Chapter 12

The next morning, I washed and dressed and Aegnor and I went to breakfast with everyone in the hall. I had him sit with the Hobbits and Boromir and we laughed and joked between eating our food. It helped push our new found dilemma off to the side.

'I'll see you guys tomorrow maybe.' I states waving good bye to them and Aegnor and I walked the halls today we were going to go horseback riding. I have only done it a few times and was still very unfamiliar with how to handle a horse. We shared a horse this time and we took to the trails that were for new riders.

The sun was shining the whole time we went on our ride. I sat in front of him and he would wrap his arms around me in order to be the one who directed the horse, but every now and again when we weren't riding by other new horseback riders he would let go of the reins and slide them up my highs to my hips. I had to admit that it was a little reassuring to see he was not going to completely shy away from me.

He tried to teach me the basic commands to direct a horse and he would let me practice. He stated that because this was an Elvish horse he would understand my commands a lot faster than other horses and would be more patient in allowing me to learn. It was exciting but strange all the same time to try and remember the commands to tell the horse whether to turn left, or right. When we got back to the stables I was then shown how to dismantle the saddle and how to brush the horse down.

'You will get the hang of it. Make sure when you are Lorien to practice more. It will help you adjust to living and traveling in Middle Earth.' Aegnor states as we walked back to Lord Elrond's house to go change.

I nod in agreement but we go our separate ways to our rooms so we could wash up. I drew a bath and scrubbed the sweat and dirt and tried to get the smell of horse barn out of my body. I changed into a simple day dress with a modest front but had layers of different skirts.

'Lady Samantha!' a voice called out as I walked through halls to Aegnor's room.

'Oh, hello Legolas. How are you?' I said greeting him

'I'm am doing well. Will you still be doing archery practice before lunch tomorrow?' Legolas asked falling in line with me

'Yep of course, I need a lot more practice.' I state jokingly

'Good, I will see you tomorrow then.' Legolas states saying goodbye as he stops at what may be his living quarters.

'Yep, see you then.' I turn down a few more halls and knock at Aegnor's door, smoothing down my dress self consciously

'Hello again.' Aegnor greats when he opened the door

'Hi, all ready?' I ask

'Yes, let me just grab our lunch.' Aegnor states opening the door to let me into his room

He turns to go retrieve the basket at his table and I glance about the room noticing similarities and differences of our rooms. We both had a lounge room to have guests before another door led to the bed room, bathroom and patio. He had some boots and gear piled neatly by the door for what he used while on border patrol and his bow and quiver was hanging on a leaf hook on the wall.

'I am ready.' Aegnor states with a smile leading me out the door

Just like the first time I got lost with all the twists and turns, not to mention staircases to get to the greenhouse. We walked in and I was relieved to see that it at least seemed empty of others; we crossed over the stone seating area and took the path that lead to the fountain. I smiled as we came in sight of the fountain and truly appreciate the work that went into it that I had not noticed the first time.

Meanwhile Aegnor laid a blanket down and settled our food for lunch, 'Will you come join me?' Aegnor teases

'Yes of course.' I state sitting down next to him and kissing him lightly

'Hm. Aegnor replies as he wraps an arm about my waist.

I was still reeling in the high him, I could smell the soap he washed with. A Pine smell but something else again. However much I enjoyed this I had to remember that it was nothing more than this. Sighing I turned to taking our food out of the basket.

'Thank you for getting all the food packed up. It looks good.' I state glancing back at him

'Of course, I know you especially love fresh bread with honey and butter.' He states with a smile taking a piece of fruit

We make small tall while we ate and just enjoyed each other's company. He talked about growing up and the different plants here that was all around us. We had finished eating yet both of us still sat next to each other not wanting to leave

'I don't want to go yet.' I huff leaning my head against his chest

'Me neither but we must though.' Aegnor replies rubbing my back

I sigh and just enjoy the back rub and absorbing all of this in. 'we should get going.' Aegnor states one again breaking my thought


We both get up and pack everything up before following the path to where we entered. Once stepping out in the hallway I asked, 'What else is planned for the day?'

'I had thought to leave the afternoon for lots of relaxing. Is there something you wish to do?' He asked

'Have you even gone to the garden and where all the food is grown?' I ask with a smile just thinking about being around all the plants

'No I have not. Shall we go?' He asked

I nod in agreement and on the way I talk about which plants I enjoyed more and how strange it was that most vegetables and fruits here were the same at what was offered at home. I talked about all the different food concoctions that modern technologies had created. It of course devastated him to think of humans manipulating food when all the best things were already available and given to us by the earth.

'Hello, may we tour the garden today. I promise to stay out of the way.' I state to one of the elves

When he answered yes, I smiled and took the lead to take Aegnor to the gardens; we walked past the potting stations and stands that held the water pitchers and array of tools for the ground. It always seemed so calming and refreshing to come and be around the garden and plants.

Like any day we have free it flew by and soon we were freshening up and heading to dinner with the Hobbits. They were beginning to get nervous about leaving at the end of the week. Although Pippin still seemed to not comprehend just how serious the journey was. Dinner went well like always and we once again joined everyone for after dinner socialization.

'Would you like a glass of wine?' Aegnor whispers into my ear

'Yes that's fine, and thank you.' I state as he gets up to grab us drinks

'So Frodo how has Rivendell been treating you? I haven't caught up with you in a while.' I state with a smile glancing at Frodo

'It has been very relaxing and it's a beautiful place for thought and healing.' Frodo states with a smile

'Yes I have to agree with you there on all points. Sam how are you?' I ask to Sam who was sitting next to Frodo

'It was eye opening, being able to see the Elves and it has been very relaxing here. Beg your pardon though in my opinion I do feel restless to move on.' Sam states politely

'Yes sometimes everything is so calm and relaxing that at times you get an itch to get moving and do something. It's a very different society here is it not?' I state thinking about how different it was here than at home

'Yes it is.' Sam agrees before falling silent to listen to a poem being spoken

Aegnor comes and sit's next to me handing me my glass of wine. He smiled at me and we turned to listen to the poem and fall into a comfortable silence.

'How has archery training been going Lady Samantha?' Frodo asks

'It's been going slow. It's a lot harder than it looks but I'm glad to learning. It'll be sad to leave Rivendell and travel; I haven't been anywhere else besides here.' I state with a sad smile

Frodo and Sam both nod in agreement understanding exactly how it feels, 'I never thought I would leave the Shire but I couldn't leave Master Frodo.' Sam admits

'That's very brave of you Sam, to be willing to go even if it was not something you were looking to do. You are good friend to have.' I state with a smile while sipping on the wine

'That was a nice thing to say.' Aegnor whispers to me

'Well it's true, he is a good friend to be willing to go to such lengths for his friendship.' I whisper back

After staying longer and having a few more glasses of wine Aegnor and I slipped out into the halls. This would be the last time I would see him and now that the day was coming to a close it was hard not to get sad. We went back to my room quiet both lost in thought and it wasn't until the door shut that we spoke.

'Do you want a drink?' I ask him as I head to the table. I knew I needed a drink

'That would be great.' Aegnor replies

We took our drinks out to the patio and watched the stars twinkle in the night sky, talking softly. We leaned next to each other and just enjoyed the night and each other.

'This is one of those moments I really wish I had my modern technology here. We could still communicate every day and a journey to Lorien would not take but a few hours.' I sighed with a heavy heart

'I will miss this, our friendship, everything.' I said looking up at him

'Sh you should not take this as the last time you see me. We do not know what the future may hold.' Aegnor states bending down to kiss me on the forehead

'Perhaps but that is how I feel. I will be sad to leave.' I state quietly

'I feel the same, I truly have appreciated getting to know you and be a part of your life since you showed up here.' Aegnor replies

This night we said goodbye, not knowing if we would meet again. He would be leaving early in the morning for the boarder and we both felt we would make our good byes today.

'Stay safe and I hope to hear on how your journey goes and I want to hear you keep up your archery training.' Aegnor teases, we were standing next to the door trying to get though our good byes

'Yes of course. I hope you enjoy yourself and don't be spending all your free time at the border.' I state with a sad smile

We hugged and kissed before pulling apart as we said goodbye. When my door shut I went and crawled into bed with a heavy heart. This was a scary thing for me, what was a slow moving relationship at the beginning turned into a beautiful friendship, I hated not having him there as a rock to all the new things I would be experiencing in this world. Sleep came hard for me that night and I tossed and turned all night long.