Knock knock knock. "Mimi?"

Knock knock knock. "Mimi?"

Knock knock knock. "Mimi?"

Mimi opened the door. "Hey, Shelly!"

Sheldon smiled. He sometimes liked it when Mimi called him Shelly. "Mimi, what are your favorite kind of cookies?"

"Umm…" Mimi thought. "Sugar cookies." She paused. "Why?"

"Uh, girl scouts are here and they want to sell cookies." Sheldon blurted. "Ok, thank you Mimi."

He ran downstairs into his apartment. The thing was, today was Valentine's Day, and Sheldon was planning on a little surprise date with Mimi. He hadn't told her yet, and he was going to show up on her doorstep with cookies and flowers, take her out to dinner, and go see a musical with her. He had already bought tickets two weeks ago, and he had made sure she was free this evening by making Penny ask her to leave her schedule free to go to a miniature prom. That way, she would be ready to go with him, pretty and ready for their date!

"Hey, Sheldon, where have you been?" Leonard asked.

"Nowhere." Sheldon said, panting.

"Well, your face is red," Leonard pointed out, "Have you been out for a run?"

"No, and whether I've been upstairs to see Mimi is none of your business." Oops.

"You've been upstairs to see Mimi?" Leonard asked. Ha! He knew Sheldon had affection in that girl from the day she moved in here!

"Fine. I'm taking her out to dinner with me, then we're going to see a musical, 'the Phantom of the Opera'." Sheldon said.

Leonard frowned. "I thought you thought arts were a waste of time!"

Sheldon looked at his roommate. "Well, maybe I changed my mind."

That was odd, thought Leonard. Sheldon had never admitted he was wrong before! Still, maybe Sheldon is not as evolved as he thought to be 'too evolved to be sexually aroused by a feminine member of the homo sapiens'.

"So you asked her out?" Leonard asked.

"No." Sheldon said. "It's a secret. I asked her what cookies she liked best."

"Cookies? What cookies?" Leonard asked.

"I'm going to bake a batch for her and you're not going to tell her, sir!" Sheldon said.

"I'm going to pick up Raj and Howard at the Comic Book store to get ready for our dates at our place, so good luck with your cookies…" Leonard said, as he left.

Sheldon prepared the things he needed and started to back. This was easy, he thought. A piece of cake!

He mixed his batch and flattened it out before using his new Doctor Who cookie cutters. Turned out Mimi was a big fan of Doctor Who as well.

"Bake 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden." Sheldon read. "Ok, here goes the batch."

He baked the cookies while he got out his Betty Crocker cookie icing. After humming the Star Trek theme song over a few times, the cookies were done, and Sheldon set out icing them. It was then that Leonard returned with Howard and Raj into the apartment.