Well, I had someone ask me to write a Kagome/Sesshomoru fic. I am more of an Inuyasha/Kagome person,
but this only means I get Inuyasha to myself for awhile.
*grins and hugs the tied up Inuyasha*

"Hey, git offa me!" Inuyasha screams.


"GET offa me!"


*hugs him tighter*

"I can't breathe!"

"Hehe, I'll let ya go if I get some nice reviews!"....."Maybe......mwahahaha"

"Oh god, PLEASE REVIEW! I don't like that look in her eye! HELP!"

*Pulls curtain closed* "On with the story! Hehe"


Kagome was sleeping the best she had all night when she felt a tapping on her back.

"Not now mom, I don't have school today." she murmered.

"I'm not your Mom."

The sound of that calm voice made her jump up in suprise, tumbling off the bed, and taking the sheets with her.
She pulled the sheets off her head slowly, hoping it was only a nightmare.

"Sesshomoru?!" she gasped.


"What are you doing here?!!!!!" she screamed, her now being panick-striken.

"SHh!!!!" he said trying to calm the girl down.

"I will not shh!"

"Please Kagome! I'm not going to hurt you!"

"Yeah right!"

"I won't! My curiousity just got the best of me when it came to thoughts of your world."

Kagome lowered her voice somewhat.


"I said I wanted to see your world, your time."

Kagome raised an eyebrow. She was still kind of leary of this whole show-sesshomoru-her-time thing.

"SERIOUS!" he said defending himself.

"Fine. Let me get ready, and I'll show you my world."


She then threw the sheets and blankets back on her bed, waiting for Sesshomoru to leave the room, but
he didn't.



"I can't get ready with you in here."


"Hai, oops. Now please wait out in the living room for me."

"Hai." he left the room and kagome closes and locks the door behind him.


It's going to be a long day.