Harry Potter – Alteran

AN – This story is completely AU, obviously since it's a cross over. I will not be sticking to Harry Potter Canon and will not mention the Wizarding world very often after chapter ten. I will try to stick to Stargate canon but as you can imagine it will diverge from canon eventually and quickly. I want SG1 to experience most of the episodes from the series. Some episode will not happen because of Harry's interactions with them and some will happen differently. Harry will be a pain in their collective rear ends though.

There is no Master of Death though the Hollows will have another purpose. That purpose won't survive long in the story. Not all Harry Potter characters will be mentioned or used. While I do like to write long backstories and I use Flashbacks way too much, I hope you enjoy the story.

Harry will have a girlfriend or two, you will find out who in chapter 3 or 4. No it's not Ginny. Some Weasley bashing.

*This is Alteran speech*

-"Thought or thought speak"-

-oo00oo- scene break or time jump.

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Chapter 1 – The Event

Not a sound could be heard, but in the smallest bedroom of Number 4 Privet Drive a boy could be seen crying. Well he couldn't really be called a boy; a young man would be a better description. The only way anyone would be able to tell the young man was crying were the tears running down his face and the red swollen eyes.

His breathing was perfectly calm. There was no sobbing, no sniffling, no sound whatsoever. He knew better than to make a sound or his whale of an uncle would find a way to make his life even more miserable, not that his life could get any more miserable. It was June 25th and he just finished the worst year of his life, if that could even be possible, he'd had some bad years. As a matter of fact, he couldn't think of any good years.

Still, to him, this was the worst by far. The year had started out bad, a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher that from the start didn't like him and in fact singled him out for punishment at every possible opportunity. He should have just kept his head down the way he was told too by the other teachers at the school. The school year just went downhill from there. He was tortured, by said defense teacher. He still bore the scars of that torture, "I will not tell lies", those words were permanently etched into the skin on the back of his right hand.

He had been ignored by the Headmaster of the school, a man that until a few days ago he had looked up to and thought of as a grandfatherly figure. There were a few bright spots during the year. His friends were there for him, he even made a few new friends. He had enjoyed teaching his group of friends Defense against the Dark Arts, since the new teach wouldn't, so they could all pass their OWL exams at the end of the year.

Then the end of the year, the nightmare, the pain, the loss that came then. His godfather was dead, the man that he had hoped and dreamed would take him away from the nightmare that had been his life. Even worse, it was his fault… If he had only stopped to think, to look at the situation and to put together all the facts. Instead he rushed in, his friends not letting him go alone. They all had been hurt too, some worse than others, but no one got away without injury and pain.

Then to come face to face with his personal nightmare again. The evil that had taken away his parents all those years ago, that had made his life a living hell at every turn. It was already too much for the young man. Then to have that evil invade his body, he wanted to die. In the end though he had fought and won against the evil, but it was just one battle, the war was still going and the evil would be back.

If it had only ended there, he thought, he would have been able to handle it. It didn't end there though. The Headmaster of his school then decided it was time to tell him a secret. It was a secret that he should have been told years ago, at least in his opinion. There was a prophecy, he had to destroy the evil or be destroyed himself. He had gone into a rage, losing control of himself, and destroying the Headmaster's office.

Now though, days later, he just wanted… "HELP!" He didn't scream it out loud. The only person that heard him, was himself. He just kept screaming that one word over and over in his mind. Part of him wanted to die, another to run away from it all. And yet the largest part just wanted help. He knew none would come though.


Thousands of miles away, something did hear the cry of the young man. Buried a couple thousand feet below the ice and snow of Antarctica, sat an outpost that had been built millions of years ago. The outpost had a long history but served only a few purposes. Its primary purpose when it was built was defense of the planet it was on, known at the time as Terra.

Then, five million years ago, its builders had abandoned the planet. A great plague was killing the builders and all other life in the galaxy that this beautiful blue planet resided in. So, the builders left the galaxy in their great city ship to find a new home. As they left they activated a device that destroyed all life in the galaxy destroying the plague along with it. The device then started to re-seed new life throughout the galaxy.

Before they left, they gave the outpost some new functions. It became a repository for all of their knowledge, fifty million years' worth. It was then shut down to wait. For five million years it lay dormant. Then ten thousand years ago the builders returned, a few of them anyway.

The outpost was once again powered up. Its repository of knowledge updated to include the last five million years that the builders had been away. They added a couple more functions to the outpost. It now had an artificial intelligence. It wasn't completely self-aware, but it could think for itself and come up with solutions to problems that best aligned with the instructions given to it by the guilders.

The builders then powered the outpost down again except for one system. It was a passive system so it didn't use much power. The outpost was told to wait until it was needed again, to listen. The hope was that the primitive humans now developing on the planet would someday evolve to a point that the outpost could once again serve a purpose and pass along the history of its builders.

The builders then left again. Some ascended to join the others that had gone before. Some journeyed back through the Astria Porta, to where the outpost didn't know. The rest stayed and integrated themselves in with the primitive humans on Terra.

It was this system that heard the mental cry of the young man. The system had heard mental whispers before this but those whispers were not enough for it to take action. This cry though was loud and clear; it was the mental evolutionary step that the outpost was waiting for.

After ten thousand years the systems in the outpost powered back up. Since it had been in sleep mode the outpost power source was still almost fully charged. That had been another thing the builders had done before leaving the second time. They had replaced its power source with a fully charge module.

As the outpost powered up, it scanned the planet. What it found was, while incredible, not what it was waiting for. The humans had evolved but they were not yet ready. Then the outpost scanned for signs of the builders. Again what it found was incredible. There were descendants of the builders and while their metaphysical powers had grown, those powers had changed in ways that the outpost didn't yet understand.

The descendants were able to directly tap into the zero-point energy of the universe and use it but they were even less evolved technologically than the pure humans of the planet. If the outpost could feel disappointment it would have. They were not ready yet.

As the outpost began to again power down to wait, it heard the cry again. That cry was what it was looking for. It scanned and found where the cry came from. A young man. The outpost scans told it that the young man was like the others, a descendent of the builders but there was something different. His DNA was over seventy-five percent Alteran. The outpost scanned the dependents again. There were several others with over 50% Alteran DNA but none even close to this young man.

The outpost then reviewed its last instructions. "Preserve our race" was the very last instruction it was given. The outpost then calculated all the options and ran scenarios.

The outpost then made a choice and in a flash of white light the young man and all of the things in the smallest bedroom of Number 4 Privet Drive disappeared.


The young man appeared on a gel topped metal bed in the outpost. Another white light appeared around the young man but this time, it radiated up from the bed. Before the young man could react, his body relaxed and he dropped off into unconsciousness. The artificial intelligence of the outpost then metaphorically took a step back as the intelligence of medical bio bed did what it was designed to do.

The biobed analyzed the young man's body and energy signatures. The first thing the biobed observed, was that the young man's body was malnourished and severely underweight for his cellular age. The next thing that was catalogued, were the numerous and various injuries, most of which had not received proper medical treatment. It also made note of several unknown substances in the patient's bloodstream. The last and most critical discovery, was made up of multiple foreign energy signatures, both on and inside the young man's body and mind.

With triage and diagnostics of the young man complete, the foreign energy signatures became the bio-beds top priority. As with the Alterans of the past, a person's energy signature was critical to their overall health. If an Alteran's energy became corrupted for some reason, it could lead to their death. Luckily, treating such problems, was well studied and documented.

The bio bed then started the first of several treatments the young man would need. A bright light appeared at the foot of the bed and started slowly moving up the young man. As the light moved up the bed it removed the foreign energy signatures from the young man. These energy signatures were stored and cataloged by the bio bed and the outpost computer for further study.

It was not until the white light reached the head of the young man that anything serious happened. As the light touched the scar on the young man's head, his body reacted as if he was in severe pain. His back arched and he opened his mouth in a silent scream. A moment later a black smoke streamed out of the scar with a very audible scream of its own.

The outpost scanned the smoke, it was a living energy signature but foreign to the young man's. The type of energy was almost the same as the energy it had observed from those who had ascended in the past. This energy though was corrupted somehow, like an anti-energy. The outpost decided not to capture this energy. It did however keep an active scan on the energy until it dispersed into the normal background energy found on Terra.

On the bio bed the young man's body went into shock and his heart almost stopped. The bio bed was able to stabilize him very quickly though. The outpost computer then decided that the rest of the young man's treatment could be postponed to allow his body to rest. The young man was put into an induced coma while the bio bed treated him for the undernourishment and other incorrectly healed injuries.


At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the Headmaster's office, sat Albus Dumbledore. He was finally getting some time to start the repairs on his office after telling Harry Potter the prophesy between him and Voldemort. He had been busy since the end of the school year dealing with the Ministry for Magic and the outing of Voldemort to the public. That was a mess he would have preferred to have put off for another year or two.

He wanted time to teach Harry about Voldemort and his secrets before the war truly got started again. That option was now taken away. He supposed he would only have this next year to get Harry up to speed. It was a shame, Albus had anticipated that Harry would somehow survive the war but that possibility had now been taken away.

As he tinkered with one of the devices that Harry had destroyed another device on the shelf started putting out black smoke and making a hideous sound.

"What now?" Albus asked the empty office. Looking at the devise his heart almost stopped. The device was indicating that the wards on Privet Drive had fallen.

Albus stood from his desk and twisting on the spot disapparating from the office, a privilege of being Headmaster of the school and controller of the wards. Albus appeared on privet drive to find everything normal. Number 4 wasn't under attack. Pulling his wand, the headmaster performed a complicated combination of movements and spoke a long string of Latin. The wards were down.

He marched up to the door of number 4 and without even a knock let himself in. No one was home though. He searched the house from top to bottom but couldn't find any sign of Harry or the other occupants. Looking around, he found a note on the dining room table.

"Freak, we are going on vacation, don't be here when we get back."

After reading the note, Albus's shoulder drooped a little, they didn't know what they had done. The wards needed recharging but it was too late now. He would have to find Harry and bring him to the castle. The problem was Harry had destroyed all the devices Albus used to track him. He would have to hurry the repairs.

Albus then had an idea. "Point Me Harry Potter." His wand spun around and pointed south. With a twist Albus disapparated. He re-appeared on Brighton Pier, Albus did love the roller coaster, and this was as far south from Surrey that he could go in England.

"Point me Harry Potter." His wand spun around again but still it ended up pointing south. Well the only thing south of here was France. It didn't make any sense. Albus disapparated again, this time appearing back in his office. He would get Moody on Harry's trail.


While the young man was kept unconscious on the bio bed to allow his body to rest and receive treatment, the outpost computer AI started analyzing the energy signatures found on him. At the same time the computer started scans of the young man's possessions.

Many of the items transported with the young man were normal: clothing, papers, his glasses, etc. But many of the other items had strange energy signatures on them as well. The wooden stick, had three distinct energy signatures. The first matched the young man's energy signature with only a 1.9% variance. The second appeared to be part of the core of the stick. The last signature was small and located at the tip of the stick. This last signature didn't appear to belong on the stick so the computer removed it.

The next interesting thing it found were twenty-eight books. Each of the books also had the young man's energy signature on then of varying percentages. It was as if the books picked up his energy signature the more he used or read them. The computer at this point started a detailed scan of the books and their content.

Several minutes later, the computers' understanding of the energy signatures and the items found with the young man had increased enough to get a basic understanding. The stick was called a wand and was used as a focus for the energy that witches and wizards, as they called themselves, used. The AI found all of this very interesting. The Alterans had never dreamed of using their control over zero-point energy in this way.

The computer decided it needed to re-evaluate the Alteran descendants. It could at least now put a name to the young man as it was written on the inside cover of each book. Harry Potter.

The computer added the knowledge from the books into its memory. It needed more information though. A new scan was initiated of the wizarding world, focused on finding more information to help Harry.


Around the world in almost every magical community, strange things started happening, strange even to the wizards and witches of the world at least.

In Diagon Alley, the Aurors were called to Flourish & Blotts with a report that the books in the store kept disappearing and then reappearing in small flashes of white light. Other shop owners in the alley were reporting the same thing happening in their stores. Items would disappear only to return several minutes later in that same white light.

At Hogwarts, Dumbledore was urgently called to the school library where the same thing was happening. Dumbledore had rushed in to witness the strange white light taking and returning the books. He tried several wards and charms to stop whatever it was but nothing worked. He even put the castle into lockdown and raised the siege wards, even this was unable to stop the white light.

This same scene was repeating itself around the world. Schools and shops, libraries, family libraries and magical hospitals were experiencing the same strange white light with things disappearing only to be returned minutes later.

These strange occurrences continued until July 3rd, then abruptly stopped. The full ICW was convened in emergency session to figure out what had happened, but no one had any answers. The goblins of Gringotts were in an uproar as well and were demanding to know who was responsible as many vaults had their contents taken and then returned.

It wasn't discovered until later that one of every kind of potion had been taken as well but not returned. This was only discovered when reports of highly expensive and hard to brew potions had gone missing started coming in to law enforcement around the world. These reports were then sent on to the ICW who was trying to track everything but without having much success.

In those eight days the wizarding world got turned upside down. The news reports around the world of the strange white light had everyone keeping a close eye on all of their valuables.


In the dark vaulted room being used by Voldemort to hold court over his followers, things were even more chaotic. Several of his followers already lay dead at his feet, many others turned into mindless idiots from prolonged exposure to the torture curse. Very few of his followers had gotten away unharmed after being in his presence. The owner of Malfoy Manor was one of the unlucky ones.

The only people that dared to enter the room were his inner circle and even they tried to avoid it if at all possible until their lord had had a chance to calm down.

That something had been able to find and steal his possessions, though they were returned made no difference. Voldemort wanted answers and no one could give him any. He suspected a spy in his ranks but had yet to find them. That this same thing was happening all across the magical world did not matter to him in the slightest.

That somehow Harry Potter had something to do with this, as suggested by Snape, was preposterous. Snape was tortured for even suggesting it, though he managed to keep his mind for now. Voldemort thought the same as many others, Snape just needed to get over his hate for the boy. He was one to talk though, he wanted the boy dead just as much.

When it was all over he had his follows erect dozens of new wards around the manor, even adding a few of his own that were not well known and very deadly.


Back under the ice and snow, the outpost scanners and computer were working at full capacity. If the AI of the outpost could smile it would. All the new knowledge was exciting. It scanned, analyzed, cataloged, and stored all of the information it was getting into the repository.

From what it learned the Alteran descendants of the world, or wizards and witches as they called themselves, had gained the ability to directly manipulate zero-point energy. What they did with that ability was both incredibly fascinating and also extremely horrific at times. Very few besides Harry though were ready for the true knowledge of their ancestors.

The AI would wait until Harry was healed and could talk to him. The things it had found were so outside of the instructions given by the builders that other than bring Harry to the outpost it didn't know what to do. So it waited for the medical bio bed to report that Harry was ready to be awaken.


It was twelve days, July 7th, after the outpost had transported Harry Potter and placed him in a deep healing sleep that the medical bio bed reported it was safe to awaken the young man. The effects of the malnutrition had been reversed, muscle growth had been stimulated, the old improperly treated injures had been corrected, and most of the foreign substances found in his bloodstream removed.

From the knowledge gained by the AI scans of the wizarding world, Harry had love and loyalty potions in his system, both were removed. The Basilisk venom was not removed since it had already integrated into Harry's DNA, the same with the Phoenix Tears. How these would affect Harry in the future was an unknown. Nothing in the knowledge it had gained suggested this had ever happened before.

Just before Harry started to wake up the AI created a hologram of a middle aged woman with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and just short of Harry's now five foot eleven-inch height. The AI figured it would be easier for Harry to interact with the hologram at first instead of trying to explain a computer AI to him.


Harry slowly opened his eyes, he had been awake for a few minutes but after all of his adventures, he learned to pretend to be asleep until he could figure out where he was and take stock of any injuries he may have. This time seemed different though; his body felt refreshed, he didn't feel any of the normal aches and pains he had learned to live with, and he felt like a great weight had been lifted from his mind and magic. This was a new experience for him and he was hoping it would never go away.

"You are safe young Harry Potter." Said a female voice to his left. Harry didn't recognize the voice though. Harry looked in the direction of the voice, finding a woman standing there which caused him to jump off the bed.

Backing further away from the bed and this person, Harry took in what they said while looking around and trying to find his wand. "Who are you then…?"

"I am a holographic image produced from an assortment of female images. What I am is the computer artificial intelligence that runs this outpost. I heard your cry for help and brought you here. You have been asleep for twelve days while your body was healed and magical energy stabilized."

"What…?" Harry replied, not understanding half of what he was just told.

"I am not really a person Harry. I am just an image projected by the computer that runs this outpost. You were brought here because your mind cried out for help and I heard you. And because your DNA is 76.463% Alteran. You are a descendent of the race that built this place."

"I don't understand…" replied Harry. He looked around the room again. He was in a circular room with what looked like one door. The walls of the room all had a soft white glow to them. The bed he had been on was in the center of the room and was made of some kind of metal with a white gel looking top. It looked like a muggle hospital bed but different.

"Where am I?" he finally asked.

"You are in the Alteran, Terra Defense Outpost, located in what you would call Antarctica. We are one thousand two hundred and forty-one feet below the ice." Replied the Hologram. Harry promptly passed out.

When Harry woke up again he was back on the bed in the middle of the room. He took stock of himself again, he was still feeling better than he ever had before. Looking around again he found the woman standing by the wall watching him. This time he slowly sat up on the bed.

"What happened?" he asked.

"You passed out Harry. It is understandable. I am sure you have many questions. Please let me tell you a bit of history, then I will answer all of your questions." Replied the hologram. Harry just nodded his head. He was still nervous and wound up.

"This outpost was built by the Alteran race about fifty million years ago as a defense platform for this planet. The Alterans are a very old race of advanced humanoids that evolved in another galaxy. There is a lot of pre-history that I will not get into right now. They left their galaxy and traveled to this one to start a new home. Following me so far Harry?"

"Yeah," replied Harry.

"The Alterans believed in technology and they developed many wondrous things, advancing their technology further and further. Then about five million years ago, a great plague struck this galaxy and the Alterans were forced to leave again for a new home. From the billions of Alterans that live in this galaxy only a very few million survived. When they left this galaxy they activated a device that destroyed all of the life they had created here. This also destroyed the plague.

"The device then re-seed the galaxy with new life. The humans of Earth eventually developed because of that re-seeding. Still following along Harry?"

Harry nodded, he was enjoying the story and had relaxed a bit.

"Good. When the Alterans left, they had put this outpost to sleep in a way. I was powered down for five million years. Then about ten thousand years ago, a few hundred of the Alterans returned. They had changed their name to Lanteans but they were still Alteran. I was powered back up, my repository of knowledge updated, and my artificial intelligence was installed into the outpost computer core."

"It was not long after that that some those that had returned decided to ascend to a higher plane of existence and join the others that had gone before them. Some left the planet again, to where I do not know. The rest stayed and integrated in with the primitive humans that were developing on this planet. It is from those that stayed that you are descendent. I was put to sleep again but was told to listen, to one day help their descendants reach the stars again, to build the Alteran race one again."

Harry listen to the story, he didn't fully believe it, that he was a descendent of a race of aliens.

"When I heard your cry for help, your mind had taken the evolutionary step that I had been programmed to listen for. That is why you are here now." The hologram finished.

Harry just sat there for a few minutes looking at the woman. It wasn't long before he started laughing. It was almost a hysterical laughter, he found this whole thing hilarious. Only he could have ended up in this situation. It was the story of his life.

After a few minutes he calmed down enough to think. The, what did she call herself, the hologram was just staring at him, waiting.

"Ok, let's say for a moment that I believe all of this. What do you want from me? I have 76% Alteran DNA."

"76.463%" the hologram corrected him.

"Right, 76.463%. So what do you want me to do, father a bunch of kids to kick start the rebirth of the race?" Harry started laughing again. It was just too insane. He knew he must have finally cracked. His mind was gone. Maybe Voldemort had gotten to him and he had been tortured into insanity. That had to be it.

"While that would be something to look into in the future, it is not the immediate goal. While I am an intelligent computer. I am limited in what I can do by the last instructions given to me. What I want to do is give you all the knowledge of the Alteran race, you can then decide what to do and I will follow your instructions." Replied the hologram.

"So what, you're going to spend the next fifty million years teaching me everything these Alterans knew? I don't think I'll live that long." Harry gave a small chuckle. He really did think he was losing his mind.

"It will not take fifty million years, a few days at most. The Alterans were capable of directly interfacing their minds with their technology. All of their technology requires at least some level of mental interface and all of their technology is DNA locked for security. Only someone with at least 25% Alteran DNA can access and use it." Explained the hologram.

Harry was chuckling again.

Why Harry was continuing to laugh and chuckle was lost on the outpost AI. Though it did recognize that Harry had not completely believed a word it had said so far.

"Please follow me and I will show you." The hologram said as the door in the room opened.


Mad Eye Moody was not a happy wizard. When Dumbledore had asked him to track down Harry Potter and bring him to Hogwarts, he thought it might take a couple days at most. He never dreamed or even thought that twelve days later he would be standing on the very southern coast of Africa looking out toward the frozen wastelands of Antarctica.

Here he was though and everything that he used to track the boy told him that he was out there on the ice and snow. Moody was starting to think that the boy was taken there by Voldemort or a Death Eater on the evil idiot's orders. It would be a gruesome torture to be left out in that wasteland to freeze to death.

At this point Moody didn't have a choice though. He would have to find a way to get there. He couldn't disapparate there, it was too far over water and he didn't know where to disapparate to anyway. He was going to have to hire a boat to take him there, then he could continue tracking the boy.


Harry followed the hologram out of the room he had been in and down a short corridor. When he walked into the next room he had to stop. The room wasn't very large, bigger than the last room though. The walls of the room were covered in some strange writing, there were two desks with lights flashing on them, and in the center was a weird looking chair.

The chair was metal, like the bed in the first room, it had gray colored cushions and the armrests had some kind of gel looking pad at the ends.

The chair wasn't Harry's primary interest though. The writing on the walls were what was grabbing his attention.

"What are the writings?" Harry asked.

"The writings tell a brief history of the Alteran Race with a few instructions on how to use this outpost. You will be able to read it all for yourself as soon as I give you the knowledge in the repository." Replied the hologram.

"And how exactly are you going to give me all of this knowledge?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"All you will need to do is sit in the control chair. This room is the control center for the outpost. Everything can be accessed from the chair."

"Ok… Will it hurt?"

"No Harry. Your mind has exceeded the minimum required potential to access all of the information in the repository without any side effects. If, let's say one of the humans of this world tried to do the same thing, they would be able to store and use the information at first. Eventually though they would start to lose their minds to the information, suffer brain damage, and eventually die from it." The hologram explained.

"There is no chance of that happening with me?" Harry asked in a skeptical voice.

"There is a 0.05% chance that you will have some small side effects from the transfer. This is slightly up from 0.04% due to all the knowledge I added to the repository after scanning your entire wizarding world's knowledge." The hologram replied.

"Wait… What? Entire wizarding world's knowledge…?" Harry was confused by that last statement. The odds of small side effects completely forgotten by what the hologram had said.

"While you were being healed in the medical bay, I decided that I needed more information about your wizarding world after scanning the books you had in your possession. It took eight days for me to acquire, scan, and return every book and object I could from your hidden world. It was quite enlightening." The hologram said with a wide grin on her face. "What the Alteran descendants have learned to do with zero-point energy is quite amazing and in some cases very horrific." She continued.

"I am not even going to ask how you did that…" Harry knew if anyone had seen whatever the hologram did, it would put a fox in the henhouse back in the Britain. "So all I have to do is sit in the chair?"

"Yes Harry" The hologram nodded. "It will take several days to download it all. I don't want to overload you so I have broken the knowledge down into chunks. We will do a little every day until we finish or you feel you have had enough. I have left the highest mathematical and technological information for last. We will start with the basics that all Alteran children are taught, languages, history, then move up from there."

Making a decision, Harry nodded his head and moved over to the chair. He touched the armrest for a second, kind of expecting it to bite him. When nothing happened, Harry sat in the chair. As soon as he sat down the chair and the room lit up.

The computer watched as Harry sat in the chair. When the room and chair lit up it got its next surprise. Somehow Harry's natural zero-point energy was helping to power the control chair, in fact it was feeding back into the Potentia that powered the outpost. It would take a million years to recharge a depleted ZPM this way but it was still a surprise.

As the chair reclined, Harry felt himself completely relax, it felt like he was at home in the chair.


It was several hours later when Harry awoke in the chair. The AI had been regulating the flow of knowledge to Harry as not to overwhelm him.

*How do you feel Harry?* the hologram asked.

*I feel great. I understand now.* replied Harry. Harry got out of the chair and walked behind it. He extended his hand over a circle in the floor causing it to open and a pedestal to rise out of the floor. Once the pedestal fully extended up, Harry placed his hand on top of it. He had received a little more than the basic level education the computer had intended for the first lesson since Harry was taking it in so well.

*Computer, I Harry James Potter, first of the reborn Alteran race take control of this outpost and the position of High Counselor of the Alteran race. Re-designate computer name to Rose and maintain current holographic imaging. *

*Command acknowledged and accepted. * acknowledged Rose.

*Rose please perform a scan for the location of all Alteran descendants and display. *

A hologram of earth appeared above the control chair with little red dots scattered all over it. Some areas like Britain, the USA, and Europe had large concentrations of dots but still small compared to the overall population of the world.

There was one dot though that caught Harry's eye. It was very close to Antarctica and appeared to be moving closer.

*Isolate and identify the person closing in on Antarctica, please. *

*Scanning… from the knowledge obtained during my scans of the wizarding world. The person currently traveling in this direction is Alastor Moody. He is currently emitting a very low energy wave that is connecting to you Harry. I surmise that he is tracking you somehow with a Point Me spell. * Rose informed him.

*Well that's not good is it? * Harry asked rhetorically. *Please raise the outpost shields to block any future tracking and transport Mad-Eye to these coordinates* as Harry made the request he pictured where he wanted Mad-Eye in his head.

*Shields raised, transport complete. *


Moody had just gotten off the boat he had used to get to Antarctica and sent the boat and crew back. He had used a few compulsion charms to get the crew to bring him here. As he was about disapparate in the direction the point me spell indicated, he was enveloped in a white light.


In the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts, Dumbledore was going over reports he had received from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement here in Britain. He was scheduled to present their findings at an ICW meeting the next day. There was no new information about the strange white light that invaded the wizarding world thirteen days ago. No one knew what had happened, who was responsible, or how they were able to get around the all the wards.

Snape had reported that Voldemort had experienced the same thing as the rest of the world and that he had killed and tortured several of his followers in an attempt to find a spy. Snape had suggested to Albus that Potter had something to do with it but like Voldemort, Dumbledore just dismissed the suggestion. At least he didn't torture Snape for making it, he just shacked his head and told his potions professor to get over the childish vendetta he had for the boy.

The thing he found sad was the loss of the senior Malfoy. It was such a waste he thought. He would have to pay closer attention to the younger Malfoy when he returned to school.

A flash of white light had Albus jumping of his chair with is wand at the ready. Who appeared as the light faded was Alastor Moody. He wasn't going to take any chances though and fired a stunner and binding at the man.

After he had the man from the light tied to a chair he woke him. "Who are you?"

Groggily Moody answered him. "It's me Albus, you sent me looking for the boy."

"Alastor, what was the first thing you said when you were found in the trunk?"

"I said, 'get me out of here.'"

Albus nodded and released Alastor from the binding.

"How did you get here Alastor?"

"How the bloody hell should I know, one minute I'm tracking that wayward boy of yours, the next I'm standing here. All I know was that there was a flash of white light and you stunning me." Replied Alastor in a cantankerous voice. "I was all the way down in Antarctica, its bloody cold there you know, but that's where the point me spell was taking me."

"Antarctica! Alastor the last I heard from you, you were in Africa." Albus exclaimed.

"Yeah well, either the boy is out in the ice and snow having the time of his life or he was taken there. Or he could be on the other side of the planet. You know the point me only tells you the shortest direction to the target."

"The white light though, it was the same as the one I saw during the white light event. You didn't see anyone around you?"

"I was standing on a sheet of bloody ice Albus. There was no one around for miles."

Albus pulled his wand again from his sleeve, "Point Me Harry Potter". This time the wand just started spinning and didn't stop. The spell couldn't find the boy anymore.

"Maybe Harry did have something to do with the white light after all…" Albus said to himself but out loud.

"What was that Albus?" Alastor asked.

"The white light event that started just before you left, it continued for eight days, and happened all around the world. The only thing we were able to tell was that it was some form of magic but nothing like anyone has ever seen before. The diagnostic spells cast on it as it was happening showed an arithmancy so complex that even Arithmancy Masters are completely lost." Replied Albus

"And I was just thinking out loud, the disappearance of Harry, the white light event, you possibly getting close to finding him, then getting transported here by that same white light. It's all too much of a coincidence. Maybe Harry does have something to do with it all." Albus then took on a far off look.

Alastor knew Albus well enough to know that the Headmaster was deep in thought and most like wouldn't come out of it anytime soon. Alastor stood from his chair and let himself out of the office. He was going to go have a bloody drink.


Back at the outpost, Harry was having a good laugh. He didn't get to witness the outcome of transporting Moody to the other side of the planet but he could imagine how it turned out.

"Rose, I'm getting hungry, is there anything to eat around here?"

"Just a minute Harry. Why did you switch back to English?" In a flash of light, a table appeared in the room with a large assortment of food on it. As Harry walked over to the table and started filling a plate.

"I guess, since it's my native language, it's just easier for me." Replied Harry

"Very well." Replied Rose.