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Holmes Sweet Home

I scooted my chair closer to my desk so I could better view the two diaries in front of me. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I looked up at the woman in front of me and nodded my approval before sliding the diaries back to their owners. "Are there any amendments you would like to make to next week's schedule before we finish?"

The blonde haired, blue eyed Megan Roberts, Secretary, confirmed that she had no amendments to be made and closed her diary, the paperwork from earlier in the meeting placed securely on today's page. The diary was bulging with all the sticky notes and bookmarks sticking out of with several pieces of paper all in different states. Some, their full size A4, others folded in half. I spotted a couple of torn pieces of paper which looked as though Megan had used them for jotting down rough notes. "Am I to continue my duties as normal today, ma'am?"

"Yes Miss Roberts. I suspect I will be either in meetings all day or am going to be invited somewhere. Not sure at the moment but I will you know of my whereabouts once I know of them myself." We both stood from our chairs and I held my hand out to her and quickly we shook before she left my office to return to her desk. Once she had left, I took a sip of water whilst refreshing my emails on my computer. With one last sip of water before I put it down, I checked my diary once more before closing it and placing it into my desk drawer. I organised my inbox to accommodate the new arrivals before opening the first one. A client asking to confirm details of payments. Without reading too much into the email, I forwarded it onto Jason Rooks, Accountant. A few more of the emails in my inbox were forwarded onto other colleagues.

After forwarding several other emails I opened one and suddenly wished I hadn't opened the damn thing. With a huff, I pushed myself out of my chair and leaned out of my office door to peer at Parker King's desk which is conveniently positioned in the floor plan that when he is sat at his desk, he can see all who come in and out of my office. Unfortunately, as I needed him, he is not at his desk. Improvising, I faced the other side of the main floor and waved over the Maxwell, our friendly, neighbourhood Security Guard. "Yes ma'am? Something special for me to do?" He asked on his approach.

A smile appeared on my face as I asked him, "Max, would you mind an awful lot keeping a look out for someone for me, please?" One of the office interns approached us quickly with some paperwork with a smile before walking away with a quick 'thank you' from me. "It could potentially be an all day wait." I grimaced as I walked back into my office. Max not needing permission to follow after me.

"No problem ma'am. I will inform the team. Who-"

"Who is it you will be looking for? Sherlock Holmes. As I said, it could be an all day wait. He hasn't specified when he is going to appear. Just that he will." I faced Max with an eyebrow raised. "I would appreciate it if you could keep him to the relevant floors for arriving to my office. He has a few admirers in the building and I don't want them to get in his way. Oh and, if you could make sure that no one loiters around my office door when he is here? Everyone is here to do a job after all."

"Understood ma'am."

"And Max?"

"Yes ma'am?"

"Could you let your wife know that that was a delicious cake she had baked for us? My husband took a shine to it and says that he wouldn't mind another."

"Yes ma'am. Thank you."

~ Holmes Sweet Home ~


I lifted my head up from the paperwork I was reading that Mr Rooks had handed me. Megan stood in front of me, her jaw set and hands squeezing each other tightly as she held them in front of her to keep an air of professionalism. I lifted an eyebrow when she didn't immediately offer an explanation as to why she called my attention. Then I realised just who might have agitated her.

My suspicions confirmed when she continued, "Mr Holmes is in your office."

I smiled, hoping that the sympathy I was conveying was received, "thank you, Megan." I watched closely as she walked away how she stomped just a little harder than normal, hopefully she would be able to cool off. "Jason, I will retrieve this from you later on. There are one or two things I would like you to improve on but overall a brilliant piece of work. Well done." I pat his shoulder quickly before walking to my office with a detour to Mr King. "I am about to enter a meeting in my office. If you don't hear or see me in an hour, call my husband and tell him I've been eaten by the sharks." At Parker's incredulous look, I explained a little further, "he'll understand, don't worry." At that, I turned on my heel and walked over to my closed office door where Maxwell was standing guard. "Thanks for your help Max. Much appreciated."

"You are welcome, ma'am."

"Don't over work yourself, Max!" He nodded his head and I opened the door. Upon my entrance, the gentleman snooping on my computer straightened up. Sherlock smiled at me as if he had been doing nothing wrong and I just shook my head, not hiding the small smile on my lips. "Please do not tell me that you have deleted something."

"Of course not, why would I do that?" He wrapped his arms around my waist and mine went around his neck in a hug.

I huffed, "because you could? Because you wanted?" Is what I listed as we pulled away. He stepped to the side and took a seat in one of the chairs in front of my desk. "Would you like any refreshments, Sherlock?"

"A small glass of water would be fine, thank you." I nodded and walked over to a smaller desk where I keep a fresh stock of ingredients for a variety of tea and coffee as well as bottles of water and a limited variety of snacks. As requested, I poured a small glass of water from one of the bottles and placed it in his hand. "I have actually come to ask for your assistance."

"Go on." I accepted as I sat in my chair.

"My search for a place to stay of my own. I have a property in mind but would like you to evaluate it for me before I confirm."


"Because if you give your approval, it would be easier for you to produce the legal paperwork for my tenancy." He sighed before admitting, "I want your approval. Your opinion matters a great deal to me."

"Thank you. What's the address then?" I asked as loaded the relevant programme up on my computer.

"221B Baker Street."

"Baker Street is generally expensive in terms of renting or buying. Aesthetically, the buildings are all pleasing with a couple of quaint shops filtered into the scope of the street. Now let me see, 221B." As I waited for my computer to generate the relevant information, I faced Sherlock. "Isn't 221B one of Mrs Hudson's? That lovely woman with the husband and Florida, yes?"

"Quite right, yes. She's offered me a deal. The price has been extensively decreased for me from the original price for someone else interested in the property. However, I may need to consider a flat share as the cost of rent is steep. What do you think?"

"You already know what I think." I turned back to my computer and navigated the information for the relevant pieces I need. "Looks comfortable. Good layout in the design of the building. I'd prefer to give the rooms a fresh coat of paint but I can live with the current design. I can see that it fits you nearly perfectly. When I go visit Mrs Hudson, would you like me to arrange you the moving service?"

He nodded, "Please have my possessions relocated before 7pm tomorrow evening? Everything has already been boxed so there is no need to allocate time to pack."

"Very thorough. Well done. If you do not commission a flat mate by this time, I shall investigate a viable method of sustainable income until such time as you do acquire one, agreed?"

"Of course. You can leave the paperwork with Mrs Hudson for me to sign."

I nodded, pulled my diary from its drawer, opened it to the relevant page and in capital letters, clearly stated that I would be 'OUT OF OFFICE' that day. "Shall I look into any other services such as housekeeping for you?"

"No that will not be necessary. I intend to partake in experiments. I don't need some bumbling idiot to come along and destroy my work."

"Understandable. What about someone who can fetch groceries regularly for you?"


"Understood. Anything else you would like me to do for you, Sherlock?"

"I will be in touch." He stated as he stood. I followed suit and he pulled me into another hug before swiftly exiting my office.

I drank some more water before striding to the door of my office and calling for Megan. I had some changes in my schedule to discuss.

~ End of Chapter ~

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