Kagome scrambled out of the train station attempting to get away from Kouga.
"Wait!" he called out.
"Don't have time!" she said, not bothering to look back. 'Man, I gotta get away from him!' She quickly ran through the station and out of it, not pausing once to take a breath.

She stopped near a pay phone to catch her breath. 'Maybe...I should call to check on Souta..I can't...atleast not until I find somewhere to stay.'
"Miss Kagome!" she heard from behind.
'Oh gods NO!' she said, attempting to hide quickly. Ah! The restuarant! She quickly ducked inside as Kouga ran by. *phew* 'That was close.' she said, walking out of the restuarant and she noticed some woods nearby.
"Maybe I can find an old barn or something to stay in for awhile." she said as she walked accross the parkinglot and into the woods.
"Man, it's dark in here.....It's probably even darker at niI-" she ran into a rather large tree. "Oh, thank goodness! Wait, what's this?" she asked, putting her index finger just below an inscription. She quickly read it off.
"She who bears the Shikon No Tama, and returns to Inuyasha's Tree on the night of the full Moon, shall be re-united with those she loves. So says the book of fate." She stood back for a moment. "That's weird....I mean, I've never heard of the Shikon no Tama." she said, and started walking further.
The sun started to set in the cloudless sky. "Hmm...not long before dark. I only have a couple of minutes seeing time before I'm stuck for the night. Hey! There's an old Shrine just ahead!" she said, quickly running to it and inside.
"This will do nicely. Even though it's not alot, it has potential." she smiled, setting down her backpack and resting her arm.
"Oh, it has a place to build a fire." she smiled. She left the shrine long enough to gather some fire wood and rocks to use as a barrier. "This should do it."
She quickly pulled out some matches she had brought for just such an emergency, lighting the wood, then returning to her pack to pull out a can of pre-made ramen and a bowl to warm it up over the fire in.

After she ate....


Kagome stepped out of the hut to gaze into the sky, and possibly walk to the pay phone to call Souta.
"Hey, there's a full moon out." she smiled. "It sure is beautiful." She walked a little further, back to 'Inuyasha's Tree' as it was called in the inscription, and for some odd reason, she was drawn to it.
"Hey, what's this?" she said, noticing a hole that had been covered with what was now rotting wood. She stepped on the wood, breaking it into. "Erie." she said, looking down into it. "H.....hey! WH-what's happening?!" she yelled, as a lilac light engulfed her, drawing her into the hole.

To be continued.