Jareth's office, Westworld facility, 1999

"All is progressing according to plan?" Ethan asked the demon sharply, because looking back on it - he *still* wasn't happy about almost being shot by the possessed Xander, even though all that had been nearly two years ago. "Was it part of the plan to have Harris kill me during that particular Samhain, then?"

"No it wasn't, Ethan. The Gunslinger went rogue, killing the guests in the Westworld theme park before the Slayer arrived in Sunnydale. A computer virus, you understand. Naturally, the android's programming was affected when your chaos magic summoned it into being."

"Naturally." Ethan sighed and rolled his eyes. "So, Ripper's protégé doesn't remember anything at all, Jareth? Even though it's been, what, eighteen months or so?"

"For the most part, yes. He has no conscious memory of killing all those humans and demons; I made sure of it." Jareth laughed in a darkly wicked way. "Plus, the Hellmouth contains distractions - like Harris's girlfriend, for example. Still, once the Slayer comes to Westworld, that's when I will send out the robot vampires!"

{ Robots mimicking the undead? Now I've heard everything! } "What about the *other* Slayer?" Ethan asked, with a worried look (almost).

Jareth shrugged, looking uninterested. "She will no doubt be killed by Spike and Drusilla at some point. Care to see my robot vampires, Ethan?"

"Yes, of course Jareth." Ethan knew there was no point in getting the demon angry by refusing, anyway.

They quickly entered the lab where the robot vampires were being built. Upon doing so, the chaos mage quickly spotted an Angel-lookalike machine laying on a table. "Why are you creating a robot version of *him*?" Ethan asked, with a questionable look on his face.

"To mess with the Slayer's head," Jareth grinned.

"Angel is still alive," Ethan said, with a very heavy sigh. He had quite the history with the ensouled vampire, after all. "Well, what passes for alive with the undead, anyway. And that Buffy girl will know that, won't she?"

"A seer once foretold Angel's death by the Slayer's hand. The Slayer will have a hard time slaying the robot version of him," Jareth laughed in a darkly evil way...

17619 White Oak Drive Sunnydale, November 1st 1997

Xander lay in bed, deep in thought. { Why can't I remember what happened last night? }

It was all a big blank, unfortunately. The Scooby Gang had eventually tracked him down at his parents' home and they had managed to get all the little kids back safely to their parents, but still, it was *odd* how he couldn't remember anything after going to school yesterday afternoon or the whole trick or treating thing during the early evening.

{ Still have no idea how I got home, either. }

The cowboy costume lay inside a box near the closet. He wondered why Buffy, Willow, Cordiela and Giles were hiding what had really happened on Halloween. Shrugging, Harris figured he probably he didn't want to know right now, so he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Elsewhere, Spike was still infuriated at Xander (or rather the Gunslinger), since the android had destroyed his favorite duster and shot him full of bullet holes. Even for a vampire, it took a long time for such wounds to heal. Spike lit a cigarette with an angry look on his face before saying, "I'm going to rip that little wanker's throat out, see if I don't! Shoulda killed him during Parent-Teacher Night..."

Drusilla was dancing to music only she could hear. "Kitten has become a killer..." the female vamp commented in a shallow, dreamy voice.

Spike simply rolled his eyes. { Yeah, well, luv - that's bloody obvious from all the bullet holes, idnit? }

The next morning, Xander got up and spent a lazy Sunday goofing off around the house. He was somewhat surprised that Cordelia came around to visit briefly, but put that down to your normal Hellmouth weirdness and thereafter ignored it. But the next day it was Monday, so he got ready for school and headed out the door, eventually meeting up with Willow on campus.

{ Oh, I feel so bad not telling Xander what really happened on Halloween, } she thought to herself unhappily. It felt like a betrayal of Xander's friendship to conceal stuff that way, even though she knew that if she confessed the truth, he'd freak out completely. Luckily, the town paper had only briefly mentioned the Halloween nightmare over the weekend, and there was nothing in today's edition of how many people had been killed. { Only in Sunnydale! }

"Hey Willow," Xander said, dragging the redhead from her thoughts.

"Hi, Xander. Still can't remember what happened on Halloween?"

"Nope, nada. I don't even know how I got home," Xander sighed deeply.

"That is weird," Willow agreed with a puzzled look.

They finally arrived at the main school building, and found Cordelia and her flock gossiping near the lockers. Xander and Cordy shared a quick look, before the queen of mean visibly dismissed him and started talking to her minions. "All right, what's the what on who's dating who?"

Elsewhere, Buffy and Giles were going through some books at the library. The Slayer and her Watcher were looking for a way to help Xander get parts of his memory back (but not all of it, because hello, no one wanted him to end up in the local county MHMR). But so far, no luck.

Buffy closed her book with a sigh. "Giles, are you sure not telling Xander what happened on Halloween is a good idea?"

"If he were to find out that he killed people, Buffy...I shudder to think what could happen. Xander could even, err, snap."

"I know that, Giles. But since this is the Hellmouth, the odds are he'll find out some other way, and at the worst possible time! Seriously, how *did* Angel and Xander disappear from Ethan's store? Angel said one moment they were there, and the next they weren't? That's gotta be Hellmouth-related!"

"Hmmm." Giles was in deep thought. "I-I have no clue, Buffy. They, they weren't there at the back of the store when we arrived. The Janus statue was in pieces on the floor..." he sighed. "And with our luck you're probably right, a-about the timing aspect."

Meanwhile, Xander and Willow headed to class, with the guy wondering why Cordy suddenly seemed to notice he actually existed. They walked into homeroom and took their seats. Buffy entered the room just as the bell rang, and quickly took her seat as well.

Later, during the first class of the day, the teacher walked in and started writing on the white board. "Good morning, everyone. Take out your history books and turn to page 65." The whole class opened their books and more or less closed their minds, as the lesson got underway.

After class Willow, Buffy and Oz congregated together to talk (and it was still kinda weird how close Willow and that guy had gotten so close since last year, but since it had been made abundantly clear it was none of his business, he didn't pry). Shrugging, Xander talked with Cordelia in the hallway not far away.

"Still can't remember what happened on Halloween, doofus?" Queen C asked politely (for her).

"Nope, nothing at all." Xander looked at her suspiciously. { And what do you know that I don't, I wonder? }

Willow and Oz were talking about something, when Buffy got a call from her mom on her cell phone. "Hey mom, what's up?"

"Buffy, I'm sorry, but I'm going to be late coming home tonight," Joyce said apologetically.

"No biggie, I'll make some mac 'n cheese or something. See you later, mom, bye - love you!" Buffy hung up, kinda worried about why her mom would be late.

Elsewhere within one of the labs at DELOS, Jareth oversaw the Gunslinger being rebuilt by some of his minions.

One of them was the mind-controlled Warren Mears...