Werewolf POV

I laid on the ground trying to get up before Fenrir Greyback would strike me again. My side bleed. I knew I couldn't let Greyback win this fight. I couldn't let him win my mate. Greyback striked again his teeth this time digging in my neck I howled in pain. He begins to sink his teeth into me even deeper until I stop moving. Everything began's to go into a blur. I can feel my life slipping. "It's over for you lupin," Greybacks yells!

Hermione POV

I awoke to the sound of a horrifying howl. I jumped up out of bed and began to run towards the forbidden forest. Madam Promphrey yells for me to wait. I dodged her spell that she throws at me. "Stupefy," I yell! I reached the forbidden forest. I run towards the howling hoping that I'm not to late. I see a big black werewolf pacing back a forth around a grey werewolf. The Grey werewolf just looks at me with pain in his eyes. I run straight for the black werewolf yelling,"Stupefy!" The black werewolf dodges the spell and looks at me growling. He began's to run towards me. I yell,"Wingardium Leviosa!" The black wolfs began's to fly backwards. I run to my mate. I place my head on his crying. He licks my lips to try and make everything seem ok. I close my eyes and say,"I love u." He howls a weak howl in response. I hear a howl in the distance.

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