Hermione POV

"Harry!?...Ron?! Where are y'all?! I screamed to the top of my lungs. My voice echo throughout the forbidden forest. "Ugh! Why couldn't I've just stayed to my studies?! Why did I have to follow these trouble makers," I thought. Behind me I heard something snap. I twirled around so fast that I feel over a tree log knocking the wind out of me. "Owwww," I cried between breaths of air. I jerked my head up something was running towards me. I started to get up and run but the thing jumped on my back pinning me down to the ground. I screamed in fright trying to fight it off me. Soon I screamed in pain as the thing bit me on my neck...

Werewolf POV

I was trying to hold my self back from placing my mark on my mate but my wolf self couldn't resist. My mates blood covered my fur. I began to lick at the wound trying to make the pain go away for my mate. I couldn't stand to see her in pain. I loved her with my life. As the wound began to heal my mate passed out. She looked so peaceful. I just wanted to be with her to the end but I knew I couldn't stay. Before I left her I made sure to put her at the castle doors. I kissed her goodbye well licked and ran back into the forbidden forest.

Hermione POV

I woke up in the hospital wing wondering how I got there. I ran my hands against my neck to find the wound but it wasn't there. "That's strange," I thought. Soon I felt a sharp pain go throughout my body. My mate I thought. "Wait what?!" I had to get to him. The pain was too much that I began back into the dark world once again.

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