attack cruisers and destroyers. Simple a fleet of over five hundred ships all out of place and out of time.

Prologue ends

Author's notes

This is a retelling of my old story I use to have 'NEWA' but I wanted to bring it back but in different way. This is crossing over many different animes and games. This part is the end of the first part of this story so the next chapter will explain the Event and what happened to the world.

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