Well, Draco thought, surveying the inside of Potter's medicine cupboard, at least we have one thing in common, even if it's the same cheering potion prescription. He shut the door of the cupboard quietly after grabbing what he'd been looking for in the first place: floss.

This was only the fourth night he'd stayed over at Potter's flat, but it felt as comfortable as his own place on the other side of London. Working together as Auror Inspectors meant long days of case work and some night wanderings searching for information or speaking to contacts. Over the last few months, whatever side of the city they found themselves in was where they crashed.

But last night was Friday. He'd never woken up in his flat on a day they didn't need to rush to the office, and he wondered if his efforts at ridding his mouth of morning breath would give him the confidence he'd lacked the last time Potter had tried to kiss him.

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