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Evening had descended on Seattle, lights flickering on all over the city.

He stood at the window of his office watching people rushing home or going out for the evening living there lives, unlike him.

Christian Grey was Seattle's most eligible bachelor, a billionaire at the age of twenty seven. He had achieved more than most people could comprehend but what was the point when you had no one to share it with.

His days seemed to blend into one recently, like he was going through the motions waiting but for what, he didn't know. It's amazing how you could be standing in a crowded room but still feel lonely.

"Andrea go home please you are starting to make me feel guilty" I said pressing the intercom.

I heard a chuckle come back through "yes Mr Grey goodnight"

Going through last minute emails, I remembered the email Franco had sent me earlier in the day to let me know about the recent photos he had taken.

Franco was my manager at Flesh. A BDSM club that is situated above a nightclub I owned called Mile High. They were both doing well and were very successful. Not many people who attended Mile High knew there was a whole other world above their heads.

Deciding to go to Flesh instead of calling Franco, I told Taylor to get the car.

The queue stretched around the block, people waiting to get into Mile High as we passed bye on the way to the club.

Flesh was an exclusive club and the guest list was very long, You couldn't just walk in off the street you had to be recommended and new member's had to attend an open night first once they had been approved by management.

"Sir". Taylor informed me we had arrived.

"Thank you Taylor I will call you when I am ready to leave".

Getting out I walked to the members entrance around the corner from the nightclub entrance.

"Good evening Mr Grey" Tim the doorman said.

"Good evening Tim". I nodded.

Walking up the grand staircase into the main reception area I was greeted by Franco.

"Mr Grey I wasn't expecting you tonight I thought you would just email me back"

" I like to keep you on your toes, how's everything going" I said.

" Very well business is picking up all the time, the private rooms are full most nights".

I knew he was telling the truth, I might have Franco running Flesh but I still liked to know what is going on and keep on top of the books.

"I have a friend of mine here at the moment, I will just let her know I will be busy for a few minutes and I will show you the photos I have printed so far"

"Take your time I am not in a rush" I said.

He nodded his head and I watched him walk back over to the bar. He stopped at the side of a brunette and talked in her ear. She looked up at him and smiled.

My breath faulted, Who was she, I hadn't seen her here before.

Franco was walking back over to me but I couldn't concentrate on him, I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful brunette he had left at the bar.

"Who is she" I burst out as soon as Franco was back near me.

Franco looked shocked with my outburst.

He looked back at her and told me she was a friend he had met at a photography show last year. I needed more information than that.

I followed Franco back to the office where he passed me some of the photos he had developed.

"These photos are exquisite" I said.

Something about these photos always turned me on.

"Flawless is exquisite. She is a rare find" I nodded agreeing with him.

" These might be the last photo's I take of her as she doesn't want to be doing this forever".

That news saddened me.

The photos Franco took of Flawless decorated the walls of many playrooms, including mine.

They were photos I had looked at, in great detail since he had started working with her.

The curve of her spine, her beautiful breasts, her amazing ass. I was getting hard just thinking about her, but never her pussy, it was always just out of shot just to tease you, so near yet so far.

Franco has never told anyone including me who she was no matter how many times he is asked. He said he will never betray her trust and I respected him for that.

"Your friend, you brought here tonight are you together?"

"No Mr Grey she is just my friend". He smiles

"Introduced us please, I would like to meet her"

I needed to know who she is, I know I haven't seen her on any members list, staff here are allowed to bring potential future sub or Doms with permission from management but I am sure I would have noticed her if she had been here before.

I watch his face fall.

"Sir Ana isn't a potential submissive, I asked her here because she was interested in where the pictures I take are displayed but she is too mischievous and playful to be a sub"

"Introduced us please" I said through gritted teeth.

"Of course Mr Grey" he sighs.

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