When Harry entered his flat after visiting the Weasleys, he wanted nothing more than to rest for a couple of minutes, but apparently Draco had another idea.

"Harry! Weren't you supposed to be back later?"

"If I had stayed any longer…" Harry noticed that Draco was in the kitchen. "What are you doing?"

"I am baking!" Draco announced, puffing his chest out proudly.

"Are you?" Harry smiled, suspiciously looking over the place that now looked like a battleground.

"Yes, but it's not ready yet. Go wait on the couch!" Draco was beaming as he shooed him away. All Harry found himself able to do was smile and do as told. He had wanted to rest after all.

"Will you burn my flat down?"

"It was one time, Harry! Stop, reminding me!"

Harry laughed, lying down on the couch. Before he could make himself comfortable, he had to get a spoon out from in between the couch pillows.

"Why is there a spoon here?" Harry dug deeper. "And a fork?"

"What! Oh.." Draco trotted from the kitchen a bowl in his hands, hoisted on his hip while he stirred the… Harry presumed it was dough. "I have no idea…"

"Well, put it all in the sink at least, I will do the dishes later," Harry threw the spoon at Draco, who ducked, with an offended face. But his coordination was on point – not a drop of the brew was spilt.

Harry shook his head and lied back on the now mine-free couch, humming a song that Ron had been hollering while he had been over. Draco soon joined him singing the words perfectly in his quiet perfectly-in-tune voice, Harry's broad smile disrupted his own attempts at keeping his hum accurate and he relaxed listening to the angel's voice that was his soulmate.

He didn't even notice that he had fallen asleep until Draco shouted. Harry was up from the couch in two seconds.

"I only said it's ready, no need to be so jumpy," Draco smirked.

"Really?" Harry said, rubbing his eyes. "Well then, Merlin knows, I can't resist your cooking."

"I haven't cooked for you before," Draco insisted.

"No, but that toast…"

"JUST come to the kitchen before I murder you!"

"Okay, okay," Harry laughed, entering the kitchen that had once upon a time been in order.

He sat down in the only chair that wasn't covered in flour and looked at Draco. The blond pushed clutter that was in front of Harry to the other side of the table, in place putting a plate covered with a cloth that had one burnt corner.

"Are you ready?" Draco asked.

"As I ever will be," Harry affirmed, preparing to fake-like whatever would be revealed.

As it turned out he needn't have worried, when Draco took the cover off with flourish, Harry saw nine muffins which looked edible. Even tasty… they smelled like chocolate.

"Wow!" Harry exclaimed.

"You didn't think I would be bad at this, did you?" Draco snorted, crossing his arms. "I am good at everything I do."

"Of course, you are," Harry looked at the blond. "Even a damn fine ferret."

"OH MY Merlin, I am considering not to show you the best bit…"

"No, no, come on…" Harry pleaded.

"Fine," Draco gave in. He took his wand from the spatula holder and pointed to the muffins. Harry also focused on the plate, for a moment nothing happened, then white frosting appeared.


Harry gaped at the letters. Then he gaped at Draco who was standing there in the middle of the destroyed room, looking no less than perfect. Then his brain remembered movement and he got up kissing Draco on his lips.

The blond kissed him back, burying his hands in Harry's hair.

"You're supposed to say something…" Draco said ripping their lips apart for a second.

"I… Of course, I love you. I was going to… haha wait."

Harry stepped back, but his eyes caught on the muffins again and he kissed Draco, not knowing how to deal with the fluttering inside sensation he was experiencing. Then he quickly walked out of the kitchen to his room and dug out the papers, from where he had stuffed them in his table.

"I was going to propose we move in properly, we can conjoin the flats… if you want." Harry showed Draco the papers from the guy who owned the building. While standing so close it only seemed normal that Draco would wrap his hands around him, which he did.

"Yes, oh, Merlin, I was so stressed," Draco said burying his head in Harry's neck.

Harry let the papers fall to the floor, hugging the blond tightly.

"I love you…" Harry felt his heart clench with happiness, it was so overwhelming he barely heard Draco saying it back.

"Harry?! Why are you crying?"

That called Harry back to the reality, he wiped his eyes.

"I just don't think anyone has ever said that to me…"

"What? Surely your friends…"

"Of course, I know they do… they just haven't said it, I don't think."

"Ohh… Harry…" Draco looked at Harry with the most determined look. "I will say it for all your mishaps of friends and relatives."

"My friends are not mishaps…"

"But relatives ARE. I still want to curse them you know."

"I love you," Harry said, instead of once again explaining that he didn't care about the Dursleys anymore.

"I love you more, I made you muffins," Draco beamed pointing to the table.

"I have made you food since I discovered you can't cook," Harry pointed out. Draco only shrugged, smiling and resting his forehead against Harry's.

They stayed like that for a while until Draco bit Harry's lip and started complaining that Harry thought the muffins would taste bad. Harry's arguments that he didn't want to destroy them did nothing, so they agreed to take a picture and then taste them.

Harry ran to find the camera somebody had given him, but when he returned he found Draco leaning on the table, a half-eaten muffin in his hand. Harry was quick to snap a picture before Draco noticed him, catching the blond red-handed. Harry laughed while Draco pouted.

"I couldn't let you eat something that's terrible…" he chewed a bit more. "They are… okay."

Harry tried one of his own, deciding that a picture with Draco and the muffins was better than the muffins alone anyways. He was surprised, but the muffins really were okay. Bit dry, but the chocolate made up for it.

"Draco, they are wonderful."

"Thank you!" Draco smiled, kissing Harry and getting chocolate all over his cheek.

Harry wiped his cheek, throwing a glare at Draco, but the blond was looking at the plate. He had eaten the I, Harry the L, OVE YOU and two with a cornflower and a sunflower were still there. Harry wondered how he had gotten so lucky.


Draco was trying to keep himself from pouncing at Harry, the perfect, wonderful Harry that I am in love with.

The git said that my muffins were wonderful, he wants to move in with me and he said that he loves me! He said that!

It had taken him a day of nerve wrecking stress to get himself to go through with his plan, but he had done it. Then it had taken Draco an hour to draw the flowers on the muffins, but he had done that too. Now he waited until the euphoria would go away, but it didn't. He was buzzing on the inside.

"Hey, you okay?" Harry looked at him concerned, placing his hand on Draco's.

"I love you!" Draco exclaimed, collapsing on the surface of the table. "I don't think I have gotten enough love as a child either, I feel… fucking COSMIC!"

Harry laughed. "Cosmic is a good term, I like it."

When all but the muffins with flowers had been eaten, Draco got up.

"Well, I have business now…"

"Didn't you forget something?" Harry asked.

Draco looked confused then he bent down and kissed Harry rendering him mute just for enough time for the blond to reach the door.

"Draco! I mean the mess you made."

"I love you too!" Draco called already comfortable in Harry's bed with a book.

He could hear Harry sighing all the way to the bedroom and his smile only grew wider as he sank in to their bed, enjoying the fact that Harry was going to have to clean it all up. A quick ten minutes later Harry jumped in to the bed, straddling the blond who was pretending to be reading.

Harry flung the book out of Draco's hands, pining them above his head.

"I love you to the fucking sky…" he said, pausing to land a kiss on Draco's lips. "And the sky is fucking endless, you know?"

Draco stared at the man who was on top of him and his heart was refusing to beat correctly, it kept jumping, pumping all the blood to Draco's face. He got free from Harry's palms and curled his hands around his neck, breathing: "Merlin…" and pulling him down for a kiss.

"My name is Harry, you prat!" Harry exclaimed with such jealousy that Draco started laughing. Harry smiled smugly and kissed the laughing blond.



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