After what seemed like centuries to Regulus, Madame Pomfrey bustled her way through the crowd of students that had gathered on the courtyard, nudging them out of her way as she hurried toward the center. Dumbledore calmly strode behind her, adjusting his spectacles on the end of his nose. At this point, Harry was once again unconcious.

"What is going on here Regulus," Dumbledore questioned over the crowd.

"I'm not quite sure professor, I just found him like this."

Poppy let out a gasp as she saw the pale boy lying still on the courtyard next to Regulus. Dried blood surrounded his head, it was a rather dismal sight. Round, metal frames encased his closed eyes. He looked so small and malnourished, all of his bones visible through his paper skin. He looked as though he would break if touched. Someone had failed miserably to take care of this boy!

"Has he been unconscious this whole time," Poppy asked as she knelt down and put her fingers to the side of the boy's throat to feel for a pulse. She felt a small relief at the faint movement she found there. Not nearly what she would have liked, but at least it was there.

"He was awake and I spoke to him, but he started to lose consciousness a few moments before you arrived. I tried to keep him awake; it just didn't work."

"That's all right. Do you have any idea who this is, Regulus? I can't say that I have seen him around the castle before and he's definitely not one of my regulars." There was something about this boy that felt so familiar, but she had no idea why.

"I don't know Madame Pomfrey; I have never seen him before, but he does look oddly familiar and he says he's in Gryffindor. Will he be all right," Regulus asked. He was very worried about this kid…about Harry. There was a part of him that felt strangely attached to this apparent stranger, almost responsible for him.

"I'm not sure; he seems to have been through a lot, but I will do my best." Madame Pomfrey gently levitated Harry and started off towards the Hospital Wing. Regulus let out the breath that he had been holding and stood up, rubbing his hands together. As he gathered his books off the ground, Dumbledore called out to him.

"Regulus, if you would join me in my office after your first class. I find that I quite enjoy ice mice." Dumbledore seemed to glide away, making his robes billow behind him majestically. He would check in on the boy later, but for now he just needed some time to think. With that in mind, he strode up to his office, slumped down into an overstuffed chair, and took a handful of sherbet lemons from the bowl perched on his desk. However, even one of his favorite sweets were no match for his racing mind. What could all of this possibly mean? Who was that boy and how had he made it through the wards?

Regulus was left alone and confused as the crowd had dispersed after Madame Pomfrey had taken Harry. The mystery boy still weighing on his mind, he set off for his first class. Hopefully, being one of Slughorn's golden boys would allow him to slip into Potions a bit late no questions asked. Otherwise, what was the "honor" even worth? As he entered the room, he knew that it hadn't.

"Well, my boy, I've heard that you have had quite the heroic morning!"