Chapter 1

You know the saying 'you woke up on the wrong side of the bed', well. That is a prefect replica of my morning. I woke up past my alarm in a fury of annoyance that I to throw on clothes so I wouldn't be late to work. However once stepping out into the cold weather I slipped on a patch of ice I didn't see and threw my coffee into the air to keep myself from falling. Cruel gravity taught me once again that you cannot ignore her, and so I coffee all down my clothes. Having to change, I ended up an hour late to work only to listen to my boss tell me I would have to stay another hour, if I did not want him reporting my tardiness.

Phone call after another, I was swamped with dealing with every problem under the sun. I hardly noticed any one at the off and lunch went by in a blur. Hanging up the phone at ten past five I sighed in relief. While everyone could head home I had another hour I had to stay to make up for my tardiness.

Well, I said to myself glancing at a completely empty office. At least I can work in peace and quiet. The hour went surprisingly fast; I cleaned up the mess that was my desk. I closed paper work for people who could not figure out why their ATM Cards or their Home Banking accounts couldn't work.

Finally! I grumbled to myself as I clocked out and sped to the elevator. The music in the elevator was a poor taste of orchestra music and it filled my mind setting a headache in.

So, I need to remember go to the grocery store tonight, I ran out of cat food and I needed something fast to cook for dinner. My stomach was already upset since I would be eating dinner not stuck at the office. Oh, good I can finally watch the current tv show I was obsessing with and finally learn how Sherlock planned on finding the murderer in Elementary. Lost in my own head what I failed to notice was the elevator music began to lose reception and soon it stopped completely. What a sensible person would have seen was the floor number never got past floor 7 instead it was replaced by foreign lettering.

As the "bing" of the elevator doors went I finally focused but what greeted me was not the parking garage but woods.

'Wha-'. I could barely even speak, let alone think about what exactly is going on. I stumbled out of the elevator trying to register the fact that I was standing some woods.

"How-" I spun back to look at the elevator but there was no elevator; what greeted me was even more woods. "huh?"

I spun around again thinking that maybe if I turned fast enough somehow, I would eventually see the elevator but no, it continued to be trees. Well what the hell is going on! First, I was on an elevator and now I'm in the woods. This must be the craziest dream I have ever had in my life. I mean I could see the colors of the grass and the trees. The wind was slightly blowing at my face...

Wait, you can't feel wind in a dream?! Right?! I felt my heart burst and I panicked as I tried my best to remember how to breathe.

How in the hell did an elevator turn into portal? Maybe I'm still dreaming…maybe all of this is part of a dream. Oh, I don't feel good-

I dry heaved in the grass in front of me. Nauseous and a migraine starting to form I was not coping so well with whatever just happened to me. I nearly swooned when I tried to stand back up and I opted for a less than graceful plop on the grass and closed my eyes from the glaring sun.

Keep it together. Focus! I took in a shuttering breath still not sure what to make of everything. So, what I need to do is organize my thoughts on what I do know. What exactly do I know again?

I know that the elevator looked and seemed normal. I didn't really pay attention since I was lost in my thoughts. I knew that the elevator seemed to go normal…was it possible I was unconscious and the elevator crashed?

This seems much more logical than what I am currently experiencing. An elevator opening to another place…hahah yes. I was unconscious and I had to be dreaming. I pushed all the nagging warning signs away and I stubbornly began telling myself that this was a dream.

Well, I guess I should just explore if this is a dream. Right?