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As soon as the nomad stepped into her home, Esme immediately scented Emily, Sam's pregnant fiancé, on him. The scent wasn't strong, he hadn't had physical contact with her, but he had been close to her sometime within the past few hours.

If Edward was capable of paling, he would be as white as a ghost right now. Thanks to his mind reading abilities, he knew exactly why the nomad was here and what he was going to ask of them.

"Edward?" Carlisle questioned when he saw the shocked look on his son's face.

Edward shook his head, he would let the nomad explain things. He was curious to see if the nomad would leave out his part in the prince's abduction and torture. He may not have raised a hand to the kings son, but he stood by and watched as James did, and as far as he was concerned, that was just as bad. The fact that he was here now asking for help in rescuing the child wouldn't save him from Aro's wrath, Aro doesn't do forgiveness or second chances. This man, Laurent, was a dead man.

"First, let me introduce myself, I am Laurent."

Carlisle inclined his head. "I am Carlisle, and this is my family, my wife Esme, my sons Edward, Jasper, and Emmett, and my daughters Alice and Rosalie."

"You call yourself a family?" Laurent asked in wonder.

"We are a family." Carlisle clarified. "Now, what brings you here? We don't see many nomads this way, not with the wolf shifters close by."

Laurent's eyes widened. "There are wolf shifters in the area?" He asked in concern. He was surprised that James hadn't scented them, but then again, James has been preoccupied with the prince.

Edward grimaced in disgust when he saw through Laurent's mind James caressing the prince. They tried to stay under the Volturi's radar and not do anything to draw their attention, but they were going to have to help the young prince. There was no way they could leave the prince in James' sick hands, not with what the bastard was planning to do to him. Rosalie, his mate, would have his head if he even suggested not helping the boy.

"There's a rather large pack not far from here on the Quileute Reservation." Carlisle explained. "We have a peace treaty with them, but they will kill any other vampires they find passing through their territory. The pack is large and very powerful, I wouldn't mess with them."

Laurent silently cursed. After helping the prince, he was finished. He didn't know where he was going to go, but between James, the Volturi, and now the wolf shifters, it was just too dangerous for him here. Maybe he'd hide out in Siberia for a few centuries and hope Aro will forget about him.

Edward snorted. He wanted to point out that there was no hiding from Aro, and Aro didn't forgive and forget. Even if he had to track him to the ends of the earth, Aro would find him and kill him. It would be smarter if Laurent turned himself in and begged for a swift death. Maybe Aro would grant him that seeing as he came to them, the closest coven around, to ask for help in rescuing the prince.

"I don't know how much you keep in touch with what's happening in our world, but did you know that Stefan and Vladimir from the Romanian coven, with the help of Amun, took over Volturi Castle a few weeks ago?"

That news got all the Cullens attention, except for Edward's, who had already seen it in Laurent's head. "Vladimir and Stefan defeated Aro, Marcus, Caius, and all their guards?" Carlisle asked in shock. He didn't think there was a vampire, or group of vampires, out there strong enough to take down Felix, Jane and Alec. Jane and Alec alone had gifts that were terrifying and unstoppable.

"Not exactly. They lured the kings and the more gifted guards away then took possession of the castle and the prince. I'm sure by now Stefan and Vladimir are headless. While they had some gifted immortals in their guard, none were strong enough to stand against Alec and Jane.

"Harry!" Alice gasped, as her eyes quickly flicking towards Emmett. Why hadn't she gotten a vision about this?

Carlisle's eyebrow drew together in confusion. "Harry?" He questioned, not knowing who his daughter was talking about.

Alice giggled nervously, she had never told her family about her vision two years ago, the one concerning a human child. Edward knew, he knew everything because she couldn't keep him out of her damn head, but he had respected her wishes and kept her vision a secret.

"I-I didn't tell you about Harry?" Alice asked innocently...too innocently.

All the Cullens, with the exception of Edward, shook their heads no. "Oh, I must have forgotten." Alice grinned sheepishly.

Laurent wasn't sure what was going on, but he was anxious to get back to the prince. "Prince Harry is the kings son, their heir. Two weeks ago, Vladimir and Stefan, with the help of my companion and a small army, lured the kings to Romania under the pretense that the Romanian Coven were staging an uprising. That's nothing new, every hundred years Vladimir and Stefan do exactly that. After they left Volterra, we stormed the castle and took possession of it. My friend James is a tracker, he was able to trick Aro's tracker Demetri by laying a false trail, leading the kings on a wild goose chase through Romania. For his help in tricking Demetri, Vladimir and Stefan promised him the prince."

"What!" Alice cried in horror.

Carlisle held his hands up. "Just wait a minute. First off, the kings have taken an heir?" This was the first he has heard of this, but they didn't socialize much with other vampires. There was the Denali Coven that they considered something like cousins, but they hadn't seen or talked to them in a few years. Time worked differently for vampires, not seeing someone for three or four years was like a human not seeing someone for eight or nine months.

"Yes, a child, a young boy." Laurent explained. "Aro turned him two years ago when he was eight, he..."

"Aro created an immortal child?" Rosalie screeched loudly. "Why would he do that? Creating an immortal child is against the law. His law!"

Shifting awkwardly, Alice started humming softly as she inspected her fingernails. Rolling his eyes, Edward gave her a playful shove. "Fine!" Alice sighed. "Two years ago I received a vision about a little boy, a wizard. He was being beat to death by his uncle when then the kings showed up and killed the uncle. The vision kind of jumped around on me after that, but I knew that the boy was going to be very important to the kings, and very important to us, so I texted Aro and told him to turn the dying boy."

"You told Aro to turn a child?" Carlisle asked, gobsmacked. "You told Aro to create an immortal child?"

Alice waved her hand in the air. "He's not going to stay a child. Harry is a wizard, a very powerful wizard too. In my vision he continued to grow, just like a normal child, until he mated at the age of twenty and stopped."

"That doesn't make any sense." Rosalie sighed in exasperation. "If he's a vampire, how can he continue to grow?"

"Because he's also a wizard." Alice sang loudly as she explained again. "Magic is strange. All I know is what I saw in my vision. I texted Aro, told him to turn the boy, and he did."

"And then Aro adopted this boy as his son, his heir?" Carlisle asked the nomad in disbelief.

"He didn't just adopt him, he fell in love with him. Aro doesn't see Harry as just another immortal with a powerful gift, or a wizard with magical powers, he doesn't even see him as a maker would see his childe." Laurent explained. "Aro sees that boy as his true son. All three of the kings love that boy and see him as their true, biological son."

"You helped kidnap the prince knowing how the kings feel about him?" Carlisle asked in shock and disgust.

"Yes." Laurent admitted shamefully.

"Dude, you are so dead." Emmett pointed out unhelpfully,

"Emmett." Carlisle scolded, though he completely agreed with his son. Aro was going to kill Laurent. "I hope you didn't come here in hopes of us hiding you from Aro? Aro is an old friend of mine, and I don't condone kidnapping. I won't help you."

"That's not why I'm here." Laurent said, his eyes desperately pleading. "James has gone too far. It was bad enough that he was always beating the kid, but now he's molesting him. I can't just sit back and watch as he does that. Prince Harry is an amazing childe, so innocent and pure. He didn't even know that he was a vampire when we first took him, Aro had never told him. It's been two weeks and he refuses to drink human blood. James even handcuffed him to a human, and he still refuses to feed. I don't know how he's doing it, the poor kid is starving."

Edward was quick in physically restraining his mate when she moved to attack the nomad. "You left a child alone with a man that's molesting him?" She screeched.

"I can't beat James." Laurent admitted without shame. "That's why I came here seeking help. That boy, the prince, he has gotten to me. I have never met anyone like him before, he's just so damn good. James hasn't forced himself on the prince yet, but he will soon. Please, will you help me?"

"Damn straight we will." Emmett growled, already moving towards the door.

Carlisle picked up the paper and thrust it at the nomad. "Is she the woman your friend cuffed to the prince?"

Laurent looked down at the paper. "Yeah, that's her. Harry has really taken to the woman. James is using her as a way to break the prince. The kid has amazing control, but he hasn't fed in over two weeks. If we don't help him, he will kill the woman and it will destroy him."

Carlisle didn't need to take a family vote, he already knew that everyone would be willing to help the prince. "Alright, we'll help you, but the child is coming back here with us. I will contact Aro after we get back."

"Thank you." Laurent said, his shoulders sagging in relief.

Jasper stopped his father when he went to leave the room. "Carlisle, you better bring a couple bags of blood, two weeks is a long time for a newborn to go without feeding, especially for one that has been cuffed to a human for three days." He didn't know how the prince was controlling his hunger, he wouldn't have been able to.

Even though they didn't feed from humans, Carlisle always kept a few bags under lock and key incase of emergencies. Their lifestyle was hard, and over the years there had been accidents. Bagged blood came in handy when one was lost to bloodlust. A bag or two of blood was enough to settle the vampire inside long enough to regain control without any humans getting killed.

"The shifters? Esme asked again. "Carlisle, they have Emily."

"They also have a ten year old little vampire who is the kings son, if they kill him, accidentally or on purpose seeing he is still a vampire, that will bring the Volturi down on them and on this town worse than a plague." Jasper shook his head. "No, it's better we get them, bring them back here, then call the Billy and Sam."

"Jasper has a point. The wolves are too unpredictable, too volatile, we can't risk the prince getting killed." Carlisle agreed.


"I don't hear him anymore." Harry whispered into Emily's ear. "I want to go home please."

Emily looked all around, even up, she didn't have Harry's supernatural hearing or eyesight, but she didn't see or hear James either. "Harry, we have to get out of here. Do you think you're strong enough to run?"

Harry eagerly nodded his head yes. He honestly wasn't sure if he was strong enough, but he wanted to get far away from James and his bad touches. He knew that his daddies were coming, but they were taking too long. He didn't want to hurt Emily, she was the nicest lady ever and she had two babies in her tummy, but he was growing so weak that he was getting scared that he wouldn't be strong enough to fight his bloodlust much longer.

Emily carefully got to her feet, her body singing with pain. She had been sleeping on the cold, damp ground for the past few nights against trees and drug through the forest for miles, every muscle in her body hurt. She also hadn't eaten anything since day she was abducted and she had been given very little water, she was as weak as Harry.

Smiling, Emily looked down at Harry. The child looked a freight, his once expensive looking night clothes that he had been wearing when he was abducted was filthy and ripped, his bare feet were dirty, his hair was also dirty and full of knots, his already pale skin looked almost translucent, and his eyes were sunken in with dark circles under them. As much as she wanted to run straight to Sam, she had to get Harry to the Cullens first. Harry would be safe with the Cullens, they would protect him and see to his health.

Emily didn't know exactly where they were, she wasn't very familiar with the forest that surrounded Forks, not like the pack. She knew that they were pretty deep in the forest because she hadn't seen any hiking trails, or anything like that. The forests here were thick and deep and if she picked the wrong direction, they could end up getting lost for days. Neither of them had days left in them.

"I think we should go this way." Harry suggested as he pointed in the opposite direction James went. He wanted to get as far away from James as he could. Taking Emily's hand, he looked up at her with tired, yet hopeful eyes.

Nodding her head, Emily started in the direction Harry pointed to praying that it would lead them to the Cullens, or even the Reservation border. For Harry's safety she prayed that it led to the Cullens, but one of the wolves right now would be a beautiful, and welcome sight.


Harry slid down the embankment on his butt and into the stream. The water wasn't too deep here, it came to just above his knees. Turning around, he waited anxiously for Emily to join him. They had been running for what felt like hours, and they both were beyond hungry and exhausted, but he had a gnawing feeling in his gut the James was closing in on them.

Emily gasped when she hit the frigid water. "Harry, I can't go any farther." She panted, trying to catch her breath. "Please, just run and save yourself."

Harry stubbornly shook his head no. "I'm not leaving you, Emily. We stick together."

"Please, Harry." Emily desperately begged. "He's going to hurt you real bad if he catches you."

"I know." Harry said, his eyes filling up with tears. "But he will kill you and the twins. You're my friend now, I'm not leaving you."

Taking a deep, shaky breath, Emily nodded her head. "Alright, I know it's cold, but let's stay in the water for a bit and pray like hell that it will hopefully mask our scent.

Harry frowned when he noticed how bad Emily was shivering. He couldn't feel the cold, it must be a vampire thing. "But you're so cold, Emily? The water is too cold for you and the twins, you're going to get sick."

"I'll live, Harry." Emily was quick to reassure. Grabbing Harry's hand, she started splashing through the water as fast as she could.


Racing as fast as he could in his wolf form, Seth joined the rest of the pack that had already gathered at Sam's place then quickly phased back.

"Talk to me, Seth." Sam demanded before Seth even had a chance to pull his shorts up.

"Something is going on at the Cullens." Seth started off quickly. "A nomad showed up, a dark man with dreads and a French accent. They disappeared into the house so I couldn't hear what they were saying, but twenty minutes later they all took off through the woods looking grim."

"It can't be a coincidence." Jacob growled. "A nomad showing up three days after Emily was taken by one. This has to be our leech."

"I knew those Cullens were no dam good!" Paul snarled.

"I don't believe the Cullens had anything to do with Emily's disappearance." Billy said loudly so he could be herd over all the growling and snarling. Even in their human forms the pack could sound like a pack of wolves when angered. "Listen, the past few days our focus has been the forest close to the doctor's office, maybe it's time we start looking a little closer to home."

Sam nodded his head in agreement. "We'll split up, everyone in pairs. If you come across any leeches, do not kill them. We can't question a dead vampire."

"Thought they were already dead." Quill chuckled.

"Not now, Quill." Embry hissed. This was too serious and Sam was in no mood for jokes. Just that morning Sam had physically attacked Paul when he overheard him tell Jared that he didn't think they would find Emily alive. Everyone had been thinking it, but Paul had been the only one stupid enough to say it out loud.

Sam's heart was thumping painfully in his chest. He had been trying not to give up hope of finding his mate alive, but it had been three days...three days of his sweet Emily alone with a leech. He wanted to believe that this was still a rescue mission, but he was afraid that it was going to end in a recovery, not a rescue. He didn't know what he was going to do if Emily and his baby were dead. He just couldn't imagine living without his imprint.


James smirked triumphantly when his prey finally came into view. He was reclining against a tree tossing an apple up and down while dipping his toes into the stream. He had been here for three hours awaiting his runaways, and now here they were looking like exhausted, drowned, tasty little rats.

"Harry froze, his stomach dropping, when he spotted James waiting for them with a feral gleam in his red eyes. "No!" He whimpered fearfully as he backed into Emily who was right behind him.

Trying to catch her breath, which was hard seeing as she was shivering and her teeth were chattering, Emily gripped Harry's bony shoulders. James had been playing with them all along, this had just been another tactic to break Harry.

Harry started shaking his head. "No! No! I'm not going back with you. I'M NOT!" He screamed loudly. "You're a bad man."

"I know I am." James grinned cockily as he dropped into the water and started to slowly advance on his trembling prey. "Are you finished playing around? I have been patient with you, young prince, but I'm growing tired of your stubbornness. If you drain the bitch, I'll promise to never touch you again."

Emily could tell by the hungry look in the vampire's eyes and by the way he was licking his lips that he was lying. "Don't listen to him, Harry, he's lying."

"I know!" Harry said as he curled his tiny hands into fists.

James froze mid step when he noticed that the water around Harry's waist was starting to bubble. He wasn't scared of the kid, but he was intrigued. The kid was too weak and too young to be a threat to him. "Do you want to hurt me, Harry?"

Harry clenched his fists tighter. "Yes." He hissed between clenched teeth. "You're a bad person."

"So you have said a couple times." James smirked. "But being bad is so much more fun than being good. Wouldn't it be so much easier to just give in, to stop fighting your instincts? You are a vampire, prince, and vampires drink human blood. How about I drain her blood into a glass for you, would that make you happier?"

Emily took a few steps back when the water around Harry started to swirl around him, almost like a little whirlpool.

"I don't want to be bad, but if you come any closer I will do a bad thing." Harry warned. "I'm not going to let you hurt Emily."

"I'll accept that challenge." Daring the boy, James took three steps forward. "What are you going to do, Harry, splash me with your, weak, baby elemental powers?"

Throwing his hand out, Harry made a large amount of water shoot towards James with a force strong enough to pick him up and send him flying back a good thirty feet.

Snarling, James jumped to his feet, his wet jeans sticking to him. "You're going to pay for that, kid. Better yet, you're girlfriend is going to pay for that. She's dead!"

Harry shot another jet of water at James, but this time the vampire was expecting it. With ease, he stepped aside and continued to advance on them. "Run!" Harry yelled to Emily as he continued to shoot jets of water at James. They were slowing him down, but they weren't stopping them.

Emily didn't want to leave Harry alone with James, but James was going to use her to hurt Harry. Turning so she could run towards the bank, she cried out in relief when a massive russet wolf stepped of the trees.

"Jacob!" Emily cried in relief as she sunk to her knees in the frigid water. The water came up to her chest now, but she didn't care, she was already soaked. She was safe now, the pack was here.

At the same time Jacob and Paul showed up, so too did the Cullens with Laurent. "What the hell?" Emmett gasped when he spotted the small boy magically shooting water at the nomad.

Harry stumbled backwards, James was almost on top of him. Using the last of his strength, he created a large wall of water. The wall was pretty impressive, it was at least twenty feet high, but it wouldn't have stopped James if the Cullens hadn't been there.

Snarling, Jasper launched himself at the nomad right when he went to push through the wall of water. James had been so focused on Harry and dodging his water jets that he hadn't noticed the other vampires or two shifters.

Harry lost control of his elemental magic, the wall of water falling in on him, when he got distracted by all the strangers. The wall came down crashing hard on Harry, the force dragging him under the water and down the stream.

"Harry!" Emily screamed. She went to chase after the kid, but sharp teeth gently closing over her arm prevented her from moving. Turning around, she came face to face with a wolfed out Sam.

"Sam!" Emily sobbed as she threw herself at the massive wolf. "Oh my god, Sam, I didn't think I would ever see you again."

James, knowing he was outnumbered, tossed the blonde vampire, who was fighting him and beating him, off of him and disappeared into the woods. He hated leaving Harry behind, but he would come back for him. He was pissed that Laurent was with the vampires, he obviously betrayed him. He would pay, he would get his revenge on his old friend for turning his back on him.

Emmett sprinted into the stream and snatched the kid before he could get swept too far away. Hauling him to his chest, he was just getting ready to climb out of the stream with him when he was stopped by three snarling wolves.

"Back off!" Emmett growled as he shielded the boy in his arms with his body.

"Sam, call them off!" Carlisle yelled, not wanting a war to start between them. Right now they were all on neutral ground, but they would fight if they had too. The wolves wanted blood, but he couldn't allow them to kill the boy. The shifters had no idea how powerful the Volturi were, they would decimate the entire tribe if they killed, or even so much as harmed the prince.

Jasper and Edward joined Emmett in the stream with the kid. "We don't want to fight you." Jasper warned. "But you can't have the kid."

The wolves refused to backdown, their glowing eyes locked on Harry who was limp in Emmett's arms.

"Sam, no!" Emily cried has she wrenched herself away from her wolfed out fiancé and started swimming through the stream to get to Harry. She was exhausted and on the verge of passing out, but she didn't care, she had to stop them from hurting Harry.

Edward lunged and caught Emily right as she started to sink under the water. Crying, she looked up at the three wolves that she knew to be Paul, Jacob, and Leah. "Don't you dare lay a paw or a tooth on this child, he is under my protection." Emily said fiercely.

Sam phased, uncaring that he was as naked as the day he was born. "Emily, the god damn boy is a leech. He kidnapped you and hurt you, I will kill him for that."

"Harry protected me." Emily corrected as she pleaded desperately with her mate. "It was the vampire that Jasper chased off that kidnapped me, not Harry. Harry is just a scared little boy who wants to go home. So help me, Sam, if you hurt him, I will never speak to you again."

Sam could tell by the fierceness in her voice and in eyes that Emily was serious. Raising his hand, he signaled for his wolves to stand down. "Emily, are you hurt?" He asked, his eyes softening.

Edward handed Emily over to Sam when he saw that she was too weak and too exhausted to move on her own. "I'm tired and hungry," Emily answered tiredly. "and freezing my ass off, but I'm alright."

Sam easily swept his fiancé up in his arm and started wading towards the bank. "Let's get you to the hospital. I thought I lost you." He said, his voice breaking.

"No!" Emily protested as she started to weakly struggle. "Not until I know Harry is alright. He needs me."

"He's a leech." Sam hissed.

"He's a little boy!" Emily shot back. "I'm not going to the hospital, Sam, I'm going with Harry and the Cullens."

"Sam." Carlisle interrupted. "I can look her over back at the house. You don't want to upset her in her condition."

Sam didn't like it, but he reluctantly agreed. He was just beyond happy to have his Emily back, safe in his arms. He thought for sure he had lost her forever.

Emmett carefully placed the prince on bank. "Carlisle, I think something is wrong, he's not waking up.

"Harry sleeps!" Emily called from where she was still being held in her naked fiancé' arm. "He also used a lot of his elemental magic while already weak. I don't know how he had the strength, but James would have killed me if he hadn't used his powers. He saved my life."

"Let's just get back to the house where I can better look everyone over." Carlisle suggested. He bent down to pick up the prince, but Emmett quickly beat him.

"I got him." Emmett said tightly. His instincts screaming at him to protect the small boy.

Carlisle raised his eyebrows, but inclined his head in acceptance. That was very strange behavior on Emmett's part.

"Where did Laurent go?" Jasper asked, just now noticing that the nomad was missing.

"Coward took off the second he saw the wolves." Rosalie spat in disgust. "We should have fed him to them."

"Aro will take care of him." Carlisle said gravely, having no doubt that Aro would find and kill Laurent. Right now, he was more concerned about the second nomad. If the tracker was willing to go against the kings just to get his hands on Harry, then he wasn't going to let a family of vegetarian vampires keep him from his prey. The sooner they got the Volturi here, the better.

Smirking, Edward looked to Alice, who was smirking back at him, then he looked to Emmett who was holding the prince in his arms like he was the most precious thing on the planet. He had seen Alice's vision two years ago so he knew why the prince was going to be important to their family. He didn't know exactly how everything was going to play out, but things were about to get very interesting. He wasn't too worried about the tracker, Emmett would keep the prince safe. The prince had now become his brother's number one priority, even if he didn't know it yet.


So, this may upset some people, but as you can see, Harry will have 2 mates, Felix and Emmett. I know there were a lot of people asking for a shifter mate, but I don't see Harry ever leaving Volterra and his fathers to live on the reservation. I also don't see Aro ever letting Harry be with a werewolf. Caius would lose his shit if Harry was mated to a wolf. Harry has been through enough, he doesn't need his daddies trying to kill his mate.

I haven't really decided where I'm going to go with this fic. I do want to bring the Wizarding World into it, but I'm undecided if I should make that a separate book? I don't know...sigh. Thoughts? Opinions?