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Bella POV

Edward left 3 weeks ago. The nightmares are getting worse and theres nothing I can do to stop them.

They'll keep coming.

A knock came from my bedroom door before the creaking sound alerted me to it being opened. There was only one person it could be. The only person who I could fathom talking to longer then necessary.

I didn't turn, instead I kept my eyes on the street outside. I hadn't moved in hours, the only thing I was interested in at the moment was the orange leaves that were falling from the trees outside.

"I just got a call from the station, I'll be back in a couple of hours okay?" The only indication he got that I had actually heard him was a simple nod. My door closed moments later and I watched his Cruiser retreat from the curb and down the street.

My stomach growled at me in anger. It had been days since I had eaten something other then stale crackers. I rolled my eyes, not wanting to give into the craving. I let my head fall back against the wicker chair and my eyes fluttered shut.

When I closed my eyes I could see him. As clear as day.

I got flashes of my birthday whenever I closed my eyes. Not visions of Jasper attacking, visions of Edward giving me everything I wanted for my birthday.

"I'm so selfish" He whispered to me, tucking a stray hair over my ear and placing a soft kiss to my jaw, "Please let me be selfish tonight"

I hadn't known what he was talking about, but I let him. I let his hands roam my body, I let him touch me in sinful ways.Every time I shut my eyes I could see his hands running up my thighs, taking my dress with them. His soft icy touch set my body into flames. My dress came off quickly and was crumpled at the end of my bed. His hands explored my chest, undoing the clasp to the front of my bra and pulling it open. My face and chest heated under his gaze, I heard him let out a small moan before he dipped his head to my breasts, kissing down the valley between them before making way to my stomach.

I remember being embarrassed about my choice of underwear, even though they were just simple white cotton, I had imagined something more risqué for our first time together.

He made love to me that night and the next morning when I woke up he was gone. My clothes were on and I was tucked into my blankets. The only trace I had of him actually being there that night was the ache I felt between my legs. I expected to see him at school but he didn't show, the next time I saw him he was standing in the lining of the woods next to my house, ready to tell me he was leaving.

I opened my eyes, not wanting to see anymore. He took everything with him, my pictures, my cd with my lullaby on it, my heart and my virginity. The only thing that told me he was actually real, were my memories.

My stomach growled louder this time. Maybe something small wouldn't hurt. I pulled myself up from my chair and draped the blanket I had laying over my legs onto the back of the chair.

I hadn't gone shopping for Charlie in days and I knew he hadn't gone shopping either. That was confirmed when I stuck my head in the fridge and saw a few beers, Harrys fish fry and a few pieces of uncooked chicken.

I pulled the chicken out and placed it in a pan, I had no patience for seasoning it or cooking anything else with it. I had no patience for anything lately.

I sat by myself at lunch, not wanting to have to deal with the questions and stares from my friends. It was easier that way.

I stabbed a fork into my chicken and took a bite, it was a bit bland without seasoning but it'd have to do. I took another bite before catching a whiff of the chicken. My stomach turned, it smelt foul.

My stomach turned again before I could feel pressure rising up my chest and into my throat. I sprinted up the stairs and into the bathroom before emptying what was in my stomach into the bowl. My throat burned as the last of the chicken and crackers left my stomach. The feeling subsided quickly and I slumped against the counter. I reached up to grab the towel that was left on the sink when a small box I knocked accidentally fell onto the floor.

I stared at it for a few moments. My mind calculating the past few weeks. I closed my eyes, trying to figure out what I hoped wasn't true. The visions came back, I could see Edward on top me, I could see him slip into me, nothing separating us. My eyes snapped open and shot to the box in front of me. The tampons screamed at me, telling me something I didn't think was was possible. But the calculations in my mind were correct. I was late.

I jumped up, wiping my mouth roughly with the back of my hand and rushing out of the bathroom and down the stairs. I slipped a pair of flip flops onto my feet, not caring that it was freezing outside and grabbed my purse and keys.

I jumped into my truck and sped down the street. My brain was still going crazy, the voice in the back of my mind repeating impossible things.

It wasn't possible, he made that quite clear to me.

I past the Forks welcome sign in record time, I needed to get to a Gas station out of town, if anyone in town saw me buying what I needed, everyone would know within minutes.

I pulled into the Gas station and parked. The young clerk eyed me suspiciously when I entered. I made my way into the isle that held what I needed. First Response, Clear blue, Crystal Clear, Confirm...

How many brands did they need? Did they not all do the same thing? I grabbed one of each and rushed to the counter. Chucking them all up in front of the young boy. His eyes widened as he scanned my purchases. He opened his mouth to tell me my total, but was silenced when I slapped down a $50 in front of him and muttered a 'keep the change' before rushing out and speeding back home.

I didn't know what results I was hoping for. My mind shuffled through memories over the past months, I 100% hadn't been with anyone but Edward, but that didn't stop my brain from considering otherwise or maybe an immaculate conception.

Both things impossible.

When I pulled back into my drive way, Charlie's cruiser wasn't out the front, thank goodness. I didn't really want to have to explain my purchases that would be hard to hide in the translucent shopping bag I held.

I made a beeline for the bathroom before reading the instructions on every single box. 3-5 minutes is all the time it took to tell me my fate.

I got to work and finished up my business, before clipping on the lids of all the tests and placing them in a row on the counter.

I sank down onto my knees and rested the side of my head on the glass door of the shower. Time tickled slowly on my watch. It felt like it had been hours rather then minutes; And then my time was up.

I raised myself up and checked every test.


I was pregnant with Edwards child.

Edwards vampire child.

My head was spinning. But I couldn't help but smile and cradle my stomach in my hands. My stomach was firm and I could already feel a small bump starting to form. At least Edward hadn't taken everything when he left.

I needed to get out of here. No one could know I was pregnant. I needed to run. Take my baby somewhere away from here, I didn't know if this was going to be a normal pregnancy. Either way, I couldn't stay here. I gathered the boxes and the tests and brought them with me chucking them onto my bed and rushed over to my wardrobe, pulling out a small duffle bag which I also chucked onto the bed. I needed to be quick, I didn't know when Charlie was coming home and I didn't want to be caught on the way out because I know I wouldn't be able to leave even if I tried.

I stepped towards my bedroom door when my flipflop got caught on a loose piece of wood near my bed, I stumbled and feel to my knees in front of my bed, I cursed as I picked up the piece of wood I lifted from the floor and turned to place it back into its spot when my breath got caught in my throat and tears welled up in my eyes.

He didn't take anything, all of my birthday presents were beneath me this entire time, my CD, my pictures, the plane tickets, everything. I quickly gathered all the items and shoved them into the bag, along with some pyjamas and a few changes of clothes. My toiletries were last to go into the bag, along with the blanket that was draped over the back of the chair.

The last thing I needed to pack was in the safe in Charlies bedroom. I always knew the combination, just in case. Charlie left a few grand in there in case of emergencies along with our passports and other documents. I grabbed my passport and the documents that related to me, along with a grand from the stack he had. A grand would get a some fuel, food and a few small things for the baby. I could stretch that amount of money for a few months, hopefully figure something out by the time the baby came around.

I wrote a note for Charlie, explaining what I took from the safe and telling him that I needed to leave. I pleaded with him not to search for me and when the time was right I would contact him. I signed my name and folded the piece of paper.

I lifted myself into the truck and placed the bag beside me, before rubbing my stomach lovingly. "Well be alright, little one"


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