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"We are never fighting alone. Get up, get going, I'll meet you there." – Monty Oum

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." – Hassan-i-Sabbah

Patch, Ruby's POV

It was a cold winter in Remnant, as the vast expanse of forest behind her was covered in white snow. It was peaceful, and that was how Ruby wanted it. She only wanted to pay her respects to the mom she never got to know. She cared not for the biting cold, she only wanted this time under the full moon to spend time alone with her and Summer.

Ruby turned to leave; she would talk another time. She began to take a walk through the snow-covered forest. It was calm and quiet. Too quiet. She sensed something dark. Something with killing intent and hatred for all things human. As she reached the clearing, her suspicions were confirmed. Standing in front of her were a pack of Beowolves, ready to strike and tear her to pieces, with their blood-red fangs and eyes looking like they could almost drip into the snow.

Ruby only stood there ready, and as the first creatures came forth to strike, she was gone in a cloud of rose petals, and leapt in the air, with her silver eyes shining with a determination and calm like that of the Huntsmen she longed to fight alongside with. It was her turn to strike.

She quickly unholstered her weapon, and aimed. A perfect shot cut through the Beowolf's head, causing more to come forward. Ruby landed, before flipping up over another Grimm, shooting down and killing it. Then, bringing her weapon forward, she shot down another Grimm, and quickly burst a shot to her right, where another Beowolf nearly hit her. She rolled backwards from the recoil, and began to transform her weapon into a FUCKING HUMONGOUS scythe of Final-Fantasy proportions! Crescent Rose was ready to lock and chop.

A single Beowolf came forth, and Ruby brought down her weapon, just so the blade hung behind the neck. The wolf-like being growled at her, and she could almost catch the horrid stench of its breath. Imagine burning ash mixed with rotting flesh. Yeah. Bad. Ruby only smirked at the Beowolf, before pulling the trigger, the recoil pushing the blade through the Grimm's abdomen. More Beowolves came charging, and Ruby was prepared. She cocked Crescent Rose and aimed. Beowolves were soon being cut down like corn at the harvest, each falling one after another. One Beowolf made it to her and swiped at her, hoping to take her down, but she just jumped and took a shot, pushing her back from the recoil.

Next Ruby balanced herself on Crescent Rose's hilt, as more wolves came from the forest. One pounced, but she dodged, with her hand still on the trigger, and fired, hitting one wolf, and kicking down the other. The other came at her, but she began to twirl her weapon (like ANY 15-year old girl could) with grace and deadliness, slicing down one Grimm, before cutting another behind her in half, then spinning her blade through another in front of her, and just catching a Beowolf by its neck, before firing down, decapitating it.

Two more Grimm charged, but Ruby caught one by the stomach, then firing, cutting down the first, and shooting down the second behind it. The top half of one wolf hit another, felling it, and more came out. Ruby dodged two, before severing an arm, then its legs. She moved on, hooking the scythe on a Beowolf's neck, then flipping up to balance on its back, and taking a shot, shooting herself upwards along with a severed head. She looked down only to see more.

"Oh my Oum, How long will this take?!", thought Ruby in her head.

Nonetheless, she spun her scythe, catching a wolf with a bullet, and slicing up another, but was caught off-guard by the third creature, which managed to swipe at her, hitting her scythe and sending her backwards.

By now, Ruby was starting to tire. She barely had a scratch, but as she looked forward, she saw the rest of the pack, numbering to almost 30 or 40.

"This should be no problem." Ruby thought to herself as she loaded a gravity dust cartridge while taking deep breaths (as her uncle kept reminding her).

She stood ready, and burst forward with incredible speed. The wolves could barely process what was happening before limbs, heads and empty shells began flying around while a red blur of rose petals and blurs of movement sped through the pack. Ruby, on the other hand was utterly focused, and fluent in her movement, making each round and swipe count, each attack and movement felling an enemy.

As she stood there in the snow, she was panting heavily. She had never faced this much enemies before. She struck a victory pose in the moonlight, but soon found herself on her knees, out of breath. But that's when she heard it. Loud howling and growling came from the forest. Ruby was too weak to pick up her weapon as the next pack came forth with an Alpha backing them. She would give anything for someone to help her. Yang, Dad, or Qrow.

But as they came closer, she began to slump over, in her mind thinking somberly with a tear coming down her cheek, "Sorry, Mom. I'll get to see you in person now."

But besides the Grimm, she couldn't help but sense another presence. A darker one, with burning desire for vengeance or blood, even greater than some of these wolves. And that's when she heard a loud bang, and a thick smoke covered the area. The Beowolves were confused, but sensed this presence as well. A whimper from a lone Grimm was heard, before the sound of metal piercing flesh was followed by the thump of bodies hitting the snow. The smoke cleared, and about ten wolves were already disintegrating, with a small, but deep cut in each of their necks.

The Alpha then looked to the girl in red, charging to rip her to shreds, until Ruby saw him. The form of a young man wearing a white hoodie, with bracers on his arms, and a red sash around his waist like a belt and a crossbow slung over his back. He appeared to be Yang's age, but he was clearly shorter than her, and some light stubble was visible under that hood of his.

He began to sprint towards the Alpha, leaping on a fresh Beowolf corpse to gain leverage. He was soon in the air, with his legs curled up, his eyes with killer intent, and Ruby could barely see a small bloodstained blade extending from his left wrist. He landed on the Grimm's back, and violently shoved his hidden blade into its neck. The wolf was instantly silenced, and fell down, dead.

Ruby looked in astonishment at this man. He had not only saved her, but took on this army of Grimm with nothing but a small blade and his stealth. The man looked at Ruby, and picked her up. Then he asked, "Where should I drop you?"

Ruby said nothing, and only gave him directions to her house. After some time walking through the snowy forest, she soon saw it. Home sweet home. Ruby then stepped down from his arms and said with gratitude, "Hey, I'm Ruby Rose. Thanks for saving me. Didn't get your name, though."

The man said nothing, only one word. "Altaïr."

Ruby knocked on her door and turned around to look at him, only to discover he had vanished, leaving only an eagle feather in the snow. "Who is that guy?" she thought to herself as the door opened to reveal Yang.

"OMIGOSH WHERE WERE YOU?!" Yang exclaimed with worry.

Ruby simply said, "Meh, training."

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