Fairy Tail: Steamy Knight

Draco711: Hello my awesome readers to a new story!

Natsu: I'm all fired up!

Happy: Aye sir!

Draco711: One night, I was about to drift off to sleep, and this idea popped into my head. Well, that is how most of my ideas come to me: And that's when I least expect it.

Happy: It seems Natsu is in a love triangle so to speak.

Natsu: Seriously? Why does it always happen to me?

Draco711&Happy: *shrugs*

Draco711: So this story will revolve around Natsu, Erza and Juvia. I rarely seen a story with this pairing, so I thought: why not? So here we are. Natsu, if you will.

Natsu: What if I don't want to do the disclaimer?

Happy: Then Draco711 will get Gray to do it.

Natsu; He wouldn't dare!

Draco711: Oh, I dare.

Natsu: *grumbles* Fine.

Disclaimer: Draco711 does not own Fairy Tail for if he did, Erza and I are guaranteed to happen.

Draco711: Thank you Natsu, now on with the story.

Draco711&Natsu&Happy: Hobey ho let's go~

Ch. 1

The rising sun rose, bathing it's light over the city of Magnolia. It signals that a new day is beginning for not only it's citizens, but also its resident guild: Fairy Tail. In the forest near the city resides a home to two of the guild's members. The light of the sun shone through the window of a room, shining on the face of the sleeping Dragon Slayer.

"Ugh…I hate the sun…" Natsu grumbles. Mumbling about eating the sun, he held his head as he had a mild migraine which got worst if he thought too much or focus on it. All he managed to remember from the previous night was the guild entered a drinking contest started by Cana. Not much after that, but knew enough that he brought someone to a very blissful high. Assuming that person was his girlfriend Erza, he smiles as he felt her resting on top of him. He looked down to admire her, and the first thing he saw was her beautiful blue hair-

Natsu froze.

Blue Hair? Erza's hair isn't blue, it's scarlet. He chose to look more closely to see who it was. Sleeping soundly against him, with a blissful smile is none other than Juvia Lockser. Once he fully realized this, he began sweating heavily as he began thinking, panicking:

"Oh man….Erza is going to kill me! What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?!" This is a very bad position to be found in if Erza comes over. If she sees this, he won't have time to plead his case. As he thought this over, the Rain woman began to wake up.

"Mm…Gray…" Juvia moans. Hearing Juvia, Natsu looked to her with a terrified face. He realized he wasn't better off if Juvia wakes up, and see he isn't Gray. She might think he tricked her in some way and form. Now he have to worry about drowning in his own home. Juvia sat up, and stretched while knocking down the blanket thus revealing her ample breasts. Natsu couldn't help but look down to them. Unfortunately, it momentarily caused him to forget why he was panicking in the first place.

"Last night was amazing Gray~ Juvia never felt such pleasure~" Juvia said, smiling brightly.

"Uh…" Natsu mutters. Juvia stopped as he smile slowly dropped, and looked to Natsu who is now leaning up on his arms. In that moment, Juvia realized it wasn't Gray she made passionate love with last night, but Natsu. She then noticed his staring, and looked down to see her bare breasts.

"Kyaa~!" she shrieks. She grabbed the blanket, and covered herself while blushing heavily. She then asks:

"What happen last night?! All Juvia remembers is that drinking contest and the night of passion with who she thought was Gray."

"I don't have the slightest clue either," Natsu answers, rubbing his head "I thought you was Erza." And at the thought, Natsu's face paled in fright. He was so screwed if she ever fund out about this. Juvia found her clothes, and picked them up. She quickly put them on, and left out the room. Natsu soon heard the front door open and close. He sighs as he stood up, and went into the bathroom. After a twenty minute shower that helped rid him of his migraine, Natsu got out, went back to his room, and got dressed. Once he did that, he left his house, and headed toward the guild.

"Man...I don't have massive hangover but a mild migraine, so I mustn't been that drunk," Natsu thought "But I must've been drunk enough to sleep with Juvia thinking she was Erza. This sucks...but...she did look beautiful when she was sleep." Natsu arrived to the guild, and walked in. As he did, a blue cat flew over to him.

"Hey Natsu!" Happy greets, smiling.

"Hey Happy," Natsu greets back "How was it at Wendy's? and Carla's?"

"It was super fun!"

"Awesome!" The duo walked over to the team's table. Erza, Gray, Lucy, Wendy, and Carla were chatting to one another as they approach. Erza noticed them, and her expression lit up as she watched Natsu walk over.

"Hey!" Natsu greets, grinning.

"Hey you, what took you so long?" Erza replies, standing to kiss her boyfriend. Natsu returned the kiss before he answered.

"Sorry, woke up late I guess."

"So Gray, are you going to tell Natsu?" Lucy asks, looking to the Ice Mage.

"Like hell I'll tell the Pyro." Gray answers.

"What you say, Snow Cone!?' Natsu yells.

"I said I won't tell you shit, Ash-for-brains!"

"I guess I gonna beat it out of you, then, Ice Princess!"

"Then bring it on Flame brain!"

"ENOUGH!" Erza yelled. Natsu and Gray cowered and sat down instantly, replying:

"Yes ma'am!"

"Gray, Natsu going to find out sooner or later. Sooner if he speaks with Mira, and you know she will tell him."

"I guess..." Gray said, scratching his head.

"Well, what is it?" Natsu asks.

"...Lisanna and I are dating." Natsu's eyes widen in shock.

"For real?!"

"Yeah, but keep it quiet. I don't think Lisanna want the whole guild to know just yet."

"Alright, I won't say anything. But know if you give her crap, Mira and Elfman will be the least of your worries." Gray let a small smile go at that.

"Yeah, I know." The guild doors opened, and Natsu looked over. Juvia had arrived to the guild as she walked in. Natsu guessed she took a long shower at Fairy Hills before coming here to the guild. Juvia looks over, and hers and Natsu's eyes met. She blushed, and walked quickly over to the bar. Natsu turned back to the team, not knowing his face also turned red.

"Natsu, are you okay?" Happy asks.

"Huh?" Natsu responds, looking to Happy.

"You're all red in the face."

"Oh, yeah I'm fine. I had a migraine earlier today, but it's gone now. Or I hope so." It wasn't a total lie, just the reason why his face turned red is,

"Oh, okay."

"Yup," Natsu then thought "I wonder how Juvia will react when she hears that Gray is dating Lisanna."

"Natsu, Juvia, I require you in my office!" Makarov calls. Natsu and Juvia looked up to Master Makarov. Nodding, the two stood and went up following Master Makarov to his office.

"What's up, Gramps?" Natsu asks, walking into the office behind Master Makarov.

"I have a job request that was sent to me earlier today, and it requires a fire and water mage. Seeing as you two are out top fire and water mages, I would like to ask if you want to take on the task." Makarov explains.

"Sure thing, Gramps!" Natsu said, grinning.

"Yes Master, you can count on us." Juvia adds, smiling.

"I know I can," Makarov said, smiling "Head out when you are ready."

"Right!" the dup states. They left out the office, and back down to the lower floor. They walked over to Team Natsu's table.

"What did Master want, Natsu?" Erza asks.

"There is a job that requires a fire and water mage." Natsu answers.

"Hmm, you and Juvia are our guild's top fire and water mages. So it is only fitting to send you on this task."

"Where is Gray? Juvia wants to talk to him." Juvia asks, not noticing her beloved at the table.

"Gray? Oh, he's-" Lucy began.

"Hey! Listen up, we got something to say!" Gray calls. Everyone stopped what they were doing, and looked up toward the bar. Gray and Lisanna were standing next to one another. As Gray said, they seem to have something important to say.

"The thing that Gray and I want to tell you is-" Lisanna began. To everyone except Team Natsu and Mira's, shock and to Juvia's horror, Gray and Lisanna held hands. Lisanna then finish:

"We been officially together for three months." After the initial shock, everyone but Juvia began clapping and cheering.

"Congratulations you two," Macao states "Though we wish you told us three months earlier so we could congratulated you three months earlier."

"We wanted to see if a relationship would work out before we said anything." gray explains.

"Hmm, that's understandable."

"In truth, I wanted to wait a bit longer. At least a year after we got together before informing everyone."

"A better time to figure out if you two really click instead of three months." Laxus deducts.


"Laxus, you and Mira told everyone the second you got together, how you made a romantic confession to her that you probably normally didn't do, and that was a year ago. Natsu and Erza got together two months after, and we only knew because Natsu asked her out in front of the entire guild." Lisanna explains.

"And we would do it again if we have to." Laxus states, smirking.

"Damn straight we would!" Natsu shouts. Both Erza and Mira blushed heavily at their boyfriends' replies. Mira wraps her arms around Laxus from behind the bar as Erza stood and kissed Natsu's neck.

"Well, let's party and celebrate the new couple!" Cana shouts. The guild cheered and the celebration began.

"As much as I want to stay, I got to head out." Natsu said.

"Alright, be careful my Baby Dragon." Erza replies, kissing his neck again then cheek.

"I will, Baby Knight."

"I'm coming too, Natsu!" Happy states.

"Sure thing, Little Buddy."


"Alright, let's go Juvia and-Juvia?" He looked around, but didn't see Juvia. She must've left when no one was looking. Believing she left toward the train station, Natsu and Happy walked out the guild and headed over.

"Who would've thought Gray and Lisanna getting together." Happy comments.

"Yeah, who would've thought." Natsu agrees. They continued on to the train station. As they walked closer, though, they notice it began slowly sprinkling with rain. Guessing it was Juvia, they knew they were heading in the right direction. Once they arrived, they saw Juvia sitting on a bench, looking down. Natsu and Happy went up to her.

"Hey Juvia, ready to go?" Natsu asks. Juvia didn't reply at all to the question. Natsu and Happy looked to one another worried, then back to Juvia. Natsu tried again:

"Um Juvia...ready to go?" And again, Juvia didn't reply to his question. Wondering if she even knew they were there, Natsu reached over and touched her shoulder. Well, she knew they were there because she tensed at Natsu's touch, and despite how she was feeling, she blushed. She looked up to Natsu, who had an understanding smile.

"Let's go kick some ass." Natsu states. Juvia looks to him a moment longer, then smiles softly.

"Okay." She replies. She stood up, and the three boarded the train, ready to tackle the task at hand.


Draco711: And done!

Natsu: Hmm~ an interesting start to another story.

Happy: Aye, it is.

Draco711: Yup, and I wonder how it will fare. Is this story good or bad so far?

Happy: It all depends on the reader.

Draco711: True. But anyway, let me know what you think when you follow/favorite/review the story. So till we meet again.

Natsu; Stay awesome and fired up!

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