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Yeah this is like a bit AU, all as if none of the stuff in the game ever happened and they all just kinda got on with their lives etc.  Yeah you get the picture, also it takes place when Riku is 17 and Sora is 16. 

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Section 1 -- Shiver and Stare

Sora awoke shivering.  His covers had evidently fallen from his bed as he slept uneasily tossing and turning.  It was still dark but blue and silver moonlight came through the open window.

Sora blinked, he was sure that he had pulled the window to before he had gone to bed.  Now he sat up in the semi-darkness bewildered and sleepy.  He decided that his tired mind was playing tricks on him and that he hadn't in fact closed the window as he had first thought.  With a deep sigh he leant across and closed the window. 

As he closed the panes of glass, he marvelled at the view and felt that he would never tire of it.  By night the seashore had a more magical feel, everything was shrouded with a veil of bluish-blackness penetrated by moonlight alone, moonlight that fell like settling dew, highlighting roofs of wooden buildings and topmost leaves of palm trees.

A small thud behind him pulled him from his reverie and he turned with wide blue eyes searching every corner.

"Who's there?"

He was answered by silence, so he got off his bed and reached for the baseball bat he had placed at the end of his bed.

"Show yourself…or I'll…"

"You'll do what?"  Out from the shadows of the corner by the wardrobe stepped a familiar figure.

"Riku?  Damn Riku it's the middle of the night man, what you playing at?  How'd you get in here?"

"Window," Riku answered running his fingers through his shoulder-length silvery hair. 

"And you think you're justified clambering through my window at night?"

Riku snorted.  "Yeah," he smirked and sat down at the end of Sora's bed.

Sora fumed at Riku's nerve and told him so with a less than friendly glare.

Riku returned his gaze levelly and calmly.  The moonlight worked in such affinity with Riku's appearance that it seemed like he was a ghost.  His pale skin caught moonlight in such a way Riku seemed so different than he did in the golden glow of sunlight.  His silver hair caught the light such that it appeared Riku had a halo around his head.

"I must be dreaming," Sora murmured to himself.  He bit his lip, he needed to stop thinking this way about Sora – fast!

"What do you want?"

Riku's eyes shone seagreen calmly watching him. 

"What do you want?"  He replied.

"Huh?"  'I must be dreaming, wake up Sora, wake up! Do I want to wake up?'

Riku moved so that he was lying on his side along Riku's bed. Not halting his level stare.

'What is he doing,' thought Sora.  'Why is he looking at me like that?  He looks so…

Uninvited!  Unwanted!  Well perhaps he… not meant to be here…but oh he looks so…sexy…gorgeous…damn I must stop thinking this way!'

Sora slapped his hand to his forehead in frustration and turned away.  He stared back out of the window at the tranquil scene, trying to forget there was a more interesting view just out of eyeshot.  He was NOT attracted to Riku!  He was more or less 'with' Kairi!  It was unannounced but –right- just seemed to fit together like an actor reading a script but…


Riku, there was electricity, raw power in his gaze, more like improvisation, spontaneous and on the spot. 

What was love meant to feel like?  Was it the dangerous path or the easy way out? 

Did Kairi love him?  She was nice enough, friendly interested and open.  Sora could spend hours with her, just being together comfortably.  They had never kissed or done anything more than arm-over-the-shoulder hugging.  Surely if she was interested, she would have said by now?

More of a mystery was if he was interested in her.  Sora felt he was being taken on a ride by his own feelings, the best he could do was tag along.

"Come here," Riku's voice cut into his thoughts.

"Wh-wh."  Sora was about to ask why but cut himself short and just walked over sitting uncomfortably on the end of the bed by Riku's feet.  He observed Riku out of the corners of his eyes, trying not to make a meal of analysing the other boy's face.

Still Riku's expression was calm and serene, not letting onto anything.

Riku glanced at Sora who sat fidgeting by his feet.  The younger boy was shivering but trying to hide it and was also trying to hide the many emotions he was feeling.  But every one crossed his face, he could be read as easily as an open book.  'He's even pretending he's not watching me,' Riku thought with a smile.

'Why's he smiling?'  Sora thought, his shoulders rising in a shiver. 

Riku sat up and confidently ran the back of his hand down Sora's bare arm. 

"You're freezing," he stated running his hand back up and resting it on Sora's shoulder.

"You-you left the window open," stuttered Sora in reply shivering even more now at Riku's touch.  'What is Riku playing at?'

Sora would NOT look up.  He would NOT fall into this trap.

He found he had no choice as Riku's hand moved to his chin.  His fingers tilted Sora's face so deep blue eyes gazed into bluegreen.


Sora found it increasingly difficult to breathe.  He just sat and stared at Riku in complete enamourment and could bring himself to say nothing. 

Just shiver and stare.

"Listen. I'll go if you want but…"

Sora whimpered unwillingly as Riku moved away.

"You don't want me to go."


"I'll stay."


They sat in silence.  Riku stared out of the window at the stars as if in a trance.  Sora sat and gave him frequent questioning glances but the silver haired boy seemed completely oblivious to his presence.

So he fidgeted for a while, looking at Riku, around the room then back at Riku again.

After a minute the cold began to bother him, so he gathered his thick blanket from the ground by their feet and wrapped it round his shoulders, drawing it about his body like a mantle.

All of a sudden Riku snapped out of his glazed stare out of the window and looked at Sora where he was huddled in the blanket next to him.

He looked so young, childlike in that pose, his arms hugging his knees and the blanket shrouding his well developed body and muscles.  Sora had improved over the past year both physically and as a person but still Riku had the upper hand when it came to races over the hills or mock swordfights on the beach.  Yet when it came to logic and the understanding of things, Sora had the more calculating mind.  Together they would be unstoppable but yet most of the time they were adversaries. 

Riku had begun to tire of this, their childish battle for supremacy.  Sora had noticed but put it down to Riku's being almost seventeen.  As a year younger, maybe he hadn't grown up enough.

But it wasn't maturity that had calmed Riku's desire for dominance, it was something else.  Consideration was the first step, he began to think about Sora's reactions to the things he said.  He then started to care about the other boy's feelings.  And as he became more considerate he consequently became more observant, he noticed more about Sora.  The more he noticed, the more he wanted to notice.  Eventually this turned into a continuous occupation, watching Sora and Kairi goof around in the surf, watching Sora return home after a day in the sunshine or snow.  Always watching, never getting involved.

Until now.  That night Riku had had enough of watching all day and thinking all night.  Sora, Sora, Sora.  Infatuation?  Yes, he knew and admitted it.  Love?  That was a two person thing.  He had to know.

So, irrationally maybe, Riku sneaked from his house, out onto the moonlit pathways of the village, eventually coming upon Sora's family's house.  He couldn't just stride up to the door and knock so after much deliberation he decided to climb up the palm tree and try his luck with Sora's window. 

Luckily, Sora hadn't closed it properly and he could push it open.  The chestnut-haired boy was asleep, shivering slightly and moving from side to side on his bed right below the window.  Riku knew the slightest sound was probably likely to wake him completely so Riku was careful and silent as he picked his way through the window and around the sleeping boy silently. 

He stood in the shadows and watched him sleep.  He battled for this decision, surely had had come to Sora's house not to watch him sleep but to talk, to say *something*

But not yet, Riku melted into the shadowy corner.  Any difficult decision had been made for him though, Sora woke up and wandered to the window, which he had left open. 

And now Riku was sat beside the object of his infatuation and could find nothing to say.  He sat and caught Sora's blue-eyed gaze and waited.

"Why are you here Riku?"  Sora asked breaking the silence to ask the question that most needed to be addressed.

"I need to find out…something."

"At this time?"

"I couldn't wait any longer.  I need to know, you're killing me Sora."

"Killing you?"

Sora looked deeply confused.  He was a very expressive person, the confusion covered his face like wallpaper on a wall.

Riku couldn't help but smile, even in the 'moment of truth' as it were.

"Not literally of course."

Sora's expression changed to instant relief.  Riku took this to be a good sign, at least Sora didn't want to kill him, that was a start.

"Kairi," Riku suddenly said as if from an exterior command.

"Huh?"  Sora wondered at this sudden change of topic.

"Do you love her?"

"Do you?"  So Riku wanted Kairi!  It seemed so obvious now, how could he have been so stupid.  Well fine he was welcome to her so long as he treated her well.

"No," they both answered the same question at once.

Sora looked really surprised at his own answer!  "That is to say I…um.  Well I like her a lot.  I don't know."

"You should know if you love her," Riku answered softly.  "You always know when you love someone.  It's like…"

Riku broke off rubbing his arms in the chill.  Sora looked over at him, wondering why he had stopped talking.  Seeing the reason why, he shrugged the blanket off his shoulders and threw it around Riku and himself.

"Thanks," Riku smiled pulling the blanket over his arms.

Sora sighed and dropped his head onto Riku's shoulder, feeling tired again.

Riku looked down at the other boy who had his head resting on his shoulder.  His eyes were closed and he looked quite comfortable.  Riku, however was battling to resist the temptation at put his arm round Sora's waist.

Temptation won.  Riku slid his arm round Sora's small waist and pulled him closer.

Sora sighed and Riku tensed, expecting him to be angry or embarrassed but no resistance came.

"I know what it's like," Sora murmured tiredly.

"What what's like?"

"Loving someone."

Sora looked half asleep.  Riku's heart was pounding overtime, ten-hundred beats a second!  'I'm over analysing this, I must be,' he thought to himself.

"I should go, you look exhausted."  Easy way out, Riku's confidence had betrayed him.

Riku made to move but Sora woke up a little and grabbed onto his vest-top (AN: man what do you call that thing Riku wears!?)

"No! Don't go," Sora said, he was so comfortable snuggled up to Riku.  But then maybe Riku was embarrassed of the situation.  Then why had he put his arm round him in the first place?

Riku looked down at Sora where he was against his shoulder holding onto his top and gazing into his eyes.

"I won't go yet."

"Riku please stay with me I want…"

"What?  What do you want?"

Sora let go of Riku's top and ran his hand tentatively down his chest.

Riku gently pulled Sora up closer and looked at him, trying to trace any doubt on Sora's face.

Then he leant in to kiss him, drawing his arms up around Sora's back.

Sora's heart almost stopped as Riku's lips met his, really softly and nervously.  Each of the boys could feel the other shivering, they both were doubting that this could be happening and that it would last.  It was over in a second.

"You, I want you," Sora answered Riku's earlier question.  Riku kissed him again more deeply, his hands ran down Sora's back and onto his waist.  He ran his tounge over Sora's bottom lip and the chestnut-haired boy responded by leaning into his body.

Riku thought he was living one of his dreams as Sora yielded to his tongue and allowed him to explore his mouth.

A few moments later Riku pulled away from the kiss and looked down again into Sora's face.  He wrapped his arms tighter around Sora's waist and tugged playfully pulling them both off-balance so they fell laughing quietly together flat onto the bed.

Sora rearranged himself so he was lying back down with his head on the pillow.  Riku followed his actions and lay beside him, pulling the blanket around them. 

Riku wrapped his arms around Sora as he snuggled right up to him, placing his head on Riku's chest.  Riku brought his hand up from Sora's back to stroke his fingers through his chestnut hair.

"I wanna stay like this forever," Sora murmured.

Riku ran his hand over Sora's cheek, Sora turned his head slightly to kiss Riku's fingers.

"I'd be happy with that, but your parents probably won't be.  I'll be gone by first light."

Sora's hands stroked down Riku's back then up under his top and started caressing his bare skin.

"Sora," groaned Riku in little more than a low whisper and grabbed Sora's t shirt, crushing his lips to Sora's trapping him against his body.

Passionately, the kiss deepened, Sora had gained confidence or had forgotten his inhibitions in his need to get as much of Riku as possible.  Now his tongue was wrestling Riku's for dominance and his hands up Riku's top were roaming ceaselessly.

Riku laid Sora onto his back and Sora stroked up around his shoulders, removing the top and flicking it across the room.  Riku chuckled and linked his fingers with Sora's, laying the smaller boy's arms flat against the bed.  Now he was in control he took over Sora's mouth and he yielded allowing himself to be taken willingly.

Riku was reminded by his lungs that breathing was a necessity and broke away from Sora's mouth, instead trailing quick kisses down his neck and shoulder where the t-shirt had slipped to one side.

"Riku…Riku, I…"  Sora mumbled.  He realised how amazing Riku was making him feel, his whole body was tingling and aching for more.  The feeling from his thighs was pure heat moving up to the hardness between his legs.

"God, Riku," Sora groaned as Riku ground down against him, opening his legs with one grinding motion.  Sora slid his legs down either side of Riku's and allowed the older boy to claim his lips again.

"I…love…you…Sora," Riku groaned between long kisses to Sora's warm lips.  He let go of Sora's hands and moved to lie on his side again, bringing Sora with him.  He stroked all over Sora's arms and neck then cheekily grabbing his buttocks and yanking him closer.

Sora cried out at the wave of pleasure this gave him.

"Shh… your parents," whispered Riku, moving again to stroke around Sora's sides.  He continued to grind his hardness against Sora's not interested in removing all their clothing, just frantically trying to quell the need he had been feeling for such a long time.

"Riku, Riku, I love you so much, I love you," moaned Sora against Riku's neck, rocking with him gently, his breath heavy and frequent. 

RIku smothered his face in gentle kisses.  "I love you too Sora, I waited too long to tell you."

"Don't stop, you're making it better."

Riku then pushed him back onto his back and crushed against him again hard.  Sora was sucking hard at the base o his neck, biting and licking alternately in frenzied passion.

Riku continued to whisper to Sora about how wonderful and beautiful he was and how he would always love him just as he had always loved him. 

All coldness was forgotten and in fact replaced with intense heat.  They were both sweating but still shivering as they enjoyed each other.  Sora began to move against Riku harder as his pleasure grew more powerful. 

"Riku," he groaned then pressed his lips hard to the nape of Riku's neck.

The silver-haired boy had ceased his whispering and instead panted heavily into Sora's ear, clamping his arms tight round his waist pulling him to the side again.

Sora writhed against him suddenly biting hard into Riku's neck to prevent himself crying out as he climaxed.  At the sudden contrast of that hard nip on his neck, Riku also came and lay still against Sora.

Sora noticed in his hot, hazy, sleepy glow the coppery bitterness in his mouth and moving away slightly, realised he had bitten Riku so hard he had drawn blood.

"You're bleeding.  I…Sorry Riku."

Riku stroked some hair from Sora's forehead where it had clung with sweat into thin strands.

"It doesn't matter," he replied softly and kissed Sora's forehead.

Riku kissed him again lingeringly, slowly then pulled him close again and so they lay together in the heat and cold of their aftermath.  Riku's shoulder still bled in a slow trickle but Sora had fallen asleep in his arms.

But Riku did not sleep.  He lay and watched his lover sleep peacefully against his chest.  Anyhow, he could not risk sleeping and not being able to awake in time to sneak out again before dawn.

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