A/N: That Damn Donna Reed will be the only one out of order as it inspired me to write these one-shots. It's just a throwback to the LL relationship and how many times I screamed at my TV for them to just finally kiss. Some will be dirtier than others. I'm not sure how often I'll have time to go over this but I'll try not to take too long.


"Please, Luke. Please, please, please." He'd heard her bed that morning. It was always the same quest- to get him to give her coffee. Lorelai Gilmore was sunshiny and relentlessly goal oriented.

"Junkie," Luke scoffed trying to hide the happiness her presence and their banter gave him with a smirk. It was mostly unsuccessful but she was oblivious to his reactions it seemed.

She was Elmo to his Oscar the Grouch and he couldn't help how she made him feel.

The surprise in this evening wasn't that the blue-eyed bombshell was back for a second time as per usual, it was that her daughter who had been giggly that morning about rejecting the passerby and his friend by asking if he was her new daddy, was suddenly in a foul mood.

16 year-old Rory, with the same beautiful blue eyes and usually sunny disposition as her mother except introverted and bookish, never usually acted out to her mom. She had bad days of course, but their fights were usually over movies or books. This one caused the women with their stomachs of steel to actually leave their food behind. Lorelai stormed out and followed her daughter.

Luke heard the fighting from the kitchen but was surprised by the bells when they left. Knowing their love of leftovers, he sighed and boxed up their food. The diner was closing soon anyway, he reasoned. Truth be told, he'd do anything for both of them and wanted to make sure Lorelai was okay.


A little over an hour later, Luke walked up to the porch hearing Macy Gray blasting on the radio. He knocked on the door with the hand not carrying the takeout bag.

Lorelai hopped up and answered, surprised by the knock and only semi-surprised by the man who was on the other side of the door. It was classic Luke.

"Hey," she said with a wide smile. It didn't reach her eyes though and Luke could tell.

"Hey," he responded. "I, uh, you left without your food so I figured I'd box it for you."

"Luke, that's so nice. You didn't have to!"

"It's no big deal, you paid for it and I already closed the diner so I figured you'd be hungry." He held the bag out to her.

"Thanks! Hey, what's this?" she inspected a box on top that was too small to be their untouched burgers.

"Oh, I had some extra boysenberry pie leftover. I figured at least if you're going to rot your gut out, you could do it with something that at least contains fruit." He was covering; truthfully he just wanted to make her smile knowing she wasn't in a great mood. He got exactly the response he'd hoped and more. Lorelai put the pie back in the bag and wrapped him in a hug as she smiled with her eyes this time too.

"Well you came all this way, do you want a beer?"

"Ah well…" She could tell he was about to give her the brush off but for some reason, she just wanted him there a little longer. So Lorelai interrupted.

"Come on, Luke. Please? At least let me get you a drink." She sealed the deal with a pout the man had yet to learn to resist in 5 years.

"Alright, a beer is fine," he conceded.

"Great. Come on in. I was just about to put on one of my favorite movies- Princess Bride." She led him to the couch and then rushed into the kitchen.

"Where's Rory?" He asked as she brought back the beers.

"She's in her room, listening to music and ignoring me because of the fight that caused us to leave the food."

"What was it about?" he asked as though he didn't know it was about Chilton.

"She doesn't want to go to Chilton because she likes a boy. I found the boy part out from Patty on our way home. She usually talks to me about stuff but all of the sudden she is embarrassed to talk about boys. That's the worst thing. She needs to talk to me about them, I need her to, because I don't want her to end up like me sneaking around with boys."

"She'll talk to you. Give her time," Luke assured patting her thigh sympathetically.

Lorelai felt shivers at his touch. She tried to brush the feeling from her mind, telling herself it was just that she was surprised. "I hope so. I need my kid to talk to me."

"If I told you not to worry, would it stop you from worrying?"

"Not in the least, my friend. Having a teenage daughter gives me a guarantee of worry from now until she turns 30."

"I hear 40 is the new 30," he deadpanned. She shoved his shoulder slightly in response. Immediately she realized her mistake as she felt his strong muscles firm against her palm. She felt the urge to feel his whole arm… and his chest… and that facial stubble… Stop it, Lorelai, she told herself as she finally moved her hand away now realizing she hadn't let go.

Luke's heart was racing. It was enough of a jolt that she'd touched him but then she didn't let go. He wanted to ask why, to lean in and kiss her but he was frozen in place while his heart was going a mile a minute. When she did move her hand, he could swear he saw her blush. He was ready to say something when she blurted out against the silence.

"So. Movie. Princess Bride. There are rules." She grabbed the remote readying to press play.

"Rules? What rules?" he inquired.

"No talking during the movie, if you get up, I will not pause it, no answering the phone, and get comfortable because there's no squirming."

"I'm comfortable."

"I'm serious, no squirming so adjust now if you must." Luke begrudgingly complied and threw his arm over the back of the couch. This made Lorelai uncomfortable in her position so she also adjusted and as she did, she ended up with her head against Luke's forearms. This made them both blush and avoid eye contact. Lorelai didn't move though and Luke sent up a silent thank you to whatever God. Instead she pressed play on the remote.

A green screen popped up and Luke made the mistake of asking, "What's that?"

"A) No talking during the movie," Lorelai responded as she paused it. "And B) that..." she pointed "is the FBI warning. I can not believe you have never seen the FBI warning. Do you live under a rock?"

"I've just never seen it, ok?" he was defensive.

Lorelai leaned her head up to animatedly respond and Luke hated the loss of contact. She explained that no trains would be coming from the screens and after making Luke roll his eyes, she hit play once more.

During the movie, Lorelai broke all of the rules including accepting a call from Sookie about getting a ride in the morning to the Inn. When she sat back down from the call, she plopped down even closer to Luke than before.

From that point forward, Luke could not focus on the movie. He kept his head forward but the smell of her hair and the feel of her head on his shoulder, made his heart thump. She leaned in towards his heart as she got sleepier and he hoped she couldn't hear the increased rate.

Lorelai wasn't feeling any less awkward on her part. Once she sat down and realized how close she was to him, she felt it would be worse if she pulled away. He was just a friend and friends fall asleep on each other, right? His muscles and his chest ad her on edge though… until they didn't. The longer the movie played, the more normal it felt to be curled up in Luke's arms. As she began to relax, it started to feel like this was their Tuesday night ritual and her head slouched over his heartbeat finding comfort in its rhythm. She even began to breath at the same pace his chest rose and fell.

At one point, she looked up at him to see his reaction to Inigo Montoya and she caught a glimmer of a smirk. Watching his lips curl up at her made her both very comfortable and disconcerted. Had she ever been that close to those lips? If she had, she hadn't noticed them the way she was noticing them now.

The movie ended and neither of them moved for a long while as Lorelai pretended to sleep and Luke pretended not to want to wake her. He ran his fingertips gently along her arm and brushed her hair away from her face to look at her. Finally, after feeling his gaze burrow into her, Lorelai stirred and feigned a stretch.

The spell broken, Luke stood up and asked her if she needed help which she declined.

"Alright, well I should… I should go."

"Oh, okay." The surprise in her voice shocked her and she hoped he didn't notice. He did.

"Yeah, um… an early delivery. If you want the coffee, I gotta let the supplier in."

"I do love the coffee," she flashed him a smile and walked towards him as he backed towards the door reluctantly.

"So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I will try in the morning but I have dinner with my parents tomorrow night."

"Ok. Well If not I'm sure I'll see you Saturday morning."

"Good night, Luke."

"Good night, Lorelai."

As she shut the door, she sunk down against it and tried to catch her breath. There was a goofy grin on her face. "Damn it, Luke," she whispered to herself. "What are you doing to me?"


Luke looked for her with every ringing of the bell all day. His disappointment went under the radar because of his normal grumpy disposition. But his happiness couldn't be masked when they walked in the door and sat down. Rory seemed concerned for her mother once more and although Lorelai looked chagrined by the earlier experience, Rory agreeing to go to Chilton brought the smile back to her ice-blue eyes.

Lorelai was shocked by his outfit. He explained it was the bank but she felt it was for her and she was partially right. The bank only took an hour and he could've changed but didn't. He returned the compliment and she explained she had an event to go to but now wished she'd dressed for him too.

Luke chided Rory about her refined palate for craving coffee and chili fries and both girls grinned at her response to Luke. Seeing them smile forced him to smile though he tried to hide it quickly.

"Hey Luke," Rory called as he was preparing her fries. "Can you make that to-go? I need to study."

"Sure," He came to the kitchen door and called back. He grabbed the coffee pot and asked, "Are you both leaving or would you like a top off?"

Lorelai was planning to go with Rory but she couldn't help but secede when she saw his crooked smile. "Top me off," she purred enlarging his smile.

Rory looked on with judgment as Luke went back to preparing her French Fries. "Mom, your Luke flirting is over the top tonight."

"Rory," she said incredulously but blushed.

"Mom. Do you like Luke?" Rory asked bluntly.

Lorelai hesitated, "Maybe… I don't know… I think… I dooo… I really really do," she confessed to her daughter.

"Are you sure? Because he's keeper of the coffee. Maybe this is transference. You can't kiss coffee so you want to kiss Luke?"

"I'm pretty sure. We watched princess bride last night and, I don't know. It just felt like… right."

"You really like him," Rory exclaimed at a whisper. "Just don't hurt him, mom," she warned. "He's half the reason we're not starved to death. You'd have to learn to cook."

"Oh no… Perish the thought. At no point will I learn to cook." Neither girl noticed the handsome diner owner approach with a bag.

"Why would you learn to cook?" Luke asked.

"Oh, um, no reason," Lorelai brushed him off.

"I gotta go… You behave missy." Rory winked and grabbed her bag as she rushed from the diner.

"I'm closing in a little bit. It's just you here now," Luke remarked. "I sent Caesar home."

"Oh," Lorelai tried to hide her disappointment. "Sorry, I guess I should have gotten this cup to go."

"No, take your time… I just… I was wondering…" he tried to gather his nerves. Her eyes stared up at him, trying to encourage him to ask. "Do you want pie?" Smooth Danes. Real Smooth. He kicked himself.

"Pie?" She said trying to sound flirtatious. "What kind of pie?"

Her tone made him slip into their typical banter, only a little more encouraging. "Whatever you want. I have boysenberry still, or apple, and I just found my mom's recipe for peach." His voice was a little more husky than usual as he told her.

"Mmmm… peaches." She licked her lips. Luke retreated to the counter and cut two slices of peach pie, pep talking himself on his way over while she ogled his nice butt openly.

"You're eating with me? And it's pie and not some tricky way to make me eat Brussel sprouts?"

"I haven't had this pie since I was a kid. It's Liz's favorite. She says mine is terrible because my mom's was perfect. Still eats it though," he chuckled.

"You have a sister?

"Yeah, She's 2 years older than you with a kid Rory's age- his name's Jess."

"Why Luke Danes," Lorelai donned a southern accent, "I do declare there is more to learn about you."

"Well, if you declare it must be so," he deadpanned.

Lorelai took a bite of her pie and moaned when she tasted it. Partly, it was because she liked the pie, but she also wanted to test his reaction to her. She saw what she needed to go for the kill.

"So Luke, tell me more about you." She leaned into him with a flashy smile.

"What do you want to know?"

"What was your mom's name?"

"Abby, well Abigail. She went by Abby though. I once heard someone try to call her Gail and she tore into them. She only answered to Abby, Mrs. Danes, or mom. My dad called her puddin' sometimes but usually only when they were alone. I only ever heard him say it in passing when I wasn't supposed to be around." The memory made him smile and then he covered it as he saw she was listening so intently.

"You must have loved them. I'm not sure I fully understand that. After the night I had…"

"I'm sure you love them and they love you. Nobody's perfect though. Just so much easier to remember them that way when they're gone."

"Well I want a love like that- where a man has a name only I'm meant to hear. It sounds… nice."


"Yeah," she affirmed. "So do you have anyone else? A girlfriend maybe?"

"Are you asking for you? Or for a friend?"

"And if I'm asking for me?"

"Then no."

"And for Ms. Patty?"

"Then yes, I'm engaged to be married," he said dryly.

"So you're single for me, but not single for everyone?"

He now realized the corner he was backed into, only he didn't want out. He did however want to make her squirm a little. "A man would be a fool not to keep an option open for you."

Lorelai blushed. She was expecting him to withdraw into his usual Luke shyness.

"A fool?"

"A damn fool."

"And you're not a fool?"

"Of course not."

"Then why haven't you asked me out in the 5 years I've known you."

"The usual reasons- broken heart, dad died, bad relationships, and you were way too beautiful."

Lorelai again blushed and cursed her ivory cheeks for betraying her.

"Well that's a shame."

"It is?" his eyes smiled when his lips made no move.

"A damn shame." She leaned in as she spoke those three words.


"Yes, Luke?"

"Would you go out with me tomorrow night?" he closed the space between them so their foreheads touched. Then he brushed a strand of hair behind her ears.


"And Lorelai?"

"Yes, Luke," she said breathlessly.

"Can I kiss you now?"

"mmm… yes." Lorelai agreed and no sooner did his lips softly crash into hers.

"Again," she whined as the kiss quickly ended. He complied but just as briefly 4 more times.

"Please, Luke. Please, please please."

"How many kisses have you had?" he responded playfully at the reminder of their conversation yesterday morning. It felt like ages when it had only been 36 hours.



"Five. But yours are perfect." She pleaded with her patented pout.

"You have a problem."

"Yes, I do," she moaned flirtatiously.

"Junkie," he smiled and kissed her deeper this time.

"Angel. You've got wings, baby." Then she kissed him even more fervently than his previous kiss to her lips. She suckled his bottom lip briefly causing him to let out a moan and then took the opening to explore with her tongue. He responded in kind by pulling her from her chair onto his lap as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I have to go," she admitted reluctantly as they came up for air.

"Don't." He kissed her gently not wanting to break contact.

"Okay." She returned his gently peck.


"No. Rory. Home. Later. Tomorrow." She kissed him between each word as if she was trying to convince herself to stop.

"Tomorrow," he grumbled as she got up from his lap.

"Call me." She blew a kiss goodbye and was out the door to tell Rory everything… almost.

Before she made it to the corner, she heard him call her name. "Lorelai!"

She wasn't even fully aware of her physical actions. She was just drawn back to the sound of her name coming from his mouth in that raspy tone with a hint of pleading mixed in.

Her hips were suddenly being held in place with his big hands; his hands were in her hair and hers were pressed against his chest. She was backing him back into the diner.

"Lorelai," he moaned as their tongues dueled and they tasted each other hungrily.

"What?" she said playfully. "Didn't you call me back for this?"

"You forgot your coat," he said. She looked to her chair and realized it was in fact sitting there and giggled.

"Oh," she leaned back. "Well then if that's not what you want, I should get my coat."

"I didn't say it wasn't what I wanted," he protested as he caught her eyes.

"Good," she said as the kissing picked up right where it left off. his hand wandered up her shirt sending chills through her body. She grabbed his ass and moved her lips down to his chin, across his jawbone, down his neck until she hit collarbone sending yet another moan up his throat.

"Lorelai," she stopped his protest with another kiss on the lips as she fingered the buttons on his flannel. "We. Should. Stop." he said between kisses. "Before I can't," he practically begged while clasping her hand stopping her from releasing the third button on his shirt.

"Don't want to."


"Is a big girl."


"15 minutes. Please, Luke?"

"Since you asked nicely."


"No time. Too far. Storage."

"Luke," she said surprised and turned on. He led her back.

He cleared a waist high table of a lone box and easily lifted her onto it.

"God Luke," she exclaimed in excitement and arousal. "Take me now. Please."

"As you wish," he answered.


They were both buttoning everything up, soundlessly. Lorelai thought about everything leading up to this and giggled.


"Sookie always said she thought it would be on a table," she explained.

"No one ever said sookie was dumb," he responded with a kiss. Then as she turned around and he followed her out, he smacked her bottom and said, "Ok, now you can go."