My name is Isabella Marie Volturi and this is my story. It starts when I moved to Forks, Washington, my father wanted me to experience life as a human before my change.

It was a long flight from Italy to forks but first class was comfortable I guess. I go off the plan to meet Charlie Swan aka my dad. I was now Isabella Swan, daughter of the chief of police, for the duration of my stay here. The story was that I had been living with my 'mother' Renee Dwyer in Phoenix but now choose to finish my education with my dad.

Charlie was waiting for me with his police cruiser when I walked out of the airport. "it's good to see you Princess" he said. "it's god to see you too Char I mean dad" I replied. 'Got to get into the habit of calling him dad so people are suspicious' . On the drive from Port Angeles I called my father to tell him I had arrived safe and Charlie and I were on our way to Forks. It's so dreary this side of life when I checked online it said it was overcast nearly every day and it rained a lot here. True to my research it was drizzling when we arrived at the Swan residence. We got out and my room as decorated to my exact specification, 'vampires' I thought sarcastically. The room was small I had a twin sized bed next to the window with black pillows and my comforter was red and blue. The walls had been painted a light grey. There was a desk near the door with a state of the art desktop to go with my laptop in my bag. The wardrobe was on the left side of the room when I walked in. 'I wish Jane was here to organise it' I thought to myself. "well this shit isn't going to unpack itself'.

I had just finished packing and organising my room when Charlie called me down for supper. It was awkward seeing we are both introverts and I'm sort of used to being with vampires 24/7. "School starts tomorrow princess; do you have everything you need?" "yes Cha- dad I'm all sorted out" "good night Princess" "you're going to have to start calling me by my name you know Charlie" "yes but a 'father' can call his daughter a princess" "good point, good night" "Good night Princess".

I was running, fast to fast to be human. I stop to look around, I'm in a forest looking for something, someone. I hear a giggle then I see a flash of gold to left then suddenly... Beep, beep, beep