Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: HP/DM

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warnings: MPREG. SLASH. DRABBLE. Unexplained Mpreg, too, because it's a drabble. If slash or mpreg squick you then skip this drabble.

Author's Note: This is the first bit of fiction writing I've done in well over a year and even before that I hadn't done much writing before (think one unfinished digimon two parter that seriously needs to be revised and completed) so it's not particularly good. I just thought that a drabble might be a good way to ease me into writing so that I can maybe write some proper fics when I can find the time. Be warned though, this is a 10 minute thing that doesn't really go anywhere and I'm just gonna post it before I get too nervous. Feedback appreciated.


 It was not what Draco had been intending to buy when he set out to do the weekly shopping.

Oh, no.

He had, in fact, managed to spend an entire hour doing a week's worth of grocery shopping without even setting foot in the aisle where it was … where they were. That was until he scanned the tatty list for missing items and discovered he hadn't picked up Harry's toothpaste, of course. Shit. Maybe Harry wouldn't notice if he forgot to buy it? Draco wrinkled his nose at the prospect, as he realised what a lack of oral hygiene on Harry's part would mean for him. And their sex life.

With a long suffering sigh Draco spun the shopping trolley round, glancing down the aisles he passed until he reached the relevant one, then turned into it and scanned the variety of toothpastes, making his selection.

That's when he'd seen *them*. There was a whole bloody shelf devoted to them, he noted with some irritation as he approached, having every intention of walking straight past and going to give the bored looking checkout girl something to do. Despite this, his feet had ignored him and he'd stopped in front of the shelf.

He was sure his face had been glowing scarlet as he looked guiltily around and quickly shoved a couple of different brands into his trolley, making a dash to be as far a way from the shelf as he could.

He'd avoided the cashier's eye as she'd scanned his items, quickly shoved some money into her hand and literally threw his shopping into bags before rushing home, berating himself all the way for giving in and buying them.

And that was why he was now sitting on the edge of his bath tub, shaking hands holding the last of five positive wizard home pregnancy tests.

The End


Don't worry, I'll try to improve my writing style before I inflict any more on you ^_~.

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