Author's Note: I know, I can't believe that this idea came to my head but I was reading up about the Polynesian mythology and found out Maui had a wife named Hina. I have a thing about Inuyasha crossovers and I could resist this idea. It will be a drabble series, something small and fun I can write. Let me know what you think.

*This chapter has been rewritten as of April, 2017.*


Chapter 1

The Beam of Light

The sea waves crash against the voyagers boats of the island of Motunu. The wind swirling in many different directions. Thunder and lightning clashed in the sky, a sharp beam of light parted the clouds and shot down from the stars.

The captain aboard one of the vessels watched as he saw a figure descend from the light falling into the water. "To starboard!" The vessels under his command began to sail towards where the light touched the water. As if the sea had a life of its own, it swirled around the being, cradling it like a child. In her ear it whispered a name.


As she drifted within the waves the ocean cradled and swept her onto his canoe, as if it had a life of its own. The being was a young girl with strange red and white clothing. The captain dropped down to his knees and moved the girls black hair from her face. On her neck was a pain necklace that looked like it was missing something important. The girl coughed, shivered and reached out for something she could not see or find. The islanders watched her blue eyes flutter open, and she released one last, ragged breath. She faded into darkness.

In the sea below, a pink jewel floated away, with all the girls' memories.