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Luke walked into the Gilmore house with his donations for the town rummage sale. He'd never admit it aloud, but the reason he dug up his old dishes and some random clothes was because of Lorelai. It was a chance to see her at her home maybe and to not be badgered about not participating by her. Rory told him where to drop the clothes and instructed him to put the kitchenware in the kitchen.

Lorelai descended the stairs having missed Luke's entrance, and was surprised to see him in her kitchen. As was her habit, she spoke and acted before thinking of the repercussions. She walked up behind Luke, who was standing back up after sitting his box on the floor.

"There's a man in my kitchen," she purred in a low tone in his ear as her hands reached for his waist. Luke spun in her arms in shock, his arms wrapping her waist as well to steady his stance and she immediately realized she'd crossed their invisible friend barrier.

She stumbled back but Luke's arms were still lightly touching her waist as his hands followed her, unconsciously trying to keep from breaking contact. Lorelai tried to joke to bring them back, "Somebody call the constable."

At that, Luke dropped his hands, knowing she was trying to politely let him down. He masked his disappointment but not before Lorelai could catch it. She pretended not to see as he bolted from the kitchen and called her crazy to Rory, wishing her luck.


The next morning, Lorelai walked into Luke's to meet her daughter wearing a ridiculous cowboy hat and the rhinestone sweater that she'd found during sorting. She'd worn the hat partially as a distraction, something for Luke to make fun of along with Rory instead of talking about their awkward moment in her kitchen… an awkward moment that had spurned a dirty dream.

In her dream, Luke didn't let his hands drop from her waist, they were in the home alone and he threw her up onto the counter like she weighed nothing and whispered in her ear. "I AM a man Lorelai. You can't just touch me like that and expect me not to respond."

She looked at him with mouth agape at his sudden boldness and whispered back, "I want you to respond, Luke." And with that, he'd taken her so passionately that when she woke in the middle of the night she was gripping the covers and panting at what he'd done to her in her dream.

She brushed it off as a product of the encounter, but when Luke was yelling at her about the rhinestone jacket, she knew it had to have belonged to a woman that Luke knew. She feigned ignorance as she asked Sookie and Ms. Patty about it, but was even more crushed to have a name to the sweater: Rachel.

When she pressed Sookie for more details on this Rachel at the Bangles' concert, and was called out for being jealous of the Elle MacPherson type of pretty woman, she was rendered speechless.

She was able to redirect her anger and indignation over her jealousy towards Madalyn and Louise for their idiotic choice to leave with older boys they didn't know.

But when she came into her house cluttered with everything for the sale the next day, there was only one item of clothing on her mind once again. Rory stayed at Sookie's house so Lorelai could take the girls home and discuss their behavior with their parents so Lorelai had nothing but time to seethe over the stupid rhinestone sweater.

She tried to go to sleep but the same dream she had the previous night haunted her… but with a twist. After she confessed she wanted him to respond, he had a new reply.

"I want Rachel."

"Rachel?" she asked wounded.

"Yes. She's right behind you," a woman confirmed. Lorelai turned to see Elle MacPherson in the flesh. "And I want my sweater back," Elle demanded.

Lorelai looked down to see that she was wearing it and instead of caressing her like the night before, Luke was unzipping it.

Lorelai woke with a start and fell to the floor, right on top of the stupid sweater. She looked up to find it was 4:15 in the morning. Still upset as though her dream were real, she grabbed the sweater and stomped over to Luke's.

The entire march was a blur except for the tunnel vision to her destination and the recurring thought that Luke was such a jerk.


Luke woke startled to a banging on his upstairs apartment door. It couldn't be his bread man, he wasn't due for another 30 minutes and if anything, Luke could count on the guy to be late. He was surprised to find Lorelai had taken his extra key from above the door and let herself in. She came bearing the sweatshirt and an agenda.

"Lorelai," he stated bewildered as he rubbed the sleep from his sexy blue eyes. But she brushed right past him. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to give you back your sweater."

"Look. I'm sorry about that. You bought it, keep it."

"I would have never bought it, let alone worn it in front of you had I known about the owner."

"The owner?" he asked, knowing she meant Rachel but confused about what this had to do with it.

"The OWNER, Luke. You know, the Elle MacPherson nomadic photographer or archaeologist who you're clearly not over."

Luke laughed reflexively.

"What?" Lorelai fumed, not particularly happy with the fact that he was mocking her.

"I'm well over Rachel, Lorelai. I just… I didn't like seeing you wear it. It was more of a traumatic flashback to a terrible relationship than anything."

"Oh," Lorelai's flame quickly began to dwindle.

"Yeah… oh," Luke confirmed. "Not a great relationship. I'm glad it's over. But how did you know all of that stuff about it?"

"Um, well…" Lorelai's normally quick mind was caffeine deprived and caught off guard. Now that her dream adrenaline was gone, she was at a loss for words, or more precisely excuses.

"Right," Luke sighed. "So we're back to the status quo again," he muttered to himself.

"What?" Lorelai asked even though she knew what he said.

"Nothing. You've accomplished what you came here for Lorelai. I'm not with Rachel, I'm the monk you're used to knowing once more, you can go."

"Luke," Lorelai replied in a pleading tone.

Luke groaned, his anger dissolving at the batting of her soft blue eyes. "Lorelai, everything's fine. I've gotta be up in a few minutes…" Luke turned toward his kitchen and opened the refrigerator, retrieving a filtered pitcher and a cup from his cabinet for a glass of water.

Still not feeling resolved, Lorelai stared at him in awe, watching his working man's muscly arms stretch in his very fitted forest green cotton tee. She noticed the definition in his back and it reminded her of the dreams that brought her here in the first place.

She'd rarely seen Luke without his signature flannel and thus didn't usually have the time to appreciate his manliness often. She'd called him over for a few 'broken' things in her yard during summer months so he'd come over with his toolbox and fix them but being hot, need to remove at least his flannel. Once he even removed his shirt but Babette ruined her view from the kitchen by openly ogling and catcalling him from her porch.

With her thoughts back to the dreams and his body, Lorelai suddenly realized she didn't want the out that he was offering her right now. So she approached him just like she had in her own kitchen. She wrapped her arms around Luke's waist and could feel him freeze beneath her touch. In what she hoped was a seductive tone, she spoke in his ear, "There's a woman in your kitchen, someone call the constable."

Luke didn't move at first. He hadn't even breathed since she touched him. "Lorelai," he whispered in a warning and tentative tone.

Lorelai didn't speak, she simply dipped her head into his shoulder and breathed him in, and ran her hands up his sides gently, memorizing the feel of him beneath her fingertips.

Luke finally turned before he lost control of his lower half at the things she was doing to him. He had no words once he saw the look in her eyes. Lorelai Gilmore was looking at him with pure desire. He couldn't remember his own name let alone how to string a sentence together.

They stood there, analyzing each other's eyes, holding each other's hips. Lorelai took a half step back. Luke didn't let go of her, instead he gripped her tighter, bunching her unsexy pajama shirt in his hands. Getting the response she hoped for, she jumped him.

Her lips were on his so fast that he didn't react at first. Once he processed the fact that her supple lips were pressed against his, he enthusiastically kissed her back, moving his arms around her neck as if to keep her from pulling away. Her tongue sought entrance into his mouth and he spun her around before granting it.

Lorelai was pressed up against his counter on her tiptoes and Luke grabbed her ass to pull her up to him but he needed her closer so he lifted her to the counter. Lorelai giggled through their kiss.

Luke looked at her puzzled and she explained, "it's just like my dream but better."


"Yes, Luke, I came here because I had a dream, actually two dreams. Why else would I come here at 4am and rave like an idiot about a jacket?"

"You're right, I'm stupid," Luke accepted.

"In my dream, you pulled me up onto the counter and we did this. But tonight, right when you got me on the counter, you said you wanted Rachel and then Elle MacPherson playing Rachel came in and…"

"So you came here because dream Luke was still into Rachel?"

"It felt real."

"You were jealous," Luke smirked and Lorelai's eyes gleaned. He kissed her soft and sweet.

"Don't be so full of yourself."

"Admit it. You were jealous," he kissed her again, this time with the full force of his passion for her and he trailed down her jaw and neck. This time, it was Lorelai who was breathless except for a small whimper. Luke was between her legs, squeezing her thighs and setting her senses on fire.

"I'm even more jealous now," she confessed. Luke paused dutifully peppering her neck with kisses to await her explanation. "Now that I've had a taste of this, I'm jealous she's had it all."

"We can fix that," he offered seductively as he proceeded to kiss her clavicle.

"Oh how chivalrous," Lorelai affected in a high pitched girly accent. She pulled him up to kiss her again. It felt like too long since she'd tasted him. It was like her first drink of his coffee, she thought. She was hooked even though it couldn't have been more than 5 minutes since the kissing began and not even two since their lips had touched.

It felt like it was always supposed to be this way. Lorelai was always scared of ruining their friendship because of how important he was to Rory… and her though she'd never even admit it to herself. But her jealousy brought her here because she couldn't bear the thought of losing her Luke. If he was seeing someone else, he couldn't be her Luke. And now that the kisses started, she knew there was no going back.

She pulled at the hem of Luke's shirt and he gasped in her mouth at the feel of her hands touching his bare skin. But he quickly recovered and deepened their kiss in response. She pulled his shirt up and he lifted his arms in compliance, reluctantly breaking their kiss for a moment. She looked at his somewhat hairy chest and well defined pecs and placed her forehead against his. "You're a beautiful man."

She kissed him again before he could object to the word beautiful. Despite his hands roaming over her body, he made no attempt to get under her shirt. He offered to take her and she wanted him to deliver but he was being a gentleman despite having let her take off his shirt, her enthusiasm to kiss him, tilting her head and allowing access to her neck. He never went to any skin that wasn't already showing.

Frustrated she moaned, "Luke!"

"What?" he asked between kisses.

"Take me to bed, Luke," she instructed more gently. She knew he was a gentleman so how could she get mad that he was just being himself.

"Lorelai, we don't have to… I was only joking when I…"

"I know, but I'm not. I need you. I need all of you. Now." The pleading in her eyes told him she wanted him. And even if he wasn't a sucker for her, he knew she'd get what she wanted with her stubborn resolve.

Luke grabbed her bottom again and pulled her tightly against him and she wrapped her legs around his body and her arms around his neck. She giggled when he pulled her off the counter and carried her the short distance to his tiny bed. He pulled off her already untied shoes and kneeled between her legs. She traced his ears and planted a short but sweet kiss on him. "You're sure?" he asked one more time.

"I'm sure," she promised.

Without further ado, Luke shucked off her pajama bottoms and kissed her thighs starting just above her knee. He sent shivers up her spine. Twice he got so close to her boxer shorts underwear that he could feel the heat of her arousal. Before he finally went for it, he looked up at her, making sure she was still okay and he saw exactly what he was hoping for. Her head was tilted back and she was biting her lip with a smile. He placed his hands on her hips and pushed her back farther on the bed. He flattened his pam on her belly as indication for her to lie back. She obliged and propped herself up on her elbows so she could still see him.

His mouth plunged into her cotton panties and unerringly found her clitoris, She let out a squeak of shock and approval as he made work of sucking on her until her panties were soaked. Her brow furrowed as she watched him. She was trying to figure out how this could feel so good and how she'd waited this long to be with Luke. If she'd known it would be like this, she wouldn't have waited so long.

Luke smiled at her intermittent whimpers and she could feel it when he did. "More!"

Luke licked the edge of both sides of her panties and then sucked a bit harder over her panties again. "Like that?" he teased.

"Off… take them off now," she both demanded and begged.

Luke obliged and then licked her from bottom to top before swirling his tongue around her clit. He slid a finger in her opening and was even more aroused by how wet she was for him. He'd noticed her arousal over her panties but he hadn't expected this. He moved his tongue to her opening and lapped it up greedily. Lorelai kept chanting his name and writhing beneath him. He felt her walls begin to spasm and knew she had to be close. So he ardently sucked her clitoris and inserted three fingers, wiggling them against her g-spot and sending her to the moon. She bucked off the bed and he used his free hand to steady her stomach. One, he counted in his head. Then he kissed her sporadically in her inner thighs all the while still fingering and rubbing his thumb against her clit. The second orgasm came harder and faster at the heels of the first. Lorelai couldn't even form words the second time around.

Just as Luke was winding up to give her a third orgasm, Lorelai put her hands on his face and pulled him up to her. She kissed him and tasted herself on his lips. Mine, she thought. All mine. Before he could make a move to go down on her once more, she tugged at the drawstring on his flannel pajama bottoms. "I don't have any… It's um, it's been a while and…"

"I'm covered. And clean. Are you?"

"Yes, completely."

"Good. Now take me, Luke."

"So bossy," he complained.

"I just want you to know I want this. You keep asking me for reassurance that this is what I want. Even when I was screaming your name, you were looking at me to make sure I do.

"It just doesn't feel real after all this time," he explained.

"It's real, baby. And good… so so so damn good."

"Good," he smiled and she kissed him.

With newfound confidence, Luke's hands trailed under Lorelai's shirt and he pulled it off of her. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were peaked. He couldn't resist consuming them, groping one with his hand and the other with lips and teeth and tongue. Then he switched and Lorelai pressed herself up into him encouragingly. "You're perfect," he whispered.

"Beautiful man," she replied as she caressed his back and then pinched his butt.


"Wanted to do that for a long time- I had to."

"Fine." Luke pulled out her messy bun and ran his fingers through her raven, kinked locks.

"Hey," she smiled as she looked at him.

"Wanted to for a long time," he explained as he twirled a lock around his finger. "Had to." They shared a slow kiss that had none of the urgency of their previous kisses but affirmed to them both that this was the real deal.

Lorelai felt his erection pressing against her through his pajama bottoms and resumed her efforts to get it off of him. He obliged her this time and just like that, Luke and Lorelai were naked together. Any reluctance Luke had was now wiped away at the sight of the beautiful naked woman lying in his bed. He quickly joined her and as he lay atop her in a plank position, he looked her in the eyes, "God I want you."

"I'm all yours mister."

Then they were entangled in each other. Luke reached down and tested Lorelai's arousal; still sufficiently wet, he positioned himself at her entrance. Lorelai pushed her hips down and the tip of his cock sunk into her. Luke snapped and thrust into her hard and deep, repeating the motion rhythmically as he studied Lorelai's face. She was looking up with her hands above her head just enjoying the feel of him. "Lorelai," he grunted as he held himself inside of her.

She looked at him. "I'm sorry, I usually move more, participate and all that but this," she motioned between them and then pressed just a little harder down on his cock causing them both to moan. "This is so good Luke. I can't even explain and I'm the queen of words."

"I get it," he agreed. Then he kissed her and resumed his thrusts, swallowing her moans. As if his kisses awakened her, she rolled them over so she was on top.

She laced their fingers on both hands and looked him in the eyes as she began rocking back and forth with an occasional bounce. Luke felt her walls clench and she was chanting again, he was thankful because he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold his own orgasm. He reached in between them and rubbed her clit. "Come for me, Lorelai," he demanded.

"Luke," she screamed and held his hands tighter as she felt like she might literally fly away.

She collapsed into him, both of them breathing heavily. He kist the top of her head and rubbed her body. Lorelai kissed his chest and then got up and forced Luke up as well to burrow under the covers.


After lay there entwined in each other for a while, Lorelai finally spoke. "That was… wow that was… and you were… oh God!"

"Lorelai, don't."

Lorelai looked at him confused until she saw the fear in his eyes. "No, Luke. I meant it. I want you. You're on my list of addictions now along with coffee and junk food. You might even beat one or both of those."


"Oh definitely. That performance… you should take a bow, prepare to thank the academy for your award, do interviews on why it was so perfect. I always thought that women were lying when they say 'you've ruined me for other men. But now I understand. And I'm not just talking the sex, buddy. I've been kissed good, great even, but with you there's not even a sufficient description. I'm only just barely holding back from kissing you right now because…"

And Luke cut her off for a kiss. He didn't need the reason why. She just admitted she was his and he felt the need to kiss her again. When they parted, he tucked her hair behind her ear and replied. "Lorelai, this thing we're doing, you, me, I'm in. I am all in."

"Same," she beamed. "What are we going to tell people?"

"What do you want to tell them? I mean, it's none of their business."

"But we know they're gonna find out. If we hide it, it'll just make it worse. But maybe we don't go out of our way to tell people?"

"Sounds good."

"Alright, people will know when they know. Oh, except Rory and Sookie. I have to tell Rory and Sookie's been waiting for this day maybe as long as we have. She's definitely a cheerleader for the cause."


"You should thank her. If she hadn't called me out for being jealous, I might not have had the dream that brought me over here."

"I'll send her a card," he deadpanned. As he kissed her again, he saw on the alarm clock behind him that it was 6:15. "Crap."

"What? Sick of me already?"

"No. I was supposed to open the diner already."

"Oops," Lorelai giggled as she kissed him more intimately and for a moment he forgot his task.

"You're gonna have to stop doing that or people are definitely gonna know something's up."


"Lorelai," he groaned.

"Fine. I'll let you get up and get ready."

"Thank you."

As he busied himself finding clothes, Lorelai pulled on a blue flannel he'd discarded and slipped it on. She looked through his kitchen for coffee. "Luke! Where's the coffee?"

"I don't keep it up here, it's all downstairs. I'll be right back, I've gotta hop in the shower."

Lorelai buttoned a few more buttons as she descended the stairs to make her own coffee. What she found was the morning crowd including Kirk and Gypsy staring her down as they waited for Luke.

She slinked back up the stairs and opened the shower curtain. "Well I think people are gonna know!"


"Because I just went downstairs to get coffee like this," she pointed at herself. "But because stupid me never locked the door, people just walked in and seated themselves."

"Maybe they didn't notice."

"Um, hello!" she gestured to herself again.

"Well yeah, but you're always wearing crazy outfits."

"They usually include pants!"

"Well they were going to find out anyway."

"Sure, yeah yeah, a couple of days of teasing and they'll be over it."

"Couple weeks."

"6 months tops but then they'll move on and everything will go back to normal."

"We'll get used to it."

"Oh my god, I have to call Sookie and Rory before the gossip mill hits them."

"Do you think they're awake?"

"No, we were up late. Why?"

"Well if you have 15 minutes, I'm already late anyway."

"Why Luke Danes," she batted her eyes and slipped the flannel she'd made a note to claim for herself off. "Are you propositioning me?"

"Definitely," he confessed pulling her into the shower with him.

"This is the start of a beautiful relationship," she said as she kissed him.

"Shhh… there's a woman in my shower."