My Happy Ending

Description: Hi, everyone! This one-shot is a request based off season 6b speculation that's not likely to happen. But it's a really cool idea. Y'all will have to bear with me because I've gotten so used to writing AU's. I really wanted to fulfill this request, and I worked really hard on it. Everything may not be exactly canon, but I tried my best. Enjoy!

Emma had stepped outside of Granny's because she felt nauseous. She continued breathing in and out slowly.

She knew this feeling. True, she had been 18 and in jail, but it wasn't something she could easily forget.

She was pregnant.

This was the future her and Killian had fought so hard for. The future they were still fighting for because her fate was hanging in the balance.

When Gideon had given her the chance to say goodbye, she didn't count on that including her unborn child.

She then heard Killian's worried voice behind her, "You alright, Emma?"

Emma turned to face him and assured him, "I'm fine, Killian."

She then took a breath and began, "There's something I have…"

Emma was interrupted by Gideon.

"Ah, there's the savior. Have you said your goodbyes?"

Just then, Snow, David, and Henry ran outside.

"Can't we have more time?" David pleaded.

"She's already had enough time," Gideon seethed.

Belle then ran up to her son and clutched his arm and told him, "Please, Gideon, you can't do this."

"No, Mother. Her time is over," Gideon replied, never taking his eyes from Emma.

Emma stood protectively in front of her family as she told him, "Look, I'm ready to do what I have to do to protect my family, but…"

"She's pregnant," Snow blurted out.

"She's WHAT!?" David exclaimed.

"Not now, David," Snow scolded.

Killian's eyes widened as he turned to Emma and asked, "Are you, love?"

Emma simply nodded in response.

Gideon looked back and forth between Emma and her family before he taunted, "This isn't over." He then disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving Belle to go find him.

Snow then gave her daughter an understanding look before taking David's hand and dragging him back inside Granny's.

Henry then piped up, "So, I'm gonna be a big brother?"

"Yeah, kid, you are," Emma answered.

She then asked, "Are you okay with that?"

"If you're happy, then I'm happy, Mom," Henry answered with a genuine smile.

He then gave her a hug before he went back inside.

Emma then turned to Killian and told him, "That is not how I wanted to tell you."

"It's perfectly alright, Swan," Killian assured her.

Emma took a breath before she began, "I know that the timing couldn't be worse, and we never exactly talked about having kids. Are you sure that you're okay with this?"

Killian took her hand in his as he told her, "I love you, Emma. I want a future with you. I know that this is rather unplanned, but I'm thrilled that you're carrying our little lad or lass."

Emma replied, "I want this too, Killian. I really am happy, but what about Gideon?"

"We will find a way to defeat him. We always do," Killian reassured her.

Emma smiled at him before she pulled him in for a hug.

As they pulled away, Killian gave her a short and sweet kiss before they went back inside.

That afternoon, everyone had gathered in Snow and David's loft where Killian and Emma had shared the good news with Regina, Zelena, and Robin.

Unfortunately, Regina couldn't offer the same.

"I've looked through every book I have. There's nothing to help us stop Gideon," she said.

"Thank you for trying," Emma told her.

"There has to be something we can do," David lamented.

Zelena scoffed and rolled her eyes as she pointed out, "Are you deaf, Charming? Regina just said there's nothing to do."

"That doesn't mean I'm giving up. If there's a way to save Emma, I will find it," Regina told them.

Robin then looked up from the daughter in his arms and questioned, "So, you don't think that Emma's pregnancy will delay this battle with Gideon?"

However, his question was answered when Belle came through the door.

She immediately announced, "I managed to convince Gideon to back off for the baby's sake."

"That's great news," Snow said, with a smile.

"I wouldn't celebrate just yet," Emma cautioned.

Killian then asked, "For how long?"

Belle's expression turned somber as she admitted, "I was hoping he would agree until after the baby is born, but I couldn't make him."

"That's rather unhelpful," Zelena quipped.

"At least it's something. This gives us time to find a way to save Emma," David said.

"Or give him time to think of his next move," Emma muttered.

Killian took her hand and squeezed it in response.

Regina then suggested, "Okay, since Guyliner actually managed to do something useful, let's take the time we have and try to find a way out of this."

Everyone nodded and went their separate ways. David, Robin, and Henry went to be on the lookout for any surprises from Gideon. Killian and Belle, with the help of Zelena, went to scope through the books in the library. Snow, Regina, and Emma stayed in the loft to put their heads together and see if they could find a solution.

While Regina poofed to her vault to grab her books in case they missed anything, Snow went to put Neal and Robyn down for a nap.

Emma then leaned against the counter and slipped something from her pocket. Despite her parents' optimism, Regina's determination, and Killian's reassurances, Emma was still worried about Gideon.

She wasn't afraid to face him. She would protect her family, no matter the cost. But now? It wasn't just her life she was talking about – it was the life of the child she was carrying. If Gideon killed her, her baby would never have a chance, and she wasn't about to let that happen. She had a plan, and no one would stop her.

Emma stared at the small glass bottle in her hand. She had taken it from Regina's vault earlier by excusing herself to the restroom shortly after everyone arrived at the loft.

She placed a hand on her still flat stomach and said, "I'm doing this for you."

She then took out the cork and began to bring it to her mouth.

However, before she could drink the liquid, she felt it being snatched from her hand.

Emma looked up to see Regina standing before her.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Emma scolded.

"With me? What the hell is wrong with you?" Regina yelled back.

"I'm trying to protect my child from Rumplestiltskin's psychopath son," Emma pointed out.

"And you really think that this is the way to do it?" Regina asked, waving the bottle in her hand.

"I refuse to spend the next nine months looking over my shoulder waiting for Gideon to hurt me and my child. I won't do it. At least this way, I can protect my baby."

Snow then came back from putting the babies down and asked, "What is all the yelling about?"

"Emma wants to speed up her pregnancy," Regina responded.

"Sweetheart, why would you do that?" Snow asked her daughter.

"Look, the only reason Gideon delayed this battle is because Belle convinced him to because of the baby. But do you really think he's going to wait forever? He wants to kill me. He's not going to let anything get in his way. At least this way, I have a better chance of protecting him or her."

"And just how do you plan on doing that, Emma?" Regina asked.

"By sending the baby away. To the Enchanted Forest or another realm. Gideon won't be able to get to him or her," Emma replied.

"Yes, because that worked so perfectly well when Belle tried to do it," Regina pointed out sarcastically.

Snow then took Emma's hands in hers as she told her, "Emma, I know that you think that this best. Your father and I sent you away to protect you, but you grew up alone."

Emma then added, "My baby won't be alone. Killian is going with our child."

Snow and Regina both looked surprised.

Regina then asked, "Guyliner seriously agreed to that?"

"She's right, Emma. After everything you two have been through, Hook wouldn't want to be away from you. He would want to stay here and help us figure out how to change your fate. He also wouldn't go with no guarantee of coming back or seeing you again," Snow added.

She then took in her daughter's expression before she observed, "Unless you haven't told him."

Emma sighed before she admitted, "Okay, I haven't run the idea by him. But you both know he'll do anything to protect this baby."

"Even if it means getting himself killed – again? Then who would protect your child?" Regina pointed out.

Emma sighed once again as she laid her hands flat on the kitchen counter and looked down.

As she looked back up, she said, "I can't let anything happen to my baby. I have to protect him or her – both of you understand why I need to this. I love my little boy or girl so much, and I need my child to be safe," the emotion evident in her voice.

Snow then wrapped Emma in a comforting hug.

As they pulled away, Snow wiped her daughter's eyes and told her, "We will find a way to work all of this out. We will change your fate. And until we do, we will protect you and Hook's baby. And speeding up your pregnancy is not the answer."

"Listen, Emma. As long as you're pregnant, this battle with Gideon is delayed. And in that time, we can find a loophole in all of this. Your son or daughter will be safe," Regina added.

Emma considered their words before she nodded and said, "You guys are right. Let's work on that loophole."

Snow smiled before she and Regina both nodded.

Regina then waved the bottle in her hand and said, "This is going in my vault."

She then poofed away in a cloud of purple smoke.

Snow then took one of Emma's hands in hers and placed something in it. Emma held up it and immediately recognized it from Henry's book.

"Is this…?" Emma began but trailed off.

Snow nodded before she elaborated, "This is the necklace that David's mother gave me right before she died. Now that you're expecting a baby, I want you to have it. I thought that you and Hook could find out together whether you're having a boy or girl."

Emma smiled at her before pulling her mother in for a hug. She then said, "Thanks, Mom."

As they pulled away, Snow told her, "You're welcome, Emma."

She then stated, "I can see how happy Hook makes you, and how much you want this baby with him. And so can your father – he's just too stubborn to admit it. We will find a way to defeat Gideon, and you will have your happy ending, Emma."

Emma smiled once more at her mother before she told her, "Well, if anything, now I have more of a reason to fight for it."

Snow returned her daughter's smile in response.


The next morning, Emma and Killian were on their way to Snow and David's loft to discuss the possible loophole that Belle had found in one the library's books after everyone else had left.

When they arrived, Emma sat down at the bar with Killian beside her.

He then observed, "You haven't touched your hot chocolate, love, and you barely ate breakfast."

"I'm just so anxious about what Belle found," Emma told him.

"As am I, love. But you have to stay healthy for our little lass," Killian reminded her.

"I actually agree with the pirate," David commented from his place the counter, where he was sipping his coffee.

"I know," Emma simply replied.

She then pressed the to-go cup to her lips and took a sip. As soon as she did, she instantly knew something wasn't right with her drink.

"Emma, love, what is…bloody hell," Killian finished as his eyes grew wide at Emma's growing stomach.

"Mom, what's happening?" Henry asked worriedly as he entered the loft with Regina and Robin behind him.

"Gideon… the elixir… hot chocolate," was all Emma managed to get out between the pain.

Snow then appeared in the kitchen and knowingly said, "Oh, no."

"Damn it," Regina yelled out.

"Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with my daughter?" David shouted.

"Gideon sped up her pregnancy," Regina explained exasperatedly.

"What? Why would he do that?" David asked.

"We don't have time to explain. The baby is coming," Snow told him as she began wiping Emma's forehead with a wet rag.

Regina quickly turned to Robin and told him, "Take Henry. Find Zelena and Robyn and get them to my vault."

Robin nodded as he started out the door, but Henry stood still.

"But Mom, and the baby," he lamented.

Regina took his face in his hands and told him, "Go with Robin. Emma and your sister will be fine – I promise."

Henry nodded before following Robin out the door.

Regina then came back in as David and Killian were helping Emma get to the bed.

Snow then asked, "Where are Robin and Henry?"

"Headed to my vault with Zelena and the baby," Regina answered.

Snow then told her husband, "David, you need to be with them."

"No – I won't leave Emma," David refuted.

"Please, Dad, go. Protect Henry," Emma pleaded.

He looked at his daughter for a moment before he nodded in agreement. He kissed her forehead before he left.

Emma then let out a cry a pain as she squeezed a death grip on Killian's hand.

"Swan, I only have one hand – don't break the other one," he told her, trying to make light of the situation.

Snow then began to help Emma prepare for labor. As she soon as she ready, Snow told Regina, "Grab towels and hot water."

Regina nodded before she headed into the kitchen.

Snow then looked back up at her daughter and said, "I need you to push, sweetheart."

Emma nodded before she began pushing, accompanied by more screams of pain. Killian ran his hook up and down her back soothingly as he kissed her head.

As soon as Regina returned with the towels and water, Snow told Emma, "One more push."

Emma did as told, and among her cries, they all soon heard the cries of a baby.

Snow took a few minutes to clean her granddaughter and wrapped her in a blanket before she handed the little girl to her mother.

"Here you go, Emma. Your beautiful baby girl."

Emma couldn't help the tear that rolled down her cheek as she looked at her daughter. She softly kissed her forehead as she told her, "Hey, my little one. I love you so much."

Killian, who had sat down beside Emma and put his hooked arm around her, added, "I love you, too, my little love."

He then kissed Emma's temple and told her, "You did it, love."

"We did it, Killian. We created this beautiful life," Emma responded, as she turned to look at him.

Killian smiled at her in response before he kissed her softly. As he turned his attention back to the baby, he grinned.

"You know, Swan, I rather think she looks like me."

Emma couldn't help but chuckle before she agreed, "You know, I think she does."

She then asked, "Do you want to hold her?"

"Emma, I've no idea how to hold a baby," Killian told her.

"Well, you need to learn," Emma commanded as she adjusted her position, as Killian moved his arm from around her.

She explained how he should position his arms before she gently passed the baby to him. She then said, "Okay, use your hand to hold up her head."

Killian did as told, and with some help from Emma, he was holding his daughter in his arms.

He smiled down at her as he said, "Look, Swan, I appear to be a natural."

Emma couldn't help but smile at his comment before she kissed his cheek. She was so happy in this moment, but all too soon, reality began to sink in, and she began to formulate a plan.

"Do you have a name for her?" Snow asked, breaking Emma from her thoughts.

"Killian's going to name her after they are safe," Emma responded.

"Pardon, love?" Killian asked confused.

Emma then turned her attention to Regina and said, "Poof them to my house. Before you go, put a protection spell over it. Do not let Gideon see you."

Regina nodded, but before they could go, Killian protested, "Emma, I'm not leaving you."

"Please, Killian. I need her to be safe – I need both of you to be safe. Promise me that you'll protect her," Emma told him, trying to keep the emotion from her voice.

"Of course I will, love," Killian responded.

Emma nodded before she continued, "And if anything happens to me, you will take care of her, and raise her to be strong and to fight for the people she loves."

"Emma," Killian stated, his voice thick with emotion.

"Promise me, Killian," Emma demanded.

"I promise, love," Killian answered. He kissed her as if it would be their last kiss, terrified that it might be.

They held on for a moment, each one being too afraid to say "goodbye." Emma then kissed her daughter's forehead once more before Regina poofed the three of them away.

Emma wiped her eyes before she stood up from the bed and got dressed. She then looked at her mother and said, "Let's do this."

At Emma and Killian's house, Killian was pacing around the living room, trying to soothe his crying daughter.

"Shh, love. It'll be okay. Daddy promises everything will be okay."

As Killian sat down and began to rock her, the baby eventually settled down.

"That's better, my little love."

As he continued to look down as his blue-eyed, dark-haired baby girl, the gravity of the situation began to weigh on him. There hadn't been any time to talk about what Belle had found, and now, it was useless. Emma was about to take on the son of the bloody crocodile, and there's nothing he could do to protect her.

As much as he wanted to be by Emma's side, he had to keep his promise to her. He was bloody terrified at the thought of doing this alone, and he didn't want to live his life without Emma in it, but he had to be strong for their daughter.

His little girl was staring at him with wide eyes, and he knew he had to make a promise to her as well. He took a breath before he began to speak, his voice thick with emotion.

"I love you so much little lass, and nothing will ever change that. It is why I intend to keep my promise to your mother. I will protect you with everything I have in me, and I will give my life just so you can be safe. I will raise you to be every bit as strong as Emma. I once told her that I would never stop fighting for us, and the same goes for you.

I already know that you are going to have your mother's strength, determination, stubbornness, and everything else that made me fall in love with her. She made me want to be a better man. She was the light of my life, and now, my little love, that will be you."

As Killian finished speaking, and continued to look down at his daughter, an idea hit him. He smiled as he said, "I know what I'm going to name you. The Greek name for Light – Alena."

As his baby girl continued to look at him, he swore that he saw a small smile on her face.

He then told her, "I love you, Alena." Killian then planted a kiss on her forehead, paying no attention to the pulse of light that followed.

Meanwhile, Emma was in the midst of her battle with Gideon on Main Street. She was dodging his blows every way she could.

Snow and Regina were watching the battle with a look of horror on their faces, each trying to comfort the other.

They continued to fight, and it was taking a toll on Emma. But, she refused to give up.

Gideon then taunted, "You might as well stop fighting, Savior. Your time is up."

Just then, Emma wasn't able to block his sword, and he began to lunge it in her stomach.

However, before it could pierce her, a pulse of light radiated around Storybrooke, and the sword disappeared.

Both Emma and Gideon stood wide-eyed as he stared at the handle in his hand.

"What the…" he began. In his brief distraction, Belle came up behind him and told him, "I'm sorry, Gideon," her voice thick with emotion.

When Gideon turned to face her, she sucked him inside of Pandora's Box.

After a moment, Emma told her with sincerity, "Belle, I'm so sorry you had to do that."

"He was evil, and he was threatening to hurt one my friends. I did what I had to do," Belle told her.

"I hate to burst your bubble, bookworm, but you know what could happen if that box falls into the wrong hands. Did we not all learn that lesson with the Peter Pan fiasco?" Regina pointed out as she and Snow came to stand next to Emma.

"Not this time. I made Rumple put a permanent lock on it, where no one can open it," Belle explained.

"How the hell did you get Rumple to agree to that?" Emma asked.

"Despite what you think, Miss Swan, I do not wish for you to perish," Rumple answered as he sauntered up beside Belle.

"Yeah, right. You did nothing while we were all trying to find a way to stop your demon son," Regina remarked.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I had other more important matters to attend to," Rumple defended.

Regina rolled her eyes in response.

Emma then commented, "Okay, the only reason Gideon is in the box is because the sword disappeared. How did that even happen?"

"It was true love's kiss, Emma," Snow answered, with a bright smile.

That was all the answer Emma needed before she dropped her weapon and took off running toward her house.

She lowered the protection spell and rushed through the door. Killian looked up and was wearing the brightest smile Emma had ever seen.

"Emma, you're…" he began but was cut off by Emma's lips on his.

As they pulled away, Emma told him, "You saved me, Killian."

Killian's expression turned to confusion as he pointed out, "How, love? I wasn't even there."

"When you kissed our daughter, Killian, it was true love's kiss," Emma told him, with a wide smile.

"I'm still not sure I follow, Swan. You weren't cursed," Killian pointed out.

Emma shrugged before she suggested, "I mean, she's the product of true love like I am. I brought back my parent's happy ending. Maybe she was meant to protect ours."

Killian smiled at her as he told her, "I knew our little Alena would be just as special as you are, Swan."

"Alena?" Emma questioned.

"Aye, love. It's Greek for light," Killian explained. He then asked, "Do you like it?"

Emma smiled as she answered, "It's perfect, Killian."

As she moved to sit beside him on the couch, she asked, "Can I hold her?"

"Of course, Emma," Killian answered before passing the baby over to her.

Emma adjusted Alena in her arms as Killian wrapped his hooked arm around her. He then took his hand and began stroking Alena's little arm. He smiled when she grabbed his finger and didn't want to let go.

Emma kissed her daughter's forehead before she began to rock her in her arms. She was so happy, and she had tears of joy running down her cheeks to prove it. She had been so afraid that she would have never gotten the chance to see her daughter grow up. She had been so afraid that she would never gotten the chance to spend the rest of her life with the man she loved. She had been so afraid that she would never get to see the people she loved again.

But now, she was holding her beautiful daughter, Alena in her arms. Killian – her true love – had his arms wrapped around both of them like he would never let them go. The rest of her family were probably at Granny's, all safe and sound.

She smiled as she thought: This is my happy ending.