AN: Sorry it took so long to post this story. I've had no motivation to write recently. Anyway, this story is part of my Chaos Sonic series. While it is recommended to read the previous stories, it isn't necessary. Enjoy!


Hey, everyone, my name is Chaos Sonic. I'm the fast hedgehog you will ever meet and I used to be the hero of my planet Mobius. Nowadays, though, I've bonded with the Chaos Emeralds and am the hero of the entire multiverse. Or I will be at least once I finally visit other multiverses. Most of my adventures and missions so far have been to help other versions of myself in their respective universes. Including most recently help one version of myself take down and evil version of myself along with the son of that said evil version. Yeah… that was a weird day.

Anyway, I've only been to one other universe completely different from my world. It wasn't supposed to be a mission, though, just meet some of my fellow guardians. I did end up having an adventure, but I know there's so much more out there and I'm just itching to explore those other worlds. And today, I might finally get my wish…

"I have identified your next mission Sonic," Purity, a pure white hedgehog with long hair and dress, said. She was kneeling by the heart of the multiverse, a swirling pool in the middle of the floor which looked to be made of liquid jewels. She sunk one hand into the pool and pulled out a bubble from the pool. The bubble floated over her hand and shifted slightly as it moved through the air, but never dripped or completely lost its shape. "This world has so much negative chaos energy that I was forced to contain as much as I could into orbs. Unfortunately as a result, pretty much anyone that comes into contact with one of these orbs becomes corrupted by the negative energy."

"If it's been so bad for so long, why haven't you purified some of the energy to help balance things out?" Chaos sonic asked, watching some of the events Purity described shown in the bubble she held. "Why wait until now?"

"You know I'm not allowed to directly interfere with the worlds I watch over," Purity sighed sadly. "The most I could do was creating the orbs and helping those chosen to contain their destruction. But now that you're here, we can finally ease the burden on that world. "

"Well, I'm ready for some action! What do you want me to do?"

"You're going to infiltrate the current holding place for the orbs and help the current protect if he needs it. You'll purify the negative energy of the orbs and in the surrounding area, but you'll have to take it slowly."

"You know I don't like doing anything slowly."

"I know Sonic," Purity smiled briefly before becoming serious again. "But you must this time. There is just too much negative energy that it would clash violently if you tried to purify it all at once."

"Fine," Sonic rolled his eyes. "I'll take it slowly. So what's the location I'm infiltrating?"

"A normal human high school."

"A high school? Really? Whose bright idea was it to build a school over the hiding place of evil energy orbs?"

"I fail to follow the logic too, but there's not much we can do about it now. The current protector is this student that attends the school. He has recently defeated the ones that had been corrupted by the orbs, something his predecessors hadn't been able to accomplish. But I fear there are still many threats he must face and will need your help to overcome."

"I'm guessing since this is a human school, I'll have to be a human."

"Yes," Purity confirmed, standing up from the pool. "It's the only way you could blend in. The inhabitants there would most certainly react negatively to your natural form based on the experiences they've had. And one last thing, you must always keep your cloak on."

"I know, to hide the energy I give off to better blend in," Sonic replied with a roll of his eyes.

"That is true, but it's also because of the amount of negative energy and those that can use it. Your clock might be the only thing that can protect you as you work to purify the energy."

"Fine. Go to school, help the kid if he needs it, clean up the energy, and do it with my cloak on constantly," Sonic summed up, listing off the tasks on his fingers. "I think I've got it. Can I go now?"

"Yes Sonic," Purity shook her head in exasperation, though she did have a small smile. Holding up the bubble, it expanded until a white glowing doorway appeared. Eagar for his new adventure, Sonic leaped though the doorway which then shut behind him.

Sonic landed in a secluded area in the forest. He didn't have much time to examine the scenery around him before the energy within the emeralds in his flesh began to burn. Crying out in surprise and pain, Sonic fell to his hands and knees as the energy began to spread out to the rest of his body. His body began to shift, he became taller, his limbs thicker, his fur became flesh and his quills into hair. Even his cloak changed into more appropriate attire for his new form. Though the transformation was painful, it wasn't nearly as bad as when he transformed into a werehog.

When his body settled and the energy fade, Sonic shakily got to his feet. He stumbled a few times as he got used to his longer limbs and the new center of gravity. Once he was confident he wouldn't fall flat on his face, Sonic began walking through the trees, following Purity's directions to the town called Noresville.