Talking About Bad Timing!

Chapter 1: Embarassment Ignites

"Kagome?" she heard her mom call.

"Yes mom?"

"Could you come here?"


Kagome entered the room a few moments later.
"Kagome, I found this in your bag." her mother said holding up a rubber thing.
"May I ask where you got it?"

Kagome knew what her mom thought it was. Her face turned a bright red.

"Mom, it's a balloon."

"Don't play games with me!"

"It's not a joke."

Her mother glared at her daughter.
"I'm going to call your doctor......see if he'll put you on birth control." she heard her mom
mumble slamming the door behind her.


"I can't believe how much of a shamatta baka my mom is!" she said, flopping down on her bed.


Kagome quickly got up.

"OOPS! Gomen Bouyo! I didn't realize you were under there!" she said petting the cat who only scratched
her and jumped down, running into the rest of the house.

"Today sucks" she said rubbing her cheek.


To be continued...If I get enough reviews.!