AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is a crossover between Overlord and Harry Potter. I was looking on this site and noticed a perilous lack of everything. This story is set during the fifth HP novel and features a semi AU version of the Overlord universe in that Everything up through the eleventh LN will be included along with additional events of my own creation that may or may not be referenced during the course of this story. Anyways the main character of course is Harry with supporting roles from the other two of the Golden Trio, along with all the cast of book five. From the Nazarick side of things Aura, Mare, Shalltear, and Narberal are doing most of the representing although there will be occasional appearances from all the Floor Guardians, Ainz himself and of course the rest of the Pleiades. So sit back and enjoy I shall try and be semi regular in my updates. And of course I own neither Harry Potter or Overlord.


Harry took a breath before calmly pushing his cart that was loaded with his trunk filled with his school supplies and everything he would need for his fifth year at Hogwarts as well of course Hedwig's cage. The snowy owl perched quietly her eyes closed as she slept. This was his fourth time walking through the barrier, well fifth time if you counted the failure and disastrous events that followed in his second year. He gave his head a shake just as the front of his cart should have crashed into the brick wall and sent his possessions everywhere. Instead it slid into the brick as if there was nothing there and with another three steps he passed through the wall as well.

He kept moving forward onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters not wanting to cause a traffic jam for the rest of the Weasleys coming behind him, let alone anyone else. Ahead steam was already rising from the scarlet covered engine of the Hogwarts Express, the train that was responsible for taking the students of England's Magical School, from London, to Hogsmead, the wizarding town located on the outskirts of the magical school's grounds around a mile from the Hogwarts castle.

Now standing on the main platform he turned looking back waiting for all the others to join him. The identical twins Fred and George Weasley had already passed through and were moving up to join Harry though Fred did take a quick moment to jump on top of his trunk when one of its latches randomly opened, as he sat in place reattaching the latch of the trunk he gave Harry a wink that was pure chaos and mischief and Harry found himself honestly hoping he wouldn't have to find out just what was inside that trunk given what those two always seemed to get themselves up to. Behind those two his best friend Ron had just appeared and shortly after him came Ron's younger sister Ginny Weasley.

Getting a prickle on his neck he turned his gaze away from the family of redheads to look at the others on the platform and noticed more than a few guarded and suspicious gazes. These were coming exclusively from families that lived predominantly in the wizarding world since there wasn't a single muggle parent of a wizard or witch present that was giving him so much as a second glance. Of course, it wasn't hard to guess why after the ordeal he'd suffered at the hands of the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge just days before.

And this caused him to take a deep breath, this was what he wasn't looking forward to, the questions, the looks. True he was used to questions and looks, he was The-Boy-Who-Lived after all. As a baby, he had done the impossible and not only survived an un-survivable magical curse but he had defeated the greatest dark wizard of the time. Fudge not wanting to admit to the admittedly horrifying thought that that very Dark Lord, Voldemort, was back, was doing everything in his power to shut his eyes to that possibility including doing everything to discredit anyone saying such things which was why Harry had turned from The-Boy-Who-Lived to The-Boy-Who-Lied according to the wizard newspaper The Daily Prophet.

Harry shook his head and looked around for anyone he knew that wasn't giving him a stink eye. He spotted a few familiar faces that weren't looking at him with suspicion and distrust. Neville Longbottom, his fellow fifth year Gryfindor who was standing with his Aunt. There were few and far beyond that though. Even from Gryfindors. His eyes did stop though after sliding past a strange blond haired girl reading from a magazine to stop on a family that had caught his eye. There were seven individuals there three adults and four children although that was almost inaccurate given that the oldest of the children seemed almost an adult herself in age. There were two near identical blond younger children who looked like they might have been second years standing side beside, one a girl stood awkwardly fidgeting as she watched the adults while beside her the other who could easily have been her twin brother stood relaxed with his arms raised up hands behind his head casually. The two were dressed in muggle clothes each befitting a girl and a boy respectively. There was also a strange silver haired girl who was a little taller than the two blonds but not by much that was wearing a long sleek dark dress, although it was rude to think such things he wasn't even sure if she was a third year given the distinct lack of certain feminine curves. Finally, the oldest of the children who had to be a sixth or seventh year stood silently beside the other three her hands clasped in front of her in a quiet obedient stance. Like the others she wore muggle clothing but where the first three had posture ranging from timid to relaxed to dignified the fourth child, stood with the posture of obedience, if that was even the right word for it.

As for the adults the three were strange. There were two men and one woman. Normally he would have thought it was all different parents but something told him that wasn't the case given how one of the men was talking. The man a well-tanned man wearing round glasses much like Harry's own with black hair slicked back was wearing a rather striking red pinstriped muggle suit. He was talking quietly to the children who were all listening with rapt attention. To the man's left stood an elderly man with a head and beard full of silver. While the wrinkles on the man's face and the silver of his hair might have made him seem old and fragile Harry had the strange feeling that such was not the case. He had seen old men before. Hogwarts' own Headmaster, Dumbledore, was one such individual among many and there was a difference between Dumbledore and this old man. Perhaps it was the suit that looked like it belonged on a butler but Harry felt that the man stood too straight and his eyes were too sharp for an ordinary old man.

And last but not least was the woman looking silently at the gathered wizards and witches also on the train platform. She was impossible not to notice since she radiated beauty that encompassed all of her. His eyes were drawn to her and Harry's mind couldn't help but draw a parallel to the strange race of magical beings known as Veela that he had first encountered at the previous year's Quidditch World Cup. She wore a revealing dress that attracted more than just Harry's eyes though he hadn't yet realized it given how focused he was on the family he missed how many others were also watching and in some cases outright staring at the woman. Of course she had a smile that seemed permanently affixed to her face as she watched not what were presumably her own children and instead watched all the others standing on the platform. Her ample bosom on display she wore a strapless dress of pure white that contrasted with her raven black hair that hung down to the small of her back. And her eyes, her eyes looked directly at Harry in that moment as if she knew he had been studying her. He felt a jolt go down his spine before his gaze was broken but the happy barking of a large shaggy black dog coming through the barrier behind him.

Harry's gaze turned away from the family looking at the others. It had only been a few seconds and his eyes found the dog who was in reality a wizard, specifically his godfather Sirius Black, a falsely convicted escaped prisoner from the wizard prison Azkaban where he had been sentenced for murders he had not committed. Still on the run he had spent months over the summer cooped up in his family's house and had eagerly jumped at anything that had presented him a chance to get out, such as coming with Harry to King's Cross station and Platform Nine and Three Quarters. He also realized that his other best friend, Hermione Granger, and moved beside him while he'd been watching the family. He could hear her curious words.

"I've never seen any of them before, and they look too old to be first years even those blond twins. Could they be exchange students?" Harry could only shrug as his attention was firmly pulled away from the family by the dog's antics of running around in the open space of the platform while Harry turned his gaze back to the gathered wizarding family the Weasleys. By now all of them were gathered together on the platform. Also with them were the wizards Dumbledore had assigned as his protection for the day, Alastor Moody and Nymphadora Tonks, each of them were trained Aurorors, which were people that were Dark Wizard hunters that worked for the Ministry of Magic. Both of them loyal to Dumbledore and not blind to the return of Voldemort were working to protect the object of Voldemort's hatred, namely Harry given that Voldemort might try almost anything when Harry was involved.

"No trouble?"

Moody asked as he worked with a third man Remus Lupin who had also come with helping the group get their trunks onto the train. Lupin had been Harry's teacher in his third year who had easily been one of his top favorite teachers at the wizarding school. Alas Lupin had only taught the single year when it had been revealed to the parents of the students that he was in fact, a werewolf. Of course, he'd been out of a job with a day and Harry had been sorry to see him go.


Came Lupin's reply in response and Harry turned his attention away from the two men working with the luggage as they continued talking and he moved closer towards Ron and Hermione who were talking quietly glancing now and then at the strange family Harry had seen before. The four children had already disappeared, likely onto the train itself and the three adults stood there watching the train the red suited man and black haired woman speaking together quietly while the silver haired old man who stood very straight stood in silence watching not the train but everyone else. Harry couldn't help shake the feeling that the man was as much a bodyguard for the family as Moody, Tonks, and Lupin were for him. Although those piercing grey eyes of the old man's did not look old in the least when they looked onto Harry and it might have been his imagination but he could swear he saw the man's eyes narrow by the barest of amounts as if in recognition upon seeing him.

Harry's attention was one again pulled sharply away when the train whistle sounded warning everyone on the platform that the train was about to depart and he could hear Mrs. Weasley behind him calling out.

"Quick, Quick."

A quick flurry of hugs were followed as Mrs. Weasley herded all of her present children onto the train but not before she gave each a hug, or in Harry's case, two hugs. And then he was confronted by the feeling of the enormous dog that was Sirius Black rearing up on his hind legs to put his forepaws on Harry's shoulders for the briefest of moments before Mrs. Weasley shooed him onto the train. Harry, Ron, and Hermione quickly got onto the train but Harry stopped to wave back out a window as the train finally began pulling out of the station the cars all giving a shudder as they began to move. Heartfelt and sincere was continued until the platform was out of sight and he then looked at the others.

"Shall we find a compartment?"

Hermione got a guilty look at this as did Ron as they shared a look before Hermione sighed and spoke to Harry while Ron was suddenly obsessed with his nails, something he never did given how dirty they were.

"We're supposed to go to the prefect carriage."

Harry felt a small twist in his gut, that was right both of them were prefects for Gryphindor House. Harry gave a noncommittal sort of sound.

"Oh… Right. Fine."

Hermione was quick to try and soothe his feelings as she replied.

"I don't think we'll have to stay there for the whole journey."

"Yeah definitely."

Ron said quickly after Hermione and made a comment about not being the same as his older brother Percy had proven to be an insufferable git even as a prefect and since graduating from Hogwarts and going to work for the Ministry of Magic had only gotten worse. Ron and Hermione quickly headed off down the carriage heading for the prefect carriage leaving Harry alone with Ginny Weasley who gave him a look.

"Come on. If we get a move on we'll be able to save them places."

At this Harry simply nodded and followed Ginny as they made their way in their search. They had to travel the length of the train to the very last train car before they found open space. On the way they did pass a closed compartment with the two blond twins, the silver haired, and black haired children. The blond boy and Silver hair girl seemed to be mid argument while the blond girl was busy reading a textbook and the black-haired girl simply sat there silently her eyes on the other three seemingly content to watch them. He only got the quick glance and then they were past them until they finally found a compartment that already had Neville Longbottom and the pale blond haired girl who'd been standing alone on the platform before still reading her magazine although now that he was closer Harry noticed she was reading it upside down.

"Hey Neville. Hey Luna."

Ginny said as she and Harry made their way into the compartment. Neville looked up and gave Harry a quiet nod of hello which Harry responded in kind. The two weren't close friends but they'd known each other enough years in the same house to not need words for every conversation, sometimes a simple nod was enough. Luna meanwhile looked up at the two new people in the compartment her eyes peering up over the top of her magazine as she studied them with a sharp gaze. Of course, for all the intelligence in her eyes it was hard to take her serious given that she was wearing a necklace of butterbeer caps or had her wand stuck behind her ear like it was an ordinary pencil or pen and not an immensely powerful magical tool, and then of course there was the fact the magazine was upside down. Harry felt a little awkward but manage to squish the feeling by the time he'd taken a seat.

The train ride was by and large uneventful over the next several hours. Ron and Hermione joined them before too long and Harry's crush Cho Chang looked in briefly though admittedly the timing had been horrible given a combination of stink sap and the fact he'd been holding Neville's toad at the time and not the confident charming and witty man he wished he'd been instead of awkward in the situation. The friends along with Luna caught up on the changes. Who were the new prefects for example. Harry had to suppress a groan when he found out his arch-rival Draco Malfoy had made prefect for Slytherin House. Apart from that the journey was uneventful even when Draco himself made an inevitable appearance.

Finally the train arrived at the Hogsmead station and the students en masse disembarked. Harry followed the others towards the carriages that took the older students up to the castle. He was distracted as he was nearly there as he heard not the familiar voice of Rubeus Hagrid, a long time friend and teacher but instead a distinctively female voice calling out gathering the first years. Curious and more than a little shocked at Hagrid's absence from gathering the first years for their traditional boat ride across the lake to Hogwarts for their first view of the castle he saw Professor Grubbly-Plank instead gathering the first years. He was tempted to ask where Hagrid was but got pulled along by Hermione who had realized he'd been lagging behind.

His second surprise after getting off the train came as the horseless carriages came into view. Only they were no longer horseless. Instead strange eerie black winged horses that had a skeletal appearance to their bodies even though they were, probably, living creatures stood waiting to pull the carriages. Hermione had already disappeared into the crowd after retrieving Harry to keep up with her Prefect duties. Looking around no one else seemed to have noticed the strange new creatures that were hooked up to the carriages, not even Hermione when she emerged from the crowd panting in exhaustion complaining about Malfoy and his posse of followers. As Ron and Hermione got close he looked at his friends.

"What do you think those horse things are?"

Both of his friends gave him a funny look.

"What horse things?"

Harry was growing a little annoyed and frankly confused given he was at most three feet from the nearest one.

"I can see them too."

Came the reply from Luna Lovegood, the girl he'd shared the train compartment with cutting off Harry right before he was about to have a little eruption of frustration. "Wait what do you mean see them too?" Hermione asked before Harry could. Harry was just about to get in when a loud yell came from Professor Grubbly-Plank.


She shouted coming into view around a carriage and stomping past Harry. Frozen out of curiosity Harry couldn't help but watch as she grabbed the arm of the golden-haired twin he'd seen twice before and started dragging him back with her. So the kid was really a first year? But Harry also realized that before Grubbly-Plank had grabbed the boy's arm the kid had been standing right next to one of the strange reptilian horse things with a curious look on his face as his eyes, and Harry realized as the boy was dragged passed him that one eye was blue while the other was green, that he could clearly see the creatures too. Then the kid was out of sight along with Professor Grubbly-Plank and Harry finally stepped up into the carriage. The boy looked distinctly unhappy about all this but didn't fight being pulled away.

"Wonder what that was about?"

Muttered Ron quietly to which Hermione just shrugged. "Guess the kid's a first year. That would explain why we've never seen him before."

Harry was silent for a moment before quietly speaking up.

"The kid could clearly see the horse things too. What's going on here?"

He muttered to himself as the others, apart from Luna, gave him confused glances as the carriage started moving heading up to the castle.

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