The Xanafied fan

Naruto/Code Lyoko crossover.

Little to no pairings and no bashing (From now on, I will stop bashing characters. It makes the story predictable and the bashed character become useless.)

I'm not really good in English, I'm French. However, that doesn't mean you have to go easy on me. If anything, it gives you the right to be even more critical. Only criticism, even harsh criticism, will help me improve. But criticism doesn't mean flames. Please no flames.

Well, I think the readers need to be mature and open-minded. This story is dark. Not excessively dark, but there is violence, character death, mentions of rape...You're warned.

I try to do something twisted, non-linear. Sometimes, you're in the future, sometimes in the past. Don't expect me to go from Point A to Point B.

Now, let's go.

Chapter 2: Keep your life

Present - Naruto

I wonder why it happened.

It was meant to be like this?

Yes, I'm a Hokage, and look at this. Look at what happened.

What an happy ending.

My friends? Only Shino and Sasuke are alive right now, Sasuke being traumatized by a megalomaniac entity.

My wife, my beloved, my love, a part of myself? Went insane, tried to kill Sasuke.

Killed by the very guy she tried to murder.

I couldn't stop their fight in time. It's my fault.

My daughter? Raped and impregnated by that entity. I remember when I wanted her to abort to protect her. She always refused, wanting the baby to live, to love, to be loved.

Himawari died giving birth to her daughter. I never forgot it. Her last words are constantly in my head, as if being a ghost constantly haunting my mind:

"I beg you. Just...Love her."

I can't stop crying. I can't move on. I could have saved her. I could.

But I didn't. It's my fault. I will never forget it.

My son? Forever changed by what happened. He's an ANBU. His life doesn't matter to him anymore. He wants to protect everything and everyone, not caring about himself. No rest. He is always on a mission. Sometimes, he forgets his very name. For him, an ANBU has no identity. He is a being sent to protect people.

If he became like that, it's my fault.

I can't do anything. I'm powerless.

How ironical, knowing that I'm supposed to be the most powerful shinobi alive.

How ironical, knowing that I'm Hokage.

I have political power, but I can't do anything to save my family, my friends.

Present - Sasuke


A punch to the stomach.


A kick between her legs.


We blocked her strike.


We sent her flying with a slap, causing her to fall from the roof of the hospital. We fail to understand how she is still alive. No matter.


"Chidori". The fight was over.

The ground around the hospital was a total mess, filled by cracks, and a corpse.

Hinata's corpse. Foolish woman. If she hadn't attacked us, she would have lived to see another day. It is sad to see that she thought she would be able to defeat us...Me.

Isn't she... Naruto's wife?
Yes, she is.

What have we-I done?

Present - Obito

'I still cannot believe that I've managed to live to see the end of this war.

I still cannot understand how Sasuke managed to destroy Kaguya's All-Killing Ash Bones.

At least, I was punished for my crimes...'


Obito was in a small cell, chakra blocker seals all over his body.

'I deserved it' He thought, expecting to die in this place.
That was until Kakashi came to visit him.

"Obito, as much as I admire you for saving me and teaching me an important mission during the Kannabi Bridge mission...Not everyone agrees with me. Most people wants to see you punished for your crimes. After much debate with the other countries, we came to a decision. You have 2 choices.

The first one, is death penalty.
The second one is...Probably worse, and at the basest level, the same.

If you choose the second option, you will be an ANBU captain. You will be constantly sent on S-rank missions. You will not have possibilities to retire, and will remain an active shinobi until your death. Failure of more than 2 missions will result in your death.

These are your choices. Which one are you going to take?" Asked Kakashi. with two items on his hands.
On his left hand, a rope.
On his right hand, Kakashi's old Dog ANBU mask. Obito thought deeply about these two choices.

But not for a long time. Between dying as a missing-nin who tried to enslave everyone, and fighting and dying as a loyal Konoha shinobi, Obito's choice was made.

"Hey, Obito, are you okay?" Kakashi asked, bringing back the Uchiha to the present.
It's been at least 3 decades since Obito became an ANBU captain. Kakashi was retired since a long time. Both were currently playing shogi, before Obito had to leave for another mission.
"I'm fine, Kakashi. Just thinking." Obito reassured.
"By the way, I won." Kakashi said with an eye smile, having taken advantage of the situation to strike a winning blow. Obito shrugged.
"Yeah yeah, I'm still one win ahead of you."

A loud noise was heard by the two last livings members of Team Minato. It was apparently from the hospital.

"What was that?" Asked Kakashi.
"Let's go check it out" Replied Obito.
Both quickly left Obito's house, which was close to the Konoha hospital.

As they reached their destination, they could only watch in horror the destruction all around the hospital.

"What happened here?" Asked Kakashi. Obito remained silent, before seeing Sasuke in a fetal position and someone else laying on the floor.
As the Uchiha and the Hatake approached, they quickly recognized the person.


She was almost bathing in her own blood, multiple injuries covering her body, and a hole where her heart is supposed to be. Not far from her corpse, Sasuke, still in a fetal position, was crying uncontrollably.

"Damn." Sasuke and Hinata were both mentally unstable, due to what they've been through. One of the two had to provoke the other, and a fight happened.

"Hinata became what these young people call Yandere, due to Naruto's depression, her family's suffering and X.A.N.A.'s rampage. It's highly probable that she tried to kill Sasuke." Theorized Kakashi. Obito nodded.
"Sasuke refuses to interact with anyone but Naruto and you. But then again, his mental illness was so deep that he can't even think properly. Not to forget that he kept all the powers he had back when he was possessed by X.A.N.A., which makes him extremely dangerous during a fight." Obito added.
"But as you said before, Sasuke refuses to interact with anyone but Naruto and I. Hinata probably tried to kill him and he fought back. He believed he was just defending himself, but instead, he fought exactly like...Back when he was possessed. He fought to kill."