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Chapter One



The young father screamed as he was hit with the second Unforgivable, named because it was the torture curse. His glasses fell off his head as he withered on the floor at the feet of the second Dark Lord to rise in Magical Britain in a period of forty years. Lord Voldemort laughed and held the spell on his enemy for a couple of minutes before sending a stupefy at the withering Auror. "Fool. Trying to defy Lord Voldemort without a wand?" he hissed before leaving the unconscious Auror on the ground. He walked to the stairs and began climbing them, intending on finishing the one who was destined to defeat him.

Lily Potter had barricaded the nursery where her twins, Luke Merlin Potter and Hadrian James Potter had been born. Luke had been born on August 1 at 12:06 AM and Hadrian James Potter had been born at 11:59 PM on July 31 as the seventh month dies. Hadrian was the last child born in Magical Britain in July as the young Longbottom heir had been born on July 30, 1980. Luke had her red hair and James' hazel eyes while Hadrian had James' hair and her emerald green eyes. Luke was also the smaller of the children.

"I love you both so much. Mommy and daddy love you both Luke and Hadrian," said Lily as she placed a hand on each of the children. At that moment the door burst open, pieces of wood flying everywhere, the door now splinters. Lily whirled around and saw He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named standing within the doorway. "No! I won't let you have my children!"

Lord Voldemort, formerly Tom Riddle, let out a high-pitched laugh at the Mudblood's words. How a noble pureblood like Potter could ever disgrace himself with such an inferior animal along with one of his followers wanting him to spare the pathetic woman in front of him was a mystery to the Dark Lord and something he would never understand. For Lord Voldemort, born of a union that had been lacking in love, could never hope to understand such a powerful emotion himself. Perhaps it was the concept of his birth where his near squib mother had used a love potion on his Mudblood father or his time in an orphanage when his mother had chosen to instead die rather than stay alive to raise him, that had sent him into the study of the Dark Arts. Regardless, this wasn't about his pathetic childhood. It was about a prophecy he had heard. One of these boys would be the one to destroy him. And thanks to his simpering excuse of a ratty follower, Peter Pettigrew, he knew which child had been born on which day.

"Give me the boy Mudblood and I may decide to let you live," Lord Voldemort hissed as he strode into the nursery.

"Never! I won't let you harm either of my boys Voldemort!"

"Come girl I'm giving you a choice. Hand me the child that was born on July 31st and I will let you keep the second one as well as your own life."

Lily Potter stared at him, fire dancing in her bright green eyes as she stood there, arms outstretched in front of her children as if she could protect them that way. Confusion flitted across her face as she pondered Voldemort's words. How does he know that Hadrian was born on July 31st? she thought to herself. The only ones who know are James, myself and his friends the Marauders. Anger flashed across her face as a hard realization reached her. Peter! Oh Merlin! He betrayed us to Lord Voldemort!

"Stay away! Take me instead but don't hurt my babies!"

"Stand aside girl! Stand aside now!"


:Crucio!: Lily screamed as the torture curse hit her and she fell to the floor, withering in pain as Luke and Hadrian watched. Voldemort held the curse on her for a few minutes before ending it and then sending a stupefy at her, sending her crashing into the wall and falling into a crumpled heap, blood trickling from her mouth and head. He didn't care if the woman went insane because of the spell. She was, after all, a filthy Muggle.

Turning his attention to the twins, he raised his wand and pointed it at Hadrian. "Good-bye Potter. Avada Kedavra!" A jet of green light shot from his wand towards the oldest Potter twin and struck Hadrian Potter. But as the spell hit the youngest Potter, a shield formed up around him and bounced the curse back on its caster. Voldemort watched in surprise as the curse rebounded towards him and didn't even think about disapparting as the curse hit him. As the curse hit him, he screamed as his spirit was forced out of his body before fleeing out the window and the roof was destroyed as well as the upper part of the wall from the explosion.

Sirius arrived at Potter Cottage sometime after Voldemort had been defeated to find the cottage destroyed and the roof missing. The gate leading up the path towards the door was creaking on its hinges in the cold autumn air, windows blasted out and glass lying on the ground from the explosion. Parking his motorcycle at the front gate, Sirius ran past the creaking gate towards the front door. "James!" Sirius shouted as he ran through the front door, wand drawn and looking around for his best mate.

He found his friend lying in the middle of the hallway, glasses broken from his fall and his body twitching from effects of a well-done Crucio. Sirius fell to his knees in relief as he saw his friend was alive but was worried for James' mental state. "James! It's Sirius," he said to his friend. "Stay with me buddy," he said as he pulled out a pain reliever and helped James sit up so his friend could take the foul-tasting potion.

James' eyes slowly twitched open as he came around with the help of the pain reliever and let out a groan of agony as he found himself being supported in Sirius's arms. "Sirius? What…what happened?"

"I don't know James. I just got here," said Sirius. "You know how we did that blood-adoption to make us brothers when we were teens? It's how I knew you were in danger."

James blinked, unable to see anything without his glasses. It was a few minutes before he could get through the haze on brain before realizing that it was quiet upstairs. "Lily! Hadrian! Luke!" James shouted as he struggled to his feet and then stumbled down the hallway and up the stairs to the nursery with Sirius behind him. When they got to the second floor landing they turned down the hall towards the nursery to see the door blown off its hinges, bits of furniture lying around the room, a hole in the side of the wall and the roof missing.

Inside Hadrian's crib lay the twins. Luke had fallen asleep while Hadrian was crying from a bleeding cut on his forehead. Yet this wasn't just any cut. It was shaped like a lightning bolt and was over his right eye. Lily was just beginning to come around as James ran into the nursery to check on his children with Sirius examining the nursery for any signs of Voldemort before he spotted something. "James!"

"J…James? Si…Sirius?" Lily called weakly.

James turned from the crib towards his wife. She was alive. All of them were alive! Thank Merlin! He ran towards his wife, ignoring the pain he was in, and collapsed beside her. "I thought we were dead when the Dark Lord came into the cottage and attacked," said James.

"Are the twins alright? Is He gone James?" Lily asked, worry for her boys now that she saw her husband was safe.

Sirius found the black tattered cloak that he guessed belonged to Voldemort but no signs of a body or of his wand. Frowning to himself, he went to check on the twins. Waving his wand over first Luke and then Hadrian he detected dark magic around the cut on Hadrian's forehead. His godson's magic was slightly depleted though he wasn't sure why that was. Luke seemed to be fine, with the exception of a bleeding scar on his right cheek from a chunk of ceiling hitting him. But there were no signs of dark magic around the scar. "Lily, James. We need to get you all to Hogwarts so you can be examined by Madam Pomfrey," said Sirius.

James nodded and helped Lily up as they made their way over to their twins. "Sirius what's wrong?" James asked.

"I cast a diagnostic charm over the twins. Hadrian has some form of dark magic around the scar on his forehead and his magic is slightly depleted but…I think Hadrian might have defeated the Dark Lord. He was the last child born in July."

The young parents looked at each other in surprise. They hadn't expected Sirius to become…well serious… about this but perhaps almost losing one's best friend changed a man or perhaps it was the war. Oh James and Sirus were still pranksters but they had been forced to grow up as a result of joining the Aurors when they had graduated Hogwarts and then with the Prophecy, the Potters and Longbottoms had been forced into going into hiding. With the explosion down and Peter knowing where they lived, the magical backlash had caused the wards to go down around the cottage. Lily took Luke in her arms and Sirius took Hadrian in one arm before wrapping his other arm around James and the three disapparted from Potter Cottage, landing moments later outside the gates of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.