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Earth Federation Forces/Equipment

The Earth Federation Forces were founded in 2037 after the consolidation of the militaries of Earth. During the 2050-80 period, multiple nations split from the Federation, forming their own MS corps.

One example was the British-led Atlantic Federation, which produced the GAT-X series of Mobile Suits and the United Emirates of Orb, which created the Astray series. Both series are still in use after multiple retrofits.

Upon the discovery of the Prothean Archives on Mars, The Earth Federation was able to leave its own solar system. However, unlike the Citadel Races, the Earth Federation only uses Element Zero technology to use the relays and (occasionally) for Artificial Gravity.

The standard weapon for the EFF is the M78A bullpup assault rifle, using 7.62x65mm gunpowder rounds, but in recent years, advances in kinetic barrier circuitry shielding have forced them to look to mass effect weapons in interim until portable beam weapons are deployed.

The EFF Reservists use the GAT-04 Windam in large numbers, bolstered by larger numbers of GAT-01 Strike Daggers. None of these machines use Minovsky reactors until 2165, when the Emergency Upgrade Program forced them to upgrade their machines en masse. These machines all use the Striker Pack system, which allows the pilot to turn the lightly armed Dagger into a force of nature, capable of destroying enemy fleets.

The Colonial Militia, which rose out of the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty, or ZAFT, and the Republic of Zeon, uses the AMS-119 Geara Zulu as its main Mobile Suit. It is a very durable and rugged machine, capable of operation on the ground or in space.

All of these machines are equipped with 60mm caliber five barrel MG-79 gatling guns, normally carrying over 4500 rounds. An electro-plasma thruster system allows a Mobile Suit to fly for as long as it has power; in the case of Minovsky machines, it could make its' way from Earth to the moon and back again thousands of times.

The Gundam-class Mobile Suit is the ultimate expression of power. Starting with the Federation-built RX-78, Gundam-types represent generational pinnacles of technology. The RX-78 was the first Mobile Suit to possess Beam Weaponry, and each Gundam developed since has its own technological innovations.

The MSZ-06 Zeta Gundam produced the transforming alt-mode, normally an aircraft, resulting in the RGZ series, while the GAT-X102 duel and X103 Buster produced the prototype weapons for the GM and Dagger series. The GAT-X105 Strike introduced the Striker Packs, the X303 Aegis a third form and the X207 Blitz stealth in the form of Mirage Colloid, which was refined in the Zeon-designed Gundam Deathscythe, which was taken from Zeon at the end of the One Year War.

The ZGMF-X10A Freedom, while never built, introduced multi-target lock capable of locking onto dozens of enemies at once, and the RX-93 Nu Gundam introduced remote units that could both attack the enemy and project a defensive field - though these 'Fin Funnels' can only be used by a very rare type of human known as a Newtype.

The Mobile Suit is complimented by the Mobile Armor, but for the most part, Mobile Armors are rarely used and not the subject of this entry. In short, humanity changed the rules of war with their ultimate weapon.

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