The only thing in this that is remotely life is a game is the how statue of divinity works.

Also I may occasionally fib on some minor details and as you see later on this is a young impulsive Harry doing things without thinking them through like just picking powers without reading the others as a more mature person would do.

Harry made his way through the entrance hall? Corridor? To the Chamber of Secrets. Ron had ended up on the other side of a cave leaving him to fight alone against whoever kidnapped Ginny. He could only the hope the basilisk was still asleep or rest or whatever it did when it was not trying to murder school children.

He reached a massive door that seemed to lead into the chamber. It was easily big enough for the basilisk to sneak through and he could even see marks from when it had undoubtedly come through. He looked at the snake and forced himself to think it was a real one the way it's eyes seemed alive the way the door reflected in it's light. Wait a second door? He turned to the side and saw off to the side nearly unnoticeable unless you knew it was there was a plain unassuming door.

Harry thought about everything he knew about the founder of Slytherin house he had valued cunning above all else, so if he was one the most cunning wizards of all time would he have made his secret chamber entrance a large ornate door that was plain to see, or small door off to the side that no one would notice. Without a second glance to the ornate door he headed for the unassuming one. He placed his hand on the door and felt something go through him dismissing it after nothing happened he opened the door and walked in. he was unaware that the door had been hidden by magic for centuries and only recently did it fail, it was made to feed off the large amount of magic a basilisk naturally gave off but with it constantly out of the chamber and draining it's magic it wore off.

Harry looked around for a clue to somewhere the chamber would be, but this place was massive. He walked deeper inside when he found something that felt strange a bunch of blood red crystals that looked like skulls. He picked one up and immediately dropped it he felt like that time, Voldemort passed through him when he was possessing Quirrell realizing it was dangerous dark magic he put it in his little side bag Hagrid had convinced him to buy saying 'This way dat oaf Dursley won't be able ter take wa' isn't 'is.' it was expanded on the inside to an a large extent being able to hold as much as an average trunk.

Maybe Dumbledore would know what it is. Than he remembered Dumbledore was no longer in school but still rationalized that it was in his best interest to not leave them behind to be used against him later. But before he could put them away they sunk into his skin painfully so not knowing what to do but knowing he was on a deadline to save Ginny he pushed on.

He wandered in a bit further and saw a giant statue of a lioness-headed woman holding an hourglass. He felt drawn to it walking close he didn't realize he touched it until he felt a pulling sensation and he was falling.

"Now what is this?" a loud voice boomed from all around him. Harry looked around in fear where was he did the Heir set this trap for him. "You think some pathetic mortal has control over me!" the voice roared before it calmed down. "I suppose I can forgive you since you brought me such a treat." Harry gulped he really hope it meant something besides him. "I am talking about that demon fragment in your head." was this thing ready his mind. "Yes I am and can I saw you don't have many interesting thoughts do you. 'Boo who I am famous, powerful and respected." the voice scoffed. "Pathetic I very much like the other versions of you more. But that is not why I brought you here. I brought you here because you have something that interests me." Harry froze this sounded like something out of one of Dudley's video games right before his soul was taken.

"I do want a soul but not yours." the voice seemed to smirk. "Contained in that scar of yours is a fragment of the man who murdered your parents the one you call Voldemort, he may not be a true demon but he is close enough."

"Get rid of it!" Harry immediately shouted finally speaking aloud before realizing he just a made a demand of something that could very well incinerate him with a glance.

"Smarter than you seem." the voice mused before it continued with it's previous offer. "I will give you a powerful ability in exchange for him as well as the demon orbs you have in your bag." demon orbs what are- oh she meant those crystals he picked up AND MERLIN'S BEARD HE HAD DEMONIC OBJECTS IN HIM.

"So what do you say?" the being asked, but Harry wasn't paying attention when he remembered about the demonic crystals he also remembered why he was down here. Ginny could be dead by now for all the time he wasted. "No time has passed in the outside world not since the second you touched the statue." that alleviate his worries.

"But what ability would I get?" he asked cautiously. "And if those are demon fragments does that make you a demon?" he questioned making the voice scoff once more.

I am no demon boy nor am I an angel, I merely am." the voice informed him. "if you are worried about your soul don't be dealing with me won't damn you to hell." the voice then returned to it's previous deal. "As for the powers I can grant you I can only give you abilities can possibly gain on your own even if it is an almost zero chance of happening."

"Like what?" He asked and suddenly his eyes burned and when he was able to see again telly screen was in front of him in fact it kind of looked like one of those upgrade things Dudley's games always had popping up.

"Primitive mind." the being said condescendingly. "You mind is unable to understand the truth of this gift I offer so it tries to turn it into something you do."

Harry looked at the screen there were several categories there but most were blacked out and if they followed game logic that meant he couldn't buy them. He saw one of the ones said blood magic and remembered Dumbledore saying there was safety with his family that couldn't be given anywhere else. So maybe that was blood magic.

He pressed and the screen changed to show a dozen or so abilities but only six were lit up. He read the first one, Weapons of life, the ability to turn your own blood into weapons also includes increased strength and stamina. Next to it was an image of him fighting something with two ornate blades of blood. Realizing this was useful Harry pressed and felt something leave his body. He looked back at the list only to see that all but one had been blacked out. He leaned close and read it. Blood adaptability your body and blood will absorb any poisons and other things used on you if you are not killed by them adapting and learning from it giving immunity to said things. Seeing that he had no other choice he pressed it and once more felt something pass through him.

"Now begone and do not return unless you once more have something to offer." the being ordered and before Harry could say a word he found himself in front of the statue once more. Realizing there was nothing here for him he headed back into the entrance chamber realizing that yes Slytherin was arrogant enough to make the entrance to his secret chamber a large ornate door that even a bat would be able to see.

"Open." he said only for nothing to come out so he tried again. "Open!" he closed his eyes and remembered the feeling of speaking parseltongue. §Open!§ he hissed and slowly the door slide open. He entered the chamber and was standing at the end of a very long, dimly lit chamber. Towering stone pillars entwined with more carved serpents rose to support a ceiling lost in darkness, casting long, black shadows through the odd, greenish gloom that filled the place. His heart beating very fast, Harry stood listening to the chill silence. Could the basilisk be lurking in a shadowy corner, behind a pillar? And where was Ginny?

He pulled out his wand and moved forward between the serpentine columns. Every careful footstep echoed loudly off the shadowy walls. He kept his eyes narrowed, ready to clamp them shut at the smallest sign of movement. The hollow eye sockets of the stone snakes seemed to be following him. More than once, with a jolt of the stomach, he thought he saw one stir. Than his eyes caught a pool of red and black on the ground.

"Ginny!" Harry muttered, sprinting to her and dropping to his knees. "Ginny - don't be dead - please don't be dead -" He flung his wand aside, grabbed Ginny's shoulders, and turned her over. Her face was white as marble, and as cold, yet her eyes were closed, so she wasn't Petrified. But then she must be...

"Ginny, please wake up," Harry muttered desperately, shaking her. Ginny's head lolled hopelessly from side to side.

"She won't wake up." came a hauntingly familiar voice, Harry turned around still on his knees and saw standing there was Tom Riddle, his form was blurry like a telly with poor reception.

He sighed in relief Tom could help or get help even if he was a ghost. "Tom thank Merlin you're here I need your he-" Than he remember the strange statue from earlier and it's talk of demons he grabbed his wand and pointed it at the apparition. "DEMON!" he said with a shaky voice pointing his wand at Tom or what ever his real name was. He remember stories growing up of demons trapped in objects only to foolishly set free by an unknowing victim.

"You think I am a demon?" Tom asked amused. "I suppose I could see how you came to that conclusion." he shook his head. "No I am no mere demon I am the most powerful wizard to ever live I am Lord Voldemort!" he announced.

"What but you said your name was Tom Riddle! I even saw your award for special services to the school!" Harry asked confused Voldemort was a full grown man not a Hogwarts age student.

He laughed and waved his hand and fire shot out of them before they spelled out the words I am lord Voldemort than they shifted moving around till they spelled out the name Tom Marvolo Riddle.

"So you're a muggle-born not even a real descendant of Salazar Slytherin." Harry noted with a small laugh, wouldn't Malfoy's head explode finding out the dark lord and preacher of pureblood supremacy.

"How dare you!" Tom snarled his handsome visage ruined by the angry look on his face. "I am no mudblood!" strange Harry noted last time they met he had said that blood status didn't matter only power. So this was a different version, he did say he was a memory.

"But you're not pureblood either are you?" Tom snarled once more but did not deny it.

"ENOUGH!" The spirit roared. "time to die Harry Potter." he turned to the statue a giant bust of Salazar Slytherin or so he assumed, it seemed to be partially submerged under water. §speak to me Slytherin greatest of the Hogwarts four!§ the mouth of bust slide open, and Harry only had a second think how arrogant Slytherin must have been to have that as the password. A giant snake began to glide out of the chamber Harry only stared at for a second before common sense took over and he looked away.

"You are a fool Potter thinking you could come in here and stop me! I am the most powerful wizard in the world!" He gloated once more as the snake slide out of the statue.

Well if he was going to die might as piss off Voldemort anyway. "Oh then why were you not ruling the wizarding world? Why were you beaten by a baby?!"

Riddle growled. "How dare you! I don't know how I lost but I know it wasn't because of a little child of a mudblood and blood traitor!" he roared.

"Oh maybe you're right? but that doesn't explain why you were to scared to act until Dumbledore was gone!"

"Dumbledore has been driven out by the mere memory of me!"

"Oh he isn't as gone as you would wish!" Harry bluffed hopefully this discount Voldemort is would buy it.

Tom opened his mouth to speak but before he could a beautiful song began to echo through the chamber, as the tempo increased so did Harry's strength, soon it felt like he could fight a dozen basilisks and win. In a flash fire a familiar bird appeared. It was A crimson bird the size of a swan had appeared, piping its weird music to the vaulted ceiling. It had a glittering golden tail as long as a peacock's and gleaming golden talons, which were gripping a ragged bundle.

A second later, the bird was flying straight at Harry. It dropped the ragged thing it was carrying at his feet, then landed heavily on his shoulder. As it folded its great wings, Harry looked up and saw it had a long, sharp golden beak and a beady black eye. "Fawkes." Harry sighed in relief.

Riddle looked at the old rag- no wait it was the Sorting Hat and the phoenix in shock before slowly laughter bubbled out of him. "Oh this is too good! A bird and a piece of cloth is the best aid the great Albus Dumbledore can give." he smirked cruelly at Harry, his form was bit more solid now than it was before. "Let's test who is greater Lord Voldemort and Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk or Harry Potter and the best tools Dumbledore can give him." he said gesturing callously to the Phoenix and Sorting Hat, poorly disguised amusement in his voice. He turned to the basilisk who was either not looking at him or Tom had some kind immunity to its gaze. §Kill the boy.§ He ordered the basilisk which hissed. §so hunger must Rip! Tear! Kill!§

The snake began to move but Harry was already running he dashed behind one of the many pillars surrounding the chamber he was sure he was going to die. Well he was Gryffindor and he might as do something that Snape would call typical of a Gryffindor he whipped out from behind the pillar and said the first spell that came to mind, he remembered. "Expelliarmus!" he called pointing his wand at Riddle who was holding his diary. Something that now that he thought about was hilarious, Voldemort kept a diary.

The book flew out of Riddle's hand but instead of being annoyed he just laughed. "Really boy the disarming charm how pathetic, truly Dumbledore has taught you well." he mocked he turned to the basilisk and growled in annoyance. §Ignore the bird and kill the boy!§ he commanded the snake but the damage had been done Fawkes had clawed the snake's eyes leaving it blind.

Harry raised his wand and focused he needed a spell that did some real damage but what could he do? From the depths of his memories he remembered Hermione obliterating the cursed bludger with a spell. "BOMBARDA!" He called, Harry had always been powerful when other students were exhausted after about three spells in class Harry could cast it a dozen more times and barely feel it. He remember in first year Quirrell, who despite having a terrible stutter and being possessed by Voldemort was actually a very good teacher, had them all cast the incendio charm for as long as they could. He even set up privacy charms so they didn't have to worry about being embarrassed if they didn't last long but after everyone else had run out of energy and were exhausted, most only lasting for about thirty seconds at best, Harry had gone on for ten minutes before he had run out of magic. After that the rumors about his power had flared but up, but this time it actually felt good people were talking about his achievement not what happened as a baby but what he did on his own. It was tainted by the fact that they said he only did because he was the boy-who-lived but it did feel good.

So when his spell hit after he put about half his magic into it he was disheartened to see it had only left a small scuff mark behind. "You thought that would do something Potter?" Tom asked with laugh. "The basilisk is one of the most deadly magical creatures in the world it's hide is more magically resistant than dragonhide."

Harry searched his mind for something he could use then he remembered what the statue had given him. "Blood blade!" Harry growled and he felt his blood actually shift and try to force it's way out of his skin. He let out a howl of pain as the blood exploded from his hand it took the form of a blade for a brief moment before it collapsed harmlessly on the ground. Luckily he was behind the pillar once more so Tom didn't have to see his failure of an attempt to use magic, no doubt the insane specter would get some kind of amusement from it.

"Put me on boy!" the Sorting Hat told him, seeing no other option the boy forced the hat onto his head. "Gryffindor!" the Hat bellowed and Harry frowned was that it, was it just going to sort him again? He was expecting some kind powerful spell or- he was forced out of his thoughts by a heavy metal object slamming into his head. He pulled the Hat off and saw the silver hilt of sword. Reaching in he pulled it out and for a moment he was reminded of the legend of King Arthur who pulled the sword from the stone. Or in this case Hat. it was a gleaming silver sword that had appeared inside the hat, its handle glittering with rubies the size of eggs. He pulled out the blade. And heard a hissing as the snake finally found him it appears without it's sight it was much slower.

Harry would love to say he stood his ground didn't back down and using previously unknown skills with a blade he slayed the beast. But the truth was Harry began to run away. He couldn't beat this it was massive powerful and not even his best spell had done any damage. He tripped over some of the rubble and cut his arm tearing his sleeve and leaving a small gash on his arm. He fell to ground and dropped his wand he saw the snake coming closer and began to backpedal fumbling around for his wand. When the serpent got close he swung the sword wildly till he was rewarded with a hiss of pain. The sword had been jammed firmly into the nostrils of the Basilisk the tip of it coming out of the snake's mouth.

Instead of stopping the snake this just seemed to make it angrier it opened it's mouth in a hiss and lunged for him. Harry held up his arms in defense wishing for something to protect him with the blood from both his hand when he tried to summon a blade and the gash from when he fell surged forward he felt a burning pain in his arm and heard a sickening squelch as something pierced the mouth of basilisk. He opened his eyes as pain rushed through him and saw a sword made out of blood in the mouth of the serpent. Well calling it sword was a bit misleading it was more like a really really sharp stick.

Harry collapsed backwards as a burning pain rushed through his body. It was agony worse than the pain he felt against Quirrell when he killed the man. But a mop of red hair forced him to stand Ginny depended on him, Ron was trusting him to save his sister. With shaky legs he forced himself to his feet. His hand found support in the hilt of the sword he had thrust into the nostril of the snake. The blade slide out of the nostril slowly and he fell back down to the ground. He tried to crawl over to the book that laid on the ground a few feet in front of him. If he remember correctly in the stories destroying the vessel banished the spirit.

A foot moved in front of him blocking his path. "Ever the noble hero Potter?" the voiced asked with an audible sneer. He felt a gust of wind and saw Fawkes land next to him before leaning over his wound. He smiled at the bird, he never noticed how beautiful he was before. "See even that blasted bird knows you are done for. Look it's crying." Harry turned his gaze back to the majestic bird and saw that yes it was crying tears welling up in its eyes and dropping down onto his wound. Words Dumbledore had once told him came rushing to the forefront of his mind. "Fascinating creatures, phoenixes. They can carry immensely heavy loads, their tears have healing powers, and they make highly faithful pets." he smiled as he felt the darkness that had been enveloping his vision disappear and the chamber regain clarity.

"Smiling in the face of death Potter?" Tom asked with a sneer but Harry could hear the confusion in his voice why would any smile as they died. Fawkes continued to cry on his wound and harry felt something flow through him his blood pumping as the phoenix stop crying, he didn't know how but for some reason he knew that he was now immune to basilisk venom.

Fawkes lifted his head and trilled, Harry saw Tom wince in pain before the bird flew off. He saw tom reach down to grab his wand which only a few feet away, he remembered Ollivander saying their wands were brothers and even if Tom didn't know that he had a feeling that the wand would work fine for him. He got up and swung the sword at Tom and was slightly surprised when he actually found some resistance it still didn't harm the spirit but it did get pushed back.

Tom's eyes narrowed in confusion. "How?" he began to asked before he chuckled. "Of course Phoenix tears, I had forgotten about their healing ability." he said shaking his head in amusement. "No matter." he dismissed. "You will still die here today Pott-" a book fell to the ground in front of Harry as Fawkes flew over head.

Harry saw Tom's eyes flicker between the sword and his diary with a look of fear, realizing what he had to do he stabbed the sword into the book with strength that surprised him. Riddle tried to stop him but he was to slow and seconds later ink spurted out from the book like a gyser. Riddle began to lose his form it quickly fading to the point where calling him a ghost would be misleading. "You can't kill me." Tom Riddle denied in fear as he began to disappear. "I am immorta-!" he was cut off by his form vanishing into nothing.

With Tom gone Harry finally let exhaustion overcome.

Why the disarming spell worked is because tom was touching a physical object so the spell didn't really affect him so much as it did the book.

Done and yes another story what can i say it held a gun to my head. And yes this is kind of a DMC crossover and I mean the classic not the reboot. But the Major elements besides the demons won't come until around year five. And as you see using the blood weapons is very difficult for Harry he isn't suddenly summoning up massive blades of blood. also when the sword of Gryffindor went through the basilisk's nose it got some of the venom on it.