A/N: I haven't written anything new in a while. Especially for a new series. Yay for Critical Role! I love all of them so much. Spoilers in case you're not past episode 68/69. Enjoy.

There were many things that Vex knew. She knew that her brother was easier to read than he lead on sometimes. She knew that Scanlan was tortured by his past even though he never showed it. She knew that Grog would never abandon any of them no matter what he might say. She knew that Pike was the most precious to all of them. She knew that Keyleth loved Percy just as much as she did Vax.

And most of all, she knew that he was gone.

He was gone...She couldn't accept it. The truth was staring her right in the face. He was laying there, cold and lifeless, blood pooling under him.

"We're going to surround Ripley. Com on Vex." Scanlan said.

No. It was the only word that was running through her mind. She voiced it aloud. "No!"

"I'm not going to leave him!" is what she said. "I can shoot her from here!"

What she wanted to say was, "I can't leave him. I don't want to be here without him."

There were many things that Vex knew, but the one she didn't know until it was too late was that she loved Percy with all her heart. It was his and new he was gone and she truly was broken.


Percy lay on the table, surrounded by the signs of Sarenrae.

There weren't many times that you truly got a second chance. This was her moment to tell him how she felt. It would be her one and only opportunity.

She leaned over his body and stared into the face of the man who meant the most to her in the world, outside of family. The words poured forth, falling as fast as the tears coming down her cheeks, words she couldn't even remember the moment they left her body.

Finally she took a breath, steadying herself. This was it. "One more thing. I should have told you sooner. It's yours."

Vex stepped back. She'd said her peace and now he was in Sarenrae's hands.

The others helped in their own ways and Pike finished the spell.

Silence. Vex felt her heart stop. She didn't know how she'd continue on if this didn't work.

The silence continued and Vex's knees felt weak. She couldn't hand this anymore. It was over.

Another beat of silence and then a gasp from Percy's lifeless body. Vex gasped softly herself.

There was a breath, and then another breath. Percy's chest moved gently as life returned to his body.

Vex looked up at the image of Sarenrae and sent up a prayer of thanks and a promise.

She wasn't going to ever let go of Percy again.