direct continuation from chapter 5 'Caught in the Act'

"Of course, but don't think this surprises me," Sirius said. "You two have been dancing around each other for years now. Plain as the noses on your faces."

Harry laid back on the pillow beneath him and pulled what he could of the sheets over his face. Draco continued to show no such shame, the cigarette smoke filtering almost as soon as it left the end, so the house wouldn't stink. "Is that so?"

Tapping the side of his nose in emphasis, the ability to speak without chuckling evading him entirely, Sirius gave his shrewdest look and began to turn to shut the door. He couldn't wait to tell Remus he owed him a Knut for-

"Draco what have I told you about smoking?"

Sirius stopped dead in his tracks. At the risk of seeing more than he wished of his godson and cousin, he whipped around to see the newcomer. Rather, the woman who'd been in the room all along, just out of sight in the adjoining loo.

Hermione stood with her hands on her hips, a bathrobe tied precariously around her, and a dangerous-looking finger pointing towards the bed. Sirius stood dumbstruck for several moments as she continued to scold, the wizard lighting up his third fag even as she lectured. Her hair was wild. Wilder than he had ever seen it. Why was she in a bathroom in the same room as Harry and Draco-

"Hermione?" Sirius finally choked out.

Stopping mid-upbraiding, Hermione flushed from her forehead to her neck, not noticing Sirius before that moment from the angle of the bathroom door. "Hullo."

"What are you…what's happening…what-"

Draco laughed. "Obviously, we're shagging. Not currently but-"

"But Hermione you said you weren't seeing anyone!"

Hermione blushed a little deeper, but didn't try to hide or wish she would be swallowed by the bed like Harry. "You asked if I was seeing anyone so I answered truthfully."

His mouth opened and closed a few times but Sirius didn't make a sound. He started to say something several times, emphasizing his point with an extraneous finger and narrowed gaze. Finally he made a choked sound and shrugged, turned around, shut the door, and walked like a zombie down to the basement where Remus had a cup of tea and snifter of brandy waiting.

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