Blake (in vulture form) lands on the side of an empty road. With no one looking, the watch reverts him back to his human form. Blake chuckles arrogantly as he looks at the G.I.I.D.I.T and says smugly,

"Y'know, a guy like me can get used to this."

The Aussie-Brit with the punk rock hairstyle hears a phone ring. He turns to his left and sees a telephone booth a few yards from where he's standing. As soon as he enters the booth, he digs deep into his pockets for loose change. When it turns out they are empty, he takes off his shoes and digs into those until he finds two coins. He puts them into the slot, picks up the phone and puts it to his ear, and speaks to it in a casual manner.


A deep, male voice answers from the other line.

"Hello. I'm a casting agent from a television network studio company in Hollywood. I'm looking for someone named Blake Renton."

At the moment the man said he owned a television network and his name, Blake's eyes began to brighten. He excitedly shouts out like he's a child,

"I'm Blake Renton! Me! That's me! That's me! That's my name!"

"Well, you're a tough man to reach. We have seen your previous work, your resume, and on the street, and we would like to hire you."

Renton stuttered, "M-m-m-m-m-m-m-me?"

"Yes. We're starting production on a new TV series and we would like you to star in it."


"We just need you to audition for us and we'll write a part for you in the show."

"YES! Just tell me when and where, and I'll be there faster than a dingo nipping at a bull's hock."

Later, Blake walks in front of an old, decrepit warehouse-type building located in the middle of nowhere. It is covered with dry, stripped off paint and has broken off pieces of wood on the walls, doors, and an A-frame roof. He is confused as to why the agent would want to meet him here. He opens the door and finds that it is abandoned. The interior is dark and decaying, with the only light coming from the outside through the cracks of wood. Other than the support beams holding the building in place, there is nothing and no one here… or so he thinks. He yells across the giant room to know if anyone else is there.

"'Ello? 'Ello?" When he doesn't get a response, he starts getting annoyed. "I can't believe this. I'm being gulled."

A voice appears out of nowhere to correct him by saying,

"More like duped."

The English-Australian's eyes widen in surprise at hearing the mysterious voice. Before he could turn around, Tony suddenly appears behind him. He looks over his shoulder to see the spy and gasps in slight fright. Marc appears to the left of Tony, then Lee and finally Megan. Soon, all four of them surround him in a circle.

"You guys again." Blake says exasperatedly, not very happy to see the spies for a second time. "What do you all want now?"

"The same thing we wanted before," Megan answers.

Blake grips the gadget more protectively.

"Forget it. I don't have time for you guys. I gotta meet an agent to help me audition for a show."

"Hate to break it to ya, but…" Marc puts on the Voice Simulator and turns it on to change his voice to that of the person on the phone call with Blake. "…you don't have an audition. You never did."

Blake gasps in shock at the ruse. Marc takes the gadget off.

"What?" Blake stammers in disbelief. "That was you?"

Marc says to Blake, "You could say we made a phony prank call to get you to come here."

"You did?" Blake said in a forlorn tone, but slowly gets more angry and vengeful. "So… the audition call… the agent… the new tv show… it was all a lie?!"

"Yes," Lee answers. "Because it was something you've always wanted most in the world."

"To get your big break in the show business industry…" Tony says.

"…and be known worldwide on the big and small screens." Lee finishes.

"But guess what?" Megan warns the celebrity wannabe, "You're not going anywhereuntil you give usthatwatch."

"Fine!" Blake shouts in irritation, ticked off for the last time by the spy kids. "If you guys want it, then come and get it!"

He uses the watch to turn into a grizzly bear. He roars at the four and they back up in fear. He charges at them and they use their jet boots to fly and get some distance from him. Blake then turns into a vulture to fly up after them and then transforms into a cougar to attack Tony, which causes them both to crash land to the ground. Megan, Marc, and Lee fly down to help their younger sibling. Blake turns to snarl at them, teeth bared; the three siblings land a couple feet from Renton since he's between them and their baby brother. He rears up of his hind legs and transforms into a grizzly bear again, roaring at his nemeses. Tony uses this opportunity to kick and burn Renton's butt by using the flames from his jet boots, making him fall over. Tony flies and lands next to his siblings. They all tackle Blake while he's down, to try to take the gadget off of him, but he quickly gets back up and, using his new form's strength, tries to pry the kids off, one by one; he flings Megan into a support beam and crashes into it with enough force to break it. Part of the roof begins to collapse, and Megan, paralyzed with fear, screams and covers her face as wood and dust begins falling on her. Her brothers call out to her when it happens.


The dust clears, and the boys see in shock their sister's lifeless body among the debris, illuminated by the skylight of the roof. Marc calls out to her in anxiety as he, Tony, and Lee rush to her corpse.

"Megan? Megan!"

They watch in worry, waiting for her to open her eyes or speak. But she's… unresponsive.

"You blokes don't have to worry 'bout her," uttered Renton unsympathetically, back in his normal form. "You're next."

The Clark brothers turn to the shapeshifter, with their eyes is an intense glare, ticked off at him harming their sibling.

"That's it!" Marc yells furiously at Blake for killing his sister.

"You're gonna pay for that!" Tony warns the villain. "Big time."

Blake chuckles evilly, "I beg to differ, mate."

Megan suddenly appears, alive and well, behind Renton from out of nowhere and jumps on him.

"Hey! What the-"

"Megan?" The brothers blurt out in shock and relief that their sister isn't really dead. They turn to look behind and realize that the other Megan on the mound of debris was actually a hologram; it flickers in and out, then begins to disappear.

"What are you doing?!" Blake frustratingly tries to shake Megan off him. "Get off of me! Get off-"

She breaks the G.I.D.I.I.T using a sharp, broken piece of wood.


Megan jumps off Blake as the now broken gadget lets out an electrical surge that courses throughout his body. He yells in shock and anger at her action,

"What have you done!?"

Blake screams and starts having convulsions as he's being electrocuted from the malfunctioning gizmo. The Clark spy kids watch in horror as this is happening. Once it dies down, he hazily falls on his knees and collapses on the floor shortly afterwards, singed and giving off smoke. Jerry and a couple of WHOOP MIB agents enter the building to get the now burned young villain on his feet.

"Congratulations, spies," Said the WOOHP boss, praising the young agent's mission success. "I'd have to say Megan – your plan to play possum in order to get close enough to damage the device was pure genius. That performance definitely deserves a round of applause."

Jerry and the Clark boys do applaud Megan for her inventiveness in the villain's defeat. The Clark girl is surprised by the praise, but nevertheless accepts it and responds with a combined bow and curtsy.

"OI!" Blake shouts, interrupting the claps. "What about me!?"

"Take some acting classes," Lee responds harshly.

Jerry takes the now broken G.I.I.D.I.T off of Blake's wrist.

"Maybe now you won't go on anymore shape shifting jaunts," he tells the wild haired, Aussie-Brit.

Blake looks away while groaning and pouting in displeasure as he is cuffed and lead outside the abandoned building by the WOOHP MIBs.

"You haven't seen the last of me! I'll be back! Pretty soon, everyone in the whole world will see this face and know my name."

When outside, Blake give them a backhanded peace sign as he's being escorted; Jerry's jaw drops in surprise and offense.

"Wow," Clover scorns, while in her spy attire and crossing her arms, as she sees the villain being led to a chopper by the men in black. "Performance issues, much?"

Author's note: I actually wanted Clover to wear workout clothes, but I felt that it wouldn't make that much sense.

I also wanted Blake to turn into a gorilla during the fight.

The original title for this chapter was called 'Body Double'.