Chapter 7:

Sonic had just finished his lap around the city and was now heading to the Game Hole to hang out with Randy and Howard. It had taken a lot longer to cover the whole city than he had hoped because he had to be sure to stay out of sight and make sure no one noticed anything unusual. He was trying to see if he could find whoever had tried to steal his energy as he would hopefully be able to sense them if he got close enough to their general area. Unfortunately, he didn't find any hint of the threat. They either weren't in the city or were hiding in a place with a concentrated amount of negative energy. With a sigh, Sonic pushed his frustration aside and focused on getting to the Game Hole.

He was a few blocks away, walking towards it casually when he heard something large and metallic coming his way. He instinctively flipped backward and managed to get out of the way of a giant robot landing right where he had been. Sonic backed up a bit, putting more distance between him and the robot and getting a better view of it. It was tall with a vaguely humanoid shape. It had a wide chest, long thick arms, thin flexible hands and short stalky legs. The robot looked around the street before focusing on Sonic.

"Target located, initiating capture protocol," The robot said in a monotone voice before it reached out to grab Sonic.

"Well this can't be good," Sonic muttered as he easily dodged the grasping hand. Why would the robot be after him? He never did anything that should have drawn McFist's attention and he had been very careful since the lunch incident to keep a low profile.

He would worry about that later though as the robot was instant on capturing him. Jumping over an arm, Sonic began running at a normal human pace down the street. It was going against every fiber of his being to not turn around and destroy the robot, but he was still trying to keep a low profile. Well, as low a profile as he could with a robot chasing after him. He dodged another swipe for him as he turned the corner. The only way to get rid of the robot without destroying it himself is to have Randy take it out. Of course Randy would have to know about the robot first which was why Sonic was heading towards the Game Hole.

He had just spotted the building when the robot jumped over him and blocked his path, forcing him to skid to a stop before he ran into it. The robot turned and its chest opened up wide, revealing an empty compartment. Metal cables unwound from the sides and shot towards Sonic, determined to ensnare him and pull him in.

"You better get her soon Randy," Sonic grumbled as he ducked under one cable and jumped over another. If Randy didn't show up soon, Sonic would have no choice to but to fight the robot. It seemed pretty set on capturing him and there was no way Sonic was going to let that happen.

Randy was having a great time at the Game Hole. After leaving Sonic, Randy had gone straight there and met up with Howard. He had told Howard a brief summer of his meeting with Sonic, leaving out most of the details and only that Sonic was on their side like Sonic had requested. Howard accepted the explanation pretty easily and they began gaming. They were in the midst of battling each other in a fighting game when there was a loud crash outside.

"What was that?" Randy wondered, briefly looking away from the game.

"Probably nothing important," Howard replied easily, focused on the game. "But I'm totally beating you!"

"We'll see about that," Randy replied, pushing buttons furiously.

"There's a giant robot outside!" One of the other teens in the building shouting, staring out the window. "And it looks like it's after that new kid… what was his name again?"

"Sonic I think," another replied, also looking out the window. "And look at him move! That's amazing!"

"Sonic? Robot?" Randy said as he caught the conversation, turning away from the game and ignoring Howard's triumphant shout. "Looks like it's Ninja O' Clock."

Randy ran to an empty hallway and pulled on his mask. Once the suit had fully formed, he pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it on the ground. Randy reappeared on the street, next to where a giant robot was attempting to grab Sonic.

"Hey, tin can!" Randy called, drawing its attention briefly and pulling out his sword. "How about a real challenge! Ninja slice!"

Randy flipped forward managed to slice off one of its arms. He landed feet first on the robot's chest before pushing it off and causing the robot to stumble slightly.

"Ninja land!" Randy said as he landed lightly next Sonic, before turning to him. "What are you doing? I thought you were going to try and keep a low profile!"

"Hey the robot's the one that attacked me," Sonic replied, crossing his arms. "I was just defending myself."

"Well get out of here," Randy ordered, turning back to the robot. "I'll take care of the bot."

"You can't order me around," Sonic scoffed but began running down the street anyway.

"Alright, you robot bring it- Hey! Get back here!" Randy called as the robot completely ignored him and ran down the street after Sonic, Randy following in pursuit. "I'm not done with you yet! Ninja Throw Ring!"

Randy tossed three rings at the robot and they embedded themselves in the robot's back. Unfortunately, it did nothing to slow the robot down and it lunged at Sonic. Sonic heard it coming and managed to dodge it. Sonic then weaved his way under its legs and came to a stop by Randy.

"This robot is really set on going after you," Randy commented as Sonic stood by him. "Did you do something to get it mad?"

"Probably and it's not going to give up," Sonic said, stretching slightly to get ready. "Since it's obvious I'm not going to get away at a normal speed, I might as well help you take it down for good."

"Together then," Randy agreed, dropping into a fighting stance. Together they charged at the robot as it turned to face them.