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Kneeling down on the blood soaked white carpet, Aro carefully lifted the small child's head and gently placed it on his lip. "You poor, poor child," he said sadly as he watched all the child's past memories from just a single touch. It was his gift, he could see everything they experienced within minutes of touching them. "So much pain and suffering."

"End the poor soul's misery, brother," Caius sniffed, staring down at the malnourished child that was a mangled and bloodied mess.

Aro licked his lips hungrily when the boy coughed and blood bubbled from his mouth and dripped onto his hand. "Yes, it would be the merciful thing to do," he agreed. "Still, if only we had arrived a few minutes earlier we could have saved him from this tragic fate." He didn't care about killing humans, he saw them as only a food source, but he normally didn't feed from children, especially as young as the one on his lap.

Marcus wiped the blood from his mouth as he stared down in disgust at the large man at his feet that he had just drained. Large was an understatement, the man was the size of an adult beluga whale. He didn't care if his meals were skinny or fat, but the vile bastard had left a foul taste in his mouth.

"Relax, sweet child," Aro coo'd when the broken child started whimpering, his large green eyes staring up at him with his pupils blown wide in both pain and fear. "I'm going to take the pain away and end your miserable existence. You have known nothing but abuse, suffering, and hate in your short time on this planet, I'm going to send you somewhere where you will be loved and cherished." He was lying to the boy of course, he didn't believe in God or heaven, but for some strange reason, he felt the need to comfort the boy before taking his life and draining him of his life giving blood. The little one was dying anyway, he was past the point of being saved. The poor child's internal organs had been crushed by the large human that Marcus had drained.

Aro and his brothers, along with a select few of their guard, had been passing through a small dreary town hunting down a werewolf when they heard the sounds of a small child crying and pleading. With their heightened, sensitive hearing, they could hear what sounded like flesh striking flesh as the child wailed, along with the sounds of a man breathing heavily and grunting. Normally they wouldn't investigate such a disturbance, but Marcus had been curious and sped off in the direction the sounds were coming from. Since the three vampire kings always stuck together, the other two and the rest of the guards quickly took off after him.

The scene they burst in on after ripping the door off the hinges validated why vampires had no guilt when taking human lives. As far as they were concerned, humans were the true monsters, not vampires. Only a monster would beat a small and innocent child until all his ribs were crushed, his lungs punctured, his spine broken in more than one place, his skull fractured along with multiple other bones, and his internal organs damaged beyond repair. Vampires only killed for food, and even then the death they gave was swift, pain free even if the vampire chose to glamour their victims.

Even though it was too late to save the child, Marcus launched himself at the abusive bastard and sunk his teeth into his neck, not drinking his blood right away, but tearing hunks of meat and tendons out while the man howled in agony. He then tore at the man's blubbery belly with his nails, ripping him open in his blind rage and savoring the feeling of the vile human's blood soaking through his royal robes.

Aro gently wiped away the boy's tears as he stared unblinkingly up at him. "For one so small and broken, you should already be dead with the amount of injuries you have sustained," he murmured softly. "In another life you would have made a remarkable fighter, I may have even sought you out and offered you a place in my guard. Despite everything your relatives did to you-you fought valiantly to survive."

"Just finish him," Caius grumbled. He wasn't a completely heartless bastard, he didn't enjoy watching as the child slowly and painfully died.

"Such beautiful eyes," Aro said as he tilted the boy's head to the side and exposed his too thin neck. "Such a beautiful boy," he added as he leaned in to sink his fangs into his neck, only to freeze when his cell phone chirped loudly.

Pouting while smacking his lip, Aro straightened back up and pulled his phone out from inside his robe. "Oh, it's the lovely Alice Cullen texting!" he cried excitedly.

Caius rolled his eyes at his brother's infatuation with the Cullen clan. "And what does the seer have to say?" he asked in a bored tone.

Frowning, Aro looked between the child dying in his lap and his cell phone. "Alice wants me to turn the child," he answered in shock.

"What!" Caius raged in disbelief. "Turning children is our most absolute law. The punishment is death for creating an immortal child. Is she insane?"

Aro nodded his head seriously. "Perhaps all the animal blood has messed with her mind," he said with a small smirk. "Just because we are the kings, does not mean that we are above the laws that we ourselves created."

"Our life is no life for a child," Marcus said gravely. "I hate to see his short life come to an end, but it must be done."

Aro looked back at his phone when it chirped again. "Little Alice said that he is extremely important and that we must turn him." Looking down at the child who was minutes away from taking his last breath, Aro couldn't see what was so important about the boy. Yes there was something different about him, his scent was strange and he had an incredible will to live, but he was just a small human child, how could he be important to them?

"He's just a babe no older than five?" Caius huffed. "We will not make an immortal child just because the seer claims that he is important. Her visions are subjective. Just end his suffering, Aro."

Aro sighed heavily when his phone chirped again. "Alice claims that the child is a wizard, a very powerful one at that. She also claims that he is eight years old and will age to maturity despite being a vampire."

"All the more reason not to turn him," Caius argued. "An immortal child is dangerous enough, if he retains his magic, he will be unstoppable. There is also no way he will grow, his body will be frozen as he is now." Magical humans normally lost their magic when bitten due to the vampire venom burning out their magical core, but a rare few retained pieces of their magic. They weren't as powerful as they were as humans, but they were still dangerous.

Aro placed his cold hand on the child's chest when he started coughing and choking on his blood. The boy's heart was weakening, he only had seconds to decide. To create an immortal child was the ultimate sin a vampire could make, but Alice was very seldom wrong.

"I will take responsibility of him myself and end him if he turns unruly," Aro said, making up his mind. Alice never willingly contacted him, for her to do so now meant that this child was indeed very special.

Hissing angrily, Caius glared at his brother. "You are breaking the law and this will end badly."

Aro's eyes snapped down to the boy when he heard his heart stop beating. Confident with his decision, he quickly sank his fangs into the child's jugular and pushed as much of his venom into him as he could. Picking up his bony wrists, he also bit into them, once again injecting him with his venom.

Marcus turned his back when the child let out a blood curdling scream. The turning process for a child was ten times more painful than that of an adults. "The chances of him surviving, brother, are slim. His death now will be even worse than had you just left him die of his injuries."

Gathering the thrashing boy up in his arms, Aro stood up. "He will survive, he is a fighter," he said confidently. Nodding to his brothers, he took off running for the airport and his private jet. Hunting for the werewolf was going to have to wait, he had a newborn immortal child to see to.

Growling, Caius turned to his guard. "Search the dwelling and find out what you can about the boy then return immediately to the plane."

Looking sadly down at the large puddle of blood on the floor that had spilled from the small boy, Marcus took off after his brothers. He hoped that the seer was right when she said that the boy would age, he could already see a bond forming between Aro and the child. He had no doubts that his brother would destroy the child if he became uncontrollable, but it would hurt him to do so. Immortal children were hard not to love, especially for their makers, despite how truly dangerous they were.


Aro placed the thrashing child on the couch in his jet then sat on the floor beside him to keep him from rolling off. He winced sympathetically as he heard each of his bones snapping back into place knowing that the child could feel everything. The amount of pain he was in now was ten times worse then when the fat bastard had beat him to death, and sadly the pain would last for days. He felt guilty for turning one so young, but he trusted Alice Cullen.

Aro had been so focused on his new childe that he was shocked when he felt the plane start to move. He never noticed when the others returned. "What did you find out about the child?" he asked of his guard. He had taken his most loyal and favorite on the werewolf hunt with him, Alec, Jane, Felix and Demetri. Alec and Jane were also children, the only ones that he had personally turned himself, and while they were young at only thirteen years of age, they were old enough to no longer be considered immortal children, though only just barely.

"His name is Harry, master," Jane spoke up, "Harry Potter. And like the seer said, he is eight years old despite being incredibly small."

"Probably due to lack of nutrition," Marcus pointed out. "The child is nothing but skin and bones."

Aro nodded his head grimly already suspecting the same thing. The child had to have been starved severely for years to only be the size he is now.

"The fat lard wasn't his father," Demetri added. "From what we could find from school records and other documents, his parents died when he was only a toddler and he had been living with his aunt, uncle and cousin ever since. At the time we attacked, the aunt and cousin were at an after school function."

"They'll be in for a shock when they get home," Alec chuckled. They hadn't bothered to clean up anything, not even the mangled and bloodied carcass of the man Marcus drained.

"What of his mental state, Aro?" Caius asked. "A severely abused immortal child could be like a time bomb set to go off."

"Or the opposite," Marcus argued. "He could be terrified of everyone, scared of even his own shadow."

Aro rubbed at his face, a completely human thing to do, but he was feeling stressed. He still couldn't believe that he had bitten a child, Alice better have been right with her vision or else he was going to come down hard on the Cullen Clan. What kind of example was he setting for his people by breaking their most absolute law?

"Only time will tell," Aro sighed. "He won't wake for three more days, in that time we will collect and store some blood for him. I don't want him feeding directly from humans, not until we get a handle on him and establish that we are his masters."

"He's just a babe," Felix spoke up for the first time. He tended to keep quiet and let the others do all the talking. He was the muscle of the guard, his strength was unmatched. Not even Emmett Cullen could beat him...at least not while he was drinking animal blood. Animal blood weakened a vampire. "He will respond better to the three of you as his fathers than as his masters. He has had a master all his life, he has never had a father."

Aro's eyes widened at his large guard, that was very insightful of him. Then again, the man was excellent when it came to combat techniques and strategy. "A father," he said thoughtfully, looking to the child that was still crying and thrashing.

"If we show him the love that he has never had but has always desired, he would be completely loyal to us," Marcus said, agreeing with his guard.

"It looks like we're going to be fathers together," Aro cried excitedly, childishly clapping his hands together .

"Don't get too excited, brother," Caius grumbled. "He may turn out like every other immortal child and then you will have to destroy him."

Aro continued to grin, not letting his brother's negativity bring him down. He was excited at the prospect of raising a child...hopefully a child that would continue to grow. He still didn't understand how that was going to work, but if he was truly magical, then magic would find a way.

Caius looked down at the child, his eyes softening slightly. He never told anyone before, but he had always wanted to be a father. "Harry is such a boring name," he sighed dramatically.

"I agree brother, but he has had the name Harry for eight years, it wouldn't be right to change it on him now." Aro grinned. "But I'm sure we can come up with a pet name for him."

"How about lightning," Alec suggested excitedly. "He has that cool lightning bolt scar on his forehead."

Aro smiled indulgently at his childe, sometimes it was easy to forget that he was just a boy also. Alec was only thirteen years old when he turned him, and while he was the same age as his twin, Jane, Alec was by far the more immature of the two.

"I'm sure after the child wakes and we learn his personality and we will then be able to come up with an appropriate pet name for him," Marcus said softly. "Harry isn't such a horrible name though."

"Felix," Aro barked. "Bring me some water, towels and an extra robe, we should really clean him up before we return home. Others in the guard aren't as strong as we are when it comes to the smell of human blood, and I'm really too tired to be killing anyone this evening for attacking my little son."

Despite the boy's writhing and crying, Aro sat him up so he could remove his bloody, torn and too large clothes. It was glaringly obvious that the poor child was wearing second hand clothes that had once belonged to a fat pig of a kid. The signs of neglect and abuse his new son suffered got worse and worse by the second. At least he hadn't been sexually abused, he would have been able to scent it on him had he been. Then again, sexual abuse was more than just penetration. He prayed that the child hadn't been hurt in such a way. He was only eight years old, just a mere baby in his eyes.

Alec gasped in shock when the child's back was exposed to him. The scarring was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and he was around in the day when flogging was a common punishment. He himself had been flogged before being burnt at the stake for being a witch, and despite not remembering much of his human life, he still remembered the feel of the leather whip cracking down on his back over and over again. The scars were so bad that it was obvious that the man had been whipping the boy for years.

Aro's eyes darkened angrily when all of his child's scars and bruises were revealed to him. The vampire venom had been fixing the internal damage, but the external damage had yet to be healed. "It's a shame, brother, that you were so quick to kill the pig," he hissed between clenched teeth.

Marcus had to turn away from the mangled boy's form, just because he was a vampire didn't mean that he was comfortable with seeing a child in such a sad state." He would have made a wonderful play thing," he agreed. "He didn't deserve such a swift death."

"At least it wasn't pain free," Aro smirked.

"The scars on his body will heal with the venom, unfortunately his emotional scars will take a lot longer."

Raising his brows, Aro once again looked to Felix in shock. "Have you been reading psychology books lately, my friend? You have been...uncharacteristically smart and insightful this evening."

Ducking his head, Felix shrugged his shoulders. "I like watching the humans," he admitted shyly. "You see and learn a lot after centuries of being alive and not sleeping. That's a lot of time to people watch."

"You are full of surprises, my friend," Aro chuckled. "Maybe I should make you my son's personal guard."

"We may need his strength to contain the immortal child," Caius pointed out flatly. He still wasn't thrilled that Aro had broken the law all because a Cullen had said so.

"If you wish, master," Felix bowed respectively.

"We wouldn't mind guarding the tike," Alec grinned, ignoring his sister who was aggressively tugging on his sleeve. Other than with him, she wasn't exactly the motherly type...or even remotely friendly. His twin was very sadistic and enjoyed inflicting pain on others. Playing with the kid would be fun though, it was boring being the youngest and not having anyone to mess around with.

"Alec!" Jane hissed.

"How wonderful of you to offer, my childe," Aro said happily. "All my sweet children getting along like a loving and caring family. See, Carlisle isn't the only one whose children love and respect him and each other."

Jane turned to glare at her brother, her red eyes glowing dangerously. She didn't want anything to do with the little brat, she hated kids when she was a human, and she still hated them now. There was also a part of her that was jealous at the attention the snot was already getting. She had been Aro's favorite for centuries, she didn't like sharing his attention.

"Come now children," Aro grinned playfully. "No fighting. I'm sure our little Harry is just going to love his big brother Alec and big sister Jane."

Never one to go against her master, Jane plastered on a fake smile. "Of course, master, and I'm sure we're just going to adore him too."

Alec rolled his eyes at his sister, that must have hurt her to say. He wasn't too worried, he was sure that Jane would grow to love the boy...despite being jealous of him now. She just needed to see that she would still remain one of Aro's favorites.

Aro wrapped the boy snugly in the large adult size robe then laid him back on the couch. "Don't fight it, my childe," he murmured softly in the boy's ear. He didn't know if the child could hear him, he had no memory of hearing anything during his turning, but it wouldn't hurt to try. Only about sixty percent of humans bit survived the turning process and poor Harry was already in bad condition before being bit, there was a very good chance that his body would be too weak to survive the extremely painful and traumatic process.


"He made a stunning immortal," Caius said, observing the small, still form on the large king size bed, his midnight, almost blue black, shoulder length hair standing out sharply against the crimson red silk sheets. He looked like an angel peacefully sleeping...or a beautiful demon seeing as he was an immortal child.

Aro's eyes were shining with happiness and excitement. He had his doubts that the boy would survive, but he shouldn't have after seeing how hard the boy had fought to survive after his uncle's last beating. After seeing his memories, the boy should have died years ago at the fat man's hands. His childe was a little fighter.

"He will be prince of all the immortals," Aro said dreamily. "Do you think he will have any special talents, or perhaps have use of his magic?"

"We could always call in Eleazar to see if he has any talents," Marcus suggested.

Sighing, Aro scrunched up his nose. "Veggie vampires, I just don't understand them. Still, his gift is extremely useful." He had released Eleazar from his services years ago, but only under the condition that he would return immediately if he ever had use of him. "I guess it would benefit sweet Harry to have Eleazar look him over, even if I have to look at those creepy yellow eyes of his," Aro gave a visible shiver.

Grimacing, Caius nodded his head in agreement. He didn't understand how a vampire could live like that, it was unnatural and animal blood was vile. He had tried it once out of curiosity, and he had vomited all the blood back up minutes later. It was no wonder animal drinking vampires were so much weaker. The eyes too, like hell would he walk around with eyes like a nasty werewolves.

Aro took an excited and unneeded gasp when his son's finger twitched. "My childe is waking," he cried softly, knowing that Harry's senses would be super sensitive. Looking to the others in the room with him, he checked to make sure they were ready. Of course him and his brothers would be there for the birth of their new special childe, but he had also ordered Felix and Alec to attend. He didn't want to overwhelm the boy who was bound to wake confused and terrified, but he needed Felix for his strength, and Alec for his gift of sensory deprivation. He didn't want to hurt the child, but he couldn't allow him to run away in his panic.

Aro approached the bed and sat in the chair next to it so he wasn't looming over the poor boy when he woke. If he retained any of his human memories, which most newborns didn't, one of his last memories would be of his uncle standing over him while he beat and kicked him to death. This was going to be hard enough without making it harder by immediately intimidating the boy.

Aro smiled softly as he watched an array emotions play across Harry's face. It was adorable because his little son's eyes weren't even open yet. He desperately wanted to reach out and touch him so he could see what he was thinking, but he didn't want to startle him. Right now he was probably trying to process the feel of the silk sheet under his fingers, or the extreme softness of his bed. Every one of his senses were going to be heightened and extremely sensitive. Luckily the extreme sensitivity would wear off in a few hours.

"Harry," Aro called out, his voice barely above a whisper. Harry was a vampire now so he would be able to hear him, he just didn't want to talk louder and hurt his sensitive hearing. "Childe, I need you to open your eyes."