So this is nice, short one-shot, with one of my favorite couples. It was originally going to be the epilogue of Found, but I couldn't help but publish it a little early in honor of Valentine's Day. So here's story 5/7!

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"Clarisse?" Chris asked, his voice shaking.

"I'm here," Clarisse replied. And she had been since Mr. D had graciously agreed to heal Chris.

Chris propped himself up with his eyebrows and looked around the infirmary. He looked confused, but he was processing the area around him. Clarisse took that as a good sign.

"What happened?" Chris asked. "When did I get to camp?"

"You, well... what's the last thing you remember?"

"I was... I was in the Labyrinth with Mary, and there were hellhounds and... oh gods." Chris laid back down and covered his face with his arms.

"Chris?" Clarisse asked. Chris turned to look at her.

"What-what happened?"

"I found you near my house in Arizona. You were injured and dazed so I took you back to myself to help heal your injuries." Chris scrunched his eyebrows.

"I don't remember being in Arizona."

"You... weren't yourself." Chris groaned and turned to look at the ceiling, pressing the heels of his hands on his forehead.

"I told him this would happen, but he wouldn't listen."

"You're safe now." Clarisse reached her hand out and grabbed Chris's shoulder.

"But why am I at camp?"

"We couldn't keep you at my house, so Chiron helped me move you here."

"Chiron helped me?" Chris propped himself back up.

"Of course he did. He's Chiron."

"But-but I left."

"You were injured. No one was going to hold it against you."

"B-but I-"

"You were used, Chris. Nobody's going to blame you for it."

"And Luke... he's not going to..."

"He can't get to you here." Clarisse slid her hand down from Chris's shoulder and into his hand. He grabbed it almost instantly and squeezed it. A moment passed before he spoke again.

"And the Labyrinth?"


"For good?"

"For good. I told you - you're safe now."