Author's Note: Fair warning: I am a very new Doctor Who fan. I've only seen about five seasons of the new show and none of the classic show. I've tried to do my research, but I can't guarantee that I've gotten everything right. Also I have no idea how the TARDIS works, so please forgive all the random buttons and levers. XD



The Doctor seized a lever and jerked it forward. "Turbulence is for airplanes and…and vortex manipulators!" The floor shook under his feet and he steadied himself against the edge of the console. "Not my TARDIS!" He flicked a switch and cocked an eyebrow at nothing. "Hear that? No more turbulence."

The floor steadied to a gentle sway, and he allowed his grip on the console to relax. "Can't be the TARDIS herself." He leaned back and raked his fingers through his hair. "She's never behaved like this! Well…once. Maybe twice." He sighed. "Alright, so it's happened before. But never like this! Never…" His eyes fell on the screen and he froze. The black nothingness that was the co-ordinates stared him in the face.

"Oh no." He gripped the edges of the screen until the metal bit into his fingers. "No, no, no."

He whirled, and smashed a well-aimed fist into a button. "Come on, come on! Co-ordinates. There's got to be co-ordinates! There can't just be—" He tensed. Outside the doors, a sense like that of utter nothingness pressed in on him and smothered his words, and it seemed the TARDIS herself shivered away from it. The pulsing light of the core dropped, and for a moment it seemed that something vital in the heart of the machine flickered out. A wave of sickness swept through the TARDIS and settled itself in the pit of the Doctor's stomach.

He shook himself, and the shadows fled. "Well then." He flicked a lever. "No use just sitting here, is there?" He brought his hand down on a button with a wild grin. "That should work! That always works."

The room flew sideways, and he slipped down the tilted floor. His head slammed into the wall, and colors exploded in front of his eyes.

"That didn't work," he groaned.

He got to his feet and braced himself against the reclining wall. One hand closed on the railing, he stopped for a moment. The console loomed above him, and the pulsing of the core had stopped. The lights around him had taken on a strange, sickly hue.

"Wherever I am, she doesn't like it," he muttered. He grabbed at the railing and pulled himself up toward the doors. "I must have crashed. Hmm. Now that's something that hasn't happened in a few millennia."

He made his way slowly and cautiously up tilted wall until he finally reached the listing doors. His foot slipped and he rolled forward.

He grasped for something, anything to hold onto, and his fingers found the doorknob. The door fell open and he rolled forward over the side, falling down, down, down into nothingness…

His face hit sand.

"Well." He pushed himself to a sitting position and dusted himself off. "That wasn't so bad."

Desert stretched in all directions, rolling hills and plains of sand. The sun cast long shadows as it dipped toward the horizon, and far in the distance, he thought he could see the ruins of some ancient civilization, a skeleton of metal sharp against the sky. The TARDIS, tilted and half-buried in the sand, stood out brightly against the overwhelming brownness. A shadow moved behind it, a silhouette stretched across the sand…

"What?" He jumped to his feet and whirled to face the familiar form. "What? What?"

Idk when in Ten's timeline this is supposed to be but I'm going to put it somewhere in between Martha and Donna since he's not too broody over losing anyone and he's willing to take another companion. Yeah, this is definitely the beginning of season 3.5. :D