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Section 2 -- Our Secret

"Hey Riku!  What's up with that?  Something bite ya?"  Kairi's cheerful voice snapped Riku out of his daydream in which he was doing creative things to his new lover.  He was walking along the beach; alone, trying to get his head round what had happened the previous night.

"Something like that," replied Riku indecisively and carried on walking.

Kairi blinked then shrugged and followed.  "So have you seen Sora this morning?"

'Definitely,' thought Riku but replied "probably."

"What do you mean probably, you either have or you haven't…"

"Look, do you mind?  I'm trying to think here alright.  I'll see you later."

Riku left Kairi where she had given up trying to talk to him and proceeded to the secret cave, where he could think, alone.

It wasn't that he wasn't happy or regretted what he had done.  He did love Sora but there was too much working against them.  For one thing there was Kairi, she surely had a major thing for Sora and wouldn't be particularly pleased to find out he was taken.  And not just taken either, taken by another boy, his best friend!

Also there were the other 'kids' to face and then there was their parents.  Riku couldn't sit down and tell them he was gay.  He wasn't really, he had liked girls in the past but then he fell in love with Sora.  Sora was the only boy he would ever love.

They couldn't face the pain of confessing all this so early.  All Riku wanted was to enjoy being loved by Spra without interference or judgement. 

He crawled through the entrance to the secret cave and collapsed by the great door thing that was there.  What the hell was that about anyway?  He looked around at all of the drawings Sora had done with Kairi when she had first come to destiny islands.  He wondered what they meant and how deeply they were engraved in Kairi's heart and more importantly, Sora's.


Riku turned to smile softly at Sora.  "How long have you been standing there?"

"Only a second," lied Sora.  In truth he had been watching Riku for a few minutes, he looked so beautiful, his long silver hair rippled as he looked all around the walls with a saddened look upon his pale face.

"What are you doing here?"

"Thinking," Riku replied.

"Yeah, me too," Sora said settling down on the ground beside Riku.

"I…uh…didn't hear you go last night."

"Of course not, I was really quiet," Riku said, still staring at the walls.

Sora regarded Riku, he wasn't making any eye contact which put Sora on edge.

"No regrets right," Sora asked nervously.  'Right,' he thought, 'this is the part when everything goes wrong.'

Riku turned suddenly to look at him with surprise.  "You really thought..?"  Riku said with a smile and a glint of purest love in his eyes.  "Of course not!  I love you Sora," he said brightly.

Sora smiled in extreme happiness.

"You look cute when you do that," Riku muttered smiling.

"Do what?"  Sora asked, still grinning.  (AN: Like the Cheshire cat ^^)

Riku couldn't resist it and leant in to place a gentle kiss on Sora's smile.

"Riku, what's the matter?"  Sora asked as Riku moved away again and resumed staring forlornly at the wall.

"We're letting ourselves in for a lot of trouble you know," he answered after a moment.  "Everyone's going to think we're gay…"

Riku was interrupted by a snort of laughter. 

"Course we are," laughed Sora, "Jeez Riku how the hell are we supposed to be straight now?"

Riku stared at Sora, he looked to innocent with that huge grin and laughter-filled eyes.

"You're right," Riku decided and pounced at Sora, knocking him off balance and pinning him to the ground, their lips seeking each other's longingly.  Sora wrapped his arms tight around Riku's neck and pulled him closer into a passionate kiss.

Riku stroked up to Sora's shoulders and held him down as he pulled away.

"But that won't solve our problems," he said grimly trying not to smile at Sora looking all peeved that he wasn't being kissed senseless anymore. 

"What problems?"

"Nobody's going to take this lightly Sora."

"Soooo…lets not tell them," Sora decided, sitting up on one elbow.

"They're going to find out sooner or later," stated Riku not looking too convinced.

"Then lets try for later," said Sora leaning up and kissing Riku softly.

"This is going to be horrible," Riku muttered.

"Oh, thanks!" Sora laughed.

"Not you!  I meant having to hide away all the time…"

"It'll be fun, sorta like a secret.  Between us, like it should be…our business.  It could be fun…"

"How?"  Riku asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well we know something that they don't, bound to be fun…"

"We can't take risks," interrupted Riku.

"Like you said, they will find out eventually.  We don't want to torture ourselves." Sora said stroking down Riku's neck, moving his top to look at the ragged cut he had inflicted that previous night.  "I'm still sorry about that," he said running his fingers over the wound.

"And I'm still saying it doesn't matter.  In fact I kind of like it, it makes me feel like I belong to you."

"I belong to you too," Sora whispered and kissed Riku lingeringly.  "Hey, give me one too, then we'll match," he said cheekily as he pulled away.

"Like that won't be too obvious," laughed Riku.


"You sure?"

Sora nodded and Riku grabbed him again, knocking him onto his back.  He unzipped Sora's top, pushed his Tshirt to one side and brought his lips to Sora's shoulder and gently kissed and licked his skin.

Sora kissed Riku's forehead and buried his fingers in his long silvery hair, bringing Riku harder on top of him.

All of a sudden Riku nipped his skin and he cried out in surprise.

Riku chuckled and started to gently caress him again with his tongue. 


"Hm?"  Riku pulled away and looked into Sora's eyes. 

"I love you.  Don;'t stop," Sora said breathlessly and Riku smiles and leant in to kiss his lips softly then worked his lips back down Sora's neck to his shoulder and bit the tender spot hard.

"OW!"  Sora squealed.

Riku laughed, rolling off Sora and onto his back still shaking with cheeky laughter.

"Hey!  I didn't bite you that hard!"  Sora said rubbing his newly acquired hickey.

"Yeah you did.  You drew blood, I went easy on you" (AN: You say you go easy on me, you're about as easy as a nuclear war.  I love Duran Duran. Anyway.) Riku said with a huge smile.

"But I didn't do it on purpose."

"Nah, just cos I'm so good in bed," Riku said with a twinkle in his eye.  "You asked for it," he added getting to his feet and offering a hand to Sora.

Sora took his hand and was pulled onto his feet.

"We'd better go and find Kairi and the rest or they'll notice we are acting differently than usual."

Sora wrapped his arms around Riku's waist and looked up at him.  Riku was still much taller than Sora.

"If we must," Sora sighed.

Riku stroked some of Sora's hair from his forehead then leant down and kissed his lips deeply hugging him close.

Sora wrapped his arms even tighter around Riku's waist and pressed against him.

When breathing forced them apart, Riku took Sora's hand and led him from the cave.  When they saw daylight they clambered through the hole.

Riku gave Sora's hand a tight squeeze then screamed 'Race ya!' and sped off down the beach.

Sora needed a second to gather his senses then with a call of 'hey no fair you got a head start,' ran off after his lover.

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