Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Might of a Dragon

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Author's Note: In this story, there will also be some elements taken from the show Dragon Booster, which I also do not own.

At Reefside High, a young man wearing a black leather jacket over a gold T-shirt, dark jeans, and tennis shoes stepped out of the truck he drove with a girl who looked like him getting out of the passenger side. She had on a white hoodie over a silver shirt, skinny jeans and boots.

"I don't see why you had to ride with me, sis." He said.

"Because my car keeps breaking down. Are you ever gonna fix it?" She asked.

"Yes, Clara." He said.

"When?" She asked.

"When I get the chance to, okay?!" He snapped then walked off.

Once inside the building, he made his way to his first class, which was science. When he was in the room, he saw people shouting and throwing paper balls across the room. He saw an empty seat between two girls, one had blonde hair and the other had dark brown hair with light purple highlights and he sat between them.

The brunette looked at him. "Hi." She greeted.

"'Sup?" He greeted back.

"I'm Demi." She introduced, extending her hand.

"I'm Alaric, but my friends just call me Rick." He introduced, shaking her hand. Looking at her a little closer, he noticed how bright and green Demi's eyes were, which made him feel a little weird for a moment before he shook it away. He then turned towards the blonde, who didn't look quite as friendly as Demi but looked friendly enough.

"I'm Kaitlyn." She introduced and the two shook hands.

Just then, a man who looked like he was in his early 20s walked into the classroom.

"Guys, settle down! Take your seats, please." He said and everyone began to sit down. "I'm, uh, Dr. Oliver and this is first period science. Before we start, are there any questions?"

A blonde girl in front of him raised her hand and Dr. Oliver looked at her. "Yes?"

"Cassidy. Cassidy Cornell." The blonde introduced, standing up, ignoring the groans from the majority of her classmates, save Kaitlyn, Alaric, and Demi. "Dr. Oliver, as you may know, I'm the anchor and field reporter for our school TV station." She added, groans coming from everyone but the new teacher and Kaitlyn, Alaric, and Demi.

"Anyway, I'm sure our viewers are wondering. Well, you don't really look old enough to be a teacher." She said, earning a slight frown from Dr. Oliver. "Devin, are you getting this?" She sneered and another student with a video camera got up.

"Cassidy, I promise you I'm old enough. So, let's put the camera away." Dr. Oliver said.

"You missed it." Cassidy scolded Devin as Dr. Oliver continued.

"For now, let's talk about you guys and what you expect of yourselves in this class, because that's what's really important." He said, frowning slightly when he saw an empty chair on Demi's right side. "Is, uh, someone missing?" He asked.

By the time the free period bell rang, Alaric's patience was at its limit and he quickly walked out of the room without even a second glance to the people he bumped while walking.

He walked to a small grassy area and took off his jacket and laid it down. He then put his headphones on and started his music then started practicing his martial arts, but he was fighting with inhuman agility. The black and gold dragon soon smelled someone a few miles away from him and began to practice his martial arts like a human when he soon turned around and saw a soaked principal, two wet students, one was a guy in a soccer uniform and the other was a girl holding a guitar, and three who weren't wet, one was a guy who had an umbrella, and the other two he recognized as Kaitlyn and Demi.

"Mr. Stevens, you should be the first to know I don't tolerate anything like that on school grounds." The principal said.

"Aw, come on, Principal Randall, I haven't hurt anyone." Alaric protested.

"Well, isn't that a good thing?" Principal Randall said sarcastically. "Now, let's go." She said. The dragon in front of her tried to protest again, but stopped when he received a harsh glare from her and they all headed to the bench outside Randall's office.

"Sit!" She barked and the six student sat on the two benches outside her office.

"Principal Randall, I'd just like to point out the fact that there's absolutely no hard evidence linking me to that unfortunate sprinkler incident." The guy with the umbrella said, hoping to receive mercy, but was met with a cold glare instead.

"Save it for Judge Judy, Mr. James. The six of you have detention. For one week. Starting today." Randall said. "Now if there are no further questions..." She said and the six tried to protest, but Randall didn't let them finish then stormed into her office.

"Okay. Somebody seriously needs a hug." The singer said.

"This is just great." Demi said.

"She could make DJ seem like a child with that temper." Alaric thought.

"Aunt Delia's so gonna kill me for this." Kaitlyn muttered as the soccer player looked at the guy with the umbrella.

"Dude, Computer Club?" He asked.

Alaric, Kaitlyn, Demi, and the soccer player, the singer, and the computer guy, who had identified themselves as Conner, Kira, and Ethan respectively, were waiting for Randall to find an unfortunate teacher to supervise their detention when Clara walked to Alaric with a smug smile on her face.

"Sucks to be you, bro." She said.

"If you wanna make it to 18, you'll check that mouth of yours, make sure my bike is out of my truck, drive the truck home, and not breathe a WORD about this to Mom. Clear?" Alaric snarled.

"Crystal." The black-haired girl said then took off.

"Dude, that was just a little harsh." Conner said to Alaric.

"She's my sister, 'dude'. I can talk to her like that if I want to." Alaric said.

"What's your deal?" Ethan asked.

"Seriously, you're acting as hateful as Randall." Kira said.

"I've just had a bad day, all right?" Alaric snapped.

"That should be sufficient torture for them." Randall said as she walked up to the six with Dr. Oliver then looked between the students and teacher. "You've all met, I trust?" She asked then smiled with satisfaction. "Well, enjoy your little outing." She said then walked off.

Dr. Oliver looked at the students as he took his glasses off. "So, you guys like museums?" He asked.

"If we're going, I'm taking my bike." Alaric said then the seven headed to the parking lot. Alaric walked to a Harley Davidson motorcycle that was painted black and gold.

"Sick bike, dude!" Ethan said.

"I think Nick would seriously love that bike." Kaitlyn thought, remembering her older brother had his own motorcycle.

"Thanks." Alaric said, smirking as he hopped on the put his helmet on as all but Demi piled into Dr. Oliver's Jeep. Demi hopped on Alaric's bike with him and put on a spare helmet Alaric handed her. He revved up his motorcycle as Dr. Oliver started his Jeep up then drove to the dinosaur museum with Alaric following behind him.

"Whoa! Check out the T-Rex." Ethan said as they arrived at the museum.

"Meh, I like aquatic animals better." Kaitlyn said as she, Conner, Ethan, and Kira got out of Dr. Oliver's Jeep with the teacher while Alaric and Demi got off his bike.

They walked to the museum and saw a chained "We're closed" sign.

"That's weird." Dr. Oliver said.

Conner sighed. "Oh, well. No museum for us." He said, inwardly smiling.

"Great. Let's go home." Kira piped up.

"Yeah, I gotta enjoy what little bit of freedom I'll have left." Kaitlyn said.

"Tell you what. I want you guys to have a look around the grounds. If any of you guys find anything prehistoric, I'll cancel detention for the rest of the week." Dr. Oliver said.

"Sweet." Ethan said.

"What about you, Dr. O?" Alaric asked.

"I'm gonna see if I can find someone who can tell us when they're opening up." The teacher replied.

"Sounds like a plan." Demi said.

The six students headed to the woods while Dr. Oliver went to the museum.

"So, let me get this straight. They have a club just for computers?" Conner asked Ethan, who rolled his eyes.

Alaric took a big yet silent whiff of a scent that smelled like saltwater and looked at Kaitlyn and Demi. "Mermaids." He thought to himself.

"Hey, did you guys hear the story about the guy who was hiking up here and fell in a giant sinkhole?" Ethan suddenly asked.

"Must've missed that one." Kira said, her voice indicating she wasn't interested as she looked around.

"Come on! It was on all the urban legend websites." Ethan said.

"Dude, you know this isn't Computer Club, right?" Conner pointed out.

Alaric rolled his eyes and tuned them out. He soon heard Ethan mention the word 'sinkhole' when all six felt the ground open beneath them.

"Everyone okay?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Swell." Demi said sarcastically as they all stood up and started brushing the dirt off of their clothes.

Alaric noticed a slight tear on the left shoulder of his jacket and groaned. "Aw, man! This is my favorite jacket!" He said. "This day just keeps getting better, doesn't it?" He muttered under his breath.

"Alright. You guys stay here where it's safe. I'll climb up and come back with help." Conner said then walked to the wall.

"Wouldn't do that." Alaric said, but Conner ignored him and tried to climb up, only to land on his back.

"Back already?" Ethan joked.

"Told ya." Alaric said as Ethan and Kira helped Conner up while Alaric looked down a path and silently picked up a scent. "Guys, this way." He said then led the other five through the cave.

"How can you tell?" Demi asked.

"Instinct." Alaric lied, then tuned everything but the scent out.

When it came to tracking, Alaric always tuned out everything around him to focus on the scent.

The six soon came to a skeleton embedded in a wall.

"This screams 'Jurassic Park' to me." Kira said.

Conner chuckled. "This'll get us out of detention forever." He said then reached out to it. He activated a type of lever and the wall in front of them opened up to reveal an underground room with state-of-the-art machinery.

"Whoa!" Demi breathed out as they walked into the room.

"I could do a crazy video in here!" Kira said.

"My friend, Lewis, would totally love this." Kaitlyn said.

"So would Jacob." Alaric thought, remembering how a friend of his back home was the more scientific of them all.

"Whoa. This must be, like, the mothership for you, dude." Conner said to Ethan.

"Normally, I'd be insulted, but when you're right, you're right." Ethan said, smirking.

Alaric saw Conner reach for something on a big smoking rock. "Yo, don't touch that!" He said.

"Why not?" Conner asked.

"I'm with him." Ethan said. "You really are taking this dumb jock thing to a whole new level."

"Look, you guys. I have sat through enough lame science classes to know that thing looks fully prehistoric." Conner argued. "And if I don't have to miss practice..." He pointed out.

"I hate to agree with him. Really, I do." Kira said. "But I already missed one rehearsal."

"And I won't be grounded till I'm 50." Kaitlyn muttered.

"Come on, guys. What's the worst that could happen?" Demi asked.

The six teens slowly pulled the gems off the rock, Conner taking the red one, Kira taking the yellow one, Ethan taking the blue one, Kaitlyn taking the silver one, Demi taking the purple one, and Alaric taking the indigo one.

"Well, what are they?" Kira asked.

"I can go online later and try to find out." Ethan said.

Conner chuckled once. "You in front of a computer? Wait, let me put on my surprised face." He said, making Alaric roll his eyes.

"You know, ten years from now, when your hairline's receding and you're playing pick-up soccer in the park cause your dreams of turning pro never quite worked out, I'll have my own multi-billion dollar software business. Yeah." Ethan said.

"Ouch. You're gonna need some aloe for that burn." Alaric chuckled then saw Kira making for the door. "Where're you going?" He asked.

"I don't wanna think about what kind of freak lives in a place like this, and I sure don't wanna be here when it gets home." Kira replied.

"Sounds like a plan. Let's get gone." Alaric said.

"Right behind ya." Conner said.

Kira looked at Alaric. "You did good getting us to this place. Think you can actually lead us out of here this time?" She quipped.

He frowned at her. "Very funny." He said sarcastically then the six began to look for the way out of the cave.

"This way." Alaric said then all six made it out of the cave.

"A compass. We need a compass. Anyone have a compass?" Ethan asked.

Conner sighed with an eyeroll. "And I was gonna bring one." He said sarcastically.

"Your sarcasm is, of course, very appreciated, dude." Alaric said as sarcastically.

"Come on, you three. Let it go." Kaitlyn said.

A sudden gust of wind made the teens stop in their tracks.

"What was that?" Demi asked.

"The wind?" Kira offered up.

"That ain't the wind." Ethan said.

"Yeah. As much as we'd like it to be... it ain't." Alaric said when black dinosaurs looking creatures appeared out of nowhere, surrounding them.

"Don't. Move." Conner whispered.

"Oh, brilliant idea. Just make it easy for them." Alaric hissed.

"New plan. Run!" Ethan said and they began to run. They soon came to a ditch and everyone but Kira made the jump across. Kira fell in the ditch.

"Kira!" Alaric shouted then ran to her and held his hand out for her. "Come on!" He said then helped her out of the ditch and they took off as the creatures were catching up to them. Kira soon tripped and as the creatures that were about to lunge at her were suddenly pushed back by Kira letting out a loud scream that forced the other teens to cover their ears. They then ran back to Kira.

"Help her up." Conner said as he and Alaric helped the stunned singer back to her feet.

"What was that?" Ethan asked.

"I have no idea." Kira said then they looked at the glowing yellow stone in her hand as her mind flashed an image of a yellow Pteranodon.

They soon saw the creatures get back up and Alaric looked at the other teens. "Split up! Maybe we can thin 'em out that way." He said then they split up in different directions. Alaric soon stopped in his tracks and turned to face the small group that had chased him.

He growled as the pupils of his eyes became slit like a cat's and his irises and sclera became yellow. "Bring it." He said and one of the monsters leapt at him but he grabbed it by its throat then jumped up and kicked it four times. He then had a gold aura surround him and telekinetically picked one up and threw it into a larger group of the creatures.

Another was about to jump at him and he closed his eyes. Just then, he vanished in a puff of indigo colored smoke then reappeared a few feet away. He opened his eyes.

"Huh?" He asked then pulled out the indigo gem from his pocket as it began to glow and he blinked as his mind was suddenly hit with the image of an indigo colored Spinosaurus. "Whoa." He said.

"Over here!" Conner called and the others ran to him, holding their gems in their hands.

"Yo, how much do I love detention!" Ethan exclaimed happily.

"Hey!" Dr. Oliver called out and the teens quickly pocketed the gems. "You guys okay?"

"Well, uh..." Kira started.

"Yeah. Couldn't be better." Ethan said.

"Nothing out of the ordinary happened?" The science teacher asked.

"Nope." Alaric said.

"Just your, uh, routine hike in the woods." Demi said.

"Lots of furry little creatures." Kaitlyn said.

"And a few scaly ones." Kira muttered.

Dr. Oliver looked at her confused.

"So, you get into the Dino exhibit?" Conner asked, changing the subject.

"Uh, they're still working the kinks out. We'd better get you guys back. Come on." Dr. Oliver said.

"Don't you guys think we should tell him?" Kira whispered as they began to walk.

"Out of the question." Alaric said firmly.

"Agreed." Demi said.

"Do you have any idea what would happen to us if anyone found out about this?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Yeah. I don't know about you, but I've got over a thousand Sci-Fi DVDs, and you know how many times the guy with the superpowers ends up in some freaky government lab, laying on a table with wires in his head?" Ethan pointed out.

"Even I know that." Conner said.

"You guys coming?" Dr. Oliver asked and the six glanced at each other before following their teacher back to the school.

"Okay, so we all agree? No one talks about this to anyone, no matter what." Conner said.

"I can do better than that." Kira said, dropping the yellow gem into Conner's hand. "I'm out of it. Just forget I was here and I'll do the same."

"Wait. How come he gets it?" Ethan asked.

"Well, here!" Kira said, putting the yellow gem in Ethan's hand.

"Kira, this isn't something we can just ignore." Alaric said.

"He's right." Demi agreed.

"Don't walk away from this!" Kaitlyn said.

Kira shook her head. "Look, I didn't ask for any of this!"

"None of us did, Kira." Alaric said. "Like it or not, these things did something to us and we have to find out what."

"Do it without me, you guys." Kira said.

"Kira, don't talk like that." Kaitlyn said.

"They're right." Ethan said.

"We need to stick together to find out what happened to us." Demi said.

"Come on, Kira!" Conner said.

"You know what? I give up!" Kira said then walked away.

"And here I thought Jordan was the most stubborn person I ever met." Alaric thought then heard Kira say "Get away, freaks!" and looked up to see those creatures surrounding Kira.

"Kira!" Conner shouted then the other five ran to help the singer as the creatures disappeared through a green portal, leaving only Kira's backpack.

"Kira!" Demi called out.

"She's gone." Ethan breathed out.

"Okay. This is way bad." Kaitlyn said.

"No kidding." Alaric said.

Conner sped down an empty street with Demi, Kaitlyn and Ethan riding in his car with him while Alaric rode beside them on his motorcycle.

"Okay, so where are we going?" Conner asked.

"Uh... Dr. Oliver's?" Ethan weakly offered.

"What's he gonna do?!" Alaric demanded.

"He's a dinosaur guy. These things are dinosaurs, sort of!" Ethan replied.

"Alright. So, where does he live?" Demi asked.

"Uh, 1992 Valencia Road." Ethan read from his PDA.

"Isn't that, like, way out in the middle of the woods?" Kaitlyn asked.

The five soon reached Dr. Oliver's house and Alaric saw a van that he recognized, then headed to the porch with the others.

Ethan knocked on the door, but got no reply.

"Knock again." Conner said.

Ethan obliged, but still no answer. "Now what?" He asked.

Conner then pushed on the door a little and the door slowly opened.

"Okay, am I the only one getting a bit of a Scooby-Doo vibe right now?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Nope." Demi replied.

"What're you doing?" Ethan asked Conner.

"Why would he leave it unlocked?" Conner asked.

"Look around, man. He has no neighbors." Alaric said.

"What? You never heard of the three bears?" Conner asked.

"Is that the last book you read?" Ethan asked.

"I'm more concerned about why my mother's station wagon is here." Alaric said.

"The school's health teacher, Mrs. Stevens is your mother?" Demi asked.

"Adopted mother, but yes." Alaric replied as all five went inside.

"Dr. Oliver?" Conner called.

"Hello?" Ethan called.

"Vanessa, you here?" Alaric asked.

Conner spotted a small T-Rex statue and reached for it, but Alaric grabbed his wrist.

"Hey! Remember what happened last time you did that?" He asked.

"Dude, the guy's a teacher, not..." Conner started, pulling the jaw of the small statue and a floor panel opened up, revealing a set of stairs. "Batman."

"Told ya. Again." Alaric said then the five headed down the stairs to the same lab they were in hours earlier.

"This is the same place!" Ethan hissed.

"Are you four freaking out right now?" Conner asked.

"I am." Alaric said.

"Same here." Ethan and Demi said.

"Define freaking out." Kaitlyn muttered.

"If you're looking for extra credit," Dr. Oliver's voice said, making the five look at him and a woman the same age as him with her hair tied in a ponytail. "you're in the wrong place." Dr. Oliver finished.

That's chapter one. I hope you guys like this story. Y'all know what to do.