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Chapter 1:

Mike squeezed his eyes shut, trying to recede into his thoughts to distract himself from the pain. After a final blow to his gut, the security men decided it was enough. They gathered their friend with the broken nose, then left Mike there in the hallway, bleeding and broken. He pushed himself upright, looking down at his now bloodied knuckle and thinking to himself that it was completely worth it.

He was aware that fighting them only made things more difficult, but he wasn't going to give up his hopeless cause of defending his friends. They had been held captive in the lab for a little over a month now, and it was driving them all crazy. Their family must be worried sick. Poor Johnathan had to suffer knowing Nancy was out there, carrying his baby, and he could do little to nothing for her.

Dr. Walcott was an associate of Brenner's, and he made it his mission to carry on Brenner's work with Eleven. However, that meant that they all were stuck there, until they ran out of use for her, which would likely be when she was dead. The prospect of being held prisoner until death made all of the boys solemn and depressed almost always, with little hope to keep them going.

Hopper tried to do his best to keep spirits up, to encourage everyone not to give up, but it didn't always work. Despite the sufferings of everyone else, the two that had it the worst were Mike and Eleven. Eleven had been forced back into working with them, doing everything they wanted and suffering punishments for refusing. Mike was forced to listen to her scream at times, not being able to do anything about it. When he tried to stop them, to help her, he was ruthlessly beaten, and Hopper would scold him for being so careless. Yet, he couldn't give up on her, on getting her out of there. He just couldn't.

Yes, even in the darkest times, there was a glimmer of light. Mike and Eleven, late at night, found a way to dodge security and meet in secret, which was what he was on his way to do when he was confronted. Mike lashed out, striking one of the men and taking a beating for it. It was purposeful, though, since they immediately left after the beating.

He climbed to his feet, then stumbled towards the small closet where they always met. It was mostly empty, except for some cleaning supplies and boxes of paper and other things that were used in offices. He looked to his left and right to make sure it was clear, then disappeared behind the door.

Almost immediately, he was met with a hard kiss and arms flying around his neck. He didn't have to ask or say anything, he already knew. It was here, she had made it. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him, wishing he never had to let go.

"I heard noises," she said when she pulled from his lips. She saw the blood above his eyebrow, and tasted it on his lips. She frowned. "Mike..."

"I'm fine," he reassured her, brushing her hair from her face. "You look... so beautiful. Even in a hospital gown. I'm so glad you could make it. I've missed you so much." Eleven's eyes started to water, and she kissed him again, even harder, more desperate than before. Mike bent down and grabbed her legs, hoisting them up and turning to put her back against the wall.

"Mike, you're hurt," she panted, gripping his shoulders and trying to slow him at the very least. He was too desperate, though, and so was she. While she wished he would take care of himself, she also didn't really want him to stop.

"I'll be fine. I need to feel you."

"But Mike, I-" She stopped when she felt the pressure of him against her. He worked fast, but then again, they kind of had to. Her gown was bunched up around her waist now, and he had pushed her underwear aside. He loosened his grip on her a little, letting her slide down and take all of him in. "Mike," she whimpered, and she immediately brought her hand up to cover her mouth for fear of making too much noise.

"I need you," he said, starting to pick up his pace a little, lifting and lowering her faster each time. "I can't stand it anymore. We have to find a way out. We have to." She dropped her hand from her mouth, bracing herself against his shoulders.

"I will, Mike," she panted, her head falling back against the wall, eyes closing with pleasure. "I will find a way." A moan escaped suddenly, and she covered her mouth again, wide eyes looking towards the closet door to make sure no one heard. These moments when she could escape with Mike were the only things keeping her from losing it entirely. She needed to be able to see him. It gave her hope, when she felt hopeless.

It didn't take long for Mike's quick pumping drove Eleven to her edge. He had to be quick, so he didn't bother with niceties or taking it slow. He sped up even more as he felt her start to clench and constrict around him. Her whole body began to shake, then she convulsed, her orgasm tearing through her, muffled moans filling the silence as she shook and tensed against Mike.

He kissed her lips, her forehead, her cheeks, anything that he could kiss. Feeling her skin, her body, her heartbeat on his, all of it was what he used to continue fighting, to refuse to give up. Eleven clung to him, her head resting on his chest now.

"I want to sleep together, in the same bed," she told him softly. "It's so sad at night. Empty..."

"I know, El, I'll figure something out. Okay? Between the two of us, we'll find a way out. I love you. Don't give up yet. Please, just don't give up." He hugged her tightly, then, as much as he didn't want to, pulled away from her. "You need to go back. They'll figure it out soon." He kissed her lips again, longer, harder this time. "I'll see you again tomorrow night. I promise."

"I love you, too," she said, pushing open the door slightly. She looked back at him over her shoulder. "Tomorrow."

He nodded, "Tomorrow."

Nancy laid her hand over her stomach, her fingers brushing over the skin there. She closed her eyes, wondering what Johnathan was doing at the moment, and if he was being treated well like the bullshit letter they received said he was. Joy was enraged at the letter, balling it up and throwing it as soon as she finished reading. They all knew it was a lie, but there wasn't much they could do about it.

Next to her, Will began one of his coughing fits. Nancy reached over to rest a hand on his back, rubbing slow circles to help him relax. Will wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, smearing something black and tar-like across it. Nancy's eyes widened.


"It's because they took El," he explained. "She helped me... She kept me out of that place when I slept at night. Now... I'm always there. Just... stuck. She can't help me. They're doing something to her." He wiped his hand on his jeans, then looked over at her. "I'm okay."

"Does your mom know about it?"

"No. She has enough to worry about. I don't want her to know it's getting worse. Please don't say anything. Our priority has to be getting them back. All of them." To say that the loss of so many people, family and friends, was painful was a huge understatement. They were devastated, especially since they knew the truth. Something awful had happened, and the lab was covering it up.

Nancy didn't say anything else. She sat with Will until he fell asleep on the couch, watching an old movie he and Johnathan used to like. She laid a blanket over him, then made her way back into Johnathan's room. She stood in the doorway for a moment, just looking in as his aged posters and dusty furniture. The tears welled in her eyes almost instantly.

With slow, somber steps, she walked to his bed, sitting on the edge at first, letting her fingers touch the fabric of the blanket underneath her to admire the familiarity of it. Then, it hit her, as it did so often, that she may never see him again. Nancy lowered herself down onto the mattress, dragging a pillow to her and cuddling it tightly against her chest. His scent was fading from all of it, though it still lingered a little. She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes and trying to convince herself, even just for a moment, that he was there with her.

Joy heard sobbing from her bedroom, and she new immediately who it was and why. She walked out into the hallway, peering around the doorway in at Nancy. With a solemn sigh, she stepped into the room and sat by her feet. Nancy sat up, then leaned over on Joy's shoulder, and Joy instinctively put her arm around Nancy's shoulders, hugging her tightly and rubbing her back softly.

"We'll bring him home, Nancy, I promise. I will never let those people take my sons away from me."

"He has to," Nancy cried. "He has to come back. I can't... do this without him."

"I know," Joy sighed, glancing down at the place where Nancy was clutching the pillow, over her stomach that Joy knew held Johnathan's child. While she missed Johnathan because he was her son, she also knew that Johnathan had to come home because he was going to be a dad. His baby deserved to have him in his life, because Johnathan was no Ronnie. He would love his child, and he would want to always be there to take care of it.

"We'll find him. They can't hold them forever."

Johnathan was relieved when Steve returned to the bunk later that night. He sat up, then looked down over the edge of the bed at Steve. The other boy was clearly upset about something, as his eyes were wide and full of fear.

"What is it?" Johnathan asked.

"D-Derek," Steve stuttered like he was choking on his own words. Johnathan jumped down from the top bunk immediately, looking straight into Steve's eyes. His expression begged for answers. "They took Derek back into this room, and... I heard him screaming... He didn't come back, Johnathan. He didn't come back." Johnathan walked out of the room, into the hallway, looking across to see Jesse sitting in his room alone now, the top bunk stripped and empty. The tears falling down Jesse's cheeks gave Johnathan the answers he needed.

"I can't believe it."

"They were never going to let us leave," Steve shook his head, bringing his hands up to cover his face. "We're going to die here, aren't we?" Steve asked, and Johnathan took him by the shoulders.

"I'm not dying here, and I'm not letting you die here. We have families to get back to."

"We can't do anything about it. The only person that could get us out, they keep under lock and key. Not to mention how they're controlling her. Using Mike as their fucking leverage. What are we supposed to do?" Steve flopped down on the bottom bunk, rolling back and away from Johnathan. Truth was that Johnathan didn't have an answer. He knew that it was unlikely that they would escape, but he had to try. He had to do something. Nancy needed him. Will needed him. Everyone that was taken needed him. There had to be something. He had to do something.