10x01: When the Levee Breaks

The sun hovers on the horizon overlooking the San Francisco peninsula as the bright light streaks across the morning sky. Activity within the city is extremely low. The Port of San Francisco is seen in the distance with the time reading 6:25am. A flash and a change of scene later, the Halliwell Manor is seen basking in the glow of the rising sun. Within the Manor, the sun fills in the conservatory and the foyer of the Manor; decorating the empty house with the streak of sunlight pouring in from every transparent oriel. The eerie silence that fills the Manor is suddenly broken with a loud screech of tires heard outside in the street. Car doors are heard being slammed and muffled voices can be heard in the distance, becoming more audible as the shadows of the people outside of the Manor draw closer to the stained glass door. The front door swings open and in walks a doctor, followed by Piper, Phoebe and then Prue.

"Okay, I think we made it. I'm sure we made it. Do you think we made it?" Piper says with a slight panic in her voice.

"I don't know." Prue answers with uncertainty as she closes the door behind her.

"I think he would've attacked by now if we hadn't." Phoebe adds as she marches in the Manor alongside Piper and Dr. Griffiths.

"Who? Who would've attacked?" Dr. Griffiths asks in confusion, "Why won't you tell me what's going on?"

"Because we're busy trying to save your life." Phoebe answers as the whole crew comes to a stop in the middle of the foyer.

"From who?" Dr. Griffiths asks.

"Uh, unfortunately we're not quite sure." Prue answers with uncertainty.

"That's because Phoebe did not give us time to figure it out." Piper says with a hint of irritability in her voice.

"Well, I didn't have a lot of time." Phoebe defends herself, "I mean, I can't control how far in the future my premonitions take place. I saw the attack, we kicked butt, what more do you want?"

"I would like to know more about who we are up against." Piper counters.

"Okay, Phoebe, maybe you should check the Book of Shadows, see if you can find anything else on this demonic hit man, okay?" Prue suggests.

"Excuse me, demonic?" Dr. Griffiths interrupts as his eyes widen in surprise.

"And how to vanquish him, that would be a good thing to know, and do not get side tracked with the Cole potion thingy because the only ones we are concerned about saving right now is ourselves." Piper rambles as her agitation shines through her dialogue.

Phoebe signals her understanding, turns around and heads up the stairs.

"Oh, okay, what Cole potion?" Prue asks in confusion.

"Ah, he told her that he only killed because some demon cast a spell on him. How naive is that?" Piper explains in a blasé tone.

"I thought she was over him?"

"Apparently not." Piper answers.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dr. Griffiths interjects, "First you tell me my life's in danger, then you abduct me from my work, now you're talking about demons and witches. Who the hell are you people?!"

"Look, I know that this all sounds incredible, but it doesn't make it any less true. Alright, you're a healer, you do good, now either you have saved too many lives or you're about to save a life that they don't want you to save." Prue explains in one breath.


"Yeah, demons. Uh, more specifically, Shax. He was The Source's assassin…"

"Hold it, I get it. This is a practical joke, right? Do you have a hidden camera here? My second wife put you up to this?" Dr. Griffiths laughs in disbelief. His eyes search his surroundings, looking for a reasonable explanation as Prue shakes her head in response, "Ah, it's just like her."

"O-o-okay, Dr. Griffiths, listen to me, this is anything but..." Prue pauses as a feeling of dread washes all over her.

Piper turns her focus to Prue. "What?"

"I don't know. I just felt a chill." Prue answers. She looks up and calls, "Phoebe?" There is no answer.

A look of wonder is drawn on Piper's face as Prue continues to call for her sister.

"Phoebe, are you there?" Prue shouts once more as silence fills the air. A daunting look falls on her face as she turns her gaze towards the front door. A tornado of wind twists through the front door and rushes towards the sisters and the doctor.

"Phoebe, where are you?" Prue shouts frantically as the tornado knocks her and Piper to the floor. Dr. Griffiths backs up in confusion. A clap of thunder is heard, the tornado calms down and the demon Shax appears. Grey, muscular and menacing in appearance, the demon cocks his head to the side as he analyses his target.

Dr. Griffiths' eyes widen as he is frozen in fear. With his throat dry with dread and disbelief, he manages to utter his final words, "Dear God..."

Prue lifts her head up and sees Shax motion his arm as he gets ready to conjure a tornado blast.

"No!" she screams as Prue gets up off the floor and pushes Dr. Griffiths out of the way. Shax's tornado ball materializes and makes contact with Prue as she literally crashes straight through the wall behind her. The debris of wood and plaster rain all around her as she falls to the ground, unconscious and bleeding.

"Prue!" Piper screams as she gets up, runs towards her foe and faces Shax head on. In an instant, Shax conjures another tornado blast and hurls it towards at Piper. As the tornado heads towards Piper, she closes her eyes as the blast hits her.

Piper gasps and sits up in her bed, out of breath and drenched in sweat. She looks to her left and sees her husband, Leo sound asleep. She looks to her right and sees the alarm clock reads 3:39am. She looks around and sees the darkness of the night filled in her room, the sounds of cars passing by in the street below. The curtains blow gently in the wind with the window slightly cracked. Piper pulls the covers off her body, stands up, walks towards the window and shuts the window. She shivers as she folds her arms and rubs them for warmth. She walks over to her bed and lies back down. She stares at the ceiling as a single tear falls from her eye and streaks across the side of her face towards her ear. She lifts the covers and covers herself with it and closes her eyes, hoping to have a dreamless night.


I am the son,

I am the heir.

I am human and I need to be loved.

Just like everybody else does…

See I've already waited too long

And all my hope is gone.



Alyssa Milano

Rose McGowan

AND Holly Marie Combs as "Piper"

Brian Krause

Dorian Gregory

Created by: Constance M. Burge


The island of Alcatraz can be seen in the distance as the sun rises and settles in the middle of the sky. The B.A.R.T. can be seen speeding throughout the city, many passengers get off and board the B.A.R.T. and it speeds off. The city of San Francisco can be seen from the point of view of the Ghirardelli and finally the Halliwell Manor is seen, bathed in the morning light. A black Jeep Cherokee and a maroon colored GMC Sierra are parked in the driveway. In the kitchen, Piper sits on a stool as she drinks the last swig of her coffee. She stands up and heads to the table, pours a cupful of coffee, and adds her cream and sugar. She sits back down and begins to stir the cup. She looks down at her coffee mug as the swirl spins and settles. She closes her eyes and she hears an echo of Prue's voice.


She opens them sharply and then takes a deep breath. She hears the footfall of another person approaching and she takes another sip of her coffee. Leo walks into the kitchen wearing a buttoned up cream shirt, dark blue trousers and a dark blue blazer to match. His hair is greased and combed to the side with a line parted on the top right side of his head.

"Good morning." he greets as he walks to the coffee pot, grabs a mug and pours himself a cup. The cup is barely filled to the middle when the coffee pot runs empty. He turns around and looks at his wife.

"Oh man. You didn't make enough coffee, Piper."

Piper doesn't even acknowledge Leo as she stares off into the distance.

"Piper?" Leo calls out to her as he walks closer to her, "Piper."

"Hmmm?" Piper answers still looking straight ahead.

"What's the matter?" Leo asks.

"Nothing. I'm fine."


"Don't worry, Leo. I'm fine." Piper whispers.

"So I'm assuming you made enough coffee but you drank it all." Leo deduces, "Insomnia knocking on your door again?"

Piper takes a deep breath and sighs.

"Want to talk about it?" Leo asks.

Piper finally turns to look at Leo. "The nightmares have begun again."

"Nightmares? Of Prue?" Leo asks.

Piper nods her head in response.

"Is it the same as last time?" Leo asks.

"Yeah." Piper says, "I keep seeing the final moments I shared with Prue and I still don't know why it's happening now. I haven't had this dream in two years and now all of a sudden I am having that nightmare every day this week. I just don't understand it."

"Maybe you need to talk to your sisters about it; they may help shed some light on the situation."

Piper shakes her head in disagreement, "No. Today is supposed to be a good day for Phoebe and I'm not going to ruin it by bringing up a catastrophic moment in our lives, especially after the last time."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Besides, I have to go make sure we have everything good to go for tonight." Piper says.

"Where? At the club or at the restaurant?" Leo asks.

"Restaurant." Piper says, "You just go handle P3 and I will see you later."

Leo smiles.

"Are the kids awake?" Piper asks.

Leo shrugs as he walks to Piper, kisses her and walks out. Piper sighs and takes a sip of her coffee as her eyes rests on Leo's coffee mug.

"What about your coffee?" Piper screams.

"Starbucks!" Leo answers as the front door is heard opening and slammed shut.


A young girl opens her crystal blue eyes slowly and yawns. Her brown hair with hints of blonde is split in half with a pigtail on each side. She sits up and looks around her room. The walls of her room are painted pink and the walls of the room are plastered with posters of boy bands and female singing groups. The poster directly across from her shows a group of young women staring menacingly at her with the words, "Pretty Little Liars" scribbled in cursive at the bottom. She hops out of her bed and opens the thick wooden door. She drags herself across the hall while rubbing her eyes, trying to keep herself awake. She reaches a door and knocks on it lightly and waits for an answer. She knocks once more and then twists the knob of the door and enters.

She walks into the room and looks around for a second. The walls are decorated with many posters plastered over a dark grey and white wall. Pictures of the Avengers are plastered on one side of the room with a few posters of the X-Men & Star Wars mixed together for variety on one side; the other side covered with athletes and a large red poster with an SF written in bold white letters. The floor is littered with piles of clothes. Against the wall to her left leans a bunk bed with two people covered with their blankets, fast asleep. The young girl yawns and walks up to the bunk bed and steps on a ladder, trying to wake up the boy on the top bunk.

"Wyatt." She calls out as she tries to shake him awake, "Wyatt, wake up."

Wyatt groans and takes his hand out of his blanket and waves at the girl dismissively. The girl sighs and gets down from the bunk bed ladder. She sits on the bottom bunk and gently lifts the blanket.


"Hmmm?" Chris answers groggily with his eyes closed.

"Can you make me some breakfast?" she asks meekly.

"Ask Wyatt…" he responds with his voice muffled underneath the blanket.

"He won't wake up." the girl says.

"Ughhh." Chris groans as he lifts up the blanket, sighs and sits up. Chris stares at his sister with his deep blue sea colored eyes, which almost mirrored hers. His dark brown hair was tossed and messy, partially shielding his forehead and his eyes from view.

"Can you guys keep it down? I'm still trying to sleep." Wyatt moans from the top.

He brushes his hair from his eyes and yawns as he affectionately touches his sister's cheek.

"Come on, I'll make you something to eat." Chris says as he jumps out of bed. He fixes his pajama bottoms and slides his sock covered feet into flip flops and grab his sister's hand. He looks back at the top bunk and watches as Wyatt tosses and turns on his bed. His sister pulls him and leads him out of the bedroom and Chris closes the door behind him.


Moments later, Chris and his sister enter the kitchen of the Manor. Chris drags his feet while his sister runs into the kitchen and sits down on a stool. Chris walks and opens the refrigerator. He looks inside and takes out some eggs, bacon and milk.

"How do eggs and pancakes with a side of bacon sound?" Chris asks.

"Awesome." She replies.

Chris smiles as he closes the refrigerator. He places the items on the counter and then pauses and stares at his sister.

"Did you brush your teeth?"

"Yeah?" she answers.

"Mellie, did you brush your teeth?" Chris asks her one more time.

"No." she answers with her head hanging low.

"You know what to do, Mel. I am not going to ask you again. Go brush your teeth and wash up. By the time you're done, your food will be ready for you, ok?" Chris says.

Mellie nods and hops off the stool.

"Don't forget I want extra bacon!" Mellie yells as she runs out of the kitchen.

"I won't!" Chris yells after her. He turns around to grab the pots and pans when Piper walks into the kitchen.

"Wow, I'm surprised you're up at this time." Piper says staring at her watch.

"Mel woke me up; she wanted me to make her breakfast." Chris answers as he greases up the frying pan with butter. He turns around and places a few slices of bread in the toaster.

"She could've come to me and asked me to make her breakfast." Piper says, "I would've made breakfast if I knew you weren't going to be sleeping in."

"You're always gone before we wake up, mom. I'm surprised you're even still here."

"Well that will all change next week when you all start school next week." Piper says as she helps Chris prepare breakfast.

"You still have to take us school shopping." Chris says, "And I don't want any of Wyatt's old clothes. I'm too old for hand-me-downs."

"You're only thirteen, Chris. You'll be fine." Piper says with a smile.

"Where's dad?" Chris asks.

"P3. Where are your brother and sister?" Piper asks.

"Wyatt's still sleeping and Mel went to go wash up." Chris says as he cracks two eggs and begins to fry them. Piper watches him with a smile on her face. Chris looks up at her.

"Why are you smiling?" Chris asks her with a crooked smile.

"You just amaze me, you know that?" Piper says as she walks closer to him and puts her hand around him, "The way you take care of your brother and sister. You remind me of me when I was your age."

"Now you're over exaggerating, mom." Chris says as he uses the spatula to flip the eggs. Piper leans closer and kisses Chris on his forehead. The toaster shoots out the bread.

"I have to go to Halliwell's to prepare for tonight." Piper says

"For Aunt Phoebe's thing?"

"Yep." Piper says as she grabs a toast. "Remember, I want you, Wyatt and Mellie home by 6pm. Not 5:59. No exceptions. We can't be late. Got it?"

"I got it, mom. I'll make sure that we are ready to go by 5:30." Chris says.

"Ok. I'll see you soon. And don't forget to make some breakfast for your brother, and ask him to wash the dishes when you're done."

"Yes, mom." Chris says absentmindedly as he continues to prepare breakfast.

"With no magic…" Piper emphasizes.

"No magic. Got it." Chris says.

Piper walks out of the kitchen and Mellie runs past her.

"Bye mom!" Mellie screams.

Piper laughs as she walks towards the foyer and then walks out of the Manor. Wyatt walks into the kitchen shortly after. With his dirty blonde hair disheveled, he drags himself towards the kitchen island and sits down next to Mellie.

"What are you guys doing tomorrow?" Wyatt asks.

"Nothing really. Just probably go to the mall with Mel and meet up with Joel and Matt. She wants me to take her to the arcade. Why do you ask?" Chris asks.

"Tomorrow is my baseball tryouts. I was wondering if you guys can come with me, make me less nervous, you know?" Wyatt answers.

"I thought your football tryouts were tomorrow." Mellie says.

"No, that's on the first day of school next week." Wyatt answers.

"You're trying to do it all, aren't you?" Chris mutters as he grabs a plate and dresses it up with eggs and bacon. He sets it down in front of Mellie.

"Chris…" Wyatt says as he looks deep into his brother's eyes, "Please?"

"Fine." Chris sighs, "We'll stop by before we go to the mall."

Wyatt's eyes light up with joy and his smile grow wide. He looks at his sister who is inhaling her eggs without chewing.

"You're making me breakfast too, right?" Wyatt asks. Mel reaches over the table and grabs a slice of bacon,

"Yeah, if you'd clean up the dishes afterwards…" Chris answers.

Wyatt smiles.

"With no magic…" Chris adds with a smile as Wyatt's smile disappears. Mellie giggles as she takes a bite of her bacon.


A change of scene from the Manor brings us to the Port of San Francisco. The large clock strikes 10:00 am and directly across the port is a blue and white house with a green Volkswagen parked outside. On the inside of the house, there is disaster and commotion everywhere. There are toys littered everywhere and sounds of children laughing and playing. Paige walks out of the bedroom carrying a laundry basket. Wearing a sweater and her baggy sweatpants, her hair is shaved off with remnants of her dark locks exhibited on her head in a 5' o'clock shadow. She walks towards the laundry room as she trips over an object on the ground. She groans out of frustration as she squats and picks it up. It is an action figure of the Incredible Hulk, green all over.

"Junior!" she screams.

A young boy no older than 9, long dark brown hair which falls just above his shoulders with dark brown eyes walks up to Paige.

"Yes mom?"

"What did I tell you about leaving your toys around? If I see them on the floor, what does that mean?" Paige asks. The other children continue to scream and make noise in the background.

"If they're on the floor, it means that I don't want it anymore." Henry Jr. says in a low tone.

"Do you want me to throw these toys away?" Paige asks.

"No, mom."

"Then you know what to do." Paige says as she runs her fingers through his curly hair and kisses him on his forehead. Henry Jr. picks up the toy and runs away.

"And tell your sisters to keep it down!" Paige yells.

Paige's cell phone begins to ring and Paige struggles to answer her phone with the laundry basket in her hand. She puts the laundry basket on the floor and answers the phone.

"Henry, hi." She answers as she starts to put the laundry in the washing machine.

"Hey, honey. How are you doing?" Henry asks as he walks around his office looking at a folder.

"Oh, just barely hanging on by a thread. Your children are driving me crazy."

"It can't be that bad." Henry laughs.

"Gabby and Penny keep arguing over petty little things and Henry is in his room on his iPad 24/7 while his toys are littered over the whole house. I can't have a moment of peace here." Paige rants.

"Well, they go back to school in a week so just hang on until then." Henry advises.

"That's easy for you to say. You don't have to spend all day with them."

"So how about I plan a spa day for you next week when they go back, just a whole day to relax and be pampered? How does that sound?" Henry asks.

"Don't dangle false promises in front of me and take it away. I will orb you into a volcano if you do." Paige says as she continues to stuff the laundry into the washing machines.

"I promise. I'll put something together for you." Henry says, "you deserve it."

"I'll hold you to it." Paige says, "What time are you coming home tonight?"

"I don't know. Probably at 8-9. I'm not sure. Why do you ask?"

"Tonight is Phoebe's dinner thing, remember?"

"Tonight? Are you sure?" Henry says as he puts his folder down and looks at the calendar.

"Yes. Piper told us two weeks ago. You better not back out of this one. You know it means a lot to me." Paige says.

"I will try but I can't promise anything."

"Henry James Mitchell. You better not leave me hanging!" Paige says furiously.

"Ok, ok! I'll see what I can do. Count me in." Henry says.

"Good. It's been a while since we have all been in the same city together, yet alone the same room so this reunion will be good for us, especially the kids."

"You're over exaggerating." Henry laughs.

"It has been a long time since we have seen Phoebe and Coop, I don't know if the kids remember their cousins." Paige says.

"They have met before, haven't they?" Henry questions.

"The kids have met Piper's kids but they don't remember Phoebe's. I'm pretty sure." Paige says as she adds the last load of laundry in the washing machine, uncovers the detergent and pours a little bit into the washing machine. She slams the washing machine door shut and then turns it on. She turns around and leans against the washing machine and folds her right arm underneath her left arm while she holds her phone.

"I guess it will be nice for them to meet their cousins." Henry says.

"The banquet dinner thing is at 8 so that means that I want you home by…"

"7." Henry cuts her off.

"No. 6. It's a wild card when it comes to you getting ready for things so be home by 6 ." Paige says.

"Ok. I got to go, hun. I'll see you in a few." Henry says.

"6:00, Henry!"

"I got it! Love you!" Henry says as he sits down.

"I love you too." Paige says as she hangs up the phone. She smiles and bites her lip as her mind wanders for a little bit. Her daydream is shattered when she hears a crash in the background.

"It wasn't me!" the twins can be heard screaming in defense in the distance.

Paige takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, praying for a moment of peace in her mind. She opens them and walks out of the laundry room.


A beaux-arts style building can be seen with numerous flags perched on the balcony. The exterior boasts numerous floors and the interior is just as glamourous with gilded decorations throughout. In one of the rooms, a woman sits on her bed facing a mirror. She is wearing a bathrobe with dark short hair styled in a bob cut. A man walks into the room and walks towards her slowly.

"Phoebe?" he calls.

Phoebe turns her head and stares at her husband. Coop smiles at her.

"Are you okay?"

Phoebe takes a deep breath and nods.

"Are you sure? You're saying yes but I know your heart is saying no." Coop says.

"I'm fine." She says softly as she stands up. She clears her throat.

"Are you nervous about you receiving honors in your name?" Coop asks.

"No. That doesn't worry me. It's my sisters." Phoebe says.

"What about them?" Coop asks.

"It's been so long since I have seen both of them and the way we left things before I left…" she says as she pauses. Coop walks closer to her and wraps his arms around her.

"Shhh…" Coop comforts her, "that was a long time ago. Bygones. I doubt that they're carrying a grudge over that last argument."

"You don't know Piper." Phoebe says.

"Well she's throwing you a banquet in her restaurant in your honor. I don't think she will do that if she was still mad at you."

Phoebe takes a deep breath and then looks up at her husband.

"You think so?"

"Yes. Now, we have to get you ready to go to the university for your ceremony. This is something you have wanted for the longest time and they are finally honoring you with a PhD. You should be happy." Coop says.

"You're right. So I guess I'll get ready for that. And can you get the girls ready and meet me at the university?" Phoebe says as she walks away from Coop. She walks into the closet and begins to get dressed.

"We're not going together?"

"No, I want to stop at the Bay Mirror. I feel like I need to go see them. I miss them. I miss Elise."

Coop walks up to Phoebe and smiles, "Ok. I will see you at Berkeley."

"Thanks." Phoebe says as she kisses Coop and turns away from him, continuing to get ready.

"You think the girls will be excited to meet their cousins tonight?" Coop asks as he watches his wife getting dressed.

"I hope so. I mean, they have Mel, Gabby and Penny to hang out with so that will be fun…hopefully." Phoebe answers.

"And what about magic?" Coop asks.

"What about magic?"

"We haven't had any reason to use magic since we left. Do you think we should tell the girls about it?" Coop asks.

"They know about magic. They just don't know the extensive knowledge about it, like demons and warlocks and stuff like that." Phoebe says, "we haven't handled demons since a few months after the twins' were born so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it."

"If you say so. I'll go check on the girls." Coop says as he turns around and walks out.

Phoebe puts on her light shade of pink lipstick and then she stares at herself in the mirror.

A flash is seen and a mirror can be seen. The door of the Manor opens and rapid footsteps can be heard running in.

"Piper, listen to me!" Phoebe can be heard saying as she runs after Piper. The three sisters are seen running into the Manor. Paige closes the door and follows her sisters. It is obvious to see that this scene takes place a few years in the past.

Phoebe's hair is longer than previously shown. Her long dark hair has been pulled into a ponytail which ends in the middle of her back. Paige's dark brown hair is also long and flowing, resting on her chest. Piper storms into the foyer and takes off her jacket angrily.

"Don't talk to me, Phoebe. You're not making sense and I'm not trying to hear it." Piper says.

"I'm not making sense? Do you hear yourself?" Phoebe says.

"Piper…" Paige begins to say but Piper cuts her off.

"Are you choosing her side too, Paige?"

"I'm not trying to choose a side, just trying to mediate." Paige answers.

"Piper, I understand your frustration and you know that I am always behind you in everything you do but this is going too far." Phoebe says.

"Going too far? There are no boundaries when it comes to Prue, Phoebe."

"I think you're being selfish, Piper."

"Selfish?! Saving Prue is being selfish?" Piper asks Phoebe as she walks towards Phoebe slowly.

"You don't want to save Prue because she needs help, you want to save Prue because you need to fill the hole her absence created when she died; but you can't." Phoebe explains, "Rosier told us that she's gone…"

"Since when do we take the Elders for their word, Phoebe?" Piper asks angrily.

"It's not just Rosier, Piper! Grams said it, Andy said it and so did mom." Phoebe says as she takes a deep breath, "Prue has been recycled, Piper. Her soul is no longer in this universe or any of the planes of existence. Instead of facing that and moving on, you're determined to take onto the task of doing the impossible."

"The impossible?" Piper laughs angrily, "We're the freaking Charmed Ones. Impossible does not exist in our vocabulary. Our sister needs us and she came to me."

"Right because you claim you sensed her aura and saw her apparition for a brief minute." Phoebe adds, "She's gone, Piper. There's no way to save someone that is beyond our powers. We may be the Charmed Ones but our magic has its limitations, Piper."

"Piper, Phoebe is right. You're letting your feelings cloud your better judgment." Paige finally adds.

Piper scoffs as she turns around and walks up the stairs, heading to the attic. Phoebe runs after her.

"Let her go, Phoebe!" Paige screams after her as she runs after her sisters. She runs past the mirror in the foyer.


"Phoebe!" a voice can be heard in the distance. Phoebe stares at herself in the present in the mirror, daydreaming.

"Phoebe!" Coop's voice can be heard in the distance calling for her. Phoebe breaks out of her trance.


"Your ride is here." Coop says.

"Thanks, honey."

"Are you okay?" Coop asks.

"Yeah." Phoebe says softly as she begins to apply blush to her cheeks. "I'll be fine."

Coop nods and walks away. Phoebe takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.


Across the water that borders San Francisco, the islands of Alcatraz and Angel can be seen. Sitting on top of the hill on Angel Island is a magnificent temple which is invisible to the mortal eye. The temple's gold and white pillars and walls reflect the light into the ocean. The interior of the temple does not match the exterior. Within the temple, the once gold and white walls show signs of wear and tear; vines and leaves have grown on the walls, with a few scorch marks in between. The once spotless and smooth black marble floors are covered with dust and enormous cracks dancing all over the throne room.

A man materializes into the throne room and walks up the stairs. Decked out in all-black attire, he stares at the six golden chairs and smiles. The golden chairs seem to have lost their luster, the shine that exuded from the magnificent chairs were now dull and unimpressive. The man turns around and sits down. He lifts his head and he is revealed to be Abaddon. He closes his eyes and waves his hand in the air. An apparition of a man appears before him. The transparent man bows his head lowly and Abaddon nods in return.

"Sebastian." Abaddon says in a low voice.

Sebastian lifts his head and replies, "My lord."

"Come closer."

Sebastian bows once more and moves closer to the throne.

"So you have any news to bring me?"

"Nothing of import, my lord. The officials you have put in place are running things as smoothly as we hoped. You have eyes in every dimension, every plane, every city, country and every corner of the underworld." Sebastian says.

"That's good to hear."

"The underworld hasn't been this organized since the Source, and even with him there was a little bit of chaos." Sebastian compliments.

"I have you to thank for that. Your counsel and your allegiance are unmatched and it is much appreciated." Abaddon says with gratitude.

"I would be able to roam even further than you would want me to only if I wasn't a ghost." Sebastian says.

"I am a powerful being, Sebastian and I am at the helm of all magic but with all that power, death is one tricky feat to master."

"I know it is nearly impossible, my lord," Sebastian says, "But it has been done before. There is one being who has been able to resurrect beings from the wasteland before."

"Who?" Abaddon asks.


In the depths of the temple, the dungeon is dark, dingy and cold. Eerie silence fills the darkness. Each section of the caves within the dungeon is shaped like catacombs, with nothing but dirt and rubble on the ground. Abaddon descends down the steps leading down to the dungeon. As he walks deeper and deeper into the depths, he sees his prisoners sitting one by one; some screaming at the top of their lungs but no sound can be heard, others just resigned to their fate, sitting in a corner rocking back and forth in their misery. He walks up further into the depths and stops. He turns around and faces the cave. With every cave he passes, the fire lights up illuminating his path.

In the corner sits a woman who stares at the wall across from her. Her once shiny golden hair has been tainted with grime and dirt. She dons a tattered grey dress that hang loosely on her body. Her face is gaunt with sunken cheekbones and skeletal features. She turns her head towards Sebastian and the hope that once exuded from her blue eyes has been erased.

"Hello, dear sister." Abaddon says with a smile, looking at Laylah.


The exterior of a restaurant can be seen. A stunning big establishment bearing dark, close to tinted windows with a big sign written in golden cursive, "Halliwell's". The interior of the restaurant is just as stunning with a mixture of black and gold colors. The restaurant has a stage in the upper left corner and a DJ booth in the upper right. The DJ booth is elevated with a beautifully glazed Steinway & Sons black piano at the base.

The main floor of the restaurant has been divided into three sections; the section on the far left contains numerous booths and tables for VIP personnel, the middle section has a lot of round, square and rectangular tables surrounded by black and golden chairs and the last section is a large dance floor with a setup of drums, a keyboard and microphone stand.

The chaos within the restaurant is massive as the staff moves up and down, in and out and all about with Piper standing in the midst, shouting directions and commands.

"Just hang the banner over there by the dance floor." Piper shouts.

A blonde woman enters the restaurant and walks towards Piper.

"Wow, it is busy like a bee hive in here." She says while standing behind Piper.

Piper turns around and sees Billie.

"Well good to see you, stranger." Piper says with a smile.

"Stranger? I haven't been MIA that long." Billie says as she folds her arms.

"Ever since you started working for the St. James hotel chain, we haven't been seeing a lot of you."

"In my defense, I got promoted to head of Human Resources so I've been a little busy." Billie says.

"You got promoted?" Piper asks and Billie nods in response.

"That's great, hun."

"Thank you. My hard work is paying off." Billie says.

"Yeah, that and the fact that you're sleeping with the CEO." Piper laughs.

"That's not how I got my job. He just recommended me for it."

"And you think the board will say 'no' to the owner?" Piper scoffs. Billie pauses.

"Anyway, how's Jerry doing anyway?"

"He's in New York at the headquarters. He's going to be gone for a week or two." Billie says as she looks around, "What exactly is going on here? What are your worker bees doing?"

"Nothing really. We're just getting the setup done for Phoebe's little banquet this evening." Piper answers as she continues to bark commands at her staff.

"Wait, Phoebe's back?" Billie says in surprise.

"Mhm." Piper answers as she scribbles notes on her board.

"When did she get back?"

"I don't know. Probably yesterday."

"Did you talk to her?" Billie asks.

Piper doesn't take her eyes off the clipboard. Billie folds her arms and inches herself closer to Piper.


"What, Billie? What?!" Piper scowls.

"Did you talk to your sister?" Billie asks one more time.

"No, I haven't. Okay?! I haven't."

"Piper…" Billie exhales in disappointment.

"I don't want to hear it, Billie." She says as she continues to scribble on her board.

"If you don't want to speak to her, then why are you doing all of this? Why are you going through all the trouble to set this up for her if you don't intend to repair the damage between you two?" Billie asks.

"There is no damage. This is just a gesture of appreciation for my sister. Bygones type of thing. We are fine. There's nothing to talk about." Piper explains. She finally stops writing and looks up at Billie.

"We're trying to move past this. Don't make this into something it is not."

"How exactly are you trying when you haven't made an effort to even say a word to her? I'm not making this into something it's not, Piper. You are." Billie says as Piper faces her. Billie's eyes pierces Piper's wall. Her hazel and emerald eyes attempt to read Piper's demeanor as Piper tries to hold her ground.

"I don't want to talk about Phoebe anymore, okay? Let's just drop it." Piper sighs.

"Ok, so how are the children?" Billie asks as she clears her throat.

"They're fine. They're coming tonight so you'll see them yourself." Piper answers.

"Am I invited tonight because I don't think I received an invitation?"

"Of course you are, Billie. What kind of a question is that?" Piper answers.

"Well, it's good to know." Billie says. Almost immediately, her phone begins to ring.

"Great…" Billie sighs out of frustration, "That's my cue to go. I guess I'll see you tonight?"

"Sure." Piper waves as she begins to scribble on her clipboard again. Billie walks away and begins to talk on her phone. Piper watches Billie walk away and sighs. Her eyes find a magazine cover with Phoebe's picture on it. She picks it up and the corners of her lips curl for a moment. She closes her eyes for a brief moment and then puts the magazine down.


A three decker apartment can be seen as numerous cars pass by in the distance. Inside the apartment, a circle of lit candles break the darkness that fills the room. A giant shadow leans against the wall waving with the flicker of every candle in the room. A woman sits in the circle; legs crossed, back straight and eyes closed. The woman dark brown hair tied into a bun sitting on top of her head. Her hands rest on her legs as she inhales deeply and exhales smooth breaths. A flash of white and blue orbs brighten the room as the lights rain down from the ceiling beside her. The lights disappear and a man materializes. An older gentleman with wavy white locks, the man dons a gold and white robe.

"Laura…" the man calls out to her gently.

"You know whenever you find a witch in a position like this, meditating and chanting; that is a universal sign that she is not to be disturbed." Laura says with a serene tone.

"I am aware. I guess I'll come back later." The man says as he begins to orb out but Laura jumps up and stops him.

"Wait." She blurts out as her hands extend to grab him before he orbed out., "I can do this later. Nothing is happening anyway."

Laura begins to blow out all the candles and shifts the curtains to the side, letting in some light. "So what brings you here, Rosier?"

"Just to get an update on your vigilance on the mission at hand." Rosier says.

"Nothing has changed, same old stuff from before. Unusual silence from both ends." Laura says as she walks to her refrigerator. She opens it up and takes out a bottle of water, cracks the lid open and takes a swig.

"That is unusual indeed." Rosier groans as he contemplates.

"What exactly has been going on?" Laura asks.

"Nothing, my dear. Nothing at all." Rosier says as he begins to pace.

"You're a terrible liar." Laura spits out, "You come to me ten years ago and ask me to keep an eye on the Charmed Ones, and I do. Then you ask me to keep an eye out for demonic activity, and I do. Demonic activity has been relatively low to damn near nonexistent for 7-8 years now but you still have me cruising the underworld looking for things that make no sense. You refuse to tell me why you ask me to carry out your surveillance missions but you come to me asking for my help. There are plenty of witches you can benefit you the most but you come to the one whose power lays dormant. I'm done. Unless you give me an inch, I won't subject myself to your meaningless quest."

Laura takes a deep breath; the light from her window pierces her eyes revealing how clear her blue eyes are. Rosier stares at her wrestling with himself internally; contemplating if he should tell her the truth. With a deep breath, he walks closer to her and sits down on her couch. Laura stands over him with her arms folded, awaiting an answer.

"I can't tell you much." He begins, "But I can give you a little bit of information to make you see what is about to happen."

With her interest piqued, she slowly sits down on the couch and brushes a single strand of hair from her eyes.

"What do you mean? What's going on?"

"As a delegator of magic, I pass information to whitelighters and witches about the past to prevent the future from repeating the same mistakes." he begins. He runs his fingers through his white hair and sighs.

"There are structures put in place in this world we live in, governed by magic. The structures that keep the grand design in balance." Rosier begins.

"You mean the scale of good and evil?" Laura asks.

"Precisely." Rosier answers as he pauses. He takes a deep breath and continues, "There are signs that have been put in place to alert us when the unthinkable is going to happen, when the grand design is going to be disturbed and the worst is dug out and brought to the surface."

"What are you talking about?" Laura asks.

"Trouble is brewing on the horizon. To the untrained eye and the ignorant mind, the Uncovering is the beginning. The signs are pointing to the Uncovering."

"The Uncovering of what?" Laura asks in confusion, "What signs?"

"When was the last time a demon attacked above ground or you were able to fight an evil entity of any kind?" Rosier asks.

"The Charmed Ones, Billie and I fought an evil spirit a few years back...or was it a darklighter? I don't even remember. That's how long it has been." Laura answers.

"An angry spirit bears no allegiance to anyone, they exist to serve their own needs, mostly to exact vengeance if it is personal." Rosier says.

Laura closes her eyes and her mind wanders far back into the past. She opens them sharply and gasps as a realization hits her. She looks at Rosier.

"You can't tell me that this is unusual. Demons, warlocks, darklighters. None of them have attacked for years and yet the grand design is still intact. Something is going on, Laura."

"What do you need me to do?" Laura asks faithfully as determination oozes out of her eyes.

Rosier takes a deep breath.


If looks can kill, Abaddon would have ignited into flames and whatever was remaining would have been sent to the Demonic Wasteland to be devoured by the worm creature living beneath the hot sand. Laylah's gaze was menacing; every emotion coursing through her body and leered through her eyes. Abaddon's smile made it worse, and he basked in the hatred that emanated from his sister.

"Now, now sister." He says as he wags his finger tauntingly at her, "We can't have any of that now, can we?"

"What do you want?" Laylah asked through her gritted teeth.

"I believe you're familiar with my associate, Sebastian…" he begins to explain, "In our line of work, it is hard to find loyal people who pledge their allegiance to serve and actually follow through on that promise."

Laylah scoffs as she averts her eyes and stares at the wall across from her, "I see you're not wearing the traditional robes."

"You noticed!" Abaddon shouts, his words drenched in sarcasm. He takes a look at his outfit, a black blazer, with black slacks, with a black button up shirt underneath his blazer, "It does us some good to break tradition, you know? Those robes were very uncomfortable and heavy. You can't accomplish a lot with those but I digress."

Laylah rolls her eyes and sits down on her slab made of concrete rock, "Why are you here?"

"Right…" Abaddon mutters as he continues, "So good ol' Sebastian has been a faithful servant of mine for this past decade. He has helped me reorganize the underworld under my rule, establish assassins, lieutenants, sergeants and order to the demonic ranks. Hell, he even found where Gambrel stashed my hound."

He moves closer to the prison cave and whispers, "You remember my hound, Cerberus?"

"What. Do. You. Want?!" Laylah screeches with whatever might she could muster.

"You will do well to mind your tone with me or else…" Abaddon snarls. Laylah grills her brother and her gaze weakens after a moment.

"Good. Now, from what I understand in my absence, you have mastered the art of bringing the dead back to life or at least making them corporeal so they can become part of this world again. I was wondering if you can grant me that favor and do the same for Sebastian."

"You want me to do you a favor? Why don't you use the gauntlet to do it?" Laylah asks.

"The gauntlet magnifies my power and absorbs other powers," Abaddon sighs, "Since you are my sister and I love you, I figured I should rather ask than just take by force. You know, exercise that free will the rest of our brothers loved to emphasize so much."

Laylah musters her strength and stands up. She walks closer to her brother and smiles. The hope that had faded from her eyes returns momentarily as she purses her lips and spits in his face. Abaddon flinches and raises his hand in an attempt to strike her but he stops himself. He takes a deep breath and smiles as he wipes the spit from his face.

"Now…" he begins as he walks closer to the prison, "as I was saying; Sebastian in his infinite wisdom and magnificence, son of Tempus and the magnificent Atropos, foresaw this action and told me about it. See, this proves my point as to why I want to have Sebastian to be by my side."

He checks his lapels to see if there are any remnants of saliva. He sighs and places his hand on the rocky wall next to the cave in which his sister dwells.

"You can see that having a soothsayer with a reliable power of clairvoyance in your pocket is just good sense for business." Abaddon says, "So I'm going to ask you one more time and that is twice more than anyone usually gets; can you help me with Sebastian?"

With an icy cold stare and an angry tone she utters, "Go to hell."

Immediately, Abaddon guffawed upon hearing those words, his loud and boisterous laugh echoing through the dungeon. His laugh turns into a sigh as he looks to his sister. He raises his right hand, palm facing his face and a purple glow illuminates his hand. A brief moment later, his hand is covered with a dark brown armored glove, snug around the fingers and loose around his wrist.

"I've been there, darling." Abaddon says as his tone lowers and for the first time, his voice was devoid of sarcasm, "You know nothing of hell and after I am done with my plans, you will be begging for death. Let me assure you, you would think that will be your hell but that will only be a sliver compared to the hell I've been through."

In an instant, Laylah raises her hand and a shot of lightning shoots from her hands aimed towards Abaddon. The lightning bolt hits an invisible barrier between herself and Abaddon and bounces back towards Laylah, who ducks to avoid contact. The lightning bolt hits the rocky wall behind her, leaving a scorch mark.

"Building a dungeon where magic can enter but none can escape. That credit goes to me." Abaddon boasts, "At least I know now that your magic is still intact."

Abaddon clenches his fist and the gauntlet glows once more in the familiar purple hue and the purple light beams towards Laylah and hits her in the chest. She begins to glow as streams of white light exits out of her, flowing back towards Abaddon through the connection of the gauntlet. The whole dungeon lights up and shakes. Rumbles of little and big rocks fall from the ceiling as the other prisoners cower in fear. Abaddon absorbs the energy and after a moment, the light fades, returning the surroundings to normal.

Abaddon breathes a sigh of satisfaction as he looks at himself and then at his sister, who is laying on the ground. Laylah struggles to sit up but has no strength to perform such an easy action.

"You will pay for this." She says with her breathless stagger.

"Don't be so dramatic, dear." Abaddon taunts, "You are familiar with the power of the gauntlet. It amplifies my power and borrows the power of those of my choosing…as long as the owner is still alive. You'll get your powers back in an hour or two."

"When I get out of here, I will make sure that you will suffer in the worst way imaginable," she says as her hatred for him strengths her words, "I will make you wish for death but it will never come and when I have made you suffer, I will stand over you as I watch the life fade from your eyes."

"My magic can't harm you without this gauntlet so that means yours cannot harm me. Empty threats are always so amusing." Abaddon scoffs.

"My powers may not be able to, but I know the Charmed Ones' magic will be able to."

"The witches? Ha!" Abaddon laughs, "That, I'd like to see."

Abaddon turns to face the darkness in the dungeon leading back up the stairs.

"It's been nice chatting with you, sis. I'll try to visit more often. Can't make any promises but I'll try." He says, looking at her with a smile and then he finally whispers, "Thanks for the powers."

Abaddon walks away feeling triumphant. As he walks away, Laylah screams after him, "Mark my words!" to which Abaddon replies, "Consider them marked."

He steps onto the steps, ascending into the darkness and disappears from sight.


A chime from the elevator is heard as its doors slide open, revealing Phoebe standing there. Her rhythm of her heart beats faster with every step she takes as she steps out of the elevator. She walks in an office corridor, walking by a big red sign on the wall which reads, "THE BAY MIRROR". She takes a moment to look around as nostalgia kicks in.

"This place looks the same." She thinks to herself as she smiles. She walks up to the clear granite glass doors leading to the other side, a place which was practically a second home to her for nearly ten years. She sees the distorted silhouette of various people bustling through the glass. Taking a deep breath, she pushes the door open the door and walks in. She takes a couple of steps in and looks around. Her nerves fall at ease as she smiles, looking around the busy newspaper.

As she strolls further and further into the Bay Mirror, the noisy newspaper begins to fall silent and the noise turns into a few whispers with a pair of eyes glaring in her direction. In a few moments, the whole newspaper office falls silent.

"Hi guys!" Phoebe smiles nervously.

"Oh my God, Phoebe?!" a woman's voice is heard behind Phoebe. She turns around and sees her old assistant, a red curly-haired woman wearing a black pants suit walking towards her with arms extended.

"Sophie?!" Phoebe says with a smile as she walks into her arms and embraces. They separate and Sophie takes a look at Phoebe.

"I can't believe you're here! What has it been, 5 years?" she asks.

"Something like that." Phoebe answers.

"Wow, you have not aged a day!" Sophie compliments, "And I love your hair! You always had the best fashion sense among other things."

"Well, thank you." Phoebe blushes as she brushes her hair out of her face.

"How long are you in town for?" Sophie asks.

"I don't know. Maybe a week or two. Nothing concrete yet." Phoebe replies. She continues to look around, "What have you been up to?"

"Got promoted a few years ago to run the Business column, it's a step up from being your assistant…" she rants and pauses as she looks at Phoebe, realizing her words, "Not that there's anything wrong with being your assistant. I didn't mean it in a negative way…"

"It's ok, Sophie." Phoebe laughs as she stops Sophie, "I know what you mean."

"It hasn't been the same since you left, Phoebe." Sophie whispers to her.

Phoebe smiles as she looks down, "I really miss you guys."

"We miss you too." Sophie counters.

"Where's uh, where's Elise?" Phoebe asks.

As if almost on cue, Elise steps out of her office reading a folder, completely unaware of what is going on. She marches towards a cubicle, still reading her file.

"Seth, this article is good but it needs a little more zing. I can't explain it but I know you can…" she rambles as she bumps into an employee and then looks up. She sees her newspaper at a standstill, confused as to what is going on with her back towards Phoebe.

"What is going on? You guys are burning daylight while we have deadlines to meet." Elise shrieks.

"Hi, Elise." Phoebe says softly and immediately Elise's eyes widen. She takes a deep breath and turns around slowly to see the figure standing before her, the woman she thought she would never see again.

"Phoebe…" she utters, her tough exterior shedding with the mention of her name. She walks to Phoebe and hugs her tightly. She backs away from her and takes another look at her.

"Can't believe that you're actually here." she divulges as her voice breaks, looking at Phoebe.

"Can we talk somewhere private?" Phoebe asks.

"Sure, follow me." She turns around and walks towards her office with Phoebe following her. They walk into her office and shut the door. Elise walks around her desk and sits down. Phoebe stands across from her, arms hanging in front of her with her fingers interlocked.

"So," Elise begins, "Are you back for now or back for good?"

"For now." She answers, "UC Berkeley is honoring me with a PhD so I'm here to accept and then head back to London."

"How long are you here for?"

"A week or two. I haven't decided yet." Phoebe responds as she pulls a chair and sits down.

"I see." She says, as she rocks back and forth in her office chair.

"Elise, I…"

"You know that I haven't found anyone to replace you because you were a tough act to follow. Your shoes were too big to fill. People either failed at the job or were too scared to take it."

"Elise, I'm sorry." Phoebe apologizes.

"No, no." Elise raises her hand, "No apologies needed. From a business woman's point of view, I understand why you did it. Hell, I gave you the idea to write your book and gave you the connections. I knew you would have had to tour to promote your book but I didn't think you were going to stay away for good."

"Elise, believe me it wasn't the plan. It was more of a family related issue and this job was the casualty as a result." Phoebe explains.

"I understand. We lost a lot of subscribers and readers after you left. The only thing that kept us afloat was promoting your book in our newspaper and teasing your return." Elise admits.

"I don't know what to say, Elise." Phoebe says in a tone filled with regret.

"So why are you here?" Elise says, clearing her throat.

"The ceremony today for my PhD. I was wondering if you would like to come. It wouldn't feel right if you weren't there." Phoebe asks.

"Anything for you. I wouldn't miss it for anything." Elise smiles. Phoebe counters with a smile as well as she stands up.

"Thank you. I'll text you the venue and time. You still have the same number?"

Elise nods in response. Phoebe turns around and opens the door.

"You know if you do decide to stay in San Francisco, your office and job still awaits." Elise offers.

Phoebe looks back at her, nods with a smile and walks away. Elise smiles and turns on her computer.


The familiar exterior of P3 is seen in the afternoon with a maroon GMC Sierra parked in the front. Inside the club, Leo sits in the office, wearing his glasses and typing on this computer. He hears a noise in the distance and he looks away from the screen, scanning the area with his ears trying to pick up any more noise. Shrugging it off, he resumes typing until he hears another noise, sounding like a faint crash. He takes off his glasses and stands up. He buttons his blazer and cautiously steps out of the office.

He walks to the main area of the club and his eyes begin to wander, pinpoint the origin of the noise. He walks slowly towards the bar while he continues to scan the area, seeing nothing but an empty club. He stops pacing and then turns around to head back to his office when he is hit from behind. He falls to the ground on his knees and sees a pair of legs standing next to him. Instinctively, he sweeps his right leg in a roundabout motion and knocks the stranger on to the ground. He stands up quickly and places his leg by his throat.

"Ok! Ok!" the man yells as he raises his hands in surrender.

"Coop?!" Leo says as his eyes widen in surprise.

"Yeah 007, now can you let up?" Coop strains.

Leo takes his foot off Coop's throat and helps him stand up. Leo pulls Coop into a hug and then they separate.

"Where did you learn that?" Coop asks as he rubs the back of his head, "You could've given me a concussion."

"What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me like that? You have a death wish?" Leo asks with a smile.

"Apparently, you're an assassin now." Coop jokes.

"No, just a few martial arts training. Something to pass the time and keep me busy and useful just in case a situation arises, you know?" Leo explains.

"I guess that is a logical thought to have." Coop remarks.

"So how are you? How was Europe? Last time I talked to you was a few weeks ago when you and the girls were vacationing in Paris?!" Leo says in a high level of excitement.

"It's ok. I mean, it is fun but we were always longing to come home." Coop says.

"So why didn't you?" Leo asks.

"You know why." Coop replies. "That's why I was shocked that she decided to come to San Francisco and go to Piper's restaurant nevertheless, but at least we're here."

"I can't complain. It's really good to see you." Leo says.

"Same here." Coop adds, "Hey, are the guys going to the thing tonight?"

"They were invited, I know Paige is bringing Henry and the kids, and I don't know if Darryl is going but he was invited." Leo says.

"And what about Victor?"

Leo shrugs.

"Oh, I got your nieces in the car. Do you want to meet them?" Coop asks as he begins to walk towards the exit. Leo nods and follows suit as they walk up the stairs and open the door. Outside the club, a dark sedan Lincoln is parked outside. Coop walks up to the car and knocks on the window. The dark tinted window rows down and two of the three children are seen, all of them seemingly distracted by the little piece of technology they hold in their tiny little palms.

"Leo, here are my angels." Coop introduces, "From youngest to oldest Paisley, Paris and…where's Tricia?"

He sticks his head in the limousine and his muffled voice can be heard, "Tricia, come meet your uncle."

"Dad, I don't want to." Tricia can be heard arguing back.

"I'm not going to ask you again. Come out here and meet your uncle Leo or else I'm going to be taking your phone away."

With a loud over exaggerated groan, Tricia crawls towards the middle of the limousine and pokes her head through the sunroof.

"Matter of fact, all of you come out here right now." Coop commands.

"Dad!" Paris whines.

"Now!" Coop bellows.

"See what you did, Trish?" Paris complains as the limousine door swings open and the girls step out one by one.

"You guys can live without being on your phones for one second." Coop says.

Leo smiles as he watches the eye rolls and the folded arms.

In order from the oldest of the youngest were Phoebe's three daughters.

Patricia Marie Halliwell, nine years stood in front of Leo with her arms folded associated with the occasional scoffs. Her dark brown hair was long and neatly combed, straightened and ended in the middle of her back. She possessed light blue eyes which matched the fair blue sky. She wore a white shirt and black leggings with a blue jean jacket to match her eyes.

Her sister, Paris Victoria Halliwell, eight years of age stood next to her with her dark brown hair tied neatly into a bun. Her edges were laid, with her dark brown eyes mirroring her mother's. She wore a pink long sleeved shirt and a black skirt over her dark leggings. She was almost as tall as her older sister, although she was shorter by about an inch or two.

The youngest, Paisley Julie Halliwell at six years stood next to her big sisters, trying to copy their attitude. Her hair was darker than her sisters tied and swinging freely in a ponytail. She wore a long dark emerald dress adorned with golden stars and white leggings underneath.

"Introduce yourselves properly!" Coop instructs.

"Hi, I'm Tricia, that's Paris and Pais." Tricia introduces as she points to her sisters down the line.

Leo smiles, "Nice to meet you. I'm your uncle, Leo."

Tricia shifts her gaze from Leo to Coop with her head cocked to the side. Coop, reading his daughters' mind takes a deep breath.

"Fine. Go."

The girls turn around and march back into the limousine. Coop turns around and sees Leo holding in his laughter.

"What?" Coop asks.


"Do you see what I have to deal with?" Coop asks.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Leo replies, "They're not even preteens yet. Just wait until they become teenagers."

"How would you know? You have two boys. Boys aren't that bad."

"I watched the sisters since they were around the same age; Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Your daughters are exactly like they were back then." Leo laughs as he walks away, "I'll see you later, Coop. Good luck, brother. You're going to need it."

Coop watches as Leo closes the club doors behind him. He turns around and walks towards the limousine.


The setting sun leaves multi colored streaks dancing across the sky. The ocean is calm as the tiny reflection of Abaddon's palace can be seen shimmering in the water. In the palace, Abaddon walks towards his throne room and sits down on his chair. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as Sebastian materializes before him, transparent like before.

"My lord." Sebastian bows.

"Rise." Abaddon commands. Sebastian stands up, still with his head hanging low.

"I come bearing gifts." Abaddon says as he unveils his gauntlet and puts it on his right hand. He stands up and walks closer to Sebastian. The gauntlet begins to glow and Abaddon begins to chant,

"Magic forces far and wide

I beseech you from all corners of the earth.

Come to me, be by my side

Reward the one who proved his worth

From the depths, return says I

Form his vessel in this time of rebirth"

With a loud gasp, Sebastian opens his eyes and his transparent body becomes solid. He looks at his fingers and body as he pats himself down in disbelief. He looks up at Abaddon with tears in his eyes.

"My lord. I am forever in your debt and my gratitude will never fade." Sebastian says as he falls to his knees.

"Good." Abaddon smiles, "Your counsel and your loyalty is all I need to keep me from being destroyed by my enemies and advance my agenda."

Sebastian nods, "I will always provide you my counsel as long as you are willing to hear it."

"Very well."


The illuminated Golden Gate bridge can be seen at night, with a pair of tiny red lights in a line moving in one direction and a pair of white lights moving in the opposite direction. A quick sweep of the city of San Francisco and Piper's restaurant is seen in a distance, with a line of patrons waiting to get inside. The sign "Halliwell's" is shining bright in a neon blue sign, similar to their P3 sign.

Inside the restaurant, the live band plays a tune that compliments the atmosphere. The crowd in their formal attire interact with each other with smiles, hugs and conversation. The buzzing of the multiple conversations taking place slightly overpowers the music. Piper stands in a corner as she watches her husband in the distance laughing with Coop, Henry, Darryl and Victor. Wyatt comes up to her and slightly leans against her. Wyatt stands next to his mother, the top of his head at shoulder height next to Piper.

"You ok, mom?" he asks.

"Hmm?" Piper says as she snaps out of her daze.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, honey. I'm fine. Don't you worry about me. That's my job." Piper says with a chuckle, "Where's Chris and Mellie?"

"There's with Aunt Paige, the twins and Junior." He answers.

"Have you met your cousins?"

"I already have, mom. We see them all the time." Wyatt scoffs.

"No, not Gabby and Penny. I meant Aunt Phoebe's kids." Piper says as she gestures in the direction of her nieces.

"I haven't yet. I don't want to."

"Why not?" Piper asks as she folds her arms.

"They seem weird and different. I don't know if I want to…"

"Wyatt, I hear the word "seem", which is an assumption. What do I always say about "making assumptions?" Piper asks.

"Mom…." Wyatt groans.

"Nope, I want to hear you say it."

"Never assume because you make an ass out of you and me." Wyatt drags his words, hushed and embarrassed.

"Now, go over there and say hi. It wouldn't hurt." Piper says.

"I'll go if you come with me." Wyatt remarks with a smile.

Piper opens her mouth to counter but she bites her tongue. She stares in the direction of where Phoebe stands, mingling with people and smiling, and a million thoughts run through her mind. She refuses to be backed into a corner and she refuses to set a bad example for her oldest. She looks at Wyatt, staring into his blue eyes. With a deep breath, she surrenders and begins to walk towards Phoebe. Wyatt claps his hands in triumph and walks after his mother.

Phoebe smiles as she shakes hands with an older gentleman with Elise standing next to her.

"She is on a roll, I tell you!" Elise says as she laughs loudly.

Phoebe smiles nervously as she takes a sip of her drink.

"So are we to expect a sequel to your bestseller? My wife has been asking about it and it's about time you put one out." The man asks.

"Um, I'm not exactly sure. I just want to pace and take my time. I have these wonderful angels to care for so a book is not in the works anytime soon." Phoebe says as she rests her hands on her daughters' shoulders.

"It's been five years since the release of "Ask Phoebe."." the man says with a confused tone, "There's only so much time you can let pass before the release of another book."

"I'm not a serial author but I assure you, I will let Elise and company know when I am ready to write one." Phoebe assures them with a smile. She smiled so hard, her cheeks felt frozen in place. Piper walks up to Phoebe with Wyatt.

"Hey, Aunt Phoebe!" Wyatt calls. Phoebe shifts her attention to her nephew and is surprised to see him meeting her at an eye level gaze.

"Wyatt? Oh my goodness! Look how big you've gotten!" Phoebe says as she extends her arms and hugs Wyatt tightly. Wyatt wraps his arms around her and the two separate.

"How are you?" Wyatt asks.

"I'm good. I'm doing well. What grade are you in now?" Phoebe asks.

"I start the 9th grade next week." Wyatt says proudly.

"High school?! I remember when you were just going to the 4th grade. Wow, how time flies. And your voice! It has gotten so deep!" Phoebe says as Wyatt nods in response. Piper watches the two interact without uttering a word.

"Oh, have you met your cousins?" Phoebe asks as she taps on Tricia's shoulders. Wyatt shakes his head.

"Girls." Phoebe calls as she tries to pry her daughters' attention away from their phones, iPad and tablets.

"Yes, mom?" Paris answers.

"I want you to meet your auntie, Piper and cousin Wyatt." Phoebe introduces, "Wyatt, these are your cousins Tricia, Paris and Paisley."

"Wyatt?" Tricia scoffs as she eye balls Wyatt, looking at him up and down with disgust, "What kind of name is that?"

"Patricia!" Phoebe yells.


"Be nice!" Phoebe scolds.

"Ugh…" Tricia rolls her eyes as she stares at Wyatt, "Hi."

Wyatt looks at Piper with a forced smile and then at his cousins, "Hello."

"Go out and mingle with your cousins." Phoebe instructs.

"But mom…" Paris whines.

"This is not a request." Phoebe says firmly, "Go!"

The three sisters drag their feet, walking away from their mother as Wyatt leads them away from the two elder Halliwell sisters. Phoebe takes a deep breath and finally after five years and six months later, she stares into her sister's eyes. Her eyes are filled with remorse and Piper tries to avoid Phoebe's gaze.

"Hi." Phoebe musters up the courage to say.

"Hey." Piper responds.

"The restaurant looks great. You did a good job with it. I'm proud of you." Phoebe says.

"Thanks. Congrats on the PhD." Piper counters.

"Thank you." Phoebe responds.

Silence lingers between the sisters in a room filled with bustling conversation. As if on cue, Elise grabs the microphone.

"Hello, everybody! Can I have your attention for just a moment?" Elise calls as her microphone releases a minor feedback. The crowd falls silent as all eyes fall on her.

"Tonight, we are here to help celebrate the achievements of one of the most hardworking people I have ever had the pleasure to work with…" she begins as her eyes searches through the crowd for Phoebe.

"Ah! There she is." Elise whispers into the microphone, "Phoebe, I have seen you rise from the bottom. Coming in to fill the position of an advice columnist whose name I do not even care to remember. I didn't even expect to hire you. I just thought you were going to be in and out like what's-her-face was. Then I read your first column and it literally made me laugh out loud. From that day forward, you blossomed before our very eyes into the Phoebe today. Your advice was mixed with humor and genuine kindness. The way you convey empathy towards the readers is uncanny."

Phoebe smiles as she looks down at her feet. She takes a sip of her drink and then looks up at Elise again.

"You went from being one of the greatest commodities of the Bay Mirror giving advice in San Francisco to being a household name in the entire world. You always strived for more, and I can honestly say I am proud of you." Elise praises as her voice begins to crack, "I cannot wait to see what else is in store for you, and what else you have to offer.

Elise raises her glass in the air. The crowd in the restaurant follow suit.

"To Phoebe."

"To Phoebe!" the rest of the crowd repeats. The room is filled with thunderous applause. Phoebe walks towards the stage and hugs Elise. Elise steps aside and Phoebe stands in front of the audience. She clears her throat.

"I don't know what to say. I just want to say that I am honored for the gift Berkeley has given me. There are no words to express my gratitude. I want to thank my husband Coop, my girls Tricia, Paris and Pais, my father and my sisters…and Elise of course."

The crowd laughs as Elise waves her hand at the crowd.

"You guys are the strongest support system anyone could ever ask for. Thank you." Phoebe continues.

The room bursts into applause as Phoebe steps off the stage and Elise follows her.

"That was beautiful, Elise." Phoebe says as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

"Meant every word." Elise says as she hugs Phoebe once more, "So did you give a second thought to coming back to work with us?"

"Excuse me?" Phoebe asks with a confused smile.

"To the Bay Mirror. You know we need you, Phoebe."

"Um…" Phoebe begins to say but her sentence was cut short as Victor leans in, arms stretched to embrace Phoebe.

"My baby girl!" Victor says proudly as he gives Phoebe a tight hug.

"Daddy!" Phoebe says enthusiastically. They separate and Phoebe stares at Elise.

"Elise, have you met my father?"

Elise shakes her head in response.

"Elise, Victor. Dad, this is my…this is Elise." Phoebe introduces.

"Nice to meet you." Elise says as she shakes Victor's hand.

"Likewise." Victor responds.

"Ok, now mingle and talk and I'll be back." Phoebe says as she tosses the remainder of her beverage in one quick swallow and walks away. Confused, Victor and Elise watch Phoebe disappear into the crowd as they face each other.

"She hasn't changed at all." Elise says with a laugh.

"Not at all." Victor cosigns.

Wyatt walks with Tricia, Paris and Paisley and meets up with Chris. Chris sits in the VIP section with Gabby, Penny, Junior and Melinda.

"Who's this?" Chris asks.

"Cousins." Wyatt answers, "Tricia, Paisley and Paris."

"Nice." Chris answers as he points down the line introducing himself and his company, "Well, I'm Chris and this is my sister Melinda. Cousins Penny, Gabby and Junior."

"Hi." One of the twins says as they both stand up as extends their hand to be gracious. Paris and Tricia roll their eyes in unison and fold their arms.

Gabrielle Rose and Penelope Grace, aged 10 stood side by side with dark brown hair with blonde highlighted streaks. Their hair is at shoulder length with hazel eyes to match. They look at Wyatt.

"Yeah, they do that a lot." Wyatt shrugs.

"We didn't want to come here, we knew it was going to be boring. We didn't want to deal with family members who were boring, no offense." Tricia rants.

"None taken?" Chris responds.

"Instead of going to Paris for our vacation, we are stuck here in San Francisco…" Paris says.

"Which is also boring." Paisley adds.

"No offense." Tricia says sarcastically.

"You know, saying no offense does not make whatever you say afterwards ok to say to other people." Henry Jr. says.

"Can't help it that we're speaking the truth." Paris says.

"There's nothing interesting about this place so excuse me for stating the obvious." Tricia adds.

"We have a Book filled with magic spells at our house." Mellie reveals.

"Mellie!" Wyatt says in a scolding tone. Chris also stares at Mellie with a menacing look but her eyes were focused on her cousins.

Tricia and Paris' eyes light up with hope for a brief moment and then scoffs.

"Magic book?" Paisley asks.

"They're lying, Pais." Paris says, "Don't believe them."

"No, we're not. You guys have heard of the Book of Shadows before, right?" Melinda asks.

"Melinda!" Chris screeches as he shoots Mellie with a scowl.

"What?!" Mellie finally acknowledges her brothers, "it's their book too."

"You're serious?" Tricia asks with intrigue.

Gabby and Penny nod their heads in response.

"Show us." Paris says.

Chris looks at Wyatt, whose grimacing look falters.

"She's right. It is theirs too." Wyatt yields.

Chris closes his eyes as his anger rises and his blood boils. He exhales sharply and then looks at Gabby, Penny and Junior who shoot him a persuasive look.

"Fine." Chris sighs.

"How do we get to your house without our parents?" Paris asks.

Wyatt and Chris look at each other and then at their cousins with a smile.


Drip, drip, drip.

The singular drop of water that falls into the puddle next to her cave was the only sound heard in the dungeon. In the darkness of the dungeon, Laylah lies on the concrete slab against the wall. All the strength has escaped her and the tiny bit of hope which lingers is beginning to fade. She shivers against the cold, damp and dark underground chamber that housed her for ten years. Her eyes are wide open to no avail, she cannot see a single thing in front of her, or the side of her. Her voice is weakened from screaming for help and from her brother extracting her powers earlier. The only sense of any use to her at the moment was her hearing, and all she could hear was

Drip, drip, drip.

"I might as well keep my eyes closed." She thinks to herself.

Tears begin to form in her eyes as the thoughts in her head rob her of any chance of escaping the prison she inadvertently created for herself. She resurrected her brothers only to have all but one meet their demise. She unleashed the monster that robbed her of everything she ever loved and now that same monster is going to take unleash devastation onto the world, just like he did once before. She closes her eyes as the tears fall down from her eyes and they streak down the side of her face and into her ear. She inhales shakily and sits up.

"This cannot be it." She whispers to herself. Something she thought was long gone was beginning to return. She closes her eyes and tries to conjure an image; something that could restore the hope that wanes with every drop that fell from the ceiling of the dungeon, joining the growing puddle on the ground.

Drip, drip, drip.

She musters all the strength she could find as she sits up and leans against the wall. She closes her eyes and tries to spark an image in her mind but fails.

"Come on, Laylah. You've got to try." Laylah says.

She begins to rock back and forth, falling deeper and deeper into her sub consciousness as she reaches for the power within.

Drip, drip, drip.

The sound of the water fades in and out as she rocks to the sound. A light appears before her, and a blurred image is seen. Laylah's smile begins to grow as she continues to rock back and forth, pleading and reaching out to anyone who can hear. She tries to reach further but she can't. The blur is not becoming clearer and her power, weakened cannot penetrate the barrier in her path. She continues to rock forward and backwards, as the sound of the dripping is no more.


In pure darkness, the only light that shines upon the Halliwell manor is the light emanating from the half-moon sitting in the night sky. The light shines through the windows and doors, illuminating the interior with moonlight. Three separate groups of flurry white and blue lights appear out of thin air, materializing Chris, Melinda and Paisley in one group; Wyatt, Paris and Junior in another; with Gabby, Penny and Tricia appearing behind them.

"Where are we?" Tricia asks.

"Our home." Mellie answers, "the Halliwell Manor."

"It looks old." Paris says unimpressed.

"Where are the lights?" Tricia asks, "Pais is afraid of the dark."

"Are you serious?" Junior laughs but Gabby hits him upside his head.

Chris walks further down the hall and flips a switch, turning on the lights on the second floor. They look around, observing their surroundings.

"Where is the Book?" Tricia asks.

"Up those stairs." Wyatt answers, pointing towards the attic.

"Attic?" Paris utters, "What a cliché."

"Follow us." Chris says as he leads the cavalry towards the stairs.

They walk up the stairs, slowly. After mere minutes feeling like hours, they arrive at the door of the attic. Chris turns the knob and tries to push it open but the door won't budge. Gabby orbs out from behind Wyatt, causing Paris and Paisley to jump.

"Where did she go?!" Paisley asks. Within a second, the group hears the door unlock from the other side of the attic door, the doorknob turning and the door swinging open with Gabrielle standing there with a smile on her face.

Her cousins walk past her and her sister smiles at her. The Charmed children walk through the attic with extreme caution in the dark. Henry Jr., being the last person to walk into the attic turns on the attic light. The group walks towards the podium where the Book of Shadows usually lies and discovers it empty.

"Where's the Book?" Paris asks.

"It's supposed to be here." Wyatt answers.

"Right. So I was right." Paris scorns, "They were lying."

"No, we weren't." Mellie shouts defensively, "Mom must have hid it. I mean, it's not like they have fought any demons in a while."

"Sure." Tricia taunts, "Take us back to the restaurant before my mom finds out we're missing."

"We may not have found the book but we have the spirit board." Chris interjects.

"Spirit board?" Paisley asks.

"I mean, we can use the spirit board to help us find out where my mom hid the book." Chris says.

"Mom did say that the spirit board helped them find the Book before." Mellie adds.

Paris, Paisley and Tricia look at each other with skepticism and then at their cousins.

"Fine. What else do we have to lose?" Tricia sighs.

Melinda walks towards a table and underneath the table stood a chest. She opens the chest and takes out a couple of cloths that were draped over the contents inside. Finally, she pulls out the Ouija board and the pointer. She brings it towards her cousins and siblings.

"Can I see it?" Tricia asks without a tone of attitude in her voice for the first time. Mellie nods and hands it to her. Tricia's fingers run along the dents in the spirit board, tracing the letters. She turns the spirit board over and sees the inscription scratched into the back in cursive.

"To my three beautiful girls, may this give you the light to find the shadows. The power of three will set you free. Love, mom." Tricia reads.

"Wow." Paris gasps in surprise.

The rest of the crew smile at each other.

"Who wrote this?" Tricia asks.

"Our grandmother." Wyatt answers.

Tricia places the board at the center of little table in their midst and sits down.

"Who's going to move the pointer?" Junior asks.

"Whoever answers our question. All we have to do is join hands." Chris says.

The Charmed children sit down and form a circle around the Ouija board. They extend their arms and one by one, they join hands together. Finally, Tricia, Paisley and Paris join their cousins and the circle is completed. As soon as the last pair of hands were joined, the house begins to shake. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling begins to flicker on and off as the rumbling grows louder and louder.

"Uh, what's going on?" Paisley asks in a panicked voice.

"It's okay. Just hold on." Gabby assures her cousin.

The children look at the ceiling and then at each other. The chandelier continues to shake and all of a sudden, a bright white light is released as the house continues to shake. The light shines brightly over the children below, with their hands still joined. A moment later, the light from the chandelier disappears and a wave of blue energy begins to form right above the spirit board.

"What is that?" Penny asks as her eyes widen.

"I actually don't know." Chris says, also caught in surprise.

The blue energy flickers and disappears in a poof. The cousins stare at each other, breathing a sigh of relief. In an instant, the blue and pink wave sweeps the room, breaking the circular link the cousins have formed, knocking them backwards. The wave spreads across the entire city of San Francisco, causing a brief earthquake.


The wave sweeps across the neighboring ocean of San Francisco. The wave runs past Angel island, destroying the force field concealing the palace from sight and magical beings. Within the palace, Abaddon sits on his throne discussing important matters with Sebastian.

The wave causes a rumble and the palace begins to rumble, causing huge boulders to fall from the sky and the pillars that held the ceiling beginning to fall and crumble. Abaddon holds his hand up, suspending the boulders and pillars and telekinetically move them back in their spot as the rumblings stop.

"What the hell was that?" Abaddon asks as his eyes sweep the room, searching for an answer. Sebastian looks at Abaddon and then looks around, unsure of what just happened.


In the restaurant, the group of people are enjoying themselves drinking merrily. Paige and Phoebe laugh with their husbands, while Victor and Elise converse in the corner. The wave of energy sweeps through the restaurant in a quick second; causing the restaurant to quake for a second and the patrons to lose their footing while they try to grab onto something stable. Panic and fear fill the air just as quickly and the rumbling stops. The music stops playing and the chatter of concern begins to grow.

"Is everyone ok?" Piper asks aloud as the crowd provides an answer, assuring their safety.

Phoebe looks around, her eyes meets Piper's and then looks at Paige.

"Where are the children?!" Phoebe asks with a slight hint of hysteria in her voice.


The children lay in the attic, one by one seemingly unconscious. Penny wakes up first and immediately shakes Gabby awake. Groans can be heard as the rest of the crew begin to wake up.

"What happened?" Junior asks.

"I don't know." Mellie answers.

"Is everyone ok?" Wyatt asks as he receives mumbled responses.

"Tricia?" Chris calls, staring at his cousin.

Tricia looks at the spirit board, enthralled with her jaw dropped open. The rest of the Charmed children gather around and watch the spirit board as the pointer begins to spell out a phrase.

"Quick, grab a pen and paper from over there!" Wyatt commands. Paisley runs to the corner of the attic and grabs a pen and notepad. She runs back to Wyatt who quickly jots down the message being spelled.

"What did it spell out?" Penny asks. Wyatt turns over the notepad to reveal the message:

H-E-L-P L-A-Y-L-A-H.

The cousins stare at each other and then at the spirit board. Tricia, still with her mouth wide open is still at loss for words.

"Trish, say something!" Paris says to her sister.

Tricia finally blinks and only one word comes out of her mouth, "Cool."



Guest Starring:

Kaley Cuoco as Billie

Ivan Sergei as Henry

Victor Webster as Coop

Geoff Stults as Sebastian

Sarah Jane Morris as Laylah

Lucy Gallina as Gabby

Josie Gallina as Penny

William Franklin Miller as Chris

Kristopher Simmons as Wyatt

Zackary Arthur as Henry Jr. (Junior)

Alexandra Lenarchyk as Tricia

Piper Rock Elle as Paris

Natalie Amora as Paisley

Kristina Pimenova as Melinda (Mellie/Mel)

Hal Ozsan as Abaddon

Tiffani Thiessen as Laura

Barry Bostwick as Rosier

Rebecca Balding as Elise

Amanda Sankey as Sophie


Shannen Doherty as Prue