Here's my first KHR fic, as well as A/B/O. I know I should be working on other things, but this has been eating my brain for years (the, uh, ABO part at least). So, here's my take on A/B/O and if you want to read more about the background of this 'verse (as well as which dynamic everyone is), check out my sideblog on Tumblr: faeries-of-storms-and-stars

This has also been cross-posted on AO3 as well.


Tsuna had always known there was something not right with himself, even before he found about the Mafia and Flames. Something within him was missing, something vital to his very core. It wasn't until he started Nami-Chuu and the first of his classmates started to fully Mature and then later on Present into their Secondary Genders, that he realized what was missing. He had no SG, there was no underlying sense of what he would Present as when his body's hormones were ready. He was a Void, the worst that anyone could be. Less than Human. Less than anything, in his schoolmates and teachers minds.

Even later on, after Reborn came to tutor him, after he gained Hayato-kun and Takeshi-kun's friendships. He was still forced to watch as they Matured into their SGs (Dominant Omega for Hayato and Neutral Beta for Takeshi) then Presented months and months later. Watched as Kyouko-chan Matured. Watched even Mochida-senpai Present into a Dominant Beta.

And yet, he still remained a Void. Mama never said anything, just carried on like she always had. Like she didn't even care, wasn't even bothered that her son was a fucking wreck over his being a Void. Like he didn't even matter, in the scheme of things.

Reborn never said anything either, but the worried glances he would throw at Tsuna sometimes. The wordless support when it became too much for Tsuna and he'd just quietly cry himself to sleep, overwhelmed by everything life was throwing at him. At being less than.

Then he was thrown into the future-that-wasn't. Forced to fight for his literal life and future. Then he was thrown into that damn Arcobaleno fight. Fight to save Reborn and his fellow victims. Fight to saveā€¦...everyone. The fucking world, it sometimes felt like. But he made it through, him and his Guardians and their Allies. They made it. And found a final solution for Kawahira to protect the Earth and keep it spinning.

And yet, he was forced to watch as one by one, his Guardians Presented. And still, Tsuna remained Void. Until one day, in the Summer of his junior year in high school, Tsuna went into Heat.