You Know You're Obsessed With Trolls When:

You love colors and music.

You describe someone in a bad mood as being "grey".

You love singing and dancing.

You want to make scrapbooks.

Not only do you want toys from the movie, but you also want to collect the Troll Dolls this movie came from.

You are now anticipating any sequels or series the movie may have.

No matter how many times you hear it, you always dance, sing, or at least smile whenever Can't Stop The Feeling begins playing.

Whenever someone is upset you sing to them True Colors.

You've developed an unhealthy obsession with Poppy and Branch and spend so much time reading fanfics and looking at fanart.(Story of my life.)

Whenever you have a party you craft your invitations by hand and make them into pop up cards.

You like to read pop up books.

You find yourself doodling Trolls, colorful hair, and clouds with socks.(Again, story of my life.)

You want to dye your hair pink, blue, or any other colors that the Trolls have.

You wear a bracelet and whenever you're near a friend you look at it for a second then shout "Hug Time!"

Whenever something goes a little wrong you say "I will get back up again!".

You downloaded the soundtrack and know all the songs by heart at this point.

You still love listening to the soundtrack even if you've lost count at how many times you did.

You want to randomly bang a cowbell and sing as loud as you want.

You run around screaming "The Bergens are coming! Aaaahhhh!" and then push something over.

You want to live in a bunker.

You tried to store and drink your own sweat.

You tried to do Cloud Guy's high five.

You love giving hugs.

You want to have long hair and tried putting it up like the Trolls.

You call yourself LadyGlitterSparkles as an alias.

For some reason, you don't wear shoes anymore.

You tell someone they look "ph fat".

You try to take up skating.

You tap someone affectionately on the nose and go "Boop!".

Oddly enough, you discovered Sound of Silence and True Colors by a little pink singing Troll with spiders and flowers as her back up chorus.

You try to hide things in your hair.

You always wonder what would Trolls taste like.

You want to throw big and loud parties.

You always warn people about the Bergen.

You want a welcome mat that says "Go Away".

A.N.: And this is a just a few of the many signs you may have if you're obsessed with this movie. Anyone else can relate? IF you do, tell me what other things you do that make you think of Trolls.